Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 7

Something to Talk About

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2005 on ABC

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  • Bailey

    I love this episode just for Bailey when she says "She's a human traffic accident and everybody is slowing down to look at the wreckage. She's doing the best she can with what she has left. Look I know you can't see this because you're in it. But you can't help her now, it'll only make it worse. Now walk away and leave her to mend." I love a lot of what Bailey says, she's like a mother bear protecting her cubs. I also love when Meredith yells at all of the people who are taking pictures of Shane and treating him like an exhibit not a patient.
  • Relationships, relationships.

    It's all about relationships.

    Derek and Addison are going to a marriage counselor. They have an argument about whether Addison should move to Seattle or not, which is what Derek wants, and Addison doesn't want to move, but what she does want is for Derek to not talk to Meredith anymore.

    Cristina and Burke have a disagreement. Burke wants to tell the Chief about their relationship before he finds out himself, but Cristina doesn't want to risk her career, or her reputation.

    //If you don't want to read a spoiler, skip this paragraph.
    Izzie isn't happy about her date with Alex, and she still isn't speaking to him. At the end of the episode, he does something that finally makes things right between them.
    //End of spoiler.

    This episode was all about relationships, really. Get your tissues ready, because if you're emotional like me, you're going to cry.
  • Communication...the first thing we learn in our life!

    Meredith is completely broken because Derek choose Addison and Cristina and Izzie have a plan to make her happy because they stole one of the wierdest cases in the history of medicine - a pregnant guy. They thought that it was in his head but he took a pregnancy test and it was positive.
    Kimberly has to have a fourth open heart surgery and her heart caught on fire. She treats her husband like dirt but he found a way to leave her.
    Nicole needs to have surgery but her parents don't want her too. Alex shows his brighter side and talks with her and she wants to have it at the end.
    I really didn't like a lot of characters in this episode. A lot of them went on my nerves, but this episode is as good as any other Anatomy !
  • Only the second episode i've watched but i'm hooked already..!

    I enjoyed this epi they included a comical storyline amidst all the decisions and tongue wagging at Meredith.

    The whole pregnant guy and how christina and Izzie handled it just made me lauf selling tickets to see it was just classic and the excitement on their faces having discovered it was priceless.In the end i think Meredith did do the right thing and gave the poor bloke some privacy..

    Like someone said before me it is obvious addison and derek are kidding themselves he's only stopped talking to her cause she has to him and he's being watched like a hawk by the other interns and she's only staying because of the money.. Err guys get some perspective where are you expecting this to go?

    And that kiss was phenomonal alex took his time but man i'm sure Izzie thought it was worth it ...!

    This episode was awesome..!
  • ...

    This is perhaps, in my opinion, one of the worst episodes yet of Grey's Anatomy, being so for a number of reasons. Most obviously, it followed last week's stunner of an episode, so it really did have some tough competition.

    Ok, here's some general thoughts of mine in a list:

    1. I didn't like the whole voice-over theme of the episode. Despite not being an overly fanatic fan of Meredith, I often find her musings quite entertaining. I don't think the whole Romeno and Juliet thing worked at all though. This has to be one of the poorest voice-overs yet.

    2. I'm really not digging Izzie this season. I didn't like her at first in season 1 but then the character really grew on me what with the program's efforts to show the beautiful blondes can be clever too. But, right now she's so Alex focused and into herself that I'm not enjoying the character at all.

    3. That said, I'm also not feeling the Alex vibes. In season 1 I could tolerate him as a friendly under-developed jerk. In season 2 he had a complete personality implant and I started to like him. Now though, he just seems a bit pathetic.

    4. I am, however, loving Cristina again. And yes, she was hot in her many dresses (I've never really noticed that before). Her date-turned-life-saving-surgery with Burke was fun, they really do make a good couple. I can imagine them in 10 years time, exactly the same, lots of medicine, lots of sex and the ocassional dinner!

