Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 18

Song Beneath the Song

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2011 on ABC

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  • Geez!

    This was just hard to watch. Awkward and odd. Why did they go there?
  • Greys Anatomy slowly digressing?

    I was hooked by the first 3 seasons,,seems like after the crew all moved up to residence status,the show evolved form a well constructed medical drama with a touch of humor and an acceptable amount of romantic fluff,to an all out episode pretty well nailed it for me in regards to just how corny a series producer of this genre can am not a true fan of musicals anyways,but in this case,I can still say that the songs were all so off the I was thankful that I could fast forward!Sure,good relationship values are nice to display ,but Greys is pushing it to the point of now that the main focus is Calles dysfunctional gay relationship and Mark Sloans transformation from well built alpha-male to skinny ,tender caring Metro- guy who wants to be a self giving think its time to move on and perhaps focus on the medical agree with one post I read,its kinda beat that all the cast members beat death(except for will watch it to the end,but PLEASE,,,,NO MORE ATTEMPTS AT BEING MUSICAL!
  • Grey Anatomy turns into Glee.... umm no thanks

    Pretty painful to watch. I respect that they tried something different but this was one of the worst episodes of GA ever. Please dont do it again!
  • THIS JUST MADE THE TOP TEN OF THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED ON TV!!! Made Scrubs' "Everything Comes Down to Poo" sound like Unchained Melody

    I have great weakness with musicals, I'm a sucker for musicals. But i guess serious TV shows turning musical, it just doesn't work out. Sure they have got great casts and has proven to have one of the best choices of musics for their tracks. But it ain't the same as having to have their characters sing those songs. They have great singers on their hand. Surely the episode must revolve around Callie, for Sara Ramirez has a Tony on her hands. And i did expected Bailey, Lexie, and Arizona to song a couple of tunes. It just doesn't work out with all the fuzz and the doctors bickering, rambling, and all the commotion inside the hospital, it makes the doctors looks like they aren't serious. One thing that made every episodes great is their background music. With every beat and rhythm that go with the rush and the adrenaline on their bodies, our heart beats faster, our minds stop as if it were to bleed, our bodies go numb with the chills of all their great episode. Hell i almost have a heart attack with all that shooting scenes. I cried my eyes out with a lot of their episodes. I laughed my a** off with all the funny lines and well written humors. This is one of the best show there is. But if you would tell me this is their best episode ever, i would hit you in the head and maybe you'll start to hear people sing. If you think this was superb, might i suggest buy yourself a dvd set of the whole series and watch it over again, you might've forgotten the bomb in the chest cavity, or when meredith drowned, or the one with Izzie and Danny Duquet and the lvad wire, and all of the freaking great episodes that made my heart (and am betting the rest of the world's as well) stopped. And what is up with the whole "oh-i'm-in-heaven" thing, with the god rays and stuff. This ain't no vanilla Sky. It's Grey's Anatomy. I hope they didn't just give in to the musical uber because of Glee's fame.(hell that show is stupid)... Buffy's is still by far the best TV Musical there is. Hell, i still have "Walk Through The Fire" on my playlist... Oh, and i thought Addison's gonna have a solo since they brought her in and she's a country singer herself. I had great fan watching that documentary style episode of theirs, the one where Mandy moore died, bring us more of those. Made Scrubs' "Everything Comes Down to Poo" sound like Unchained Melody

    This is a beg to shonda rimes from the rest of us, please, Never Again!!!...
  • By far the worst episode of grey's!

    I am a big fan of Grey's anatomy, but this was nothing more than a musical., The storyline would have been good without the music nonsense.. really ridicilous episode. The worst epiosde since Izzie's hallucinations in Season 5.
  • I liked this episode. Not much happened regarding storylines, but it was a decent performance.

    This episode only focuses on one case, a very difficult one. So I can really understand music as a filler, since this storyline is what is this half of the season about.

    What I liked:

    1) Sara Ramirez and Chyler Leigh both made beautiful performances and I was stunned.

    2) I loved how characters reacted to this crisis. Cristina made a very difficult move and left us a very interesting storyline (so bad that this ends abruptly in early season 8, don't knowing exactly why...) regarding Teddy. There was also a quote from Meredith in the elevator about how infair fate is sometimes, tossing fire hoops on us from nowhere.

    3) I remembered all early seasons, for that music sounded when critical moments of seasons 1/2 ocurred. It's good to see that this show still can provide magic that allows all old fans to return to those excellent seasons. Fortunately, those memories returned when I saw 8x13

    I did not like:

    1) That huge dance scene was all over the top. It was some kind of an enourmous elaborated clich.

    2) The rest of the characters' voice...

