Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 10

Somebody That I Used to Know

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2013 on ABC



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    • Meredith: My best friend's a mean girl. Why did I choose that?
      Derek: I don't know.
      Meredith: It never bothered me when she was mean to other people, but it really sucks when she's mean to me.
      Derek: Well, is she mean or is she...
      Meredith: What?
      Derek: Nothing.
      Owen (walks up): Oh, Meredith. You can invite Cristina if you want. You know, Thanksgiving. I checked with Emma. She's fine with it.
      Meredith: Well, I'm glad she's fine with it. (Owen looks confused, Derek rolls his eyes and shakes his head at Owen)

    • Stephanie: Well, we could do a potluck.
      Leah: What exactly are you gonna cook?
      Stephanie: I could probably handle a turkey.
      Leah: You think they're gonna give you six hours off to baste a turkey?
      Stephanie: It takes six hours?
      Richard: You're not making a turkey.
      Jo: What about fried chicken? From the Colonel's? You said that you liked fried turkey.
      Richard: The bucket lacks dignity.
      Jo: It's family style.
      Stephanie: They do make a nice mashed potato.
      Leah: Alright, I'm gonna make a list.
      Richard: Uh, biscuits.
      Jo: Gravy.
      Stephanie: Coleslaw.
      Leah: How many pieces?
      Richard: Yes, and the gravy.

    • Jo: I should've stopped the test.
      Alex: Well, he's a hard guy to say 'no' to.
      Jo: Yeah, but it's sorta my job.
      Alex: Well, he couldn't do the stress test. He wasn't ready to go home.
      Jo: You should go to Dr. Grey's for Thanksgiving. Me and these guys are gonna hang out with Dr. Webber. Is that okay?
      Alex: You're blowing me off for some old guy in a hospital bed?
      Jo (laughs): I'm sitting at the kids table. I like the kids table.
      Alex: Meet me after?
      Jo: Booty call. (they kiss)

    • Bailey: If you spent half the time working that you do having girl talk with Shepherd, we wouldn't be in this mess.
      Ben: Yeah, 100% my fault.
      Bailey (crying): Just stay out of my career!
      Ben: I made one mistake.
      Bailey: Oh, one? Because I can think--
      Ben: I waited for Derek to push me into it. I should've went to Owen Hunt myself, and I should've done it days ago.

    • Arizona: Hey, you just about ready?
      Callie: I was gonna check on our patient before I left, but maybe you should make sure Leah's not near the room. I don't wanna make her cry.
      Arizona: She's not gonna cr--
      Callie: Look, I think that the next time you exercise your right to play around when we're taking a break, I'm gonna ask you to keep it out of the hospital. Not that it isn't fun, all the drama in the O.R...
      Arizona: I realize that you're hurt, but when we got back together, we got back together based on the assumption that we both made mistakes and we were ready to start fresh. I can't keep apologizing. And you can't keep playing a victim. If you want me back, I'm back, but I'm not here to be your whipping boy. (Callie scoffs) I've been sleeping on the couch for a week. If I'm back... I sleep in the bed.
      Callie: Uh, okay. I get a night to just digest this all. And then fine, you can sleep in the bed.
      Arizona: That's enthusiastic.
      Callie: Arizona...
      Arizona: Fine.

    • Meredith: Okay, you had a day. Day's over. I need you to clear out.
      Cristina: We need some more time.
      Meredith: You have had more time! I need to get started printing my portal vein by tonight or--
      Cristina: We're having trouble with the vacuum seeding. And we need to print out another conduit.
      Meredith: Again?
      Cristina: Ye, we started a new one, and it should be done by 3:00A.M.
      Meredith: I mean, Cristina, no. It's not working. You are not Christ child reincarnate. You don't walk on water. You have failed to revolutionize modern medicine and save a baby all in one fell swoop. And you are endangering a child's life while you--
      Shane: Stop!
      Meredith: Excuse me--
      Shane: That's enough.
      Meredith: Ross, take a walk.
      Shane: She wasn't gonna do this. Because of you. I practically had to force her into it.
      Cristina: Ross, just--
      Shane: Because she cares about you.
      Meredith: Oh, somebody's got the hero worship down!
      Shane: No, you've made this emotional. You made it about your friendship. If it was about the work, you would've gone to the chief of surgery, but you know what he would've said. You'll get the printer tomorrow, Dr. Grey. (Cristina is silent, Mer looks at her, Cristina just looks away. Mer walks out. Shane turns to Cristina) I'm sorry if that was out of line. I just couldn't listen to her go after you like that. (Cristina kisses him)

