Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 2

Shock to the System

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2010 on ABC

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  • Loved the Christina stuff. But I didn't like that other part...

    Christina is in a bad place and I feel for her. I feel for Lexie, I've been in her shoes, and it's really annoying. Everyone thinking that you are crazy can actually make you crazy. The part when Christina is having a PTSD episode and Mer comes in and helps her was the best part of the episode. And the small part when they are coming out of the OR and the guy asks how his wife is doing and Christina nearly breaks down crying---oh another reason to love Sandra Oh!!!! She is my favorite actress ever!!! Meredith finally tells Derek about the miscarriage and it wasn't how I was imagining it, and a little disappointing. But I know that it's very MerDer. The Alex and Bailey stuff was great to watch. I love them together on screen! It's like a teenage son and her mother. HaHa! I saw the Callie/Arizona stuff coming, as well as the Teddy and Perkins stuff. He'll be gone after next week's episode. I hated the patient's love square storyline in this episode. It was so annoying. And just so ridiculous, and took up time from the important stuff. One of the worst patient storylines ever in the show.

    But, the Christina stuff and the Alex/Bailey stuff made the episode!!!!
  • 702

    Last week's season premiere of Grey's Anatomy was...well, let's not talka about that episode anymore. Tonight's show was unfortunately not that much better. I want to see meaningful surgeries and I want to see romance drama that is actually interesting. Journeyman acting like a lovey dovey husband is not what this show needs, there is more than enough of that, we need something the show has not seen before. Grey's Anatomy is stuck in a trance right now, and if this episode was any indication, this is a funk that the long-running medical drama is going to struggle to get out of.
  • Review. Spoilers.

    So far this season is really great. I really liked this episode. There are new interesting cases, an old patient coming back and an emotional chaos.
    Poor Cristina has a panic attack during a surgery. I'm quite surprised that Owen and Teddy decided she is ready. She obviously hasn't been herself lately. I hope that this isn't the end of her marriage. I would like to see Cristina happy in relationship with someone at last.
    Derek is released from prison but he still thinks that speeding is exciting and manages to convince Webber to it. Will we see Richard in jail soon? He would probably have an accident again if he tried to drive so fast:)
    Meredith - as everyone could predict - tells Derek about the miscarriage and she is cleared for surgery. She seems to finally come to terms with things that happened and understands she can't control everything.
    Bailey fins out that Alex kept the bullet. She makes him have it removed because she doesn't want anything remind her of the horror she went through. Who can blame her?
    Mark wants Lexie back. He is very protective but that makes Lexie a little irritated. I think they were far more funny to watch as a couple than Alex and Lexie together. This was a very good episode.