Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 22

Shiny Happy People

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 13, 2010 on ABC

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  • Meredith addresses her concerns for Cristina about her relationship with Owen; Bailey fears that Ben might be cheating on her; The hospital staff is caught up in a love story; Alex assists a teenager who thinks she might be a schizophrenic.

    Good episode. It probably doesn't deserve a ten but for Season 6, it was a great installment. Next week looks extremely intense. I hope Bailey doesn't die! And they said "Viewer discretion advised". They never say that for previews. EVER. I don't think. SO that should be some good stuff for finale.

    I hope Owen leaves. I really can't stand him. Like, seriously. They killed his character for me. I hope Cristina dumps him for good because she deserves way better. And I cant believe she cried either! I hope Teddy and Cristina both ditch Owen.

    Those two old people annoyed me. I really did not care for their storyline at all. However I do appreciate that the show is linking cases to the current storylines, unlike most of season 6. That blonde's quote about romcom's was hilarious! Anyway, this was a great episode and I loved the amount of out-of-hospital scenes. Too bad when the show tries to make episodes like those (6x01, 6x02, 6x10) they turn out to be disasters.
  • shiny happy people

    I was certainly not a shiny happy person after watching this episode tonight.

    Where do I begin?

    Sonny with a Chance, and real life wrist slitter, Demi Lovato, guest starred and certainly did not live up to the hype this appearance was garnering. She came off as scripted and phony. Lovato should have realized that just because you are a fan of the show doesn't mean you will do well on it.

    Does anyone really care about the Yang/Hunt relationship at this point? They could stand on the boiler room floor as long as they want for all I care.

    Just get Lexie and Sloan back together. It was the one good relationship the show has had in a long time.
  • Everything's getting ready for the season finale!

    I thought this was a very good one. Mer is torn between Mer-Cris and Mer-Der relationships and it's good to see her to find a way to deal with both issues without doing any harm. That's all grown up Mer.

    Although I find it hard to like Owen in the last episodes I think it's more about his "triggers". And teddy is one of them. They have that special bond that most people develop after going through something hard and heavy, and he did had some feelings for her before. PTSD is heavy stuff and personally I know a few of them with same situation. maybe that's the main reason I can relate to his problems.

    The story of the old couple wasn't meant to be the important one, IMHO. I think they did it because it started all those thoughts within each character to made them reflect on their own problems and relationships. Good pick on that one!

    Absolutely loved the scene in the elevator with Mark and Derek going: Go, Bailey! Indeed! :)
    And the romcom comment was a great one, so was the "here's your room" with Mer and Cris.

    I gave it a 9, simply because I'm trying to save (hoping to) 10 for the finale which looks great!
  • A love story .......

    In this episode of Greys Anatomy, the following happens. When an elderly woman comes into the ER after a fender-bender, she is unexpectedly reunited with her long lost love. Everyone learns of their story and as the episode ends, we see that they are now going to start a life together. Demi Lovato guest starred in this episode, and she wasn't as bad as I thought she was going to be. Mark finally realises that he loves Lexie and so he tells her. Only it's too late as she and Alex are now in a relationship. Cristina and Meredith have trouble over Owen. As the episode ends we see that in the new house, Derek and Meredith have added a special bedroom for Cristina.
  • Great episode with GREAT acting!!

    This was really one of my favorite episodes!! For the first time in a looong time I actually really liked all of the patient/staff story lines! First of all, hats off to Demi Lovato! I don't know anything else she's in that's not related to the Disney channel, but she really put on a superb and very believable performance in this episode. I also enjoyed the elderly couple and the two best friends storyline, both were interesting and not as "cliche-ey" as some of the other episodes. the good stuff! Christina frickin' Yang did her thang in this episode (acting-wise, that is). I am a movie/tv show junkie and I think I have a pretty distinguished eye for acting since it can really make or break a movie/tv show, well at least for me. With that said, Sandra Oh did a phenomenal job in this episode. Her acting is always great but I think her scene with Owen in the staircase and the wedding dress scene with Meredith back in season 2 or 3 (I forget!) are two of her most memorable scenes for me. Her reactions are a bit subtle but very powerful and believable! I could go on for like 3 more paragraphs about her but I don't have the time so NEXT!

    I also loved the Lexie/Sloan/Karev love triangle! I really don't care too much for Karev so I'm rooting for Sloan's sexy self to ease back into Lexie's life. That scene at the end with them really made me melt, partially due to Sloan's indirect proposal and partially due to Chyler Leigh's (Lexie) acting. She's really talented and this was a great scene for her. Karev is too harsh and condescending towards her he takes credit for her diagnoses, which really pisses me off! Lastly, Callie and Arizona! I was very anxious to see the aftermath of their breakup and it was portrayed very well. That elevator scene just left me speechless wanting more Grey's! I really hope that they somehow compromise on their different desires and stay together. If you're like me and you're too lazy to read reviews longer than a paragraph, here's your summation: Great episode with superb acting and enjoyable storylines...WATCH IT!