Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 17

Some Kind of Miracle

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on ABC

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  • Just so, so awful.... who likes this garbage?

    I'm shocked to see how many fans liked this episode... hasn't anyone watched the previous two seasons? If you were at all familiar with how truly amazing the show was in its first two seasons, I don't understand how really any episode from this season, but especially this one, could even come close to it.

    This whole episode was ridiculous, stupid, unbelievably, overly melodramatic, and completely pointless. Not just the fact that Meredith survived, in perfect condition with absolutely no brain damage, which is more than bad enough.... but the fact that EVERY DOCTOR in the hospital was either working on her or too upset to move... what about the rest of the ferry boat patients? No one needed to care for them?

    The afterlife Meredith experienced was also revolting... her dramatic shrieking over trying to save Bonnie even though clearly she couldn't was annoying and grating... I imagine the writers were trying to echo back to 2.6 when Meredith was distraught trying to save Bonnie... now that episode was powerful and tear jerking. This one was just lame. I don't understand how anyone could have gotten moved by it... did anyone really think for a second they were going to kill Meredith? Meaning that the whole thing was pointless from the start, unbelievably, nauseating, and so badly and thoughtlessly done. The scene with Meredith's mother in the afterlife was the perfect rotten cherry... I could barely avoid puking seeing it.

    I watched the first two seasons and adored them.... some of the best TV I've ever seen... then all the magic went away. This disgusting episode was the final nail in the show's coffin....
  • An incredibly well-written and thought-provoking episode that keeps you in its grip and reminds you why you love "Grey's Anatomy!"

    I picked up Seasons 1-3 of "Grey's Anatomy" on DVD at my local public library, and it only took a few days for me to be absolutely hooked. Even though I had never seen any of the episodes, I quickly reached Season 3, and this one really packs a punch with me. Strong, dramatic, and extremely well-written, it provides even more depth for the characters and is intriguing all the way through.

    With all the trauma that Meredith has experienced with her Alzheimer's-stricken mother, her estranged father, and her atypical relationship with former married man Derek, it actually makes a lot of sense why she's not clinging to life as hard as she should be. As the surgeons of Seattle Grace work around the clock to revive her, Meredith--who is all but officially declared dead--slips into some kind of afterlife, a place that does not want her and is actively working to get her back to Earth. Now, of course, it is only natural that depicting "Heaven" or "limbo" is risky for any television show. There are many writers who have attempted it, and some have done it well, while others haven't. I think that this episode kept it realistic without taking it too far, and I have to say that it was nice revisiting three key patients from Season 2: Bonnie from the train wreck, Dylan from the "code black," and of course, Izzie's fiance Denny. I liked the connection that they made with having regrets about leaving your life behind when you die. All three had untimely deaths, but while Bonnie and Denny are still bitter about what they have lost, Dylan can at least relax and find peace in knowing that he had a good life and did what he could to help others. You have to admit that this is a powerful message for audiences to take away with them.

    Another reason I love this episode is because of the wonderful acting by Patrick Dempsey as Derek. You can see that he is barely holding it together as Meredith looms near death, and it is clear as day that she is his true soul mate--the only person he ever wants to be with. That has to be hard to portray the right way on screen, but Dempsey really nailed it, and it's obvious that he's more than just "McDreamy"; he's a guy with some truly impressive acting chops. The events of this episode bring out Derek's love for Meredith more than perhaps any other episode, and if there are any viewers out there who believe that Derek's feelings for her are nothing more than selfish and misguided lust, they may think differently after this episode. Make no mistake, folks--he is head over heels in love. And of course, Cristina, Izzie, Alex, and George must also deal with the reality of what is happening, all while doing their best to stay focused on the many patients that have entered the hospital after a fateful ferry boat accident. It was nice to see Cristina step up and be there for Meredith after everything that Meredith has done for her, and I'm glad that George had the courage to call Izzie out on her rude behavior recently. Just because Izzie has her own opinion about George and Callie's rough marriage doesn't give her the right to act like a high school "mean girl," which is exactly what she's been doing. Actually, I think most 16-year-olds would be a little more mature than she's been. Then there's Alex, who grows closer to his Jane Doe patient from the ferry disaster, and this episode is just the beginning of many interesting things to come for the two of them. There are so many times when I wish Alex could just realize that he has so much potential to be a good, compassionate surgeon, but he just wastes it by being such a jerk all the time.