    5. I liked the little story-line with Addison and Derek's friends. She was a strong woman. I'm not enjoying the current state of relation between Addison and Derek though, and I feel the lift scene in particular was uncalled for. Why oh why are they putting us through this when it's plain as day he'll just cave-in and go back to poor needy Meredith! (Oh, and why was she wearing a plaster? I totally missed that).

    6. Pregnant Nazi...could be interesting I guess. I hope they treat the story-line o.k.
  • i couldnt stop watching! this episode everyone gets closer. george become Burke's man they become closer after an incident in surgery.meredith handles herself well in the face of all the hospital staff and carried hersefl well.

    personally i think Addison and derek are fooling themselves, cos really addie is staying back cos of more pay and her job and not necessarily for derek, i think derek's just the icing on the cake.i loved mere in this episode, men all the tongues wagging mist of them envious. then the most amazing thing was the pregnant guy. seriously is that for real? i love the way all the interns are bonding gradually and have each other's backs. i love the way burke confesses his relationship with christina to the chief, i think it was admirable of him. and meredith held her head high in the face of the wagging tongues, i tot it was really admirable,she really carried herself well. mcdreamy you have made your bed now you have to lie on it.
  • Cristina, Izzie and Meredith take care of Shane, a man who appears to be crazy and claims that he is pregnant. Meanwhile, Derek treats a girl in a wheelchair. Derek and Addison go to couple's counseling

    I liked this episode very much
    I thought it was very funny that they really thought Shane was pregnant and also that Christina has to do all the dirty work :)
    But I disliked the way Meredith behave in this episode she was very weird and I hope that she isnt that way the next episode :)
  • Great episode!!

    Each episode I like Bailey more. The way she stopped Derek from going to Meredith was great. Eventhough she didn\'t approve the relationship at first, she now helped Meredith by telling Derek to leave her alone.

    Burke and Cristina are a bit strange together. I do think he did a good thing by talking to the Chief. Hopefully, things will work out better for them then did for Derek and Meredith.

    I thought the interaction between Alex and his patient was great! It seemed she knocked some sense into Alex (which was about time)! I think Alex is ok, he\'s just afraid to show it.

    It looked like George found his place in the hospital assisting Burke.

    I also loved the pregnant man. At first it was funny, but later on Meredith was so right telling people it wasn\'t a zoo or something. She felt some kind of connection with that man because people where talking about her instead to her.

    It was another great episode!!
  • Endings and beginnings.

    Addison and Derek, Burke and Cristina, and Alex and Izzie make steps forward. Meredith gets left behind.

    This episode chronicled the changing relationships of he characters and Meredith's difficulties being viewed as a zoo animal. She can't escape the whispers and stares and as Dr. Bailey says, she's a human traffic accident and everyone is stopping to watch. Poor Meredith sees herself in the "pregnant" man, everyone talks about her even when she's right there as they do to Shane. She finds a kindred spirit in him and it helps her grieve for Derek a bit.

    My favorite moment of the episode came when Bailey stops Derek from talking to Meredith. What she says is so true, and you can tell that he is so pained with the thought of staying away from Meredith. and then later in the therapists office you can see that Derek and Addison shouldn't be together as they're each hiding something huge from the other. She doesn't tell him that the Chief has offered her a great job and a great salary at the hospital and that's what is keeping her there, while he doesn't tell her that Bailey is making him stop talking to Meredith, not Addison. Their voices say they're moving forward but their actions, the missed holding of hands from each of them, tell another story entirely. Their therapist must suck if he missed that one.

    The medical cases this week were bizarre once again, the pregnant man and the woman whose heart catches on fire were out there. But the paralyzed girl gave Alex a chance to show he has heart.
  • Somes things come to an end while others are just beginning...

    Fantastic episode...

    Meredith and Derek's relationship coming to a close. Meredith was really torn up and battled through it and has accepted her loss.

