Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 12

Six Days (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • meredith messy

    Meredith IS messy. How does she not see that? She gets food in her hair! And that snoring... Derek has to put up with a lot. nose peg isn't enough. nice idea with the earplugs, though. Then again, maybe he should shave in the mornings, since he wakes up so early. And brush his teeth so meredith doesn't have to put up with his bad breath. hee hee, they're so cute, they argue over the stupidest things. Also, Addy should SO go for Alex, they're perfect. Nice baby, that niece of meredith's. I love that Izzie was nice enough to pay for that poor girl's surgery. the results were amazing, she could walk better already by the end. and the check! she deposited it! Bailey was totally mean not to let her scrub in, though. "You're not acting like a surgeon... once agin, you've taken it too far" blah blah blah. I thought the baby softened her up. Addy doesn't want that dick's baby anyway, he would've been a terrible father (even he said so). Go with alex, addy, go with the flow... Oh yea, she kissed him. lol i forgot. George's dad is dead, sad sad, all cry. But he's back with Callie, so I'm happy.
  • One of the best so far this season!

    I think the episode was really touching. I finally realised why Mark and Addy were acting so odd. Things that I didn't like: Bailey telling Izzie off, and making feel her bad. Alex being, again, a brown-noser, I really was excited, since I thought he had finally made his own rebelion, and then he takes back everything, just hoping to scrub in and then, boom, you are my lackey again.
    George's story was great, and I loved Callie and George making up and being a family(fart scene was great). It was great to hear the other part of the story, Thatcher was great. The kiss between Addison and Alex was great, and the best was to watch the human side of Cristina. All in all, I would say this epi is one of the best so far in this season. The rest is even better, until the final epis.
  • George and his family have to make a decision about his father. Things continue to be awkward with Alex and Addison. Grey still battles herself and her feelings about her father. Bailey may understand a little more where Izzie is coming from.

    This episode was so horribly sad. The beginning started out sort of funny. For example after Izzie told George she deposited the check finally, i laughed when Izzie told George "you made me burn my french toast", and he replied "you can buy new french toast." I knew she was going to pay for the girl's back surgery, but she did it anonymously. Bailey told Izzie she couldn't scrub in for the surgery because she's trying to teach her not to be so personally involved with her patitens. However, Bailey realizes later that she too is guilty of being personally involved. We find this out after George and his family decide to take George's dad off life support. The scene where they were all sitting at the table looking at George and asking him what he thought was so sad. I've lost family to cancer, so i know how painful it is. Grey struggles with her feelings about her father. The scene when she was trying to say she was nothing like him was funny. I thought it was hilarious when she retaliated by telling Izzie she was a millionaire in twenty dollar shoes. Grey finally gives in and confronts her father, and finds out she actually got her snoring from him. He gave her the tip about using wax ear plugs, so she gives Derek some and he seems to be happy with them (after he even mentions laser surgery for grey's snoring) lol. In the beginning of the episode when Callie was trying to talk to Addison, we find out Addison got pregnent eight months earlier with Mark's baby. Did Derek know? Were they split up at the time? She had an abortion without telling Mark, then later told Mark that they wouldn't have stayed together because he was seeing other people before she left and didn't think she knew about it. She proceeds to then tell him he would've made a bad father, and that she had wanted to have a baby but with Derek. Mark later admits to Callie that he would in fact have been a bad father. Addison and Alex finally kissed at the end of this episode, i wonder what that means for them. As a joke here i have to say, i want to know where this hospital is because it seems to be an epidemic for attendings to have relationships with their interns lol. However, i like Addison and this could turn into something good, who knows? Cristina and Burke still aren't talking but Burke basically gives in without speaking directly to Yang, but it was for her anyway. Yang finally apologizes for lying to George and reaches out to try to be a supportive friend after his father died.
  • The week ends.

    The last three days. The second part of the two part story arc.
    Really hated the way George acted. I mean he lost his sense and he was totally rude to Izzie about bringing Denny up and that with Callie is also :O
    Anyway totally like it that Izzie paied the operation for Heather. Izzie is loving and heartworming girl and I totally like her.
    Addison aborted Mark's baby and that was what this was all about. The due date was this week so that is why they have been acting so...strange.
    Alex and Addison kiss each other and that was the greates moment of the episode.
    George's dad dies.
  • Poor George!!

