Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 21

Sleeping Monster

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2013 on ABC



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    • Cristina (after someone knocks on her bedroom door): Yeah? (Alex opens the door) Oh, crap. It's you. What's the matter?
      Alex: You were right... about Jo.
      Cristina: Of course I was. What did I say again?
      Alex: Forget it.
      Cristina: Oh, Al-Alex. (laughs)
      Alex (sighs): I'm such an idiot. I love her. (Cristina puts her book down and pats the bed next to her) What?
      Cristina: Just... (pats the bed again, Alex goes and lays next to her)
      Alex: You're weird.
      Cristina: Give it a minute.
      Alex: It's just... She just... But I always screw myself out of everything good. (sighs)
      Cristina: I think I'm losing Owen.
      Alex: What?
      Cristina: Not today, but... soon.

    • Derek: But I am going to in there.
      Meredith: I know. You'll be looking into my eyes and holding my hand and feeding me ice chips, and that's just where I want you, just there. Cristina can run interference and handle the bossy nurses, and if I decide I want drugs--
      Derek: Fine. Whatever you want.
      Meredith: Or if I poop on the table...
      Derek: If you what? (Mer makes a face)

    • Richard: It could've happened to anyone of us, Bailey. We'll get you treated, get you cleared--
      Bailey: I killed two patients.
      Richard: No. You didn't know. You scrubbed properly, you gloved--
      Bailey: How's Seth Lepik?
      Richard: I lost him. The infection formed an abscess that... eroded into his innominate vein. (Bailey is crying) I'm so sorry. Bailey, how can I--
      Bailey: No! Now you want to help me? Where were you when my patient was alive, when I could've helped him? You shut me out. You left me.
      Richard: Bailey, I was trying to protect you. That's all. I'm--
      Bailey: No, no, the hospital. You were trying to protect the hospital. It's all that matters to you. And I don't know why I'm so surprised. Adele complained about that every time I saw her. And I protected you. I-I made excuses to her for you. I stood by you--
      Richard: Bailey--
      Bailey: No, you were a drunk. You were operating on your patients drunk, and I stood by you. I expected the same from you. I deserved it. I earned it. But all you cared about... No. You... Are not who I thought you were. (walks away)

    • Jackson: Turns out Bailey's not at fault. Defective gloves.
      April: I heard. That's great.
      Jackson: You know what? I spent my entire day getting treated like the bad guy. I'm not gonna do this with you anymore. You want to feel guilty about what we did? Go ahead. Just leave me out of it. I didn't force you to do anything. I'm sorry that you're hurt, okay? I'm sorry that Matthew broke up with you. As far as us sleeping together, I'm never gonna be sorry about that.
      Matthew (walks up): April?
      Jackson: Anyway... Good night. (walks off)
      Matthew: Uh... I'm sorry.
      April: What? No. No, no. I-I am sorry. You-- You have nothing to be sorry about.
      Matthew: No, you made a mistake, and you asked for a do-over. Well, I made a mistake, too. I was hurt and I acted like an idiot. I-I was hoping, um... You could forgive me, that I could have a do-over.
      April: Yes. (they hug)

    • Frankie: What's this?
      Callie: It's a press release. We're putting it out in the morning, which means you have 12 hours to scoop the 'times' or the A.P or whatever. Hey. Be awesome.
      Frankie (laughs): Wait. I have a question.
      Callie: One.
      Frankie: And I have a follow-up.

    • Alex: Come to see your boyfriend's miracle baby?
      Jo: Why did you tell him that?
      Alex: What?
      Jo: That I'm a homeless dumpster diver. I don't tell anyone. You don't tell people about me.
      Alex: You told me--
      Jo: Yeah, it's called a secret, Alex. It's what friends tell each other.
      Alex: Look, what's the deal? What did he say?
      Jo: Why'd I tell you? So stupid. What is the point of a new start if there's always some dumbass dragging you back down?
      Alex: Whoa, whoa. Listen--
      Jo: No, you listen. You don't tell people about me. You don't talk about me or to me, ever.

