Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 11

Six Days (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • It was not that great compared to other fantastic episodes this season

    This episode was not that good. I absolutely love Grey's no matter what, but this episode was a bit of a disappointment by the standards set by this show.
    The Addison and Alex relationship would be very interesting. They're both cocky and proud, I think they'd be good together.
    This episode also seems predictable. It was somewhat obvious that Izzie was going to use her money to pay for Heather's surgery, even though she's not cleared for surgery yet. I felt bad when she cashed the check though, because she really loved Denny, and she obviously didn't want to cash it in.
  • I personally thought was not very great but still is better than any other show!

    I thought callie was great with the staring... and george and her were pretty good in the episode.
    I loved dr. bailey description of Derek " Lots of hair, too many women, likes elevators and log walks on the beach"
    and the 130cc of shiny yellow urine ending up with a dance a a kiss.

    Meredith running away from his father is getting old.
    we need a close up for this 2, i don't need a happy ending, just a end.
    George is very good, he's not just the loud complainer anymore, he's more receptive.
    When I knew that there was going to have a 2 part episode I imagine a more deep in your heart episode

    but the episode ended up opening a lot of histories and a closing up some old stories.
  • Funny, touching, romantic...It's a complete episode!

    Well, this was a great episode. Again, Thatcher or daddy issues arrive. Addison was in a strange mood, and Mark too. But I liked Addison and Alex almost hooking up. Other things that I liked: that finally Izzie found a good thing to do, reason enough to deposit the check. Again, Izzie is getting involved emotionally. Cristina and Burke not talking to each other was really funny to watch.
    But that was the first part of the episode, the first half an hour, then the show had a change of pace, with the surgery, and got serious and touching at the same time. Poor George, really.
    The best was this combination between those two elements.
    It's the beginnig of a series of episodes getting better and better, let's say 8 great episodes.
  • Izzie still struggles with whether or not to deposit the money, while Derek reveals a secret to Meredith about his sleeping. George's father has surgery to remove a tumor. Cristina and Burke aren't speaking, Addison and Alex get closer. Grey's dad visits.

    In the beginning of this episode i was highly annoyed with Izzie. I thought she was stupid for still not having deposited her money yet, as did Bailey. So Bailey basically tells Izzie that she won't be scrubbing in until she meets the stipulations set by her psychiatrist, one condition being to deposite the money. Izzie finally takes it to the bank in tears...I thought this scene was hilarious, especially when she snapped at the bank teller. So the hospital gets a case of a seventeen year old girl with Vader syndrome, which has her back twisted in ways i couldn't even imagine. I thought my back was bad, but i feel sorry for this girl. When her mother was yelling at the insurance company on the phone, i thought it was funny when she called them "son of a b**ch ba**ards" and told them they were going to burn in hell. I have a very strong feeling that Izzie will pay for the girl's surgery, hospital stay and rehab. I could tell just by the way she was looking at her. Grey is shook up about having to see her father wandering around the hospital. About Grey...I thought it was hilarious when she found out Derek can't sleep because of her snoring. The reason i think it's so funny (which really it isn't when you can't sleep), is because i had an ex that snored horrendously. It was so loud that i actually wanted to smother her with a pillow. I got up and went in the other room to sleep before, and could still hear her plain as day, it was horrible. That was not the reason we broke up either lol. I thought Grey's retaliation about Derek's morning breath was funny. Although at the end of the episode, apparently her nose strips are not helping her snoring. You know, that can actually be a sign of sleep apnea also. So George's father's cancer is worse than i thought. However, he still insists that they take the tumor out. I thought it was hilarious when George was dancing around with Callie about his father's urine...Then he kissed her. I wonder what this means for those two? Personally i'd like to see them back together. Well Alex basically gave up his future in plastics because he didn't like the fact that Mark was rude to Addison. I thought Alex was partial to Addison because of her department and his soft spot for it, but after seeing this episode and those two almost kissing, i guess they have a little more of a bond than i thought. I wonder what will happen with those two in the future.
  • First three days.