    Aww this episode made me cry soo much probably because i have daddy issues anyway but it was soo sad he really loved his dad when he yells at bailey and the chief i was like awwww heartbreaker!!! "he could have lived for weeks, months, we could have had him for months!" that is soo sad he just loved his dad and his family looks soo sad in the room it just really touched me and made me think of the horrible things that can happen to people that you love! its devastating really! :( i love greys anatomy :)
  • It was a very sadly episode. Everything that happens with George dad is so sad!

    I live in Holland, so i saw this episode tonight for the first time!

    George's father was really bad, but i didn't think that he's going to die! I hoped that everything was going to be just fine. But it wasn't. Burke and Christina are still not talking, i hope they're going to be soon!

    And what about Alex and Addison? I hope they're not going to be a couple! I thought Alex likes Izzie? But not any more, i think.
  • Much better than Part 1

    Heather's surgery is successful, and poor George's father dies. His breakdown was heartbreaking, very well acted by TR Knight.
    Addison talks to Callie about how she aborted Mark's baby and the baby's due date would have been this week. Addison tells Mark that he didn't really care about having a baby and only wanted to beat Derek. She was not willing to have his baby because he would have been a terrible father. Mark talks Callie and realises that he would have made a terrible father.
    Cristina and Burke still arn't talking to each other. It was great when she witheld his food, and he was forced to call a nurse. That was probably my favorite part of the episode
  • Wonderful, and very sadly episode.

    It is a very, very sadly episode.
    George's father, continues in the hospital and he was really bad, so as all can guess he finally died.
    Everybody was sad, and so was George. Burke and Christina are not talking to each other, but I guess it´s not going to be for longer. They are gonna be together again, I hope!

    And about the Alex and Addison kiss, I have to say: What is going on?, it seems to be that Alex will be end with Izzy again, not with the Derek´s ex-wive.

    Anyway, a great episode, and I hope it will continue to the end of the season this way.
  • After the surgery to take out the cancer, George's father is dying. A decision has to be made to either keep him alive or to let him go. Everyone looks at George for the answer and he gives it. The saddest epsiode of Grey's ever.

    I've cried before while watching Grey's Anatomy, it's a give in with how many people die but this episode was incredible. Nothing was wrong with this episode. The actors worked beautifully, the lighting was well done and the angles they got were wonderfully put together. George's outburst at Bailey and the Cheif was brillant. T.R. Knight pulled through this episode like a champ. Everything he did was point on, even his conversation with Burke(Isiah Washington) after everything that has happened. This is exactly why I watch this series, Grey's Anatomy is just perfect. This episode just shows you how great it is.
  • Wonderful as usual

    The only reason that I didnt rate this episode as a perfect ten, is because I want more McDreamy and Meredith drama!! Please all last season we were tormented and led on with Derek trying to save a lost marriage and pretending to still love Addison. Who was he kidding? I know they were trying to make Derek really deep and all with him not leaving his wife... OK ENOUGH! Anyway, this episode was great! I loved Georges performance. Bravo on grieving for his father, it brought tears to my eyes, but that is just about every week with this show.
    Also I love the plot line between Meredith and Thatcher her estranged father. I hope they continue this story line.Meredith needs that part of her life. Cant wait for tonights episode!
  • WoW!!

    this episode made me cry! i lost my grandmother recently and i wasn't there unlike george's family. (imagine the guilt i felt) *sigh* one of the best episodes of the show.. plus the fact that it was mostly a true story.. T.R. Knight was so good especially on that scene where he was shouting at the chief and bailey for proceeding with the operation.. i couldnt control my tears! i was just in awe! superb acting! i loved these scenes just as well.. meredith snoring (so funny) with the nose strip, george looking for the check, addison and alex trying to get past each other, addison and callie talking at the cafeteria, mer asking alex about addison, farting scene with george's family, mcsteamy asking alex if she's a mess, addison talking to mark, george shaving his father, mark talking to callie and realizing that he would be a terrible father, george's family asking for his opinion, when the family finally let go (i had to watch it again cause i was crying the first time i saw it), the interns waiting outside the room (very touching),cristina comforting george in a very cristina way, addison and alex kissing (she likes the bad boys!)

    geez.. that was like the whole episode! lol.. and the music was likewise awesome!
  • Meredith sees her Dad at the hospital frequently but she can't see how she is related to him. George's father's health is failing.