    • Cristina: Hey. I'm sorry. I heard about Paul's wife.
      Owen: Oh, yeah. I appreciate that.
      Cristina: Are you angry with me?
      Owen: No. No. I just, uh... I'm angry at the situation.
      Cristina: Okay, well, you know, after this, let's just go home, and then I can make some dinner--
      Owen: No, I'm gonna stay. I'm gonna stay just in case Paul's condition changes or if the kid needs... You know, I just... I just don't feel like I can leave, you know? I mean... What would you do?
      Cristina: I would go home, because I'm his doctor, not his family.
      Owen: Yeah. I'm gonna stay.
      Cristina: Okay, I understand.

    • C.D.C Investigator: Just again, I'd like you to take me through--
      Bailey: Okay, I can take you through my scrub technique and how I hold my instruments. But the only thing you need to know is do I have this staph infection? You should know that by now. Other doctors have been cleared. So why am I going through this? Just go down there and get my results. (Investigator is silent) You have my results? ... You have my results, and I... have this strain of staph? Did I do this? I did... didn't I?

    • Alex: Baby's looking good. Heart functions hypokinetic but improving. Yang says that's to be expected.
      Jason: That Yang's a piece of work.
      Alex: Yeah. Well, try living with her.
      Jason: Listen, man, I appreciate your work today. I think this thing with Jo got us off on a bad foot. She cares a lot about you.
      Alex: Yeah, we're friends. That's all.
      Jason: Alright.
      Alex: I had a messed up childhood, too. I was a foster kid like her, it was crappy. But I didn't have it near as bad as Jo did. I was never homeless, never had to live in my car. But she's, uh, really turned it around for herself. And I just, uh... I want the best for her, is all.
      Jason: Yeah, okay. Yeah. Thanks for today.

    • Richard (about Seth Lepik): He's not stabilizing. He needs surgery immediately.
      Mr. Lepik: No, not in this cesspool. An ambulance is coming for him.
      Richard: No, he's too unstable to transfer. I'm cancelling all--
      Mr. Lepik: You guys have some infection running rampant. It's not safe.
      Richard: It's not the hospital. It's one doctor. The infection came from one doctor and one doctor alone. She's been isolated, and the infection has been contained. I have been tested, I'm clean. The O.R. has been tested, it's clean. If we don't go right now, your son's gonna die.
      Mr. Lepik: Do what you have to. Save my son. (walks off with Mrs. Lepik)
      Richard (to Leah): You cleared to scrub in?
      Leah: Yes, sir. They cleared me this morning.
      Leah: So Bailey did do something wrong.
      Richard: Of course not. I only said that to get their kid into surgery, and if you repeat it I'll have your ass fired before you finish talking, you understand? (Leah nods)

    • Ethan: So my mom's dead?
      Owen: Yes.
      Ethan: But Dr. Shepherd said she was getting better this morning.
      Owen: Yes, but there was something going on in her brain that was... sudden an couldn't be prevented. There was no way of knowing that this was going to happen.
      Ethan: Could it have been the ice cream? Like a brain freeze?
      Owen: No. No. Ethan... There was nothing anyone could have done to have stopped this.
      Ethan: Well... I need to go now to my grandma. She needs someone to hold her hand.

    • Callie: Alright, so do you have any questions before we take you up?
      Frankie: No.
      Callie: Okay.
      Frankie: Actually, I do have one. Um, the C.D.C is investigating Dr. Bailey because several of your patients died, right?
      Arizona: Uh, um, who told you about Dr. Bailey?
      Frankie: I asked an orderly. Oh, shoot. I mean, I can't reveal my sources. (laughs) But you just confirmed it for me, so you can be my second source.
      Arizona: Oh, no, I didn't.
      Frankie: That's Dr. Robbins?
      Arizona (covers up her name tag): Hey!

