Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 2

Shock to the System

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2010 on ABC
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After weeks of concealing the fact she was pregnant and miscarried, Meredith at last tells Derek and is finally cleared to return to her surgical duties in the wake of the hospital shooting spree; Cristina experiences post-traumatic stress disorder in the midst of an operation; and Bailey refuses to let Alex operate until he agrees to have the bullet in his chest removed.moreless

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  • Loved the Christina stuff. But I didn't like that other part...

    Christina is in a bad place and I feel for her. I feel for Lexie, I've been in her shoes, and it's really annoying. Everyone thinking that you are crazy can actually make you crazy. The part when Christina is having a PTSD episode and Mer comes in and helps her was the best part of the episode. And the small part when they are coming out of the OR and the guy asks how his wife is doing and Christina nearly breaks down crying---oh another reason to love Sandra Oh!!!! She is my favorite actress ever!!! Meredith finally tells Derek about the miscarriage and it wasn't how I was imagining it, and a little disappointing. But I know that it's very MerDer. The Alex and Bailey stuff was great to watch. I love them together on screen! It's like a teenage son and her mother. HaHa! I saw the Callie/Arizona stuff coming, as well as the Teddy and Perkins stuff. He'll be gone after next week's episode. I hated the patient's love square storyline in this episode. It was so annoying. And just so ridiculous, and took up time from the important stuff. One of the worst patient storylines ever in the show.

    But, the Christina stuff and the Alex/Bailey stuff made the episode!!!!moreless
  • 702

    Last week's season premiere of Grey's Anatomy was...well, let's not talka about that episode anymore. Tonight's show was unfortunately not that much better. I want to see meaningful surgeries and I want to see romance drama that is actually interesting. Journeyman acting like a lovey dovey husband is not what this show needs, there is more than enough of that, we need something the show has not seen before. Grey's Anatomy is stuck in a trance right now, and if this episode was any indication, this is a funk that the long-running medical drama is going to struggle to get out of.moreless
  • Review. Spoilers.

    So far this season is really great. I really liked this episode. There are new interesting cases, an old patient coming back and an emotional chaos.

    Poor Cristina has a panic attack during a surgery. I'm quite surprised that Owen and Teddy decided she is ready. She obviously hasn't been herself lately. I hope that this isn't the end of her marriage. I would like to see Cristina happy in relationship with someone at last.

    Derek is released from prison but he still thinks that speeding is exciting and manages to convince Webber to it. Will we see Richard in jail soon? He would probably have an accident again if he tried to drive so fast:)

    Meredith - as everyone could predict - tells Derek about the miscarriage and she is cleared for surgery. She seems to finally come to terms with things that happened and understands she can't control everything.

    Bailey fins out that Alex kept the bullet. She makes him have it removed because she doesn't want anything remind her of the horror she went through. Who can blame her?

    Mark wants Lexie back. He is very protective but that makes Lexie a little irritated. I think they were far more funny to watch as a couple than Alex and Lexie together. This was a very good episode.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

James Pickens Jr.

James Pickens Jr.

Dr. Richard Webber

Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez

Dr. Calliope "Callie" Torres

Ashley Crow

Ashley Crow

Linda Cotler

Guest Star

John Walcutt

John Walcutt

Mr. Cotler

Guest Star

Camille Chen

Camille Chen

Kerry Schultz

Guest Star

James Tupper

James Tupper

Dr. Andrew Perkins

Recurring Role

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    • Meredith: I lost a baby, I almost lost my husband and my best friend may never recover. So, I don't care what you do. Clear me or don't clear me, I have no control over any of it. I'm giving up.
      Perkins: Well... (signs the form, she's cleared) That sounds like a good plan. You're cleared for surgery, Dr. Grey.

