Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 22

Shiny Happy People

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 13, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Derek is having a party for the doctors. It's said to be kind of lame, but Lexie says they're all there to support Derke. Alex told Lexie he likes her ass fat. Meredith gave Hunt the cold shoulder. Callie longed for Arizona. Hunt asked Cristina to move in with him and she accepted, but she was four martinis in, which impaired her judgment and made her "an easy lay". Reed took a shot at Sloan, telling him she was "inspired" by his work, and he responds by saying that she needs a drink.

Elsewhere, Bailey and Dr. Warren, the anesthesiologist, were getting it on. She warned him not to flirt or make references to having seen her naked at work. He undresses and brings her into his bedroom. Back at Sloan's apartment, Teddy came in while Sloan was in the shower. She began undressing and discovered Reed in his bed. Sloan came out of the shower, laughed, and said, "Wow. Well, this could be fun if we decide to let it."

At the hospital the next day, Christina tells Meredith about the moving-in-with-Owen. Meredith gets quiet, then tells Cristina she thought there could be something going on between Hunt and Teddy. Teddy joked to Arizona about the situation at Sloan's apartment, but she was fine with it because they weren't dating exclusively. Hunt came up and offered to say something to Sloan, which Cristina overheard, but Teddy said she didn't need him to defend her honor. Lexie overheard all of this, then scoffed as she saw Reed walking around.

Callie worked on an elderly woman who was on the phone trying to convince her son she wasn't seriously hurt. Another elderly man was in the E.R. being treated after a blackout, caused by his irregular heartbeat, on a cruise ship. He looked across and saw the other older woman. They knew each other and talked about how their spouses had passed away.

Bailey was humming in the elevator with Sloan and Derek. Bailey got out and Dr. Warren came into the elevator humming the same tune. "Go Bailey," Sloan said. "Indeed," Derek replied.

Alex came upon a teenage girl named Haley who tried to claw her eyes out, and was muttering, "I'm not crazy." Her parents said they were having her committed. She grabbed a syringe and threatened to stab herself in the heart with it. Alex said he believed she her and convinced her she should put the syringe down and let him run some tests on her to find out what was wrong. He asked someone to page Dr. Shepherd. Haley's parents told Alex their daughter was schizophrenic, but Derek said it was possible something was missed in the diagnosis.

Sloan treated a woman who suffered burns to her face while trapped under a car. Her hair and tissue replacement procedure sounded simple enough, but Meredith noticed something wrong with her hands and the doctors wanted to do some X-rays.

The elderly man and woman told their respective doctors the story of how they knew each other and fell in love before they married other people, but they didn't reveal their love because of the scandal it would have caused. They loved the people they ended up with, but something always seemed to be missing. Webber put them in the same room. Cristina came with X-rays about the man (Henry) showing his heart needed some work. Webber decided to give them an hour to catch up. Teddy agreed, saying she was a romantic. Hunt chuckled.

Derek, Alex and Arizona checked Haley's X-ray's, but they showed nothing. Alex didn't want to believe there was nothing else wrong with her, and Derek gave him four hours to figure out another diagnosis. Lexie asked Alex what they are, and he kissed her. He said, "We're a thing."

In surgery, Hunt and Teddy chatted in shorthand that Webber compared to what he once had with Ellis Grey. Cristina didn't seem to like this. At lunch, Cristina refused to eat with Meredith. When the others around Meredith's table leave, Cristina asked Meredith if she was "Thatcher" in the equation where Hunt was Webber and Teddy was Ellis Grey.

Alex ran a test on Haley, based on a tip from Lexie on a medical journal article she'd read, and it seemed to work. Bailey saw what appeared to be Dr. Warren flirting with a nurse and she seemed shaken and walked away. Sloan told his hair-replacement surgery patient that her fingers were infected and would need to be cut off. She was upset by this. Her friend told her she had to stay positive, and that the main thing was that she was alive.

Derek and Alex told Haley's parents about the diagnosis. Their daughter had a small hole in her inner ear, which made her extra sensitive to sound and she wasn't schizophrenic. Bailey asked Sloan if Teddy was disappointing sexually, and why one woman didn't seem to be enough. Sloan asked her if she and her "guy" were exclusive. Bailey said, "We're not talking about me," and left. Henry, the older man, asked Betty to come live with him. She held his hand and said she got over him, and now she has her own children and grandchildren that give her joy. Then she was wheeled away.

In surgery, Sloan was looking for "a little magic" with his patient, so he decided to do the hair restoration after cutting off his patient's fingers. Cristina asked Meredith if her mom always loved Webber, and Meredith said, "My mom loved Richard until the day she died." Meredith told Cristina she couldn't say any more about Hunt and Teddy because of Derek's involvement.

Meredith, inspired by seeing her patient be "real" with her best friend," went to Hunt and told him that Cristina loves him and said she wanted to punch him in the face. She told him she knew that he tried to have Teddy fired and she believed it was because he loves Teddy. She said he should tell Cristina, if he really is the good guy that Cristina thinks he is, "and if you don't you'll know and I'll know that you are not that guy." Callie told Sloan to go talk to Lexie because he didn't want to end up 50 years later wishing he didn't let the love of his life get away. Hunt told Cristina about Teddy's contract and what he told Derek. He told her he didn't know what he felt for Teddy, "but I do know what I feel for you." He didn't want to have to explain himself to Cristina or to Meredith. The shouting match took place with Teddy at the bottom of the stairwell. They notice her when her pager goes off for Henry.

After a bit of a scare, Henry was alright. Betty was upset with him for scaring her and said she was going to move across the country to live with him. Cristina walked out and ignored Hunt calling out for her. Haley awoke from her inner-ear surgery and said, "I'm good." She repeated it a few times and hugged her parents. Warren explained to Bailey that he flirts with Liz, the meanest nurse on his floor, because that makes his job easier. But he brings out his A-game for Bailey. He told her he wasn't playing games and was "in this for real." They got into the elevator together and held hands. Alex thanked Lexie for her help, and after he walked away Sloan came up and told her he was still in love with her and wanted another chance. She stammers, but tells him "I have a boyfriend." "I know," he told her. "I'm saying, you could have a husband."

Callie and Arizona stepped into an elevator together. Callie calls Arizona's name and they kiss. When the doors opened, Arizona got out and walked away.

The same night, you see Meredith and Derek in bed looking at some papers. Derek points and suggest they put a fireplace in the master bedroom. Cristina came in and crawled into bed with Meredith (Derek went to the kitchen). She said she wasn't moving in with Owen. Meredith shows her what's going to be her (Christina's) room in her (Meredith) and Derek's new house in the woods.
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