    Grey's Anatomy is a fantastic show and I can't get enough of it, even when episodes are sad. Actually I think that that is what makes the show so great, that it is so versatile. I kind of figured that George's dad was going to die, considering everything that he had wrong with him, I was surprised that he hadn't died several episodes before. Poor George, it was really hard to watch him, TR Knight is a fantastic actor, you could actually believe that maybe his Dad had died in real life. It was nice of Christina to say those words to George, about being in the dead fathers club. Its not a nice thing to be in, but at least he wasn't alone. Typically she isn't the type of person to give out personal information, so it was unexpected when she said that at the end of the episode.

    It was nice of Izzie to pay for that girls surgery. Katherine Heigl is a great actress, she seems very genuine, like that she might be that way in real life too. I really like Izzie's character, its nice to have a hot chick be really nice, caring and intelligent on a show. I am really curious as to what she is going to do with money next. I wonder if there is ever going to be anymore stories about the daughter that she gave up for adoption. Maybe she will give her some of the money that she got from Denny.

    Burke and Christina finally speak! I do not like them together at all. Nothing ever really happens and I don't feel like they have any chemistry. I wish they would break up, after all, they have been together since the beginning of the show. They have had no problems up until now, it just needs to end!
  • I cried all the way through it!

    This episode was so sad. I was crying through most of it. George's father's death was so painful for everyboby. But I felt for George the most. Burke and Christina insist in not talking to each other, God know for how long they plan to keep it up. At first it was funny and all but now it's just stupid, like who does that? Addison and Alex have a thing now! Or it looks like they're going to anyways. I like it, I would like to see where the writers are going to go with this. I knew Izzy would end up paying for that girl's surgery. It's just so like her to do that, it was sweet but I hope she doesn't make it her mission to be paying stuff for people with the money that she has now. Well over all this was an excelent episode and I give it a perfect 10.
  • The episode was crafted to built up to the emotional ending....

    The ending was invoking but not exactly in the Grey's style. I guess it's ok for a change, for once. Like the part where Izzie stood up for her belief that she can be both, a surgeon and be emotionally attached to patient, which tore down Miranda's own emotional barrier. Both characters grew and matured. Also, Callie who stayed by George's side all the way, sweet. It's great to see Alex stammering when Mer asked him not in the context of relationship about Addison. Not sure how these two will play out. The cold war between Cristina and Burke has to stop, it's getting annoying, either get back together or let the characters move on.
  • Another perfect episode

    Wow, Grey's is once again going for huge emotions with an amazing connection of storylines.
    I loved how everybody was so emotionally involved with their cases this time and how they all felt for George when his dad died. Especially Bailey had a really tough time and she got to understand that being involved is something you can't help, I guess. I think that's why she understood Izzie in the end.
    Cristina trying to comfort George was cute and Meredith stepping up to her own father was great, too. It was high time and I liked how they linked that storyline with Mer's snor-problem :wink:
    Alex and Addison are so sweat, I really hope something's gonna develop here. But I was also very touched by McSteamy, he was so hurt, you could see it.
    Another great episode, this season is just as strong as I had hoped! But I'm expecting a huge blow like "Into you like a train" or "The end of the world... as we know it" soon, it's just not GA without it
  • Based on Krista Vernoff's real-life experience with losing her father Bob Verne in 2001 to cancer.

    George's character development was so well written and not to mention T.R.'s tremendous performance. Truly heart wrenching. The scene where George yells at the Chief and Bailey for going ahead with the procedure when they knew better was such a strong scene. Then when they all sat around the table trying to decide if they shoud let their father go or not. The cast does an such an outstanding job along with the writers and the music. This is a winning combination that makes fans thirsting for more. This show is in a level of its own. Keep up the good work!
  • I just loved it...GREAT EP.

    One of my favorites episodes bet yet one of the sadest ones...I loved T.R Knight he was so good I felt he really lost his father or just feeling helpless when there is nothing to do to him and he is a doctor but nothing to take the pain away..George is my favorite in the episode. Mcsteamy finally shows some feelings even if it's nothing but he just felt something i thought this man is an ice statue..nothing intresting with Meredith and Derek just normal couples things.IZZie...Izzie ..Izzie I wish i know someone with this big heart in the real life..I liked her final sentence to Baily "I'm both..a sergeon and a person" ..Love the episode can't wait to the next one i love the show more and more and people thought i couldn't be upssest with the show anymore!!!!!!!!!!
  • Issy---Gives 200,000 to a girl George's dad dies Adison is supposed to have a child

    This was the saddest episode. I cannot believe that his dad died. It is so sad. I do not think that they should have done the operation adn I was very angry at the chief and Bailey about that. Christina and Burke seem to be getting a little better, but they need to start talking . Issy is so nice to that girl and its a miracle that she can walk. But she was getting close with a patient again which is not good. Addison aand Alex: FINALLY. I think thats actualy really cute, and alex has gotten a lot nicer. Dramatic change much?? But McSteamy is going to be pissed off.
  • Everyone has suddenly grown up! They are no longer the young interns -- they are living real lives and feeling real emotions ... like grown ups!