    • Cristina: Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. So between the two of us, you and McDreamy should be fine. ... I thought it would fix me.
      Meredith: That's not why he married you.
      Cristina: Well, he didn't marry me. He married a corspe, I'm dead inside.
      Meredith: I told Derek, about the miscarriage, I told him. You got married, Cristina. For better or for worse, this is the worse part. The thing is, there will be better parts. You should go back.
      Cristina: Yeah?
      Meredith: Yeah.
      Owen (knocks on door, and comes in): Cristina. You don't feel nothing, alright? You didn't feel nothing today. You felt scared, you were terrfied, you felt anger. You were angry at me. And after you been through, you're a loud, alright? That's what you should be feeling, I know because when I was there I felt all those things and I... I took it all out on you. And you were patient, you were kind and you stayed through it... Because you love me. You love me. So, uh... you can be scared with me, or you can be pissed with me or at me, I don't care because I'm gonna stay through it all. I'm not going anywhere, Cristina. I'm not going anywhere without you.
      Cristina (teary eyed): Let's go home. (walks out)
      Meredith (to Owen): I had already fixed her before you came, but that was a nice speech.

    • Mark: Paint it beige. (Callie groans) You got a girl you love, who loves you back. Paint it whatever stupid color she wants. (passes the wine bottle to Callie)

    • Alex: Charles was a good guy. He was funny. Reed, well, she was kinda messed up but she wasn't a bad person. Just... I don't know why. You shouldn't just get to walk away, you know?
      Bailey: I don't know why we made it, either. We'll just have to find a way to be grateful. (Bailey takes the bullet out of his chest)
      Alex: Son of a bitch.
      Bailey: Argeed.

    • Mark: Lexie.
      Lexie: Did I forget to clean something?
      Mark: No, I just need to talk to you.
      Lexie: No, you don't, though. I know that you want to be here, but you don't have to.
      Mark: Well, wait...
      Lexie: I went through a rough patch and you helped me, and I apperciate that. But I am moving out of it, and you won't let me. You know, you're treating me like I'm a basket case. And everyone is watching you and they're believing you. I had a good day today. I saved a girl today. I did that. I am a good doctor and I don't deserve people thinking that I'm anything less than that. So could you please just leave me alone. Can you do that? Can you just leave me alone?
      Mark: You got it.

    • Perkins: Oh, hey. You ready to go? I pushed the reservation.
      Teddy: Do I talk to too much? I'm enjoying you and this and I feel good when I'm with you, but it occured to me that's your job. I mean, to come in here and listen to people talk and make them feel good. And I wanna be sure I'm not using you for that and you know, that I'm not the one doing all the talking and the good feeling, and I'm not treating you like-- like a... Well, like a shrink. 'Cause I'm enjoying this. Now you talk.
      Perkins: Um, well, listening to you is not work. I'm happy to talk, but I've listened a lot today, and talked a lot, too. So, for now I'd like to say: I'm enjoying this, too. (kisses her) Now maybe we can both not talk for a while. (kisses her) Oh, did you know Webber went over my head and cleared Yang for your OR?
      Teddy: We really don't have to talk. (kisses him)

    • Alex: You paged me?
      Bailey: I did. I have a surgery.
      Alex: You're actually gonna let me near a patient?
      Bailey: You are the patient. Get in there and get on that table. (Alex sighs) I don't need a reminder of that day. I'm gonna carry that day around with me everyday for the rest of my life whether I want to or not. Now, that they've plastered over every bullet hole in this building, I don't need a reminder every time I look at you. And I'm tired of bullying you. I'm asking you, please. Get in there and get your shirt off.
      Alex: Yes, ma'am.

    • Owen: What happened in the OR, we couldn't have seen that.
      Cristina: I-I can't. I can't do it. You said I could do it.
      Owen: I know. I know. I thought you were ready. You've never not been ready. ... Cristina, I know what you're feeling.
      Cristina: I don't feel anything. I can't be in there and if I can't be in there I don't know where I'm supposed to be.
      Owen: You're supposed to be here. You're my wife. You can just be here.
      Cristina: I'm sorry. (leaves, as she puts her wedding ring in Owen's hand)

