Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 18

Song Beneath the Song

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2011 on ABC
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In a series first, the music that has been at the heart of the show and been beloved by fans comes to life for Grey's Anatomy: The Music Event. A cataclysmic event rattles the doctors of Seattle Grace to the core, as Callie, on the verge of an enormous life-changing moment with Arizona, envisions her hospital and friends as it has never-been-seen before. "Chasing Cars" (Snow Patrol), "How to Save a Life" (The Fray) and "The Story" (Brandi Carlile) are among the songs performed by the cast.moreless

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Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Dr. Derek Shepherd

Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw

Dr. Arizona Robbins

Sarah Drew

Sarah Drew

Dr. April Kepner

Jesse Williams (II)

Jesse Williams (II)

Dr. Jackson Avery

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Dr. Teddy Altman

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh

Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery

Recurring Role

Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor

Dr. Lucy Fields

Recurring Role

Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata

Nurse Eli

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    • Arizona (to Callie): She's really small, but she's strong. One pound, one ounce of... strong. Fighting against all the... complications. She's got beautiful black hair, Calliope, she's... beautiful. ... But she can't open her eyes yet, but I can tell that she's looking for you.

    • Mark: You're not nothin'. (Arizona looks at him with a shocked expression) We have a kid together. You're a mom. I'm a dad. I'm sorry.
      Arizona: She's gonna wake up. She has to wake up.

    • Derek: We've done everything that we can, now we just have to wait for her to wake up.
      Mark: And the fact that she barely responded when you weened her off the paralytics before...?
      Derek: It could mean she wasn't ready to wake up.
      Arizona: Or?
      Derek: It could mean her brain has been comprimised and... she's not going to wake up.

    • Arizona: We should say a prayer. She'd want us to pray.
      Mark: I haven't stopped praying since yesterday.

    • Addison: You should go in there and make peace. You both love Callie.
      Mark: I have nothing left to say.

    • Teddy: I can't teach you anymore.
      Cristina: W-What?
      Teddy: If you refuse to learn, if you won't listen... I can't teach you.
      Cristina: I-I'm sorry--
      Teddy: Find someone else to learn from.

    • Lexie: You sleeping at home tonight?
      Jackson: Look, I am not the kinda guy who waits around for the girl who is still in love with someone else. I'm just not.
      Lexie: Jackson... let's go home.

    • Meredith: Yesterday, at the baby shower... I was jealous of Callie because she got pregnant... without trying. And we try. I get shots, I take my temperature, I put my legs in the air, and nothing. (starts crying) The universe says screw you, Meredith, and gives Callie a kid... and then puts Callie through a windshield. I mean, what the hell is going on? What's the point? I mean, is there a reason for this? Because if you can think of a reason, any reason at all why the universe is so screwed up... and random and mean, now would be an amazingly good time to tell me, because I really need some answers.
      Derek (hugs her): I know, I know. ... I will make sure that we have a baby. I promise you. One way or another, you and I will have be parents. I promise you.

    • Arizona (to Callie): Mark's kinda right, y'know. I'm nothing. Well, legally... I'm no one. Which is kinda crazy, because I feel like your wife. I feel like our baby's mom. (starts crying) Can you just... C-Can you live for me? Please? Live for me.

    • (Callie dreaming; her and Arizona are in the truck in the clouds)
      Callie (looking at her phone): Oh, this is bad. Mark just found out Lexie's with Jackson. He's freaking.
      Arizona: I thought we were getting away from Mark for the weekend.
      Callie (throws her phone in the backseat): There. He's gone. (Callie's phone beeps)
      Arizona: Y'know, just get it 'cause he's not gonna stop.
      Callie (unbuckles her seatbelt and goes to grab the phone, but stops and looks at Arizona): You're gonna ask me to marry you.
      Arizona: What? No, I'm not.
      Callie: In a few seconds you're gonna ask me to marry you and then we're going to run into a truck.
      Arizona: Well, then you better put on your seatbelt.
      Callie: I didn't answer you because I- I don't know.
      Arizona: Put on your seatbelt.
      Callie: I mean, is this what love is supposed to feel like? Is this what love feels like for other people?
      Arizona: You know, I don't really care about other people right now.
      Callie: I mean, other people can do it. Meredith and Derek, Cristina and Owen, Bailey's got Eli, Karev's with Lucy... Even Teddy's got that tumor patient husband.
      Arizona: Put your seatbelt on.
      Callie: I want that. I want us to be like that, 'cause I love you. (smiles & laughs) I do!