    • Stephanie: What happened with Bailey? I heard she got kicked out of her O.R.
      Jackson: I can't get into that with you.
      Stephanie: Come on.
      Jackson (chuckles): Oh, we don't have to go to Kepner's wedding. I talked to her, we don't have to worry about any of that.
      Stephanie: Why?
      Jackson: It's just simpler.
      Stephanie: You know, um, my patient and her husband are interviewing women to date her lover when she dies. They're all friends, and they're supporting each other through this horrible time. And when Stan cries, Victor hugs him. That's what it looks like when people are over each other.
      Jackson: You think I should be hugging Matthew?
      Stephanie: Why aren't we going to the wedding?
      Jackson (sighs): Because my name starts with 'A.' Because April is neurotic. Because Matthew and I do not hug, and no, it's not going to be comfortable. It's awkward, frankly. It's probably going to be awkward forever. But that does not mean that it is not over between us because it is. It's important to me that you believe that. 'Cause if you don't, I could really ruin our night. I have some really nice ideas about our night. (they kiss)

    • (After Richard falls off the treadmill)
      Jo: Bruising over the chest wall.
      Derek: I need a portable ultrasound.
      Richard: I don't need an ultrasound. My rib's broken.
      Derek (to Jo): His pulse ox is low.
      Callie (walks in): What the hell happened?
      Richard: Please, don't.
      Derek: He fell off the treadmill.
      Callie: What-- You're jogging now? (feeling his chest, Richard groans) Yeah. Rib's broken.
      Jo: Stress test. He wanted out of here.

    • Owen: Uh, Dr. Bailey, could we speak for a moment?
      Bailey: Uh, I'm about to get started here. Can I track you down when I'm done?
      Owen: This is a conversation that we should have now. Dr. Grey will take over. (Bailey is silent) Dr. Bailey--
      Bailey: I will speak to you when I am finished here. Do you mind?
      Owen: Dr. Grey, please move Dr. Bailey's bovie one inch to the left.
      Bailey: Oh, don't touch-- (Mer moves it, Bailey moves it back) Grey...
      Owen: An move the suction one inch down.
      Bailey: Get away from my--
      Owen: Maybe even 4--
      Bailey: Get away from my table! (sighs, gets teary eyed and walks out of the O.R.)

    • Alex (about Nathan): He desatted to 60. If we are gonna do this thing, we gotta do it now.
      Cristina: I can't. I don't have a conduit to put in him. It won't be done for another six hours.
      Alex: I don't know if he's gonna last that long.
      Cristina: Okay. Okay, let's put him on an oscillator. It will stabilize his sats for easily a day.
      Alex: I don't want to wait a day, Cristina.
      Cristina: No, neither do I, Alex. But in the long run, it's still his best chance. (they start the oscillator) Well, thanks to you, my resident offered to service me.
      Alex: What?
      Cristina: Drive me around the block before my battery dies.
      Alex: Ah. You gonna do it?
      Cristina: Shane? No. It'll be like having sex with a baby seal.
      Alex (about Nathan): Sats are better.
      Cristina: Good. (sighs) Why don't you talk to Meredith? Explain that everything's gonna be fine. Maybe she'll cut me some slack.
      Alex: She's got a point.
      Cristina: Which is what?
      Alex: You could put in an artificial graft.
      Cristina: We tried. He rejected it.
      Alex: So try again. Pump him full of meds, hold him over for a couple years until your brand-new procedure's old news, tested hundreds of times. That's what I'd do. You wanna fight a different battle, that's your own problem.
      Cristina: You know, you're right, Alex. (motions to Nathan) This is my problem.

