Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 17

Some Kind of Miracle

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Dylan and Denny are tasked with talking Meredith through her death and getting her to realize what happened in the water. Fortunately, Doc the dog is also there to be a warm body to pet while she's dead. Bonnie, the girl that died in the train wreck, as well as Meredith's mom's former scrub nurse are also both there to help her out. She's finally able to admit to Denny that for one second in the water she wondered why she was fighting and gave up. But admitting that helps her to realize she wants to live, though it may be too late. It's at that moment that she sees her mom, who dies despite McDreamy's efforts to save her so that two Dr. Greys don't perish on the same day. Once together, Ellis is able to finally tell her daughter that she's "anything but ordinary," which gives Meredith what she needs to go back to the land of the living, much to the relief of Bailey, Webber, and Burke, who have gone to heroic measures to try to save her. The greatest relief, though, is for Cristina. She can't handle her friend's situation and tries to find solace at the 99-cent store, but her fiancée finally finds her drunk at the bar and gets her to come back to see her "person." She does, and is able to be the one who is there to help Meredith wake up -- with seemingly no adverse side effects from being legally dead for a couple of hours. Alex, meanwhile, tends to Crush since he can't handle being inactive. She has amnesia, but they are able to talk a bit and start to bond. Izzie is finally facing the consequences of what she said when George picks his wife instead of his friend. And Addison realizes that what Derek and Meredith have together is something she and Derek never did. McSteamy tries to convince her that he could be that man in her life, and so she challenges him to 60 days of chastity to prove that he really wants a relationship with her. It's kind of ludicrous, but actually a good thing, since the rest of the hour could leave the most stoic man alive sitting in a pile of his own soggy Kleenex.

by Sookie_Lorelai