    First three days of six days. We actually see how our doctors spend the week. Cristinas and Burkes relationship goes to the new dimension. They care about each other but they are not talking to each other. Harlod makes a decision that will probably kill him but he is a fighter. A girl with VATER comes to the hospital. Her life is a mess and Izzie deposits the check. Laura Molly's baby causes trouble to Meredith because her father is now at the hospital and she simply can't function with him around.
    Mark and Addison have something this week . . .
  • Well plotted, well writen, well done.

    This was a very sweet episode. I loved it. My favorite scene was when Izzy was in the bank about to deposit the check and she was crying like a crazy person. Also the tension between Meredith and her father was a very intersting situation to witness, I thought they would speak sometime in this episode, like a real conversation I mean, but I guess we'll get to see that in an upcoming episode. And Addison and Alex? What's up with that? I must admit I'm intrigued to know where the writers are going with that. Christina and Burke are so funny, they are the best couple on this show. I can't wait to see how this episode will all be solved up. Can't wait until next week.
  • what an awesome episode! whao! the whole snoring thing: very cute, esp when der say its hard to believe such a loud noise can come out of such a little person. i was rolling on the floor!

    awesome awesome! there's serious tension between addison and mark, i wonder what that is all about? it was so hilarious watch bukre and christina, the whole trying to get other people to find out how burke's hand is doing is off the chats. then alex and addi oh that was hot and then the nurse showed serious, dont nurses like you know knock? that would have been one steamy session.i feel so sorry for george as his family, i am happy he's giving callie a chance, but the whole callie staring der down was hilarious, and it creeped me out and funny! it was awesome!
  • George's dad his situation is getting worse, Izzie deposits her check and Meredith snores, which makes it awfully hard for Derek to sleep..

    I really liked this episode for several reasons, and there didn't even have to be a cliffy for part 1 of part 2. :)

    First off.. I feel so sorry for George and his family. It's so sad that his father can't be helped anymore..

    What was funny in this ep were Meredith and Derek with the snoring issue.. So funny, especially when you find out that he always slept on the couch and snuck back into bed by using the alarm clock! So funny!
    Burke and Cristina were also very funny, Cristina for asking everyone to find out how Burke is doing, and Burke for telling nobody.
    I also like the George/Burke friendship that is being rebuild.. Very interesting to watch!

    It was sad for Izzie to deposit that check, but very funny to watch.. I liked that she finally deposited that check..
    and Callie and George! Ubercute!! :D Dancing because the kidneys worked!! :D

    Not a fan of Addison/Alex, but I'll leave it at that.. Intrigue about Mark/Addison though

    so overall, a fantastic episode!! :)
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  • *read inside*

    They are back and what a start. I like this Addison Alex thing, but I want him with Izzi so I'm still hoping. About that girl it would be great if Izzi paid her surgery, wich I think she is. Burke and Christina can't ignore each other much longer and I'm happy to see george and Kelly back together!
  • Six days - and Meredith still snorrs :-D

    When it comes to Grey's Anatomy and a two-part series, you always kinda expect something huge and mind blowing like "The end of the world..." and " we know it". That's why I was almost a little afraid of this episode, but it was just sooo great!
    Seriously, I just loved the episode. It was funny, touching and a little dramatic at the same time and the show surprised me again.
    My favourite parts were when Meredith found out Derek abandoned her in bed because of her snorring and Callie staring McDreamy down. Also, wasn't it just so sweet when George kissed her? Not to mention that Uncle Game Cristina and Burke are playing - just another amazing performance by the two of them!
    Can't wait to find out how it goes on tomorrow!
  • Plot: Meredith snores like a cow, forcing Derek to sleep elsewhere, while their over the top, cuddly relationship forces me to vomit. for more TV reviews

    I approached this episode with mild trepidation. This season of Grey’s hasn’t exactly been great and I was kind of getting use to it not being on the air. That being said, I admit, this was a very good episode. For once, not every medical patient’s problems represented the personal lives of the doctors assigned to their care! Of course, pretty much all of them were direct relatives of the doctors, but its all about baby steps towards a legitimate medical show.

