Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 5

Shake Your Groove Thing

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2005 on ABC

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  • Really good episode, with some unexpected turns.

    This episode was really good. As a teenager I can identify with what Meridith said throughout the episode. As you grow up responsibility hits you harder than ever. The episode is really good feel bad for Meredith when she thinks she may have punctured the patient's heart. As the episode progresses we see a little bit more of Izzy and her boyfriend. Loved the party seen with Cristina, Meredith, and George. Really fun and you see their relationship develop. Love that Derek showed up at the party really funny when he and Meredith get caught by Dr. Bailey. I thought it was really nice of Dr. Burke when they were in the Chief's office. Loved that Derek asked Mer what had happened and he was glad that it was just probation. Also the end for me was not expected at all. I wonder what will happen with Cristina and Burke.
  • Responsibility sucks...

    Wow, what an episode! I felt sorry for Meredith when she discovered that something went wrong with the surgery. For the record, Meredith loses her sleep because of responsibility(yeah i know) and she needs her mother to sign some contracts when she's 'consious', thing that she usually isn't. She attends in her first heart surgery but fructures the heart because of lack of sleep. Dr. Webber surges a woman that's got a lung problem, diagnosed that it was due to smoking, but when he opens her up he finds a clothe that was left there in a surgery 5 years before. It's only discovered that the responsible was Burke when Meredith went through an interview with a hospital lawyer and Burke's point to let Meredith continue her career was that great doctors also make mistakes.
    Also, Izzy's boyfriend's in town and she's having a party for him that at the end didn't go that well for her....
  • Meredith feels the weight of responsiblity.

    An excellent episode, the best since the pilot. Meredith is in a open heart surgery but could she have caused a cmplication? A nail pierced her glove while she was holding the heart and she suspects that perhaps she has caused a problem.

    Meanwhile Izzie is planning a party at Merediths for her boyfriend that is coming to town. It seems like the entire hospital staff will be attending and Meredith has no idea of how big it will be.

    George has a patient who has been experiencing chest pain every since a surgery 5 years ago. When she gets opened up everyone is shocked to find a towel inside. Cristina looks over the records and finds out that Dr Burke was the one who did the initial surgery.

    Izzie has a patint who just can't seem to poop and Alex has to deal with an addict who he thinks is just waisting his time.

    Complications arise with the heart surgery patient and Meredith admits to Burke that it might have been her fault, right in front of the woman's husband.

    Meredith arrives home to find a massive party in her house. She decides to just go with it, forget responsiblity for awhile and get drunk. Derick shows up at the party and he and Meredith sneak off for a little fun. But wait Dr Bailey catches them in the act.

    Burke and Meredith have to face the Chief over the heart patient and Burke stands up and admits to leaving the towel in the other patient. He claims Meredith should'nt be punished because she actually spoke up.

    Izzie's boyfreind realizes that he isn't her number one priority anymore and Cristina and Burke share a moment in one of the change rooms. And Alex doesn't act like a complete dick toward's Izzie for once.

    Very interesting episode. What's going to happen now with Meredith & Derick, Cristina and Burke, is George just going to watch Meredith and Derick get together and can Alex continue to not be a jerk?

    I can't wait to find out.

  • Responsibility !

    Izzie is preparing a huge party for her boyfiredn Hank and Meredith is the only persone who doesn't know the size of the party.
    Meredith had a first heart sugery and she thinks that she damaged the heart. A junkiee comes to Seattle Grace complaining about back pain and he has a self perscription and Alex doesn't want to treat him.
    Mrs.Drake comes to the hospital for yet another lung surgery and they find a towel inside of her that was left 5 years ago from her first lung surgery. Burke messe up.
    On party Bailey sees Meredith and Shepherd. They will have a hard time now...
    The best episode so far.
  • Izzie's party planning at Meredith's house began to stir things up, later on when Izzie couldn't make it home because of a surgery it got even better. Meredith and Derek's romance started to heat up which made the end of the episode very exciting.

    This episode had a great story line to it!!!! When the news about Izzie's party began to spread I knew that it was going to get interesting. In the very end of the episode it was extremely exciting when Derek and Meredith were together in the car. This was a great way to end the episode when Bailey saw them together, you automatically knew that there was going to be some struggles between the three of them. Once you get to the very end of the episode there is a very strange but very exciting cliff hanger!!! This was one of the best episodes in the first season.
  • MerDer at their best

    I loved Meredith and Derek together right from the first episode and I think with all the sneaking they're at their best. I knew they were gonna hook up again!!!

    It was so nice how Meredith was sort of dancing in front of the house, she drank so much to forget the worries from the hospital. And then there were Derek and his famous smile. God, the way he looked at her before she saw him. It was so sweat. And then they started sneaking around, but what a shocker (haha) - they were caught. It had to happen sooner or later and this is gonna make things interesting!
  • "Take me for a ride, Derek."

    This is one of my favorite episodes of my current favorite show.

    The monologue is fantastic and really ties into everyone's storyline. All the medical cases are interesting and the characters have their usual amazing dialogue and interactions. Very important too is Bailey's "discovery".

    This episode has some of my favorite scenes of Grey's. Such as: the scene where Meredith, George, and Cristina are playing drunken strip poker and George loses. Cristina starts throwing the cards she has on her face and tells him to "Get - naked - baby - boy" then whispers, "You're so sexy."....

    What really makes this episode for me is Meredith and Derek. Every scene between them was fantastic and made me fall in love with love all over again. I especially enjoyed when Derek comes to her house for the party, it is amazingly written and acted. Meredith dancing drunk on her porch to Ivy's "Edge of the Ocean" is essentially what makes her my favorite character.