    • Jackson: Hey... So you realize that Stephanie and I are serious, right? You get that?
      April: Yeah, yeah. I think it's nice that you guys are, you know... whatever you are.
      Jackson: Right. So-- So why is it that you invited her to your wedding plus a guest and you're gonna invite me plus a guest? What's goin' on?
      April: Right. Yeah. Um, I wanted to talk to you about that. You are actually not getting an invitation, but Stephanie is, so you could just be her plus one.
      Jackson: Mmhmm.
      April: Look, I put your name on the invite list. Your name is Avery. We don't know any other A's. You're literally the top of the list, first thing we see when we look at it. I just... I didn't wanna... rub it in Matthew's face.
      Jackson: If he has a problem with my name on a piece of paper why should I be at this wedding?
      April: Because of me. Because... You're my friend and I want you to be there.
      Jackson: Yeah. Yeah, well, I wanna be there, too, but... (whispers) Come on...
      April: Jackson, I can't go through with this if I don't have your blessing.
      Jackson: Well, you have it. Alright... but I don't think I should be there.

    • Leah: Why would you tell her?
      Arizona: I didn't. I-I-I told her it was someone. I didn't say who. I mean, listen, she figured out it was you because you fell apart in there.
      Leah: You could've just forgotten about it and gone on with your happy life.
      Arizona: This is my marriage we're talking about.
      Leah: Yeah, and it's my career! She hates me now.
      Arizona: No, she doesn't.
      Leah: Oh, please. Of course she does. She can't blame you. She loves you. The only one she can blame is me.

    • (Callie is telling Leah how to drill a screw into the patient's leg)
      Callie: Okay, you drilled right through her leg and into the table.
      Leah: Oh, my god!
      Callie: No, it's-- back it up. Just put the drill in reverse.
      Leah: I-I can't--
      Callie: Put the drill in reverse!
      Leah: I can't find the-- Can you just take it? My hand is shaking.
      Callie: Okay, alright. Pull it together--
      Leah: Can you please just--
      Callie (calmly): Murphy, pull it together.
      Leah (tries to reverse the drill): Oh, please!
      Callie: Murphy!
      Leah (to Arizona): Can you please do something?
      Arizona: Callie, can you take it yourself? Just give her a few minutes to calm down.
      Callie: Well-- (looks between Arizona and Leah and realizes) It was her? Ten-plus times! That was her? (Arizona is silent) That is just... perfect. (takes the drill from Leah and reverses it out of the patient)

    • (Jo is performing Richard's stress test)
      Richard: You know, I'm gonna speak to her about the stuffing. You think she could handle a deep fried turkey? I mean, there's nothing like it.
      Jo: Don't people kill themselves trying to make those?
      Richard: Everything has a price. (Jo scoffs)
      Stephanie (walks in): You guys, my patient has a husband and a lover. And she and the husband are interviewing women for the lover to date when she's dead.
      Jo: When the patient's dead? It's weird.
      Richard: Is that like a threesome thing?
      Stephanie (laughs): Dr. Webber!
      Richard: I'm just asking a question. (Stephanie laughs) Are you hiding from Grey again? (Stephanie stops laughing and gives him a look) On your way, Edwards.