    • Derek: Hey, I heard about Cristina. Is she alright?
      Meredith: No, she's not alright. No one's alright. And that idiot is clearing everyone for surgery like they're fine and they're not alright.
      Derek: I need to talk to you...
      Meredith: Just leave it alone, Derek. It was one night in jail. You drive too fast, just forget about it.
      Derek: I don't wanna talk about that. Don't worry it.
      Meredith: Don't worry about it? All I do is worry. All the time. I spend every minute of every day worrying that I'm gonna get a phone call that you wrapped your car around a pole. That's why I left you in jail. So, that just for a little while, I would know that you weren't dying, like you were dying on that table. That's what I think about every time you pull out of the drive way.
      Derek: I'm right here. I'm okay. We're okay.
      Meredith: I was pregnant that day. I was pregnant and I lost it.
      Derek: I... You didn't say anything. I could've helped you.
      Meredith: If you wanna help me, your driving is something you can control. Just do that. Just do that. (they hug)

    • Mark: You're wrong. There's no time to wait.
      Callie: I'm sorry?
      Mark: There's no time to wait. People get struck by lightning. People die. My best friend got shot, Torres. Why are you telling me to give it time, when there's no guarantee that time is gonna be there? I'm not gonna wait around to be happy anymore.
      Callie: Alright, listen. This is something that you and I do. We skip steps. Okay? I pushed Arizona to have a baby and I almost lost her. Because I skipped a bunch of steps. But then I went back, and now she's moving in... And ruining my apartment. Look, I'm saying proposing might be too much, especially if she's not herself right now.
      Mark: I know who she is. And if she's going through her worst right now, I wanna go through it with her. She makes me happier than... Anything that I've ever known. And if I can have a part in making her happy again, that's all I wanna do. That's all I wanna do for the rest of my life.
      Callie: Alright. Alright. Go. Go tell her that. But just like that.

    • AMeredith: Cristina? Cristina? (puts her face on the floor, like Cristina)
      Cristina (sobbing): I can't be in here. I can't.
      Meredith: Okay, so let's go. Let's get out of here.
      Cristina: I-I can't feel anything.
      Meredith: I know. I know. Come with me.
      Cristina: No, no. I can't move. I can't move my legs. I can't feel anything. (cries harder)
      Meredith: Um... Feel my hand. (takes off Cristina's glove) Take my hand. (presses her fingers into Cristina's hand) Do you feel that? (Cristina nods) Okay, you're okay. We're gonna go when you're ready, okay? So you tell me when you're ready, okay?

    • April: Uh, you can't be in here. ... But we're friends now so I'll just shut up.
      Meredith: Good girl.

    • Derek: Good catch, Dr. Grey.
      Lexie: Thank you. And, thank you for listening to me. And for not being afraid of me.
      Derek: Nobody's afraid of you.
      Lexie: Mark's keeping me chained to his service and he's keeping me out of surgeries.
      Derek: He's afraid for you. So, he hovers. Other people might lock in a cell over night to be urinated on by a methhead, but it all comes from the same place.

    • Meredith: I thought you were in surgery.
      Alex: Yeah, the guy pulled though. Is Lexie okay?
      Meredith: Why don't you ask her yourself?
      Alex: She doesn't need me talking to her.
      Meredith: Well, you're the one who ended it.
      Alex: It ended the way it always ends. I get close to a chick and the chick goes crazy. Rebecca, then Izzie, my mom. I'm a lightening rod for this crap.
      Meredith: You're not that special. Lexie's not crazy. Sure, a crazy thing happened to her, but her reaction was pretty normal and Izzie had brain cancer. Rebecca, she was crazy, but that was the facial reconstruction drama. You're not a lightening rod Alex, you're just a guy that's been through a lot of crap. (looks at Alex's bullet) Wish I had a scalpel.
      Alex: Junkie.

    • Bailey: A staff infection, which causes cellultis, and absess, possibly mersca, which could lead to septsis and death.
      April: Uh, I'm sorry. Where are you seeing all of this?
      Bailey: In Dr. Karev's chest if he doesn't have that bullet removed.
      Alex: I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Can I leave now?
      Bailey: No, you can stand right there. Make sure you can't get into anyone else's OR, not until you're lead free.