    • Arizona: So, you'd think she'd have a better chance if we took the baby out now, electively?
      Bailey: Well, Callie's cardiovascular status could possibly be greatly improved, but we just need to know...
      Mark: ... What we wanna do.
      Arizona: No, what Callie would want us to do. The baby's barely viable.
      Mark: Why are we even talking about the baby?
      Arizona: Did you just say that?
      Mark: No, I'm just saying we should give Callie the best shot she can get.
      Bailey: But Mar--
      Arizona: Callie wants a a baby!
      Bailey: Ariz--
      Mark: Callie wants to live.
      Arizona (scoffs): Well, we all want her to live. But what's her life gonna be like if she wakes up and her child is gone?
      Mark: What's her life gonna be like if she's dead?
      Arizona: Oh, God, it is not that simple.
      Mark: It is. I don't like it, it's horrible, but it is that simple. We can have another baby. We can't have another Callie.
      Arizona: What, so you can have sex with my girlfriend again?
      Mark: Oh, for God sakes, get over it. We screwed! Big deal.
      Arizona: It is, Mark. It is a big deal!
      Mark: If something happens to my child, we'll just screw again.
      Arizona: No, you won't!
      Mark: Yes, we will!
      Arizona: You are out of your mind. Just because you're too big of a manwhore to make any relationship work...

    • Arizona: A baby born at 23 weeks risks ensepothopy, ROP, cerebral palsy, developmental and...
      Mark: I know the risks!
      Arizona: No, do you? Because you're acting like you don't care about the baby.
      Mark: I'm thinking about Callie. You don't think I care?! This is my baby!
      Arizona: You're not being rational.
      Mark: Oh, you never wanted this. You never asked for it. Then why the hell are you giving us some opinion on what--
      Arizona (cutting him off): No, no, no! You know what I didn't ask for? I didn't ask for you, Mark. Because you know what you are? You're basically a sperm donor. I mean, this is me and this is Callie, and we're together, so I say...
      Mark: No! You don't get a say. This is my family. I'm the father. I'm the father! You're not anything. You're nothing.

    • Cristina: Yesterday we were at her stupid baby shower.
      Meredith: I take it back. You can be Callie's baby's godmother.
      Alex: If there's a baby to godmother. The only way to save the baby is to save Callie, and the only way to save Callie might end up killing the baby.
      Meredith: You've got a hickey on your neck.
      Cristina: What? (looks at his neck) Oh, oh. Karev's turning all red. Are you in love? Do you love her? You love her?
      Alex (laughs): Shut up.
      Meredith: Lucy is the first girl he's really liked since...
      Alex: It's not a big deal. She works here at Seattle Grace Mercy Death, so I'm sure she's pretty much going to go crazy or get cancer, shot by a gunman, or get hit by a truck, so don't get your hopes up Karev's big happily ever after.
      Cristina: Seattle Grace Mercy Death.
      Meredith: He's got a point.

    • Meredith: Derek.
      Derek: She suffered massive head trauma. I fixed all the bleeders I saw but... (sighs)
      Meredith: She might have permanent neurological damage.
      Derek: She may not come back. Even if they manage to save her body, her brain may not come back. Mark was standing there.
      Meredith: You have to tell him.
      Derek: I can't do that. I'm not gonna... I can't.

    • Lexie: You have a plan?
      Jackson: Torres goes back to the OR tomorrow, now the big question is whether or not to deliever the baby first. They're waiting for Robbins and Sloan to decide.
      Lexie: How is... H-How are they doing?
      Jackson: You mean Sloan? (Lexie nods) I think he's okay. You wanna go home tonight or sleep here?
      Lexie: I-I don't know. I-I might need to...
      Jackson: I get it. It's Mark's kid.