    • Emma: How many people?
      Owen: I think we might be up to 16. But some of them are kids, and they barely eat.
      Emma: I thought that this was dinner for 4.
      Owen: I know. I'm sorry. It just kind of got outta hand. We can all just cook together.
      Emma: I thought Meredith doesn't know how to turn on an oven.
      Owen (chuckles): Well, the rest of us. I'll do all the shopping. I'll do all the planning. I will do everything. And you just get to shout out orders.
      Emma (laughs): Okay, it's starting to sound better. (they kiss)
      Owen: Okay. Good. So... Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead but, um...
      Emma: What?
      Owen: Cristina isn't... (sighs) She doesn't have Thanksgiving plans. I mean, just as a friend... I, uh... You know, I shouldn't have said anything. Just forget it.
      Emma: No, Owen. It's okay. If you say you're over her, I believe you. And really, it's up to Meredith and Derek 'cause it's their house.
      Owen: Are you sure? You know, I want you to be comfortable.
      Emma: Well, I'm going to be cooking for what could be, at the end of the day, 30 people, so... I won't have time ot be uncomfortable.

    • Meredith: You send your lackey to tell me lackey? You can't tell me to my face that you're destroying my study?
      Cristina: You know I'm not destroying your study--
      Meredith: If I don't finish this phase, by the end of this week, I lose my funding.
      Cristina: Come with me. (Mer gives her a look) Please. (they walk to the outside of Nathan's room) That's Nathan. He's a real baby. We're not talking about me. We're talking about him. That's Ashley, his Mom. He has a very nice father. This isn't a study, Meredith. This is a baby. Nathan is the first one in his family who's supposed to go to college. I mean, he's a baby.
      Meredith: Have you lost your mind? Do you think that because I have kids, every time I see a child, I'm gonna start lactating and lose my ability to reason?
      Cristina: No, I--
      Meredith: You wanted to do something flashy with the equipment. It didn't work. No you want me to shut down my entire study, so that you can run a hail Mary that very well might kill this very cute child. Baby Nathan and all of his college potential, can get an artifical graft--
      Cristina: No.
      Meredith: Like every other H.L.H.S baby--
      Cristina: No, he can't.
      Meredith: Because you can't make it work.

    • Bailey: You told the Chief of Surgery that I have a psychiatric condition?
      Ben: It was an accident. Derek and I were talking--
      Bailey: Where the hell do you get...
      Ben: All we're talking about is a few days. Take a break! Figure out how to manage this. Bench yourself. Or the Chief will.

    • Owen: So you're saying that she performed unnecessary procedures?
      Ben: I'm not saying anything. I was shooting the breeze with a friend, I wasn't making a report to the board.
      Derek: I'm sorry.
      Ben: Whatever. Let's just reel it back in.
      Owen: You know he can't do that. And I certainly can't.
      Ben: But she's gonna handle it.
      Derek: That is not what you said.
      Ben: You said you saw the virgin Mary in your toothpaste. We were talking.
      Owen: I need to pull her off the floor, at least until this is under control.
      Ben: She's gonna go...
      Derek: I'm sorry.
      Ben: Can you let me talk to her?
      Owen: Yeah.

    • Alex: Hey, you're invited to Mer's for Thanksgiving.
      Jo: Really?
      Alex: I'm invited and, uh, I'm bringing you.
      Jo: The attendings are gonna be weird if I'm there.
      Alex: No, they're not.
      Jo: Just go without me. We'll meet up after.
      Alex: You think I wanna be there if you're not?
      Jo: You're sweet.
      Alex: Okay, screw it. How about we get take out chicken and eat it in the car like we were raised to do?
      Jo: I think I love you.
      Alex: Yeah, yeah, settle down.

    • Stephanie: Hey, can I boot you out of the O.R. at 4:00?
      Jackson: Uh, the mastoidectomy after this?
      Stephanie: Yeah. I need to put a gastric-J on the schedule, and if I tell Grey that she can't get into the O.R until 7:00, she's gonna shove her hand into my chest and rip out my heart with her claws.
      Jackson: That means I have to work late.
      Stephanie: You'll be working late anyhow, because you're so committed to the welfare of this hospital. (points to herself) And to the people who count on you for support.
      Jackson: Alright, alright. I will take it. (kisses her)
      Stephanie: Thank you. And Kepner invited me to her wedding.
      Jackson: Did she?
      Stephanie: Plus one. And you're gonna be invited... plus one. Is she, like, expecting us to bring other people?
      Jackson: No, brides are weird. Go think about something else. Please?
      Stephanie: Okay.