    • Jackson: I'm glad you're back. It makes me a little less freaked out is what I'm sayin'.
      Cristina: Is this gonna become a thing? You sharing all your sad, scared, feelings because we almost got shot together?
      Jackson: Now I know you're back.

    • Mark: Hey, how was your night in jail? You shank someone right off the bat? You gotta let the other cons know not to mess with you.
      Derek: That's not funny. They almost charged me with reckless endangerment.
      Richard (overhearing): I'm sorry, what?! I mean, that's where you've been all morning, in jail for reckless endangerment?
      Derek: Nobody was endangered.
      Richard: I can't have this, Derek. I won't...
      Derek: Have you ever been over 120mph before? Richard, have you ever been over 80? It's fun, really fun. (excitedly) I mean, especially when you go through a corner like that, at that speed and you're not sure if the rear end is gonna stick or not and you lose control, and then you put the throttle down and the car corrects a little bit and you take it to the limit. And you don't loose control, you just grab it! Have you ever done it?
      Richard: No, Derek.
      Derek: You want to? I'll take you.
      Mark: You should, it's really great.
      Derek: Let's go. Right now. Come on.
      Richard: I'd like that.

    • (Meredith is watching Wheel of Futurne)
      Cristina: Really?
      Meredith: This is what I'm cleared to do. I'm cleared to solve this puzzle. (to TV) Don't buy a vowel, you idiot.
      Cristina: Scarlett Pimpernel.
      Meredith: How did you... There was one 'C' and an 'M'.
      Cristina: Hey, have you talked to Derek yet about the...?
      Meredith: Today is not the day.
      Cristina: Right. He just got out of the joint, let him ease back into society.
      Jackson (walks up with Alex): You ready? You up for this?
      Meredith: Up for what?
      Cristina: Teddy's rebuilding a woman's aterium out of a sack of cow meat.
      Jackson: You're not nervous? At all?
      Alex: You're lucky. I get to watch an intestinal perf repair. Bailey won't lemme operate until I get this bullet taken out.
      Meredith: I'll take it out. I'll cut it out right now.
      Alex: You sound like a junkie. (looks at the TV) What the hell's a Pimpernel?
      Lexie: Kerry wants to know how Warren's doing?
      Alex: Intestinal perf. Going to surgery. (walks off)
      Lexie: God, I'm never gonna operate again. Everyone thinks I'm gonna carve my intials into a patient.
      Meredith: I'm never gonna operate again because one man thnks I'm crazy.
      Jackson: Hey, guys, look at this. (they see the lighting strike on TV)
      Lexie: Oh, my God. She never saw it coming. No, no, no. (runs off)
      Cristina: Fifty says she's back in the cuckoo's nest by lunch.

    • Teddy: Hey, I hear you and Torres are shacking up?
      Arizona: Uhm, yeah.
      Teddy: Do I sound more excited than you?
      Arizona: No, no, I am. I am. How's it going with the hot, hot trauma conselor.
      Teddy: I have to say it's great. The conversation never stops and I feel... I feel great whenever I'm with him.
      Arizona: What do 'ya talk about? What's he like?
      Teddy: He's um... Well, he likes to um... I guess I mostly talk and he mostly listens. He's an amazingly good listener.
      Arizona: Yeah, well, he should be. That's what he gets paid for.

    • Bailey: Alright, who do I have? Who's free?
      Lexie: I'm free. I'm fine. I'll go.
      Alex: He's my patient, I'll take him. (Bailey pinches him where the bullet is in his chest) Ow! Book an OR, you can observe.
      Lexie: I'm fine and I'm free.
      Bailey: Okay... (Bailey notices Mark shaking his head behind Lexie)
      Lexie (to Mark): What are you doing?
      Mark: Nothing.
      Bailey: Other Grey, are you free to scrub in?
      Meredith: Absolutley.
      April: I'm availible. (to Mer) 'Cause you haven't been cleared for surgery, right?
      Meredith: April, if we're gonna be friends, you have to stop doing that.
      April: Right, sorry. Habit.
      Lexie: I'm standing right here.
      Bailey: Kepner, you can scrub in.
      Lexie (to Mark): I'm fine!
      Mark: Great. Then you can keep an eye on Kerry.