    Derek and Addison's councelling session at the end was interesting- obviously Addison got what she wanted and Derek has accepted that he lost Meredith and needs to make an effort with his marriage. I hope the banter between the Shepards doesn't disappear.

    Once again, Bailey's interaction with Derek exposes glimpses of her true nature. I am liking her more with each episode!

    Bourke and Cristina's realtionship reaches a new level. Bourke did the right thing =O) Looking forward to see how this unfolds.

    Alex and Izzie... well well well! Took a long time coming but that was some move he pulled off! Way to get your Mojo back Alex.

    A great episode- looking forward to the next episodes...
  • The way the lives of the doctors parrallels the lives of the patients as they try to figure everything out is great.

    Once again, I really enjoyed this show. It made me laugh, it made me tear up, yell in anger and cheer on my favorites. Highlights for me:
    When Meredith stood up for her "pregant" patient, telling everyone to clear out
    When Bailey told Derek to leave Meredith alone.
    When Alex explained what a first kiss should be like to his patient, realizing that that is what he wanted, and then going and sweeping Izzy off her feet.
    George, just being George, gotta love him.
    Will Addison and Derek make their marriage work? I'm not sure, but all in all, I think everyone one of them will come out of this experience stronger.
  • Another great episode of Greys Anatomy. Everyone is talking about Meredith, behind her back about her scandal with McDreAmY*. Alex gets stuck with a patient all day, and teaches her a life lesson. O`Malley and Burke get a snooty patient. Burke and Chris

    ALl in all, A GReAt episode. Exactly why I love it so much. I dont think that this show could possibly get any better! The "pregnant" man. Yeah, interesting. The vindictive Addison Sheppard tries to get Derek to forget Meredith all together, how awkward is that going to be during rounds?! By McDreamy trying to get through to Meredith really showed something. But when meredith boiled over and said "And WhAT are YoU LoOkInG at?!" it just ended it. And rightfully so. I really enjoyed this episode , every minute, even though I threw a pillow at the screet at Addison Sheppard. The writers of Greys Anatomy are true geniouses. Sometihing to talk about gave me something to talk about indeed. Greys Anatomy- great show. ALl the characters were really shown in last nights episode. Lets give them something to talk about, how about! Just like the Bonnie Rait song, " how about loooove.?" When Alex kissed Izzy, it was just spontaneous and wonderful. Love is in the air! ( And so is the drama!) . Awesome episode!
  • They give you something to talk about

    WIth all the characters having their own problems, and our Protagonist looking like a coma patient, then with Izzie and Alex's whole thing going on, how was it not a great show.

    Meredith, Izzie, and Cristina find a "pregnant man" that is drawing alot of attention, which was so funny to watch, but sad at the same time. Then when Meredith is going through her break down, they filmed it so well.

    Also the end scene when Alex and Izzie finaly kiss, that was so well fimed, and it was kinda sexy. Also the face she makes afterwards was priceless.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Another great episode from an awesome show

    I thought that this episode was the perfect followup to the previous episode "Into You Like a Train".
    Again, we got to see the characters' flaws as well as their strong points. I really like the way the writers interweave the personal stories with what's going on with the patients.

    Meredith did a great job of being a zombie through most of the episode and her outburst at the end of the show was a perfect contrast.

    Seeing McDreamy and Addison in the psychiatrist's office was very entertaining too - especially at the end. They both had reached for the other's hand, but at different times so they never did connect.

    And I also liked the last scene when Alex planted that 'lip-lock' on Izzie.

    This show continues to keep all of us interested in the characters as well as what's happening in each episode at the hospital.
  • This episode was a fine example of what actually does on in a workplace. Sometimes we all forget about why we are really at work.

    This episode was a fine example of what actually does on in a workplace. Sometimes get caught up in all of the gossip and drama and our jobs that we all forget about why we are really at work. RElationships at work ahould be allowed as long as it doesn'tinterrupt indiviuals work performance. Thank you.
  • I got so sry for Meredith...