    Well, I could go on forever, but in short, this is an amazing episode with a lot of character development, and you may have a tear or two in your eye by the time you reach the end, which is a good, solid mixture of happy and sad. Obviously, you know they're not going to take the "Grey" out of "Grey's Anatomy," but the whole story is very gripping, and the way the Chief and Dr. Bailey battled endlessly for Meredith's life is a real tearjerker. There was a lot of potentially difficult plot material that was handled just right, and for all those Meredith/Derek fans out there (I know I'm one of them), a lot of good things are revealed here about how much love is there. 10/10 for sure!
  • Everyone is pushing for Meredith to survive, or in this case to be revived. People are still dealing with the fallout from the ferry disaster.

    I don't really watch this show, but this episode looked good, so I watched it. I am very glad I did. It was so well written and it was very cleverly plotted. Ellis unfortunately died. Meredith also died, but was revived. It was so sad when they met each other and Ellis told Meredith that she was anything but ordinary. I loved this episode and I am glad I watched it. It was so unexpected that Meredith died. The ending with Izzie was also so sad but such a good ending. This episode was so amazing. The ferry boat fire storyline was such a great storyline and would be able to get the show a fourth season all by itself.
  • Finally, an end to the silliness...

    Glad Meredith lived. Maybe this was Shonda's attempt to "create" a new character in Meredith. Something tells me we (hopefully) won't be seeing anymore of the "woe is me" Meredith or the "woe is me for Meredith's sake" Derek. Especially with Ellis all Mer has are Derek and Cristina...and Izzie, I guess (as long as Mer doesn't tell her she "talked" to Denny).

    ... Poor Izzie. George has a point with the whole "lay off for now, because I'll need you later, one way or another"...but he really needs to stop holding grudges. I don't know how he keeps friends.
  • amazingness happened

    So this episode was incredibly wonderful in my opinion, but yes, a little cheesy. I was however, delighted to see Denny and Dylan again. I liked watching everyone's reactions to Meredith's condition. Like Izzie walking in and to tell Burke that Cristina left and just looking at meredith and saying "Oh my god." you can tell she was really worried. and Bailey yelling at Meredith to not give up was priceless. Denny helping meredith open up about drowning was sweet too, although i really didn't understand why there was all of a sudden water in the hallway.......odd. anyways, very touching episode.
  • I liked it, but it was an episode that I would label "EXTREMELY RISKY". Lot of people may not like this episode, and it has a lot of debate to make. Also there are a lot of loose ends that I didn't quite understand.

    It has a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. It has a lot of both sides, and it makes it really interesting.

    Good things: Cristina acting like a human being (finally!), Izzie cofronting Callie and the special guest starring of Denny and Dylan. Alex and the Jane Doe relationship may be someting juicy to this show (well, when she gets better). Derek coping and getting mad were excelent scenes.

    Bad things: everyone at some point gave up with Meredith, and I didn't like that. Meredith with her "whateverness", that was stupid.

    Loose ends (not necesarily good things): I didn't quite get the point of the afterlife; it was good to watch but I didn't find the point in that. Ellis Grey, I hated how they killed her and also when she says, from nowhere, you're nothing but ordinary. I was like ??????????????????. I wonder what where they thinking when they decided to suddenly make this fit in the story. It was like magic, suddenly everything is alright.
    How Meredith came back to life without any brain damage at all? If maybe she had some damage, it would have made something great to work on the next episodes: imagine Meredith in a wheelchair trying to be back on work and Bailey not letting her. That would have made a great epi or lots of them maybe. But the good things were enough to make this episode great.
    I liked it and I understand if the rest don't.
  • Meredith survives of course!