    George takes center stage in the episode. I liked the relationship between him and his father. While George is clearly very different from his family, you can see how much his dad loves him. Also, his father is such a central figure to this family that his death will have a serious impact on them all. I think it’s clear that he isn’t coming out of that coma though. You have to balance happiness with sadness. You lose your dad kid, but you got your girlfriend back! Just try to stay out of her way when she attempts to stare you down/eat you.

    I’m so glad Dr. Bailey addressed the fact that Izzie is retarded. I know that she has some sentimental value in that 9 million dollar check, but consider the real **** value in it too! She says she has to figure out a way to help people with it. Ok, there are about a million ways she could help people, but while she is working her philanthropic magnum opus out, she could be earning thousands of dollars in interest that would better allow her to help people out! Painful to watch. Heather looks like make a wish foundation is about to help you get laid because Izzie just found a person in need.

    The Alex and Addison bit has certainly been building for awhile. I’m only allowing Alex to have her because the writers have vastly improved his character. Otherwise, fight to the death my fictitious friend! This hospital must have a very lax inter office romance policy. I know I would get fired for even looking at my hot interns. Perhaps because they are horribly underage, but that’s neither here, nor there. Every single main character has now slept with their superior, with the exception of Izzie, and I can feel her weakening. That love, hate, relationship she has building with Sloan has TV chemistry written all over it.

    Parting Thought: Say Uncle! Oh wait, we are thirty years old, maybe we should act like it!
  • We've been wating for the new episode, and it came... Great...

    It was funny, it was touching, it was the way I like Grey's Anatomy. Meredith's snoring was a really funny part of their relationship with Derek. For once they had these sort of real-life problems, and nothing like you have a wife, or you have to make a choice... It's good to know, they're happy together. The same goes for Burke and Cristina. I was so glad, as burke said they were not over, just silent. I really think they belong. And I'm happy for Addison and Alex. I think they would be great together. Izzie and Alex didin't really work out with each other. Maybe the next episode will be even better, because it will have every solution for the problems we heard about in this episode.
  • Why must you keep doing this, Grey\'s Anatomy?

    Grey\'s Anatomy is a very well-written, well-acted and well-directed show. Its characters, with the exception of the ever-irritation Meredith and Derek, are charming and charasmatic. The episodes are always a mix of the funny, the dramatic, the heart-wrenching and the quaint.

    The problem is that the story arcs feel like they were made by very impatient, forgetful two-year-olds.

    And this episode, though good and engaging, seems to be, for me, the point of no return.

    The capper had to be a \"To Be Continued\" on the end of an episode that served no cliffhanger larger than usual for the show. Will Addison and Alex hook up? Yes. Will Steamy and Izzy hook up? Yes. Will Cristina and Burke start talking again? Yes, and then they\'ll break up. Are Derek and Meredith going to break up again? Of course.

    The only saving grace on this show seemed to be George, and now he\'s trapped in his dad\'s storyline that they\'re milking way too hard.

    I\'m sorry, Grey\'s, but this was just one plodding plot episode too many. What once seemed cute is now feeling stale. What once was dramatic feels manipulative. I feel engaged, but I know what\'s coming around every corner.

    I miss the old Grey\'s that felt fresh and prepared for anything. Now it just feels like we\'re going around in a circle and as much as I love Katherine Heigl, even her winning smile is unlikely to bring me back for the \"gripping\" second half.
  • Just loved it!

    My sister and I have this thing where we watch the episode together every other week when she visits. This particular episode we watched at 1a.m. This episode was all at once

    It was funny how Derek handles the issue of Meredith snoring. O’Malley’s, Izzy and the 8.7 million check. The expression on the Bank-dudes face when Izzy goes to deposit the check is priceless. The stare!!!!!

    Then there are the sad moments like O’Malley’s' father, the baby and the girl.

    The surprises..I don't know if it really was a surprise but it knocked me off my feet...Kerev and Addison.