    This episode was about character development and relationships in so many ways.

    Meredith is dealing with two men in her life - both of whom she should love deeply but only one she can relate to ... yet it is one who leads her to understand the other ... even if it is through ear plugs! It is a start ... for her to finally understand both of them ... and her character is changing for that.

    The Chief is finally acting like the Chief and taking charge, albeit he is still making questionable decisions ... but he is the Chief and that is what he is there to do ... he has finally become strong again.

    Izzy has taken charge of her life and made a decision that has changed someone else's life for the better ... she has grown up and now understands who she is and what she must do ... Denny has finally made her the woman he always believed in ... albeit only through his money ... but it is a beginning ... a good beginning.

    And from this Bailey has now realised that she too gets emotionally involved with patients as well as being a surgeon and that you cannot necessarily split the two ... another character development for the better.

    Both Addison and Mark will come to terms with Addison's actions and whilst they will never or should ever forget what happened ... it will hopefully make them better people for the future ... despite Addison's cry for help with the clutches on Alex ... he doesn't know what is about to hit him !!! Definite character building ... he is about to get a shock awakening to becoming a man ... not the young and embittered intern he has been up until now!

    As for Burke and Christina ... there is no story because the whole thing is a lame attempt to keep the actor out of the limelight! And you know when an animal is truly lame what should be done ...? Of course you do ... this is a medical series ... so will you hold him down or will I??

    Can't wait for the next installment!!
  • The tear-jerking episode of the season (so far). Many people can relate to both George's and Addison's stories, and it was written very realistically and perfectly dramatized.

    This episode of Grey's Anatomy was the best of the series so far, in my opinion. George's father dying of cancer (which resulted in multiple organ failure) is a story many can relate to, and the writers of the show wrote that story perfectly and as realistically as possible, while the actors portrayed the story as dramatically as necessary and as believeable as anyone could've imagined. In addition, Addison's revelation about her abortion made eight months ago was shocking and real. The Grey's crew and cast obviously take real life issues seriously and they definitely portray them well in the approximate 45 minutes they're alloted. Well done!
  • Sad times for the doctors of SGH

    Truly one of my favorite episodes of this show.

    It had its fun moments when the snoring thing continued and meredith found out that she enherited from her father, which was really cute, but some serious stuff was going on. 1. George's dad dies.. We all knew that it was going to happen, but you just don't want it to happen, especially not to poor George. T.R. was so fantastic in his role when he yelled at the chief and Bailey and when he told his family the truth about his father's condition. But also the moment when he shaved his father and when they removed the tube. Very moving moments and I was literally crying my eyes out during those scenes.. Those were intensly sad..
    I was glad that Cristina went outside to comfort George and that she was sorry that he had to join the 'Dead dad Club'

    2. We find out that Addison had an abortion 8 months ago, and this week was the week that she was due.
    I really felt sorry for Mark because he felt like he wouldn't be a good father, but seeing as how much he cared and remembered this week I think he would have made a good father. By the look of the promo I had a feeling that Addison was pregnant with Mark's baby though I didn't expect the abortion thing. I'm not completely a fan of that, the abortion and the fact that Addison had abortion because of Mark. IMO a wrong reason, but it certainly made an interesting storyline.

    3. Addison and Alex.
    I don't like them together, so I didn't like the kiss either. I was more a fan of the scene where she told him that they couldn't do this.. lol

    4. Izzie and her involvement issues..
    Once again, she's too involved, when paying for the surgery. But I loved her speech with Bailey when she said that's she's not going to change who she is, but she'll never go as far as she did with Denny. 5. Burke and Cristina.
    An interesting couple, that's what they are.. So much intrigue between these two. They're in a relationship but they're not talking.. funny!
  • Meredith learns what her Dad has passed on to her; a slew of genetic flaws. Addison and Alex take the first very awkward step. for more tv reviews check out

    Plot: Izzie anonymously pays for the girl to have her back surgery. George’s father passes away and he learns the truth about why the doctors decided to take a risk with his father’s life. Meredith learns what her Dad has passed on to her; a slew of genetic flaws. Addison and Alex take the first very awkward step.

