Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 20

She's Killing Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Owen: Bailey said the second patient isn't responding to antibiotics. So she's going to need surgery.
      Richard: I just operated on the third. He's hypotensive and still pretty unstable.
      Owen: Once Murphy's identified all her patients for the day, then we'll get them in here, and make sure no one else is infected.
      Jackson: We're gonna need to make some kind of statement.
      Derek: Before this gets out there on its own.
      Bailey (walks in): Hey, uh, the first patient, Joyce Basche. She didn't make it. I thought that the surgery would get rid of the infection, but...
      Arizona: You need to get cultures on the other two right away. And we need to make sure that we're using the right antibiotics so that this doesn't get out of control. (Mer and Leah walk in)
      Bailey (turns to Leah): We just lost Joyce Basche.
      Meredith: Dr. Bailey--
      Bailey: No, she's her patient. She should know.
      Meredith: Leah checked all of the charts. She was only on two of the patients that got the infection. She never touched the third one.
      Bailey: What, is that supposed to reassure me? A woman just died.
      Meredith: It couldn't have been Leah. The only doctor that touched all three patients was you.
      Jackson: We're gonna need to get legal down here.
      Bailey: Wait. Any-- Anything could've caused this kind of infection.
      Arizona: Yeah, no-- Well, we know that, but until there's an investigation--
      Bailey: No, um, I gotta go 'cause I have two more people--
      Owen: Dr. Webber will deal with them.
      Bailey: I will... go over my notes.
      Owen: Sit down, Dr. Bailey.
      Bailey: No. M-My patients are in danger.
      Derek: Dr. Webber will take care of them.
      Bailey (voice breaking): I haven't even told Joyce's husband that she didn't make it. (Owen nods to Mer) Wh-- I know the man! I don't need Grey to tell him that I killed his wife!
      Owen: Dr. Bailey, please sit down.
      Bailey: What are you saying?
      Owen: I'm asking you to sit down.