    • Owen: Hey, you, uh, you have Thanksgiving plans?
      Cristina: Well, I'll probably pick up an extra shift. You know? I don't get all that worked up about cranberries. You?
      Owen: Uh... Well, uh, it's, um... evolving.
      Cristina: You can tell me you're spending it with Emma. I won't melt if I hear her name.
      Owen: Yes. I'll be with Emma.
      Cristina: She gonna cook?
      Owen: Mmhmm.
      Cristina: Hmm. Well, watch out. You let her make a turkey for just the two of you, you're gonna be eating leftovers for the rest of your life.

    • Stephanie: You okay?
      Leah: Sure. I'm going to update a patient's babysitter instead of doing surgery. Because Torres and Robbins don't need me, they have each other.
      Stephanie: Are the two of you...
      Leah: They're getting back together.
      Stephanie: Were you really into her or was it--
      Leah: I was really into her. Why do I do this? I can't keep falling apart at work every time I get dumped. It's starting to be all the time.
      Stephanie: So get off the floor. Go talk to your babysitter. And get back in the O.R. Like a surgeon would do.

    • Nurse: I called Dr. Yang she's not available right now.
      Meredith: Does she know it's me that's asking for her?
      Nurse: Yes. (Mer looks pissed and walks away)

    • Meredith (to Owen): Hey, so I invited Dr. Webber to Thanksgiving, so now it really has to happen. (to Derek) His lady is cooking Thanksgiving dinner at our house.
      Derek: Oh, that's nice.Meredith: Should we invite more people?
      Owen: Well, uh, if we're making a whole turkey, we can-- we can invite a few more.
      Derek (to Ben): You and Bailey can come.
      Ben: We're going to my family, assuming she's still speaking to me by then.
      Meredith: We should probably invite Callie. I'm sure with the trial, I'm sure she didn't have time to make plans.
      Derek: So we're not inviting Arizona. We can't have both.
      Owen: Well, they're back together, so...
      Meredith: They are?
      Derek: So we're not inviting Yang, right? Because that would be--
      Meredith: Uh, she probably has plans.
      Owen: No, she probably doesn't.
      Meredith (to Alex): Do you have Thanksgiving plans?
      Alex: What do you think?
      Meredith: My house. 3:00.
      Alex: Alright. I'm bringing Jo.
      Meredith: I figured.
      Alex: Don't sound so excited. You know, you were an intern balling an attending once.
      Meredith: You kiss my kids with that mouth?

    • Arizona: I wanna talk to you about something.
      Callie: Hmm?
      Arizona: I was with someone when we were apart. I don't think that it was completely out-of-bounds. We were separated, and you'd kicked me out of the house.
      Callie: Oh, so it's my fault?
      Arizona: There are no faults. I just... feel like you should know. We're starting fresh, and... I wanna be honest with you. I... I shouldn't have said anything.
      Callie: No, no. (sighs) I'm sorry. You're right. Thank you for... being so very honest. (walks to the other side of the room)
      Arizona: I'm trying. Is there anything that you wanna ask me? (walks over towards Callie)
      Callie: Oh, wow. Um... no. I don't know. Was it... (sighs) Was it once?
      Arizona: It was more than once.
      Callie: More than twice? (Arizona is silent) More than ten? You know what? I don't... I don't wanna know anything about it.
      Arizona: I'm sorry.
      Callie: Is it over?
      Arizona: Yes. Completely.
      Callie: Okay. That's all I need to know.
      Arizona: You didn't?
      Callie: What? Cheat on you?
      Arizona: Get involved with anyone.
      Callie (scoffS): I got involved with myself. I... danced in my underwear, and I tried to remember that I used to be a person who had fun.
      Arizona: I'm really trying. Callie, please... Tell me that you're trying, too.
      Callie: I am.
      Arizona: Can I hug you?
      Callie: Yeah. (they hug)
      Arizona: I really missed you.
      Callie: Me, too.

