Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 20

She's Killing Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Owen (about Ethan's dad): He's still not awake?
      Cristina: Uh, no, not yet. I gave him a bolus of D50. We'll see if that helps.
      Owen: Why didn't you talk to me first?
      Cristina: Because I talked to Russell about it, like you asked me to.
      Owen: But you knew that I was concerned about this case.
      Cristina: You really want me to have three highly trained surgeons supervising one man's recovery?
      Owen: It shouldn't be news to you that we work as a team at this hospital.
      Cristina: Oh, yes, and the entire team is helping you save Syria from itself. I came up with, like, 14 ways of doing thoracotomy procedures without a chest tray. I didn't have time for group think on a perfectly straight forward post-op care.
      Owen: Tomorrow, you, Russell, myself will round on Paul together, alright?
      Cristina: Are you serious?
      Owen: I am.