    There's no much else to say, since few things happened in this episode, and therefore not much to analise. I watched it twice, and the second was better -I could cope with it just fine, although I had a surgery on that thay!-. Maybe the collective hatred lies on the fact that nobody asked all writers to made a musical episode., and the season could have gonne perfectly developing this pregnancy twist differently.

    All in all, I would what it again and again.
  • The Worst

    This episode is the absolute worst episode. Why did you turn this episode into a boring musical?
  • One of the besttt episodes in the series

    wowww wowww wowww luvdddddddd the episode.

    1 of the bestttt Greys Anatomy episodes yet...sooo damn emotionally touching.

    and the songs really make you cryyy out loud...if you really love the characters and especially love Callie it such a brilliant episodes.

    Sara Ramirez voice is sooo damn really is.

    bringing out the singing voices of our favouriteee doctors was ssuch a good idea..

    screw the haters with the bad ratings...

    i would loveeee to see another musical episode.

    Great work guys.
  • Terrible episode !

    This is the worst episode of Grey's anatomy yet .. so disappointing !!
  • Worst episode of Grey's...ever.


    I've watched Grey's since it first started, and I've been a huge fan. But I definitely feel that the show's quality has slowly been dropping over the past few seasons, and I think the biggest reason is because the show keeps adding new characters I couldn't care less about. And at the top of my least favourite characters list, is Callie. I realize she isn't a new character, but I have never liked her, so making her the centre of this episode (and season really) ruined it. The only good parts, were the scenes she wasn't in, and watching how all the other characters dealt with her situation. And the whole singing aspect of the episode... why?? it was so pointless. This whole Callie/Arizona/Mark story line is what made the seventh season the weakest yet.

  • An 'opera' episode where all the lines are sung. This is like the x-factor Greys episode with everyone [almost] singing their lines. Total rubbish of course but you are spellbound watching like a train crash or a lone gunman picking them off one by one.


    In less than an hour this show unpicks all of the work that has gone into making this show believable to the audience. Our caring, dedicated professionals are revealed to be just con men. They are just actors working for money and willing to do anything to get it - including this trash. Shame on you all for not objecting to this show.

    A truly awful attempt at goodness knows what. I advise fans not to watch this episode as it will ruin the show for you for ever.

  • Sara Ramirez - The Story WOW - You're a GEM!!!

    Sara Ramirez - WOW WHAT A VOICE!!! Every single tune you sing I was mersmerised! You've voice is amazing!Would have preferred to not have The Story not broken into with dialogue which had nothing to do with the reason for the ep...maybe a little over the top with the singing at times but I found it at a whole different level - IT WASN'T GLEE - it's an "out of body" experience that WE ALL feel when we're at a desperate time in our lives. Well done writers, actors you're all talented beyong our expectations - I keep loving Greys!!!
  • I love Grey' anatomy... but trying to make anepisodelike "Scrubs" ... FAILED !!


    I love grey'sanatomy, but this episode washorrible !,

    there was a musical episode in "Scrubs" the same as this one, where a patienthears every one singing theirlines, but that one was the best episode of scrubs , they really did it right, i couldn't blink while watching.

    but when grey's anatomy wanted to do the same, it was more thanawfuland i hope that i'll never ever see something like this again,becausei really LOVE grey's anatomy

  • I loved this episode. I dont watch it weekly, I have missed the first 6 series so I am waiting to get the box set or for sky to do a re run from series 1. My mum is addicted and she loved this episode so much she said i had to watch it. I loved it.

    Brilliant episode, cast can all sing. Sickening how multi talented and gorgeous they are. Cried buckets and laughed too. It had everything in it. Well done Grey's Anatomy, I could not have imagined this working in a million years but it does, it so does. I watch it over and over. It moves so well from scene to scene with songs so relevent and beautiful. I dont know the characters very well but I did not need to know too much for it to be amazing. I had to fight myself not to keep watching every episode from then on, but I really want to see it from the start first. Well done.
  • Musical episode on Grey's.

    I love Grey's with all my heart and it's the best thing ever created. The actors are all extremely talented and I've only gotten more impressed and hooked onto the series with each episode. But honestly, 10 minutes into this episode, the minute Hunt opened his mouth, in the trauma room, to that tune... It's just wrong. And I cringed. More so when Lexie joined in while frantically searching for Mark. I just feel the need to reach over and cover their mouths to snap them out of the singing. Please, hear our pleas. Grey's is beyond amazing and just utterly perfect without this musical fad. If I'd wanted that I'd be watching Glee and not Grey's. So PLEASE. Leave Grey's the way it is. In all it's perfection and PLEASE! NEVER. AGAIN. Thank you.
  • I thought I was watching a bad episode of Glee!