    • Derek: It's too soon to tell anything.
      Arizona: She didn't respond?
      Derek: She opened her eyes and... It's just too soon to tell.
      Mark: Derek, she follow commands? Anything else? (Derek is silent)
      Meredith: No, nothing else.

    • Addison (to Callie): Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry. But we got this; the attendings. We are all gonna meet and we are gonna make a plan. I promise you. We are gonna make a plan and we're gonna figure out what to do. It's gonna be alright. You're gonna be okay.

    • Lucy: Dr. Montgomery, there's a chance that the baby can still survive if we deliever by C-section while Callie is stable.
      Addison: No, there is not. Because not only did you fail to stop her contractions, you didn't give steroids to the baby to help mature her lungs, so you can go, too. (Lucy is silent) Go!

    • Lucy: This is humilating. He's benching me. I've been benched.
      Alex: She's the best there is. He wants the best for Torres.
      Lucy: Yeah, well it makes me look like a complete moron in front of my colleagues.
      Alex: They're not thinking about you. They're thinking about Torres. I'm sorry, but suck it up.

    • Mark (sobbing): You don't have to do this. I know you hate me.
      Lexie: I don't hate you. (sits down next to him)
      Mark: She's my best friend. She's my best friend. (Lexie takes his hand)

    • Alex: What do you need? I can stitch up that nasty cut you've got going there.
      Arizona: I'm okay. (starts sobbing again) I'm fine.

    • Richard: Dr. Fields, what is your plan here?
      Lucy: My plan?
      Richard: Yes, what is your plan if Torres starts contracting again? What if she has pre-term labor? What if god forbid, you have to deliever this baby?
      Lucy: I may be a little out of my depth here, sir.

    • Mark: What the hell happened?
      Arizona: I asked her to marry me a truck came out of nowhere.

    • Callie (opening voiceover): The brain is the human body's most mysterious organ. It learns. It changes. It adapts. It tells us what we see, what we hear. It lets us feel love. I think it holds our soul. And no matter how much research we do, no one can really say how all that delicate grey matter inside our skull works. And, when it's hurt, when the human brain is traumatized, well, that's when it gets even more mysterious.

    • Mark: What the hell happened?
      Owen: Car versus truck. That's all we know.
      Mark: Injuries? The baby?
      Derek: We don't know yet.
      Mark: Well, why the hell don't you know? Someone get me a trauma gown.
      Richard: Mark, you need to sit this one out.
      Mark: I'm not sitting this one out, that's Callie, that's my kid.
      Richard: Which is why you can't. I'm sorry you can't be a doctor on this one.
      Mark: Screw you.
      Owen: Sloan.
      Mark: Screw all of you.
      Richard: Look at me, Sloan. Look at me. Maybe I don't understand what you two have, how you have it, but I understand this, she is your family. Callie Torres and that baby are your family. And the best way that you can help your family is to step back and let the rest of us do what you can't rationally do; save their lives. Okay?
      Derek: Mark.
      Mark: I'm in the room, you hear me? I'm in the room!
      Richard: Okay.

    • Callie (waking up, muttering): Y-yes. (Arizona wakes up) Yes.
      Arizona: Oh, oh my, God. Callie? Callie?
      Callie: Yes.
      Arizona: What? What?
      Callie: I'll marry you. (Arizona smiles with joy)

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Jedna píse za druhou (One Song after Another)
      Finland: Laulu rakkaudelle (A Song for Love)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 31, 2011 on CTV
      Finland: April 27, 2011 on Nelonen
      United Kingdom: May 4, 2011 on Sky Living
      Sweden: May 4, 2011 on Kanal 5
      Australia: June 9, 2011 on Channel 7
      Germany: July 20, 2011 on ProSieben
      Norway: November 15, 2011 on TV2
      Czech Republic: April 3, 2012 on Prima LOVE