    Can't wait for part two...why didn't they have a two episodes in one evening...would have loved that..
  • The doctors spend six days together - each facing a number of different challenges

    This episode was such a wonderful mix of the comedy, romance, stress, and everything else that makes Grey's so easy to love. I especially love that the episode was shot in two parts when the writers realized it was not going to fit in the 43 minute time frame alloted by the network. How wonderful that they didn't cut out portions of the episode to make it fit, but instead expanded on to fill up two weeks. There were so many wonderful moments in this episode - the "moment" between Alex and Addison, Callie learning the stare, Dr. Bailey feeling so much love for George and wanting to tell him the truth, the screwed up tension between Burke and Christina - how great!!!
  • deposit the check!!

    So I felt the same way about Izzie not cashing her check as Bailey did. Just knowing that everyday she was losing so much money in interest. I understand her want to do something good with the money, but if she were to deposit the money then when she did come up with the great thing that she wanted to do, she would have so much more. I can see what is going to happen next week, she is going to offer the girl the money for the surgery and then get busted for being too close to a patient. So Alex and Addi – I don’t like it at all. I mean – the incestuous nature of Seattle Grace had just gotten crazy. But I am happy that Callie and George seem back together, after that kiss I am sure that they are.
  • Ab fab

    I loved it. I really did. I loved almost everything about it! Not even Meredith annoyed me this time. I almost LIKED her. And her snoring.
    I am SO glad Izzie deposited the check. It has been bugging me for months. Since Denny died she has been so damn ANNOYING to me. But this episode: na-ah! She even made me laugh when she was sitting there... crying.. all hysterical.
    And Karev and ADDISON? YESSS... I\'ve been rooting for them for a long time now. :) I\'m such a geek.
    AND George and Callie! FINALLY! I loveeeed Callie staring Shepard down. :D made me laugh.
    Yes, a lot of scenes in this episode made me laugh. This was one sloppy review. And for that I apologize.
  • Great first show of 2007!

    The show comes back after nearly a month off and that it didn't disappoint both in the professional and persona lives of the medical staff. As Meredeth's father gives Derek a rough time as Derek is having problems sleeping. A patient named Heather has a bad attitude but that is due to a medical condition that she has. Poor George's father has about more surgeries than you can count. Great acting and writing for the first episode of 2007!
  • I was pleasantly surprized.

    Ok first of all, I don't usually watch Grey's Anatomy. I am a huge fan of CSI. But I decided to watch this epsiode of Grey's because CSI wasn't new. For my first episode of Grey's I was nicely surprized. I thought the writing was good and the characters fit the roles so well. The entire plot was really engaging. I felt sorry for the girl with the spinal defect even though she was snotty. I like the character of Izzy. I think she is pretty funny. The whole ordeal with the check cracked me up. How could you just let an almost 9 million dollar check just sit there? I was a little lost since it was the first episode I had seen, but I still liked it. Although, CSI still stays number 1 no matter what.
  • As George's father's second surgery impends on the hospital, all the interns start dealing with their own closure issues.

    While this episode was definitely more on the serious side than some, Grey's Anatomy again gives us a great episode which left us wanting more (we have to wait one week to see how this two-parter concludes).

    This episode centered on George, and his ability to deal with his father's second surgery within just a few days. George actually becomes more manly in this episode, as he says and does what needs to be done, and stops being the whiny, insane person he'd been in prior episodes. George had two particularly moving scenes...the first when he tells his father to stop saying his goodbyes, and the second where he tries to prepare his family for what they will see when they walk in to check on his father after the second surgery -- only to have to turn around and walk out of the room after he himself looks in on his father. Only there's something that none of the O'Malley's know: that their father made the Chief and Bailey promise to take out the tumor even if it had spread, making his chances of survival even less likely.

    Meredith, meanwhile, is dealing with the presence of her father, Thatcher Grey, who is there checking on the progress of his new granddaugther by Meredith's half sister. Meredith avoids him for the most part...but tells Derek who's been leaving her in the middle of the night because she snores that he can't do it anymore -- because she has abandonment issues. By the looks of things, we'll see Meredith confront her dad next Thursday...