    • Richard: I'm a waste of a bed.
      Meredith: Your stress test was a disaster.
      Richard: You want me to dwell on all your past failures? I'm a different man than I was last week. I exercise.
      Meredith: I don't know why you don't think about going into a rehab facility. We can get you in there even if you don't pass.
      Richard: Look, I don't want to go to a facility. It's bad enough I'm here... Where everyone knows me... and has to be nice.
      Meredith: Well, you can't go home alone.
      Richard: I'll get a home health aide.
      Meredith: I'll have Wilson run another stress test.
      Richard: You watch. Flying colors.
      Meredith: You know, if you get out of here in time, you can have Thanksgiving dinner at our house if you and Catherine don't have plans.
      Richard: You cookin'?
      Meredith: Is that so preposterous?
      Richard: You want a straight answer?
      Meredith: No, Owen's girlfriend is cooking.
      Richard: Does she put mushrooms in her stuffing? I find it makes it soggy.

    • Meredith: Do you have Donna's pre-op labs?
      Stephanie: In process.
      Meredith: I'm gonna go examine Dr. Webber. And when I get back, we're gonna get started on the printer. Is that okay with you?
      Stephanie: Yeah. (Mer walks away)
      Leah: Pfft, what was that about?
      Stephanie: I got her kicked off her own surgery a few days ago.
      Jo: Alex told me. Ballsy.
      Leah: Stupid.
      Stephanie: Did Kepner invite you to her wedding?
      Leah: No.
      Stephanie: So she didn't ask you for your address?
      Jo: No, but I'm sure Alex is invited. I'm probably the plus one.
      Shane (walks up): Hey, Dr. Yang needs the printer again today.
      Stephanie: Uh, no.
      Shane: One day. Tell Grey we're sorry.
      Stephanie: No. You-- You tell her.
      Shane: Can't. Gotta get the printer going so we only take one day away from you, not two.
      Stephanie: Shane--
      Shane: Dying baby waiting on a part--
      Stephanie: No-- (Shane turns to walk away) Get back here!

    • Meredith (about muffins Owen's eating): Hey, are those leftover from the morning meeting?
      Owen: Unh-unh. (points to Emma) She baked them.
      Meredith: You're kidding. (to Emma) I kind of hate you. (takes a muffin)
      Emma: Yeah, I kinda hate me, too.
      Meredith (takes a bite): Mmm. If she's cooking your Thanksgiving dinner, I want the leftovers.
      Emma: Oh, I'm not--
      Owen: We're not-- Well, I mean... We could.
      Emma: You don't have to say that.
      Owen: I haven't given it much thought.
      Meredith: Sorry, I didn't mean to open a can of worms. I just-- I mean, you could do what we do at my house, which is act like it's not even happening.
      Owen (chuckles, to Emma): So you're-- You're not going home to your family, or...
      Emma: Nah, I'm on call the next day.
      Owen: Oh, well, we could do something.
      Emma: Oh, they're painting my apartment next week. And we can't really cook in the trailer.
      Owen: Why not? We could just eat outdoors, and...
      Emma: In November?
      Meredith: You could cook at my house. You'd have to feed us, too, but...
      Emma: That could be fun. I don't want to commandeer your kitchen.
      Meredith: Oh, please. Someone should. They made those construction paper turkeys at Zola's school, and she had no idea what they were talking about. You'd make me look like a better mother. Think about it. Pancreatic tumor. Gotta go. (takes another muffin)

    • Shane: I think you telling Dr. Grey is gonna go over better than--
      Cristina: No, I don't have time to manage her feelings right now. Just apologize, we feel terrible, it won't happen again. She'll be pissy, but she'll get over it.
      Shane: Well, I can have Edwards tell her. She's on her service.
      Cristina: Even better. (they are waiting for the elevator)
      Shane: If you ever need any... yaya extraction... getting the yayas out... I'm available.
      Cristina (gives him a look): Are you offering to service me?
      Shane: Sorry. It was inappropriate. It's just, you know, for the sake of the work.
      Cristina: That's even worse. You're supposed to claim that you're in love with me or something.
      Shane: Well, I certainly find you attractive. There's no question. I mean, I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to assume--
      Cristina: Stop talking.