    I have to say, I’m actually stunned. I can’t remember the last time Grey’s managed to write a good episode, where I was fully interested and emotionally involved. Perhaps there really is something to be said about the dead Dad’s club. In a moment of weakness, I could feel emotions swelling up. I quickly suppressed all feelings, and then proceeded to think about football and punching people in the groined. Manly stuff; the things I learned from my Dad. George did great job acting in this episode and it stands out as one of the best in the series.

    I’m still not sure how I feel about Addison and Alex being together. Someone has got to stop these sex crazed teachers! Won’t someone think of the students educations? I mean, topless tutors are a great idea in theory but having sex with my boss would tend to lower my productivity. Of course, my boss is a lesbian so I’m not really sure its something I have to worry about. The revelation that Addison aborted Mark’s baby was interesting because it shows just how far she had strayed from Derek. However, I have to wonder if Alex would really make any better of a father than Sloan.

    Meredith’s story line is the only stinker in this episode. The only thing she seems to have in common with her dad is an inability to form coherent sentences and keep from getting bits of food stuck in her hair. She asks him for his side of the story and while he isn’t exactly the best at weaving a good yarn, it seems clear which party is at fault. Her Dad was dominated by her Mom. She didn’t want anything to do with him and is the one to blame for not allowing Meredith to have a relationship with her father. Yes, he could have made more of any effort, but I’m sure that cheating hussy didn’t make it easy on him. Plus, why bother, when your new family is so much nicer to you.

    Parting Thought: Why can’t I meet a cougar like Addison?
  • Snoring part 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Georgy joins the dead das club. we find out why mark is miserable. addi/alex finally kiss OMG!!!!!!!!!! thatch gives mer a solution to the snoring. izzie pays for the spine chic's surgery annonymously.

    Christina and burke still in a relationship with no words. i love the dialogue between her and mer where she says she cant sleep alone. i thin the only thing inherited from her dad is the snoring, the bumbling clown em not really.i love the way she left the ear wax on the pillow, and am happy der still came back shaved of course and the cuddle was priceless.

    george had an unlikely consoler in christina, the whole dead dad's club was very sweet of christina, i have never seen that side of her.callie and george have resolved their issue, am happy the way he allows her support him tru the ordeal.

    addi needs to get a grip, and am happy mark has come to terms with the whole abortion thingy. addi and alex its on!
  • How do I summarize this masterpiece?

    Ok, can I just start by saying this episode was really great and I don't even know where to start. I especially liked the part where Izzie goes off on Bailey. "I'm both, I'm a surgeon and a person who gets emotionally involved" and then there's also more to that, I just don't know. I was quite shocked when Sloane and Addison had a baby in the past, but everyone has to agree, Sloane would have made a terrible father. Calli and George? What's up with that. personally I love the idea, and Ilove it even more that they didn't use George's dad's death to bring them together, by together I mean really together because George's dad kind off gave them a boost. George's dad is dead. It was sad when watching it, but it was time I guess. Merideth trys to find similarities between her and her dad. She finds out they both snore. And yeah, that helped Mer/Der a lot! Lol! Karev and Addison struggle with their relationship, well actually more nervous about it than struggle. Great episode! Keep 'em comin'.
  • happy ending to a sad show...

    So I thought this episode was good, but a bit predictable. I knew when George’s dad was admitted to the hospital that it wasn’t going to be good. I also knew that sooner or later Christina and Burke would break down and talk again. I knew that sooner or later that Addison and Alex would hook up, as it seems like they are the last two that haven’t slept with each other in the hospital. I knew that Izzie was going to cross the line again with a patient now that she had the money. I like that Meredith had a chat with her dad and found out a little more about him. I like that Callie and George are back together. I am glad that Meredith and McDreamy can finally get a good night sleep together.
  • Wow!A lot of drama the Izzie,once again,too involved thing, George's dad's death, Addison and Mark pregnancy, Addison and Alex, George and Callie, Burke and Cristina "uncle" game, Derek and Meredith getting over the snoring thing ,after Thacther helped!

    Wow! This episode was great the whole Addison and Mark pregnancy thing was classic, is there any more to their story? Also this episode in my opinion was also a little of a tearjerker(George's dad), how would you know to make a decision like that and what was with the mother making a decision so impulsive like that, he was only the love of her life her husband! I love that Burke finally gave into Cristina's game of "uncle", also the Burke and George stuff is great! Will George and Burke still be so close on screen even after Isiah revisited the October incident in such a disrespectful way, hello it was only the Golden Globes! Class Isiah?
  • This is such a powerful episode. Certainly one of the better ones this season.