    Meredith is a reck since Derek decided to stay with Addisson. Everybody in Seattle Grace keep staring and gossipping behind her back, even her own friends. Christina, Izzie and Meredith steel a patient who has a huge belly and claims to be pregnant, like his girlfriend. The doctor that's responsible for him claims that it is a psychological matter while Christina insists that it's a surgical and the X-rays show that she's right. The man had a muscle that kept getting larger, something that is very rare to adults and that's why everybody paid Izzie and Christina to get a photo of him. Meredith kicks them out and shouts that it's not a zoo and noone can penetrate the privacy of her patient.
    A woman that can't take any strain on her heart, is so annoying that if i was George i would punch her. Her husband's doing whatever she orders him until he can't stand it anymore and shouts back at her. She then gets a heart-attack and at the middle of her 5th open-heart surgery, her heart catches fire(?). Alex still feels that he's beeing overtaken by George and feels even more down when he is late for a patient and Burke makes him stay with a paraplegic girl whose parents don't let her have a surgery to repair her legs. After a long day with her, Alex convinces her to take her own decisions and stand up to them.
    Christina is worried that her relationship with Burke might ruin her career and her life like Meredith, so Burke tells Chief Webber about them and how serious what they have is.
    Alex gives a hot kiss to Izzie at the bar, in front of her stunned friends. Addisson and Derek go to a marriage councel and after some successful meetings, Addisson decides to stay at Seattle with her husband, instead of going to Manhattan.
  • Yay for Alex and Izzie!

    Cristina, Meredith, and Izzie’s excitement about the "pregnant" man was cute. It was nice to see them bond.

    It was predictable that Debbie would get back at Cristina in some way. It was also predictable that Meredith would blow up at everyone for treating the patient like a spectacle. Yeah, she had a point. But she still bugs me to no end.

    It's good to see that Derek is with Addison, but he still doesn't seem to be happy in the relationship.

    It's good Burke finally came clean to the chief about his relationship with Cristina. It wasn't right to sneak around

    The best part was definitely the end. What a kiss! I'm so happy the Alex-and-Izzie relationship isn't done yet.

  • I just LOVED 2 quotes from this episode: Izzie: Seriously! (after finally being kissed by Alex) and Alex: Wheeler girl! Girl: (Laughing) Well, that´s just politically incorrect! This is just exactly why I watch G

    There is just one part I´m still missing about the last couple of episodes, like, WHY didn´t Alex just right away kiss Izzie and WHY didn´t he take the scapel from Burke 2 episodes ago?
    In this episode Burke and Christina discuss revealing their relationship to Webber because Christina thinks that Bailey knows about them since she is getting all the crappy assignments(but she doesn´t know she is getting them from a nurse which she offended while she was showing Meredith her \"stolen\" patient).
    Derek and Addison decide to go to a marriage counselor and Derek is trying to convince Addison to move to Seattle.. but she doesn´t want to unless Derek starts ignoring Meredith. See, Derek is so stupid that he keeps on trying to talk to Meredith, untill Bailey tells him to leave her alone and Meredith yells at him after sending all the viewers of Christina´s stolen patient away(the dude thinks he´s pregnant).
    Further, Alex is too late for rounds and gets all the crappy assignments from Burke, so he has to talk with a girl in a wheelchair about making her own desisions, since she lets her mother do all the thinking for her while she is 18 years old already.
    So Alex helps her, and she helps him since she saw that Izzie was really mad at him because he wouldn´t kiss her.

    So, in the end, Derek starts ignoring Meredith, Addison decides to move to Seattle, Alex kisses Izzie, George becomes Burke´s \"guy\" and Burke tells chief Webber about his relationship with Christina while she insisted not to do so.
  • Cristina, Izzie and Meredith take care of Shane, a man who appears to be crazy and claims that he is pregnant. Meanwhile, Derek treats a girl in a wheelchair. Derek and Addison go to couple's counseling.