    I guess it would be to silly that the main character should die. But I enjoyed when Denny "returned" in the alternate universe. I'm glad Meredith survived but still a little annoyed at her character, always whining and stuff.

    Dr. Bailey goes for chief and I love it, she's a real Nazi and I would totally enjoy watching her running the hospital with her offensive attitude;)

    At the ending of the episode I actually got chills, yeah it's true. That was during Izzie's walk in the hallway and Denny was there "on the other side", and she felt him and stopped a while. That was so amazing!
  • The team prepares to say goodbye to Meredith as she experiences the afterlife. However, they still fight to try to save her life against all odds. Izzie and George argue. Meredith's mother takes a turn for the worst.

    In the beginning of this episode i thought the entire thing was all about Meredith being dead. The guy that blew up to save her earlier on was there, Denny was there, Bonnie whoever she was, one of Ellis's old scrub nurses, and Doc. At first i thought they were all fighting to try to get Meredith to accept the fact that she was dead. I was confused when Denny told Meredith to stop saying that she drowned. We find out she gave up fighting and swimming just for a minute, and let go on purpous. I thought the comment from the old scrub nurse was funny. "She's a daughter of Ellis, she had to think about it." was a bit humerous. After a while i finally figured out that what they were really trying to do was get her to admit that she gave up, and to fight again and go back. To NOT accept the fact that she was dead. When she saw her mother there i just about fell over. Ellis was strong as usual and told Meredith she shouldn't be there. However, she did tell her that she was anything but ordinary. This episode was so moving. Yang totally freaked out and went shopping and bought all these random things at the store. She wanted to do anything but have to say goodbye to Meredith. She showed up at the bar with all this crap and started drinking. I thought it was funny when she said "you can buy furniture. For ninety-nine cents you can buy a chair." Derek wound up in Ellis's room when he thought Meredith was really not coming back, and he basically told her off...then she died. Addison met him at the door and helped pull him back together by telling him there was still a chance that Meredith would live, so he didn't get to fall apart. By some act of god Meredith goes back and the team saves her with a cardio bypass. The scene with Yang and Grey was so moving i don't even know what to say. Yang was strong as usual though, and told Meredith "your brain works, so all you have to do is form a word." This was after Yang flipped a little earlier and raised her voice to the team to tell them to try again. So the first thing Yang tells Grey is that she's getting married. I liked the scene where Bailey freaked on Grey too and told her she can't give up.Izzie freaked out on Callie about her marriage to George, which sparks yet another fight between George and Izzie. I'm starting to think those two should just hook up. Sometimes George annoys me and Callie grows on me more every episode. The scene where Denny was in the same place as Izzie and said her name and she felt it was so touching. After seeing earlier in the episode Denny explaining that he can feel it sometimes, and that they get moments, that just really hit home. Addison tells Mark that if he can go sixty days without sleeping with anyone, she'll give him a shot. He retaliates by telling her she can't either, and when she asks who she could possibly be having sex with, Alex walks in. I can't believe Ellis is dead also. Does Alzheimer's really spark a turn for the worst in people so fast? At the end of the episode when the chief was talking to Ellis after she died, that was so sad. It's like he said all of the things he wanted to say to her when she was alive but couldn't. Another amazing episode.
  • Once again main character ALMOST dies.

    It's very hard to make near death scenes for main character, who is highly valued by show's audience and don't srew it up. It was done and botched houndred times already and there're only few successful takes. Grey's Anatomy 3/17 isn't one of them.
    It's obvious from the start that she will survive. I'd be shocked if she got crippled and lost chances to become a surgeon. What everybody expected was delivered... in ordinary fashion.
    Additionally generaly slightly "faith" leaning Grey's Anatomy goes "abracadabra-level spiritual" as an added bonus. That's minor problem, but still I was annoyed by dead char's philosophy for the poor chatter.