    • Frankie: Just confirm what I have so far. There's some kind of infection going on the hospital linked to Dr. Bailey. (Callie sighs) You don't even have to say anything. You can just nod if I'm close.
      Arizona: Let it go, Woodward. (Callie chuckles)
      Frankie: Who's Woodward?
      Callie: Uh, you should know that.
      Frankie: You should give me back my phone. You're denying my second amendment right.
      Callie: Wait. You own a gun now? (Arizona chuckles)
      Frankie: Duh. First. I meant first amendment, obviously. Look, there's this girl named K.K who wrote an article about some bird that everyone thought was extinct living in her backyard. It got picked up by the A.P., and now she's a stringer for the 'Times.' This is a real story. I mean, I have an opportunity here to be awesome.
      Arizona: Why don't you count backwards from ten? Okay?
      Frankie: Ten... nine... You're obstructing the free press.
      Arizona: What's after nine?
      Frankie: Eight... seven...
      Callie (to Arizona): What are we gonna do when she wakes up, roll her up in a rug and stick her in the trunk of a car? (Arizona chuckles)

    • Meredith: Hey. Is your interview over?
      Bailey: We're... on a break. Wait. Wait. Aren't you supposed to be avoiding me like the plague?
      Meredith: Come on. What can I do to help? Anything?
      Bailey: I just want to know how Seth Lepik is. I'd like to see his chart, but they locked me out of the system. (Mer smiles and goes to open her iPad)
      Jackson (walks in): Dr. Grey.
      Meredith (walks over to Jackson): She wants to check on her patients. What do you think she's gonna do, alter their charts?
      Jackson: That's what the C.D.C is gonna think, yes.
      Meredith: Well, maybe you called them too soon.
      Jackson: I am thinking of the bigger picture here.
      Meredith: She's part of that picture. We need to stand by our doctors.
      Jackson: Even if she's at fault? We stand by her then?
      Meredith: She's not. But we should cross that bridge when we get to it.
      Jackson: We're kind of at that bridge.

    • Bailey (about Seth Lepik's surgery): ... Then I finished the graft and I closed.
      C.D.C Investigator: Well, what about the leak? According to Mr. Lepik's chart, there was a small leak on the venous side.
      Bailey: Yes. Lepik. Yes. Uh, he had a leak. Um, and I put in an interrupted stitch.
      C.D.C Investigator: You remember that?
      Bailey: Yes, I remember. (holds up her notes) I irrigated with antibiotic solution to avoid infection, then I closed.
      C.D.C Investigator: You closed? That's important.
      Bailey: I did. I closed.
      C.D.C Investigator: You sure? Because--
      Bailey: Did you put the cap on the toothpaste?
      C.D.C Investigator: Sorry?
      Bailey: I assumed you brushed your teeth this morning. So did you put the cap back on the toothpaste or didn't you? Or can you be sure? Because when you do a thing every single day--
      C.D.C Investigator: Dr. Bailey, we're talking about the lives of two people.
      Bailey: What, you don't think I know that? D-Don't insult me. These are my patients who died. You think I don't know that far, far better than you?
      C.D.C Investigator: So, again, are you sure you closed?
      Bailey: Can I take a break please?
      C.D.C Investigator: There's only a little more to... (Bailey walks out) ... do.

    • Owen: On-call room, you and me?
      Cristina: Oh, I wish. But I have an atrial septostomy with Karev.
      Owen: Oh.
      Cristina: But after I save a baby's life, I'm gonna need to celebrate.
      Owen: Okay, well, find me.
      Cristina: Oh. How, uh, is the grandma?
      Owen: Uh, she's sweet, but useless. Rachel's doing better though, so at least Ethan's got her.
      Cristina: Mm. Paul's gonna wake up. I've been doing serial neuro exams. I have a good feeling.
      Owen: Spoken like a true scientist. (kisses her) Thank you. Thank you for having a good feeling.
      Cristina: Anytime. Oh, Mer asked me to be at her birth and watch her poop on a table.
      Owen: You have to do that.
      Cristina: Can't I just show up after when everyone has control of their bowels?
      Owen: Watching a baby be born is like seeing god in person.
      Cristina: Spoken like a true scientist.

    • Derek: What are you doing?
      Meredith: Checking Bailey's post-ops.
      Derek: I thought Richard was taking care of Bailey's patients.
      Meredith: Just Seth Lepik, the infected guy. I took the rest.
      Derek: Bailey's patients are all turning up with staph. You're pregnant. Why take the risk?
      Meredith: Because I'm looking out for Bailey.
      Derek: And I'm trying to look out for you.
      Meredith: This is why I need Cristina in the room.
      Derek: What room?
      Meredith: The delivery room.
      Derek: Wait. What? (Mer walks away)

    • Bailey (about Joyce's surgery): And it went perfectly.
      C.D.C. Investigator: Anything else you remember?
      Bailey: I remember saying 'that went perfectly.'