    Firstly of course George and his dad. I think it was quite obvious that he was going to die; at least I thought it was. For me, the moment when George shaves his dad and the aftermath of this father dying were the saddest. I absolutely adored Cristina's speech about the dead dads club and it kinda surprised me that she was the only one who knew what to say to him. It was so straight from her heart. Callie supporting George in all sorts of ways also was really great. And George yelling to the Chief and Bailey, George felt so betrayed by Bailey and there wasn't anything Bailey could say, for she had agreed to be straight with him.

    Dunno really what to say about the Addison-Mark-baby-abortion storyline because it didn't really fit in their current (pre-Six Days) relationship. I don't like Mark (never have), so I didn't really feel sorry for him in any way. Well, obviously it sucks for him that Addison aborted his baby, but I don't really see a reason for him (or them) to be miserable for a week. I mean, it seems that Mark is still hurt about it, so why have a problem with it for a week and otherwise (pretend to) be fine with it? Seems to me that a little something has yet to be solved.

    The storyline with Meredith and her father really started to irritate me because of the avoiding and the not-happening. The scene with Meredith trying to convince Izzie and Cristina that she wasn't like her father - it was hillarious. I actually hoped for more to come out of the Mer/dad conversation, but I guess that just wasn't possible at that time. I loved that Meredith inherited his snoring problem and that he actually helped her getting (kind of) rid of it. Looking forward to see more of the "ex-family".

    Eversince the whole lies and deception thing with Cristina and Burke, I haven't liked them. At all. Only, Cristina has won her credits back by now and Burke hasn't. It hasn't got anything to do with the current situation of IW because if I look back to seasons one and two, I realize that Burke has always been an ass and that I never really liked him. It helps, though. I did, however, like Cristina in the not-speaking. Seems that they're going to get out of the silent phase not far from now.

    The getting emotionally involved with patients thing between Izzie and Baily? Totally unfair. Even though Izzie went waaaaay to far in getting Denny a heart, she's learned her lesson by now and of all people, Bailey shouldn't lecture her about emotional involvement. I loved the moment when Izzie stood up for herself and said she could be both. I think the whole Harold O'Malley thing made Bailey realize that she gets emotionally involved with patients herself.

    Lastly, the Addisex thing/kiss! I was really disappointed last week, because the near-kiss wasn't a real kiss. I loved the awkwardness between Addison and Alex in this episode and the kiss itself was, like, perfect. It was sweet, sexy and sad at the same time. As a fervent Addisex supporter, I hope they'll hook up (and definitely not for a short period of time). Dunno how she's done it, but since the S2 finale, Addison's become one of my favourite characters, even though I absolutely disliked her in the beginning. Alex' rambling about Addison was funny (and Cristina's comment on it).

    The Mer/Der moments were supercute and I'm glad they've found a solution, although I do find it strange that Derek started complaining just now about the snoring, but whatever.

    Also, I loved Izzie's comment about the bathroom floor. It was funny.
  • A beautifully written episode that will be considered one of the Grey classics.

    If you are a member of the dead dad's club, as Kristina calls it, you will ache sympathetically as you watch George and his family wrestle with the decision to pull the plug on his father. I remember when I shaved my dad's face in his hospital bed after his open heart surgery, and spoke to him as he laid there unable to hear me. Watching George in that scene so similar to my own was heartbreaking for me, and I was overcome with emotion and tears.

    This script was excellent, and well acted by the entire ensemble. As George's dad laid in his bed dying, each character was forced to look at their own lives, and reevaluate who and what was important to them.

    A very memorable episode, and one that you'll want to go back and watch again. Afterwards, you should go call or hug and kiss someone you love, and tell them how much they mean to you.
  • *read inside*

    About Izzie, She is so right. Se in involved with her emotions but that also makes her a better surgen. I think Bailey finally realises that she's also emotionaly involved, She didn't say anything to Izzie when she told her the truth. I love George and Kelly together, they are ment to be. Alex and Addison, yeah, like we didn't see that one comming ;). I can't wait till next week, how about you?
  • Tearjerking Series classic!

    I am falling in love with this show so much
    And no wonder it was recently named Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year for 2006. Know what it is like when you lose someone as I lost my beloved maternal grandad nearly three years ago. Very heartbreaking to see someone lose a parent. Like my mom did as this devestated her. A classic indeed.
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