    • Derek (looking at a picture of his array): Yeah, it's a lot more versetile.
      Ben: Well, it's an improvement, no question.
      Derek: Maybe if you have time over lunch, you could look over the proposal.
      Ben: I wish I could, I've got back-to-back surgeries.
      Derek: How's it feel to be back in the anesthesia game?
      Ben: It's fine. It's not a ideal, but you know, got a family, you make compromises.
      Derek: Yeah. Meredith is gonna kill me.
      Ben: What? She doesn't like an asymmetrical array?
      Derek: Well, I'm supposed to be downshifting and she's supposed to be upshifting.
      Ben: Ah, and yet you find inspiration in toothpaste. Maybe next time, you keep it to yourself.
      Derek: That works for you?
      Ben: In a marriage? Yes. You keep your mouth shut. Although, uh, kinda... Miranda's been, uh, kind of struggling lately. She has what, uh, if you squint real hard look a lot like O.C.D.
      Derek: Bailey?
      Ben: Yeah, she had that incident with the hole in the gloves. I knew it freaked her out, but I was away. I didn't know how much it freaked her out.
      Derek: You really think it's O.C.D?
      Ben: I don't know. I want to let her deal with it her way, but I'm not sure she's dealing with it. We were in the O.R. the other day, and she kept the patient under easily an extra hour.
      Derek: Ben--
      Ben: She went past that.
      Derek: I-I-I'm not sure--
      Ben: No, I know-- I know I should stay out of it. But when I'm watching a surgeon perform what looks like unnecessary procedures--
      Derek: I am on the board of this hospital. I can't hear about a physician's misconduct and not report it.

    • Leah: Dr. Torres is gonna fix the femur?
      Arizona: Yeah, but she'll need some help so you should stick around.
      Leah: Well, you'll help her, right? I mean, you don't think that she needs two people.
      Arizona: You're a resident. You're supposed to beg to be in that room. (sighs) I'm sorry if it's awkward. I hope that it doesn't have to be.
      Leah: You two are definitely getting back together?
      Arizona: We are.
      Leah: Like you're trying it out or...
      Arizona: Leah. You don't wanna be the person that says 'I'll wait for you in case it doesn't work out with your wife.'

    • Arizona (about Emma): She's got a supercondryal tumor fracture.
      Owen: Okay, call Torres. (quietly, to Arizona) Is that gonna be okay?
      Arizona: Yeah, we're on the mend.
      Owen: I'm glad to hear it. (to Leah) Murphy go with Torres and Robbins.
      Leah (to Arizona): It's not a good idea.
      Arizona: It'll be fine.
      Leah: I don't think--
      Arizona: Murphy!

    • Ben: Alright, maybe it's nothing. But maybe it's worth having a conversation with somebody in psych.
      Bailey: Oh, you're making a mountain out of a--
      Ben: Look, it can't hurt! Look, hell. I'd like to have a sit-down with somebody and talk a couple things out every now and then.
      Bailey: Well, then you go. I have a busy schedule. Naval gazing is not on it.
      Ben: That's my point. Over-loading your schedule can exacerbate the kind of behaviors you've been--
      Bailey: I'm not having behaviors! I'm having a life. Like you used to have when you were pursuing something that challenged you.

    • Alex: His BP's in the toilet. If this procedure's not ready, you gotta come up with something else.
      Cristina: It's one day. Can you relax? God, maybe you're the one who needs a little recreational energy release.
      Alex: I'm getting laid. Regularly. So all my anxiety is based on the fact that you brought me on this case and asked me to keep a kid alive long enough for you to do a fancy procedure that's not gonna work.