    • C.D.C. Investigator: Okay, beginning with Joyce.
      Bailey: Joyce Basche-- I placed an A.V. graft for hemodialysis.
      C.D.C. Investigator: Take me through that.
      Bailey: I made an incision over the radial artery and basilic vein--
      C.D.C. Investigator: I'm sorry. I'm going to ask you to go back a little further. Did you scrub?
      Bailey: Did I scrub?
      C.D.C. Investigator: For how long did you scrub, roughly?
      Bailey: 4 minutes, 36 seconds, exactly.
      C.D.C. Investigator: You sure about that?
      Bailey: I am. I used 'Think' the Aretha Franklin song. I run it in my head. It's 2 minutes, 18 seconds. Hospital protocol is a 4-minute scrub, so I go through it twice.

    • Cristina: You know, people have babies all over the place-- taxi cabs, high school bathrooms. If we don't have to waste time moving the kid from one floor to another, why should we?
      Jason: Because you don't do C-sections in cath labs.
      Cristina: Oh, Karev, back me up.
      Alex: I'm with Peckwell.
      Jason: Not my name, but okay.
      Alex: This whole situation is high risk. If something goes wrong, we don't have the tools on hand to deal with it.
      Cristina: Are your tools glued to the floor? Bring them with you. Okay, we have an opportunity here to do something new and badass. I mean, don't you want to be the badass who delivers the kid in a cath lab? Who does that? Nobody... but you.
      Jason: Okay. Okay, I'm in.
      Cristina: Alright. Karev, you with Peckwell?
      Jason: Myers. Dr. Jason Myers.
      Cristina: Nobody cares. Karev? (Alex nods) Alright.

    • (Mer and Cristina got their nose swabs done)
      Cristina: Oh, I was expecting a probing. That's really more of a gentle swabbing.
      Meredith: Speaking of probing, I've decided to have the baby naturally, but I know the second I start to scream, Derek is gonna have them pump me full of drugs, so I'm going to need you there in my corner.
      Cristina: Yeah. Uh, I'm not gonna do that. Uh, when babies come out, people poop on the table.
      Meredith: Cristina--
      Cristina: Oh, no.
      Alex (walks in): Karev. (to C.D.C guy) Can you make it fast? (to Mer) Peckwell's H.L.H.S mom is gonna be admitted. We gotta go walk her through the procedure.
      Cristina: She wants me to watch her give birth.
      Alex: You're gonna poop on the table.
      Meredith: I am not.
      Alex: You are. Almost everybody does.
      Meredith: Okay, so I poop on the table. It's part of the miracle of life.
      Alex: It's nasty.
      Meredith: Did I ask you to watch me give birth? No. Cristina?
      Cristina: We have been friends a long time. You want to know how? By not watching each other poop.
      Alex: Holla.

    • C.D.C Investigator: I would like you to take me through each operation.
      Bailey: Well, I mean, if you're looking for the source, look at the grafts. I used the same ones on each patient.
      C.D.C Investigator: This part of our investigation concerns your interaction with the infected patients in the operating room, to the best of your memory.
      Bailey: I'd never used this brand before. I remember not recognizing the company. Uh, Dortmond or something--
      C.D.C Investigator: Dr. Bailey, we've looked at the grafts. It's not the grafts.

    • Jackson: Tell me that ther is someone down here that I can help. It's five against one with the board today, and I need a victory.
      Callie (walks up, to April): Bed three. Femur's broken. I'm sending him up to angio. (to Jackson) Alert the press. (walks off)
      Jackson: See what I mean? (April is silent) You alright?
      April: Matthew dumped me.
      Jackson: Oh.
      April: Because I lied to him about my virginity like you told me to.
      Jackson: That's not--
      April: I lied because I had something to lie about.
      Jackson: April, hold on a second--
      April: You took my... I shouldn't have let you but, I did, and now he's gone. I'm not board certified, I'm not a virgin, and everything that I care about has been ruined because of you. So you know what? Thank you. Thanks for that. (storms off)
      Jackson (to himself): Six against one.

