Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 6

Second Opinion

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Doctor's Lawyer: Would it be safe to say, that surgery, the one Dr. Torres performed on your hand, was your last hope at regaining your surgical career?
      Derek: You could say that.
      Doctor's Lawyer: Dr. Torres, you'd agree that with the failure of that surgery, Dr. Shepherd won't be able to--
      Callie: Okay, I'm sorry. Uh, just to be clear, the surgery didn't fail. It-- It worked. The graft failed to take. Th-That was a risk we were willing--
      Doctor's Lawyer: But Dr. Shepherd can no longer operate.
      Callie: No. We'd hope we'd get 100 percent function--
      Doctor's Lawyer: And it's expected that he will never operate again.
      Callie: Um, I didn't say that.
      Doctor's Lawyer: But if it is true, and you can help establish that as a fact, it would raise the award tremendously, for everyone.
      Callie (sighs): No, in my opinion, Dr. Shepherd won't operate again.

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