    Seriously, If you don't like ghosts talking and phony near death experiences - you are not missing anything here. Meredith is hurt, get's her raison d'arte back talking to ghosts and puff she's back to be the same Meredith audience like in next episode.

    Right now I'm going to lower my overall rating for the show, for 3rd season downfall.
  • Seriously?

    This episode was so terribly written and the storyline was so hilariously unreal... I know it's a TV show but come on? ALL the doctors from one hospital trying to bring back one of their interns for two f*cking hours and she doesn't even have the slightest brain damage after?

    This third season has started to lose some of the magic of its previous ones and I wish ABC would tell the writers *cough*Shonda*cough* to get down from her high horse and start putting some effort into the show again.

    I'm most certainly done with this show - and I used to love the first two seasons.
  • This is one of the best episodes I have seen...

    I don't watch Grey's Anatomy religiously, but I do find it to be an excellent show with brilliant characters.

    I am glad to have caught this episode, as it was so beautiful, and revealed a more emotional side to the characters. Grey's revival was very traumatic (loving it) and her near death experience was excellent.

    Can't wait for more :)
  • I love Grey's Anatomy but this episode was kinda weird.

    This episode truly shows that Meredith is the main character. I'm not really a fan of the whole 'dead' thing when people in comas or in surgery or whatever see friends who have already died. That was weird, it was nice for Izzy and her 'almost fiance' guy. But Meredith was really annoying me at the start, when she didn't realise she was dead.. or did she? oh well it was heaps confusing. I was really getting into the last few episodes, they were really really good, this one just didn't seem as good, in my opinion. Fav part tho was how Cristina dealt with it - out buying anything for 99 cents! and she finally got to tell Meredith about her engagement. Well can't wait for next week anyway...
  • Grey's Anatomy at it's best!

    Was there anything bad in this episode? Indecisive Meredith forced to choose whether she belongs in life any longer. Denny, Dylan, Bonnie and Liz Fallon - all important people and patients in her life - help Meredith realize just how much she values her life. Cristina has a mental breakdown, but Burke helps her discover that saying goodbye to her friend will help her stability more. Her scene at the supermarket was fantastic. Derek kinda frustrated me when he yelled at Ellis like that, even if he was acting out of grief. And, Izzie really annoyed me. She has no reason to be against Callie. I admit Callie was out of line when she made the 'dropping like flies' comment, but still, Izzie doesn't have any reason to not be supportive of George. Seeing old faces was great and the scene with Ellis in the afterlife at the end was great (emotional, yes, but great)! Great episode! Better then the two before it!
  • The Doctors at Seattle Grace push to try and save Meredith's life.

    Definatly one of the saddest episodes of Greys Anatomy ever. I was so happy to see Meredith live, the show would NEVER be the same without her. I was also thrilled to see Denny again, he is in my top 5 characters of all time, I was so devostated when he died last season. The most intense moment of this episode was definatly when they had just given and Christina came into the room and demanded that they try again, I was on the edge of my seat hoping she would survive. As for the saddest moment of the episode that goes to the d&m(deep and meaningful) conversation between Meredith and Denny, in which he explains that when ever he and Izzy are in the same spot at the same time they share a moment. I would advise anyone about to watch it to bring tissues.
  • This Episode was also very important in the three part Episodes. It is when Meredith comes back from the dead and Denny gives her a sad speech on who her friends really are. I thought this Episode was sad also but really good!

    I thought the Best Part was at the end when Derek finally got to see Meredith ok and not dead. That part was really good I was really happy when Meredith woke up and saw her "Night in Shining Whatever" there at her bedside waiting for her too wake up so they could talk. It was really good and sad at the same time.
  • Meredith livess!