    • April: Edwards, Hey! Uh, could you write down your mailing address for me?
      Stephanie: Sure.
      April: I'm sending you an invitation to my wedding. Thought about doing them online. It's better for the environment, I know. But I just couldn't deal with an evite to my wedding. (laughs, and Stephanie hands her the paper back) Great! I really hope you'll come. And, um, obviously, you can also, like, bring a guest.

    • Alex (about Nathan): We're treating him with diuretics and beta blockers, but he's still got a lot of edema.
      Cristina: He'll rally once we put in the graft. Then we can get him out of here. Poor kid's been here for almost three weeks.
      Alex: You done with all the test prints?
      Cristina: Yeah, uh, we finished them last night. Shane's printing out the real one now. ... Emma's here... with muffins.
      Alex: Mm. Owen's chick? You wanna get rid of her?
      Cristina: No. I'm... glad he's... getting laid. Everyone should be getting laid. I should be getting laid.
      Alex: Oh, here we go again.
      Cristina: My work suffers when I'm not. It's bad for humanity.
      Alex: Alright. Could you make up with Mer so I don't have to talk to you about sex?
      Cristina: Why are you being such a priss? Don't you talk to your guy friends about sex?
      Alex: Who? Avery? (scoffs) No.
      Cristina: Well, you don't talk about who's got the best rack in the shack?
      Alex: Maybe.
      Cristina: So you can do it with me.
      Alex: Okay, fine. Your work's suffering so bad, them, um, find something to play with. Get your yayas out and leave me alone.
      Cristina: What like... battery-operated?
      Alex: No, human.
      Cristina: A human sex toy?
      Alex: You asked. (Shane clears his throat behind them)
      Cristina: How long have you been there?
      Shane: Somewhere around 'yayas'.
      Cristina (sarcastically): That's great.

    • Jo: Dr. Webber's bugging me for another stress test.
      Meredith: Oh, he failed the last one two minutes in.
      Jo: I know, but he's been practicing.
      Meredith: As soon as I get a minute I'll go check on him again.
      Stephanie (walks up): Hi.
      Meredith: You're on my service again?
      Stephanie: Sorry.
      Meredith: As soon as I change, I wanna go through the computer model again before we start printing the vein.
      Stephanie: I'm sorry. Before you do that, you're gonna have to go check on your pancreas lady, Donna Kauffman.

    • Cristina: Hey, welcome back.
      Callie: Hey, thanks. It beats the hell out of a courtroom. (about Emma) You know, she brought muffins.
      April: It's her day off. She's doing homework.
      Cristina: In a hospital?
      Callie: Yeah. God. Get some air. See the world, right? (Cristina looks upset and walks away)
      April (whispers to Callie): I think it's sweet.
      Callie (smiles): It's adorable.

    • Owen: So, if you need anything just call me and--
      Emma: No, I don't need anything. I just need to read everything that was ever written on the medistinal teratomas and crank out a grant proposal. All I need is quiet.
      Owen: Well, I can't promise you too much quiet because you did say that I could come visit.
      Emma: I did say that.
      Owen: Yeah.
      Emma: Oh, it's the best part of my day. (they kiss)

    • Derek: I probably can't write about this in the article, but something about how my toothpaste hit the sink made me realize that the array could be designed asymmetrically.
      Meredith: Makes it more versitile.
      Derek: Exactly.
      Meredith: So what you're saying is that you can't spit without having a genius idea.
      Derek: Well, it may not work.
      Meredith: Zola, are your socks on?
      Derek (to baby Bailey): But it was a revolutionary glob of spit.

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover) It's just a cold. Muscle through it. It'll pass. Nothing's really wrong. We're doctors. We'd know if something was wrong. We'll be fine. Nothing's wrong.

    • Meredith: (opening voiceover) The body is an infinitely complex mass of interacting systems. People like to think doctors see it all clearly. But it's not always obvious what's a hiccup in the system, and what's a full on medical disaster. We figure that out in our first year of residency. We spend the rest of our careers lying about it.

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