    I liked this episode, nothing special but nice too watch. George was very cute with being 'burke's man'. The pregnant guy was nice too, with Cristina pissing of the nurses.
    I hope Izzie and Alex are going to be a couple, liked what Alex did at the end:D
    As for Meredith, I do feel bad for her, but I think she and derek will end up together anyway, though it's probably going to take a while.
    Overall a nice episode, but I hope next weeks going to be better.
  • Is it just me, or is Burke a total prat for the way he's been treating Cristina?

    The daily lives of the doctors, nurses and surgeons on staff are continually mined for story ideas. The entire episode is basically character development, with a little bit of intrigue thrown in for good measure. What intrigue? Try a man who's pregnant and shows a growing jaw, teeth and other body parts in his belly......

    Other than that, all just character development. And once again, Dr Burke acts like a complete prat about Cristina (Sandra Oh). Finally, at the end of the episode, he has the stones to face up to SOME degree of responsibility.
  • It's all about communication and living with your decisions.

    This show really hits stride with this episode. With its big revelation in the previous episode, it could have taken time off to do a filler. However, this ws not the case. Dr. McDreamy and wife are now in counseling. If ever a marriage needed it, then this is it. Could he still be holding the torch for Meredith? Is the sun yellow? Meredith is wandering around in a daze for most of the show. This mope does not really suit her. Thankfully at the end, she seems to come to herself. The best thing was the ending. Alex finally shows Izzie some attention. This show knows how to keep answering and asking to keep its audience hooked. This episode is the proof.
  • Another Fine Installment In Grey's Anatomy, and A Very Very Weird One.

    In tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy we find the Intern's yet again mixed in love affairs and medicine. But the twist in tonight's episode revolves around a man who may be pregnant. Starting with Derek and his wife trying to restart their marriage with a marriage counselor. Addison is struggling to decide whether she should leave her Manhattan facility for her Seattle one, and Derek tries to get Meredith out of his mind for the marriage to work. Alex takes care of a patient who is confined to a wheelchair and must endure an operation to expand her bladder. Christina finds a man who appears to be pregnant (is he or is he not?), George is stuck with a bickering couple one of which has heart problems, and Izzie still is angry with Alex over that one night. This is one of those episodes that make a lot of sense and is an excellent reason to why it's the best medical drama out now.
  • As a reviewer, giving full points makes your review looks like a 13 year old review "OMG THIS IS SO GREAT...WEEE". I'm giving 9.8 so that it doesn't look that way. I just couldn't find a single flaw with this episode worthy of point deduction.

    The episode opens with Meredith not being able to sleep (after Derek told her "She's my wife"). Then it pans to gossip locker room and then pans to Derek and Addison talking to a councillor. Then after some chatty yatty, Burke blatantly favours George in a heart surgery case.

    Notable/Laughable Patients:
    1) A man who has a mass growing on his abdomen and shows positive on a pregnancy test.
    2) A woman, who has been using her husband as a servant for hire, needing a 5th heart surgery.
    3) A host of rectal and vomitting patients.

    Originally, the 3 girls are supposed to be on case 1. But after Christina pissed of a nurse, she got case 3.
    George takes care of case 2. During the case, a fire broke out. Firefighter George once again shows his mettle.
    Alex takes on a case where a sheltered little girl who wants to break free needs spine surgery. I'd want to deduct 0.5 point for a bad subplot on this one but the dialog between the girl and Alex is nicely done and also the outcome of the whole case was great. So, +0.5
    I like how the whole "Working on his marrige" part is played out by Patrick and Kate. I really wished she had a longer part because she brings a healthy dose of conflict and drama into the show.
    Sandra and Isiah did well in their drama about their relationship. I liked how Sandra expressed Christina's high-powered career-driven type and at the same time, feelings for Preston.

    In conclusion, this episode is an exceptional one. I am expecting more of this kind of episode in the future.