    • (Arizona is holding up paint colors)
      Callie: What're these?
      Arizona: Choices.
      Callie: They're all beige.
      Arizona: No, they are all subtle. Pastels and earth tones. If you look closely, that's blue, that's green and that's yellow. To take the edge off all the chrome and concrete. What do you think?
      Callie: I think I don't want to live in an Easter basket.
      Arizona: I know, you really want to live in the bat cave, but meet me half way.
      Callie: Uh, my patient's scans are up. And seriously, they all look beige to me.
      Arizona: Then it shouldn't be that hard to pick one.

    • Meredith: Hi. You changed?
      Derek: I showered twice. Thanks to you.

    • Callie: Okay, multiple burn victims. Two with paralysis, three with vision loss, one with a blown ear drum and one dislocated hip.
      Meredith: House fire?
      April: Explosion?
      Alex: Car wreck?
      Callie: Act of God.
      Bailey: Act of God?
      Callie: Yeah, lighting strike.
      Alex: All that from one lighting strike?
      Callie: Yeah, one lighting strike, eight victims. Took down a whole flag football team.
      Bailey: God was in a mood today.

    • Linda: Hello, Dr. Yang. Nice to see a famliar face.
      Mr. Cotler: Finally, someone we know.
      Teddy: Mrs. Cotler was a patient of Dr. Burke's, you assisted on her last...
      Cristina: Of course, of course. Hi.
      Linda: You were getting married, weren't you?
      Cristina: I'm sorry?
      Teddy: Well, got married. Last night, actually.
      Mr. Cotler: You and Dr. Burke?
      Teddy: I'm sorry?
      Linda: The last time we were here he said you two were getting married.
      Cristina: Oh, yeah. ... No. That didn't happen.
      Linda: Oh, what a shame. He went on and on about you.
      Mr. Cotler: But you did get married?
      Owen: We did. Last night. Yes, we did.
      Linda: Oh. Well, nice to see you again.

    • Bailey: You still have that bullet in your chest?
      Alex: Oh, yeah. It worked it's way to the surface. It's fine. They leave bullets in people all the time.
      Bailey: It must hurt, does it hurt?
      Alex: Nope.
      Bailey: Does it hurt when I do this? (pushes on it hard)
      Alex: Ow! Damn!
      Bailey: It is not fine. It is foreign and it has no business being in your body. Get it out, Karev. Or I will see that you do not operate until you are operated on.

    • Arizona: Okay, I'm not saying rip out walls, just throw some paint up on 'em. Yang decorated the place for her and it's just a little harsh and frowny.
      Callie: I'm gonna stop you right there because Yang doesn't decorate. I decorated that place. It's my frowny place.
      Arizona: I meant modern and edgy. If it's gonna be our place, I just need it to be a little more, smiley.
      Callie: Frowny?
      Arizona: Edgy.

    • Derek: How was the wedding?
      Meredith: It was fine. I'm sorry you missed it.
      Derek: I was busy getting an incareration record. Do you know what the means?
      Meredith: It means you drive too fast. God. Derek, you smell like...
      Derek: Yeah, I know what I smell like!
      Meredith: I have to go to the pit.
      Derek: They cleared you for surgery?
      Meredith: No, but I can still do consults. So, sorry. Bye!
      Derek: We're not done talking about this!