    Izzy is having some closure of her own, as Bailey and the psychologist she's seeing tell her she can't scrub in on a rare surgery unless she deposits the 8.7 million dollar check that Denny left her, that's been hanging on the refrigerator door. She (quite unconvincingly) sobs hysterically at the bank, but then seems able to comfort George later on, and seems to be realizing that the money could be put to good use to help her patient who can't afford a surgery that would help her walk upright.

    Cristina and Burke are in need of closure big-time. In what Burke describes as a game of "Uncle" for control of the power in the relationship. Neither one is ready to give in yet and move on.

    Addison and Mark are clearly dealing with some kind of secret that has to do with the past. Mark is presumably having a bad week because of something that happened in the past on the same week. It looks like next week there will be a tense conversation between the two.

    In other relationship news, Callie and George have made up for now, after celebrating over the amount of pee in George's dad's urine bag. They dance and kiss, and all seems to be right in their world -- for now.

    Highlights of the episode: Callie trying to perfect her stare on McDreamy and George, succeeding with Derek and scaring George; Addison and Alex's near-kiss; Izzy telling George his father would be fine -- so much so that she didn't even bake; Derek telling Meredith that he found it charming that such a big noise (her snores) could come out of such a little person.
  • Loved it

    OK, I can't help it. I love Meredith and Derek together. They are sickeningly sweet, but in such a fun way that I love them. They don't get on my nerves every five seconds like some other couples on shows. I just love the chemistry they have together.
    Speaking of chemistry WOOOOOOOOOOO Addison and Alex, whom I cannot usually stand. Talk about some sparks there. What is McSteamy's problem? What is so special about his particular week that he gets to be a butt to people with no questions asked?
    Loved how affected Meredith was when her Dad walked in while she was presenting. Loved the Callie/George kidney bouncing and bonding. The staredown technique and how effective it was. Just loved it in general. Thank God reruns are over.
  • A very good example of what Grey's Anatomy is about.

    And that's emotions,folks.The writers are doing a fantastic job of putting the viewer through an emotional rollercoaster every time.I'm not really the type of person to get so easily involved while watching,GA gets to me somehow though.

    I totally cracked up when Izzie deposited that check,I laughed at Meredith's snoring and Bailey's "stare down",and almost(almost!)squaled at the oh-so-near Karev and redhead's kiss.They must do more episodes like that,i.e. where all the major characters have a go. I really hope that George's dad doesn't die(in this series you never know) and I can bet that Izzie will want to sponsor the girl's surgery.Plus,I'm so glad that Karev chose the baby doctor path!I'm rooting for him from the beginning.
  • Off to another great start!

    After the hiatus for the holidays, Grey's is back with another surprising episode. This episode had it all: great comic tidbits (Bailey teaching Callie how to deal with Derek, Meredith and Derek in bed), some intense drama (Grey's baby, Mr. O'Malley's surgery, Izzie and the check), and some incredibly tender and sweet moments (Alex and Addison, George and Callie, George and his father). I felt it was great to get back into some of the other story lines that were pushed aside during the last few episodes where they've focused on the Cristina and Burke conflict. And, in the spirit of two-part episodes, it left me wanting more and cursing the next seven days with out it!

    I think the biggest challenge with this episode is the fact that it is a two-part episode with a week separating the parts. Grey's fans just aren't used to that. Usually we only have to wait a day for the second installment, like with "It's the End of the World" and "(As We Know It)" and the two-day, three-hour season 2 finale "17 seconds," "Deterioration of the Fight of Flight Response," and "Losing My Religion." Can we really take so many unanswered questions/cliffhangers for a whole week?
  • Exactly why I watch this show! I also take away food for thought after a Grey's Anatomy episode and this one delivered a very nice and satisfying course.

    Relationships are the focus of this episode and I have to start with the Mer-Der situation. Is that not the absolute most hilarious thing?! Great couple. Look fantastic together. Working their way through some pretty heavy issues and apparently making it work. And then BAM! He's a light sleeper and she snores like a lumberjack! Too funny! I love that he appears to be mostly amused by it and that she told him that he'd just have to deal with it since she has abandonment issues. Gotta love it.