    • Alex (bumps into a C.D.C guy): Watch it, members only.
      Jo: Promise me you'll be nice.
      Alex: These guys are trying to take down Bailey. They don't deserve nice.
      Jo: No, not to the C.D.C. to Jason.
      Alex: I'm nice to Jason.
      Jo: Two minutes ago, you said, "Hey, I have a surgery today with your d-bag boyfriend."
      Alex: Yeah, but I said it with a smile. (Jo stares at him) Fine. I won't call the guy a d-bag. At least not to his face, anyway.
      Jo: I'm moving in with him. So what do you think?
      Alex: I think it's great.
      Jo: Really?
      Alex: No. I think the guy is a douche bag who you've known for about two minutes, and that makes you an idiot for moving in with him.
      Jo: Alex--
      Alex: I'll be nice.

    • Derek: We are throwing Bailey under the bus.
      Jackson: Come on, that is not what we're doing.
      Callie: No, it seems like that's exactly what we're doing.
      Jackson: Two of our patients are dead of the same post-op infection. A third one's barely hanging on. It was time. We get the C.D.C. in here and figure this thing out.
      Meredith: By treating Bailey like a criminal? She hasn't done anything.
      Jackson: I hope that you're right. Truth is, we don't know that yet. C.D.C. is simply asking us to temporarily freeze Bailey's files.
      Derek: Oh, come on.
      Jackson: And that we not discuss this investigation with her. So today, just keep your distance.
      Cristina: That is ridiculous.
      Jackson: Also, I think now's the time to put out a statement.
      Callie, Cristina, Derek & Mer: No, no.
      Arizona: No. Whoa, whoa. About what? I mean, we don't even know if Bailey's the source of this thing.
      Jackson: If one of us is at fault and we just sit on this information, we look like we're trying to cover something up. The only way to let the public know that we can be objective is by being transparent.
      Callie (to Mer): Vote?
      Jackson: I'm just saying, people should learn the news from us.
      Derek: There's no news.
      Callie: Okay, vote?
      Jackson: There's no news yet.
      Callie: Vote. All in favor of no press release. (everyone but Jackson raises their hand): Okay. No press release, no statement. Clear?

    • Richard: Bailey, you shouldn't be here.
      Bailey: How is Seth Lepik? The computer says access restricted. They won't even let me check on my own patients. They swabbed my nose.
      Richard: They're swabbing everyone's noses.
      Bailey: Well, are they sitting everybody down for interviews? 'Cause they think I did something wrong. Now I think it's the grafts. I narrowed it down to--
      Richard: Look, Bailey, they've isolated the strain of staph in your patients. Now they need to find out how it spread. Your job is to cooperate. I've got Seth. Now go answer their questions. Please.

    • Cristina: I'll be there in the room when fetus arrives.
      Meredith: You will?
      Cristina: Yeah. You're gonna want me there.
      Meredith: Okay.
      Cristina: You're gonna poop on the table, though. And I'm gonna have to see it, and then I can never unsee it.
      Meredith: You know what's worse than you seeing me poop on the table?
      Cristina: What?
      Meredith: Me knowing you've seen me poop on the table.
      Cristina: So you'll suffer more than me.
      Meredith: Yes!
      Cristina: Oh, okay. That makes me feel better.

    • Alex: Hey, Myers set up for the C-section in the cath lab. We need to run through the steps of the procedure.
      Cristina: Look at you. "Myers." You say it like he isn't nailing your girlfriend.
      Alex: She's not my girlfriend.
      Cristina: Whatever. You love her.
      Alex: She's my friend.
      Cristina: You sound stupid when you say that.
      Alex: She's moving in with the guy. What am I supposed to do?
      Cristina: Beat him up.
      Alex: No. I'm gonna try to be nice to him and get along so I don't lose my friend.
      Cristina: Or you could punch him and take back your girl.

    • Bailey: (opening voiceover) Infections are like sleeping monsters. You can't see them. You can't feel them. But you must do everything in your power to contain them. Because when the monsters wake up they're out of control.

    • Bailey: (closing voiceover) All that time you spent convincing yourself the sleeping monster wasn't real it was gathering strength. The infection was spreading. The monster's awake now. And there's nothing you can do about it.

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