    I've been seeing a lot of stuff about this episode not being very good and i completely disagree! I thought this episode was great it was exciting and funny and supppper sad. Awww i felt soooo bad for Derek he was so sad and i was so happy that mer didnt die, alhtough i never truely believed she was going to die:]

    it was great to have deeny back too! i loooove denny!
    then song at the end when he like touches izzie awww PERFECT!!!! i love the song and the moment!

    anywho looking back i think this episode was very well written, although the dream/Mer's after-life was slightly weird it wasn't bad, it was just a bit..odd

    however its Greys anatomy
    they could stand in SGH and hit each other with sticks {like in 2001: A space Odyssey) and i would totally LOVE it!

  • This was a beautiful episode. With the switches to Meredith being 'dead' and the real life.

    I'm so glad Meredith survives. But, of course she survives. Why else did they call it GREY'S anatomy. Without Meredith GREY there isn't a GREY's anatomy. It took a long time before her heart finally works! It's sad that her mother died. But I think it's for the best. Meredith was sounds funny when she saw her dog Doc. She always say: you’re a good dog and who’s a good dog? That sounds funny. It was stupid that Meredith tries to save that girl who died in the hospital. Every time the girl disappeared, and every time Meredith tries to save her again. Derek was so sweet. He really loves Meredith. He loves her more then he loves Addison (that’s what Addison sad) and I like the idea that he loves her more then he loves Meredith! It was very funny that the first thing Christina said when Meredith opens her eyes: I’m getting married to Burke! It sounds very funny.
  • A very touching episode of Grey Anatomy

    A great episode for me. I mean, in this episode we can see that Christina actually can care about someone and she really can express her feeling well.
    And about meredith, her meeting with Denny and the others wake her mind up. For me, this episode is very emotional. Despite the fact that some people might think that this episode is to "imaginary " since Meredith met a lot of people who has died. One thing that I get from watching this episode is : when you are still alive, try to do everything seriously and done it. And when you are still alive, appreciate it and don't waste it for something useless..
  • Miracles happen.

    Although something like this is impossible to happen Meredith strubling to live was amazingly done and she talking with Dylan, Denny, Bonny, Elizabeth was amazing. Really liked that part.
    Devastated interns trying to think of a way to focus on their jobs are so distracted because of Meredith and Addison tells them to prepare for worse.
    George found the boy and everything went well there whil Alex's Jane Doe also went all right.
    Ellis Grey dies due to the incident and all the imergent surgeries.
    The ending where Meredith wakes up and Izzie and Denny's shoulder to shoulder, with an amazing soundtrack, moment was absolutely amazing and sad.
    Overall great conclusion to the three part story arc.
  • Everything in this episode is miraculous and unbelievable....................

    Meredith was saved and she was meant to be saved and she would absolutely be saved, because everyone was around her, every mean was exploited and anything that could be done was just done.

    I couldn't help but wonder if Derek had, even just very slightly, the same enthousiame that the others had for Meredith, in saving Meredith's mother, she could have also been saved. But no one cares, no one. Meredith is everything, she is vital and she can't just die. The most troublesome thing is what Meredith said after Derek told her that her mother was dead :"it's ok", she said. Wasn't it too cold to say that??
  • The cliffhanger's of the previous episode end...

    After being pulled out of a river and being pushed off into the water by a patient, Derek rushes Meredith to the hospital. Bailey and the Cheif and Addison all try to save Meredith from her untimely death of hypothermia. After trying for perhaps hours, they get her temperature up and the Chief having had a relationship with Meredith since she was very young, continues to try to revive her. Meredith goes through this death thing with Danny Dukette, Izzy's old beu, the young girl who died from the tree inside her from the train wreck, and the bomb specialist who risked his life to trigger the bomb inside the stupid man who was trying to reinact the Civil War. All three of them try to confront her about the bathtub and her mother's comments and about sinking in the river, but it's not until her mother appears because of her tragic and 2 minute death that she realizes that she's dead and that her mother was just spewing out words, so Meredith comes back to life and Derek becomes her "knight in shining whatever."
  • The strong female lead dissolves.