    • April: When's the staring gonna stop?
      Jackson: As soon as the novelty wears off. Just ignore them.
      Cristina (to Mer): Owen washed my hair and he told me to eat this grainy nut bar. And he booked me into surgery this morning. He is in charge of me. I'm a bride and I'm going with it.
      Meredith: The trauma guy didn't clear you.
      Cristina: Yeah, but he said he'd figure that out.
      Lexie (turns to the people staring): Yes, I am the crazy one. I am the one who freaks out and screams at people... like that.
      Meredith: Go gawk at each other for a while. (to Lexie) Are you okay?
      Lexie: Will everyone just stop asking if I'm okay. Okay? (walks off)
      Cristina: He clear you yet? (Mer shakes her head) No? Still?!
      Meredith: I resorted to tears. I wore bad mascara so he wouldn't miss them.
      Cristina: What did Derek say?
      Meredith: Oh, I will be avoiding him today.
      Cristina: So you don't have to talk to him about the baby thing?
      Meredith: No.
      Cristina: Oh. Because you left him in the pokey?
      Meredith: Yeah.
      Cristina: Did you feel different? You know, after you scribbling on the post-it? I mean, you're supposed to feel different, right?
      Meredith: Oh, well, it takes time. Give it some time.
      Cristina: I mean, your marriage is filled with secrets and felons. I mean, why am I asking your advice?

    • Cristina: Morning. (looks at the ring on her hand, and quickly sits up)
      Owen: Just... Stay calm. Breathe. Take some deep breaths. We're just married. And we're just gonna get up and go to work, like always. Now, I've got this under control, now, eat this... (hands her a multigrain bar) You need to eat this, a little multigrain. And we're just gonna go to work, work is what you need right now, okay? We're gonna get a little blood on those hands, and it'll feel good, okay? We're gonna get up, get naked, get in the shower for a little morning, soapy sex, and I'm gonna wash your hair. I've always wanted to wash your hair.

    • Meredith (sobbing): It was so scray. Seeing Derek lying on the floor, bleeding. It was so scary. It feels good to just get that out, you know? Thank you. Thank you. ... I feel like I'm ready to go back.
      Perkins: Okay, let's uh... talk more about that tomorrow.
      Meredith: Come on.
      Perkins: Do you need a tissue or a hug or something?
      Meredith: Go hug yourself.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Lightning doesn't often strike twice. It's a once in a lifetime thing. Even if it feels like the shock is coming over and over again. Eventually the pain will go away, the shock will wear off. And you start to heal yourself. To recover from something you never saw coming. But, sometimes the odds are in your favor. If you're in just the right place at just the right time you can take a hell of a hit. And still have a shot at surviving.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): They say lightning never strikes twice, but that is a myth. It doesn't happen often, lightening usually gets it right the first time. When you're hit with 30,000 amps of electricity you feel it. It can make you forget who you are. It can burn you, blind you, stop your heart. And cause massive internal injuries. But, for something that happens in only a millisecond, it can change your life forever.

    • April: Dr. Shepherd, the chief is looking for you.
      Derek: I know.
      April: You missed the wedding last night.
      Derek: I know.
      April: You smell like pee.
      Derek: I know!

    • Mark: Tell me something. When a person gets out of the nut house... What's the appropriate amount of time to wait before you propose?
      Callie: What? Long. Longer. Long... a long time. Not now.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Hromosvod všech hrz (Lightning Conductor of All the Horrors)
      Finland: Salamanisku (Stoke of Lightning)

    • Music Featured In This episode:
      1. White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons
      2. Business Transaction by Home Video
      3. Calling Me by Alva Leigh
      4. The Wait by School of Seven Bells
      5. Into The Mystic by Greg Laswell
      6. Wishing He Was Dead by The Like
      7. Precious by Tobias Froberg

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 30, 2010 on CTV
      Sweden: October 13, 2010 on Kanal 5
      Finland: October 27, 2010 on Nelonen
      United Kingdom: January 12, 2011 on Living TV
      Australia: February 10, 2011 on Channel 7
      Germany: March 30, 2011 on ProSieben
      Croatia: May 19, 2011 on RTL TV
      Thailand: June 5, 2011 on Star World
      Norway: July 26, 2011 on TV2
      Czech Republic: December 12, 2011 on Prima LOVE