    The Alex/Addison thing is hot! hot! hot! Although, I think he'd be really good with Izzy, she's obviously not ready and he shouldn't have to wait forever for her to be ready. The scene with George and his dad before the dad's surgery had me laughing through my tears. They are soooo good together. Georgie. . .listen to your dad and don't you dare let Callie go! I love George and Callie together.

    Christina and Preston. . .i'm just kinda speechless about their whole thing. . . hey, isn't that ironic? They are apparently also speechless. For pete's sake and crying out loud. . .UNCLE. . . now, there, somebody said it. Now get over yourselves.
  • (SPOILER) there were too many classifications, because it was a special episode, and character development too. It also is exactly why I watch this show.

    Yesterday's episode was great, it had the usual humor mixed in with the drama, and I will explain the summary, I think it was a special because of George's Dad and Dr. Burke being in the hospital, and so many things goin on at once. It was character develoopment due to Dr. Grey's Dad and her neice also being in the hospital, and her relationship with her ex-dad as she put it, which also fall in special episode too I guess. The why I watch this show part is self-explanatory. I did think the outcome with George's Dad wasn't going to be good when they went up and talked to him, so it was good that it was. I also think that Dr. Stevens is going to use her money to help that girl with the spine problem pay for her surgery. This was a very good episode, it makes it so you can't wait until next week, to see what happens next.
  • Left me wanting more

    I didn't understand the whole showing everyone and their moods at the very end. Addison and Alex would be good together. She is so nice and he is such a hottie. George's dad almost made me cry. George at the very end was so real. The reality finally set in and "Dr. O'Malley" had finally left the hospital room. Before the end George stayed in doctor mode but he finally lost that at the very end. I was hoping Callie would have been the one to hug him but Dr. Grey was a good second choice.
  • Welcome Back!

    If you haven't been watching Grey's Anatomy, this would be a good time to start. It's really amazing how this show can pull off the amazing story-lines. Calli and George were very fun to watch on the show with all the hugging, dancing and kissing. Personally, I am happy that Karev and Addison are getting together, and that Alex has decided to quit plastics. Sloan is still hurting from what happened with him and Addison though. Christian on the other hand trys to get people to find out how Burke's hand is doing. In other words... Christina and Burke have not been progressing, they aren't really my favorite, but they are a great couple. George's dad manages to survive a very difficult surgery, I knew he would live through it though. Izzie finally deposits the check and it looks like she will be helping to pay for her patient's surgery. Merideth and Derek are experiencing sleeping problems in their relationship, honestly I enjoyed that chapter in their relationship. Merideth and her dad aren't getting a long yet though... which is ok... I'd expect them to take awhile. Izzie's really growing on me... especially since it looks like she's going to help that patient pay for her surgery. Great episode. Keep 'em comin'!
  • Greys is finally back.

    So much happened in this episode. George's father made everyone promise to not let him die. Callie learned how to stare. Merideth was snoring and Derek was sleeping on the couch, which was funny. This girl with a bent spine came in, she was really rude but it was only because she was in pain. Callie with her new convincing glare got Derek to tell the girl they could straten out her spine. She immedietly agreed even with a small chance of success. Izzie finially cashed the check. It was so funny, she was crying so hard, but she did it. Cristina kept asking everyone to ask Burke is his hand was all right, but he wouldn't tell them. Also Alex and Adddison almost kissed.
  • Another excellent episode, it could have been stronger considering its long hiatus. But thank god it is back, as strong as usual, as great and funny as usual. Welcome back Grey's!!!

    What another excellent episode. Oh how I've been missing grey's for so long now. The ending made me want to see the continuation so desperately, Izzy was great again. Meredith's childhood problems haunt her again with the visit from her father, creating blanks in Meredith's day. Alex and Addison almost finally get together, their chemistry on-screen feels so real and genuine. If only had that nurse not walked in. The ending was fantastic, the similar image transitions made it so dramatic.
    With the usual excellent witty humour and heart-breaking drama, this episode and all the others is what makes Grey's the most watched and best television series ever!
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