    Once again the show re-visits the supernatural by having a near-death (post-death?) syndrome. The show was already pushing it having a psychic validated by Izzy in a previous episode, among other things, but pushing Meredith's reconciliation with her mother into the afterlife was enough. The show will have to make a serious effort to overcome this in my mind, and has in all likelihood destroyed the character of Meredith.

    The most disturbing thing about the episode wasn't the spooks in Meredith's hypothermic brain on life support, but rather the reason she "decided" to return to life. When the ghosts of episodes past try to reason with her in the operating room of limbo, she dismisses all of their reasoning. The one thing that shifted her attitude around to wanting to live wasn't the thought of her unfinished life, a realization of her own self-worth, or even basic survival instinct. It was because her death would negatively impact a man, alluded to by Derek's anger at Dr. Gray Senior.

    The lesson that a woman should desire to live for the benefit a man above all else, nay, that any persons life is primarily based on the feelings of another, is a terrible one. The self assured, strong character of Meredith presented in the pilot episode and earlier episodes of the show has collapsed, most unfortunately, into an insecure and suicidal woman whose self-worth is now gauged by a love interest. Oh, how much stronger the finale would have been if Meredith had decided to live by her own cognition, for herself, because she discovers that she has worth. Not because of but in spite of what any overbearing mother or love interest could validate. From now on Meredith's salvation will forever have been determined by her relationships with others- not her relationship with herself
  • Meredith is in her afterlife as in the real world she is dead. Her friends and Derek all try to handle the fact that she may not survive. Some do and some don't handle this. Ellis dies also and goes into Meredith's afterlife.

    Oh My God. This episode was painful to watch because it broke my heart. I love everything about Meredith and Derek. "It's not enough - it's not enough. Just a whiff of Derek". How true is that for everyone? When you find that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, a whiff would never be enough if you had the chance at being right there with them, holding on to them for the rest of your life. This broke my heart and even thinking about it now makes me cry. I think that this was a phenomenal piece of acting on the part of Ellen Pompeo. Everything about the way she said those lines was perfect and it could not have touched me more. The desperation at what she could be losing was just so incredible. I just... I can't form the words to describe how incredible I found this episode.

    That's my two cents.
  • Strong conclusion to a gripping 3 part drama.

    So miracles do happen!

    I wasn't entirely sure I liked the afterlife sequences at first. All seemed a bit cheesey. But they did get quite good by the end. I was surprised when Meredith admitted she'd given up fighting!

    Watching Christina go in to a bit of a melt down was strange. I would never have picked her as someone who couldn't deal with stressful circumstances, but then we hadn't known about her father before. It was sad watching Derek fall apart because he was blaming himself for what happened to Meredith. I was glad that Addison saw him and was able to comfort him.

    It was good to finally get a nice moment between Meredith and her mum, even if they both were kinda dead at the time!

    All in all a good conclusion to a gripping 3 parter.
  • Meredith is still on the brink between life and death. in this episode it flashes between the world of the living where her friends are not dealing with the situation too well and the after life where meredith is met by patients and people she once knew!

    This was a terrible episode and I also felt it was somewhat disrespectful… the after life sequence with her not being bothered about dying I found offensive I am not sure why but I found the way they made bonnie act to be offensive and disrespectful as well… the acting was good but the writers should be hitting themselves for this terrible idea. It’s such a shame as the two before it were so good. Great momentum leading up and then they cop out with the afterlife... pathetic.... they have it so that Denny and Dylan talk to her and try and get her to talk about what happened in the water :S then they bring in Bonnie and Nurse Fallon. Meanwhile in the real world the only decent and realistic parts were Christina shopping and Derek’s reaction. The end with Izzie and Denny ---> HOW CLICHE and OH SO TACKY… it just jerked my gag reflex. They could have had the ending with Mc Steamy giving up man whoring that would at least have improved the episode some what but no they want for the ultimate cheese... I was so disappointed by this episode I love greys anatomy and think that the characters are fantastic but the writers just went for the ridiculous and didn’t do it well at all!!!!! Shame!
  • Come this really plausible???