    Classic! Pivotal! Great example! Exactly why I watch this series!
  • Exactly why I watch this series, very exciting episode and informative.

    ***This may contain spoilers***

    Exactly why I watch this series, very exciting episode and informative. Yep, this episode was really great.

    For first, it is true what Meredith said. As an adult, you have to take a lot of responsibilities. The story was very exciting and still very shocking. I just laughed when George started dancing with Meredith and Cristina. Hahaha! Really...

    Also, the scene when Meredith finds out she maybe just destroyed a woman's life was really shocking too and seeing Cristina and Burke kissing. But... if you look at that... they are both very self-confident. :D

    I really don't see why every... almost every show has to have these love affairs, it's kind of boring, because you've already seen it before in other shows. OK, Cristina and Burke... kind of unexpected, but Meredith and Derek... now that is boring.

    But I didn't mind that, episode was really really great!
  • :-)

    Meredith realizes that she must take on a lot more responsibility when she is told that her mother needs to sign over all of her assets to her. As Izzie prepares to have a party for her boyfriend Hank (the scale of which is unknown to Meredith), Meredith particiaptes in her first heart surgery. During the surgery she fears that she has damaged the patient's heart and is unsure of whether or not she should speak up because she could get kicked out of the program. Meanwhile, Cristina and Burke share some comments over coffee. At the party, Meredith and Derek do some sneaking.
  • Every episode is I chose a random one to review and hey presto! - it's this one! lol

    First of all - How great is this show? I absolutely love it!
    This episode was really good, as are the others, but I loved the moment when Derek turned up and he and Meredith kissed - it was so sweet! They really suit each other...but I feel kinda sorry for George because he really likes Meredith.
    I love how Meredith balances out her life, she has all of these responsibilities to deal with but she's not afraid to face up to them - which doesn't necessarily mean she wants to lol. She's got the right attitude and she's honest - love it.
    I especially love Meredith's lines in this episode, she's very funny and her humour is great. I loved it when she was making her little speech at the party where she said her life was crap! It was so funny!
    Izzy's pretty cool in this episode too, she almost seems like the naughty child with the whole party thing - and she is the one who turns up late, sober and with the great 'holy mother of destruction' line! Pure classic television. Other than that - Cristina and Burke - awwww...she's so miserable but they're cute together lol.
    I like how the episodes have their own little stories and this one was about responsibility. Meredith says at the beginning not to be fooled by the shoes, great sex and no parents...and she's right. Adulthood and responsibilities are crap - but at the end she's right again when she says shoes, great sex and no parents is a fantastic thing - both of those comments are bang on and I love that. That's the thing with responsibility - it completely sucks but the perks can be great..even if they're few and far between lmao! i'd give 10/10 for every episode anyway because they are so well-written and well-acted!
    Love it :D
  • The life of a grown up :)

    i loved this episode... it's as simple as that :)

    a lot of things happened and I loved every piece of it... the party was great.. especially the car scene with Derek and Meredith! :)

    the whole izzie/boyfriend thing was interesting.
    and it was just a funny eppy :) A definite recommendation
  • Consequences...

    Meredith has some hard time - first there are troubles with her mother as she is losing more and more clear mind.. and then she gets her first open hear surgery and it goes wrong as her nails.. oh..

    and that leads to a series of events - first patient crashing, then she telling it in front of the husband and it all ends with law suit.. but Burke stands up for her..

    And then there is that party.. Izzie's but she never gets there but others have some crazy time and it looks like the ice might be broken.. but they were not unseen..
  • Adulthood is responsibilty.

    Being an adult is all about resposibility. Being responsible for your actions, your past, your accidents and sometimes, your mother. Responsibility, it really does suck.

    The episode opens with a dilemma, as Meredith, long responsible for her alzheimer-stricken mother, has to get her to sign over her assists and wellbeing, before things get worse. Kate Burton is, as always, fantastic as med-mother Dr Ellis Grey, and immediately brings a convincing powerful performance to thge episode. Her character's confused, feeble nature is emotionally challenging and hard to watch, but she does it so convincingly, while still having some great chemistry with screen daughter Ellen Pompeo. But back to reponsibility and adulthood.

    This episode sees a lot more dialogue taking place between Cristina and Preston, and it soon becomes clear that they're deadly interested in each other. Sex is, of course, one of the advantages of being an adult, and by the end of the episode it is what happens. Meredith's relationship with Derek also goes up a notch with the two also deciding to "stop sneaking". Said on drunk words though, it's hard to say if such a statement will last.

    Izzie's given her fair share of responsibility too, as most of her time here is spent inviting everyone to a party at Meredith's. It's a responsibily however that she doesn't face upto as via the on-call nature and demands of her profession, she doesnt exactly get to attend the party she's spent most of her time planning. She is given responsibilty of something more serious however, as she, Alex and Derek perform brain surgery on one of the patients last minute.

    It's with great dissapointment then that George isn't given any responsibilty, or unfortunately, scenes. He's in the whole episode but spends most of his time being a supporting character, usually offering nothing more than a face in the background. It's a shame, but then, there's not time in one episode for everyone.

    The recurring theme of responsibilty and adulthood however is nonetheless handled well throughout the episode. Gone are the past "minor niggles" that enter the character's lives and from this episode onward you do feel as if the characters have grown. They're not the fresh faced youngsters they were back at episode one, now having to take responsibilty for their actions and patients as well as themselves.

    They're adults. When did that happen?!?