    Don't get me wrong...I love Grey's Anatomy, but this episode was so far from believable. It is hard to believe that Meredith was down that long and wakes with absolutely nothing wrong with brain damage or memory loss of any kind? The only reason that I scored it a 7.5 is because I was so happy to see Denny again. I loved the ending with Izzie and Denny in the hallway. While I am on the subject of Izzie...what is up with her and Callie. I really don't understand what she has against Callie and George being married. Is she jealous? Does she want George for herself? She is just being downright mean about it and it seems completely out of character for her. Hopefully things get back on track after this. I wasn't crazy about this story arc (arch).
  • While Christina was excited about her life-changing decision, Meredith chose to end her life. But through the enlightening power of Denny and Dylan, she realized that afterlife wasn't for her yet. She struggled to get it back, nonetheless, triumphant.

    This episode of Grey's Anatomy was a real tearjerker. I shed buckets of tears while watching it. Death was all over the place. It made viewers realize how short life can be -- one moment you're breathing, next minute you're in your deathbed. It's a sad reality of life that we all need to go through. There's no way that we can brush it off. George's dad died, Izzy's Denny died, Christina's dad as well, and at the end of of the episode, Meridith's mom left her for heaven. What really turned me off is the metaphysical aspect of the story. I think it's a lame execution of enlightenment. The writers and the producers should have used life to juxtapose it with death. They could have used Meredith's mother's life or Derek's or Christina's for that matter since they are the ones close to her heart. Just when things were getting smoother in the afterlife, circumstances on earth were in jeopardy. They didn't have to kill Meredith's mom and keep her alive. This is a situational irony that's uncalled for. On the other hand, Christina's reaction to Meredith's temporary death personified her emotional side -- that no matter how stone-filled her heart is, when her hypothalamus is struck with lightning, she'll definitely crumble. I think, this is a great way of building up her character.
  • Oh Goodness

    Okay I finally got to watch this epsiode yesterday on It was a great epsiode, more than great. I love everything about it.

    I loved how Burke was able to pull Christina back to the hospital. When he she is your person, I was almost in tears because he really gets the friendship of Mer and Christina. Most men don't get the friendships of their other halves.

    At first I thought it odd that when Mer came to that Christina was beside her and not Derek. As I watched them I saw that the scene was needed and important. To watch Christina coax her to talk and then tell her she and Burke were getting married. I think this will bring the two even closer.

    I felt so sorry for Derek. It was painful, yet sweet to watch him almost breakdown because he felt he was losing the love of his life.

    Izzy and Denny, Izzy and Denny. Wow! I did cry. I am almost in tears now as I think about it. That fact that he and she can feel each other is enough to cry about, but when Denny says that is all you get I really cried.

    The writers did great. I throughly enjoyed this eppi.
  • Everyone is waiting for Meredith to wake up from the dead

    The whole idea about Meredith meeting the dead people and conversing with them in the dead was cheesy. It was such a drag...and so predictable that she would not die.And the concept of her trying to drown on purpose in not convincing either.
    All in all, a below average episode...a bit of a drag and boring episode!
  • Finally! Resolution to Meredith's drama with her mother. Whereas the previous episode was slow moving and seemed like a filler, this episode had me riveted to the tv.

    Whereas the previous episode was slow moving and seemed like a filler, this episode had me riveted to the tv. I loved that they brought back pivotal dead characters and the dog... oh did that strike a heart cord with me!! Each character had their own emotional reactions to what was happening and it all worked so well together. I was truly glad to see Meredith's mother escape the bonds of the mental and physical adversities. It was so touching that they were briefly reunited on the "other side" and her mother was finally able to tell Meredith that she was proud of her and happy for her.
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