    Is it a sign of how bereft of material the writers for this show have that they had to create a musical episode? There was enough drama in the storyline itself without adding singing doctors to the list. My wife said the only thing that could make this worse is that they'll break into a dancing routine, and lo and behold Miranda & Eli go and do that some two minutes later.
    Meredith near the close of the episode asks the question why is the universe so cruel to allow Cali to have a baby and not her, and you can understand her reasoning. But I personally felt that the trauma, pain, grief etc that this episode tried to deal with was belittled by the constant outbreak of singing.
    I hope that they never do an episode like this again. Leave it to the Glee crowd please!
  • Was it them singing?

    Was it actually the characters singing? Was it actually their voices recorded??
    And I loved that episode!!! And those people who say its like Glee obviously haven't watched Glee! If you think about it, the idea is completely different. Just because they sing in an episode doesn't mean its copying Glee!
    But anyways, does anyone know if its them singing? Obviously its recorded, but is it THEM singing the songs?

    And OMG how and I supposed to say this is 100 words?!?!
    Im just going to keep writing until it lets me publish this.

    Oh my god!!!! Why on earth does it need to be 100 words??
  • Does it always have to be that the main caracters are fighting with death? Come repeats with almost all of them? Any other ideas? ...

    I love GA... I didn't particularly love this episode. Personally, the musical didn't work for me. I love the voices of Callie and Lexie... but the musical parts really distructed me, and it looked so unreal:( Nice to see Adison, she should have had a bit more space though.
    Although I love Callie, Arizona and Mark story, I miss Meredith and Cristina (and Alex)being in the front of the show. Their relationship is also a bit neglected. Meredith's and Derek's scene in the elevator was very nice. Cristina is my favorite. I just LOVE her caracter, and I love the episodes where she has more time, it made this episode better for me too.
    I just have to mention that the writers love putting the main caracters in life danger. The death and danger of death is so much present with ALL of them. I almost stoped watching when they killed George. Everyone at one point is at the edge of death and it's not something I enjoy, especially as it repeats over and over. Who is still left, Mark, Lexie... will they have some accident or cancer??

    That said, I do love this show, and can't wait for the next episode. It will be interesting what will be the development with Meredith and Derek and the baby trying...
  • Bearable at the beginning, really painful to watch in the end.

    Musical episode, really? No other ideas?
    In a medical drama where doctors/nurses randomly hook up (Lexie&Jackson,Bailey&Eli,April&Stark,Karev&Lucy), doctors also get shot, run into car accidents and eventually die if they're no longer good to the show, the writers come up with a musical episode where everybody get to sing (even Meredith who sings like she narrates) to cover up a really recycling storyline: Callie got an accident, Callie was saved by the most excellent doctors and Callie fix her relationship with Arizona ... ...

    It has become from boring to painful to watch Grey's recently and I wonder when ABC will call up an end to this ... ...
  • The following are my tweets and status updates while the episode first aired.

    Grey's Anatomy: The Musical!

    Calliope means muse of music. Amazing cover of Chasing Cars.

    Breathe (2 AM) = Love

    Dr. Hunt's "how we operate" was oddly sexy. "wait" was also impressive.

    Running on sunshine = hot. Alex = hotter. Meredith's voice is super cute. Universe & U awesome lesbian love song!

    Grace was amazing. How to Save a Life was BEYOND amazing!

    Ellen Pompeo is a great actress! The Story gave me chills! Definitely one of the best episodes ever!

    So overall an amazing episode, perhaps not best still amazing. Just remember Shonda this something that can only be pulled off ONCE! Buy the soundtrack on iTunes!
  • Massively disappointing, we expect greater things.

    If a show is going to do a musical episode, as is becoming the hip thing to do, it must really go the extra mile.

    It's simply not good enough to re-record famous songs and have a few characters lip sync.

    Joss Wheedon wrote an entire score for the Buffy Musical episode. Laziness will not be tolerated. If the music does not add to the plotline, do not include it.

    Either you find music that completely fits the moment (not just the chorus), or you have people singing songs for the sake of singing them, rather than furthering the plot (as with Scrubs for the most part).

    Some moments of some of these songs fit, but the majority of it just got in the way, and ended up looking like actors singing along to the regular background music.

    It was distracting, not genius.

    Grey's Anatomy is an amazing show, and this was beneath the standard it has set itself.

    I'm sure most of the actors must have thought "What on earth am I singing this for?"

    There are literally gazillions of music artists worldwide. With enough forethought I'm sure more pertinent lyrics could have been sourced. And if not, I'm sure with a little encouragement the artists would have allowed for some tampering.

    These are the days of Glee. Songs for singing sake can exist there. But in Seattle Grace, there's no real excuse for it. Certainly the comatose state Kali was in might justify some weirdness, just as brain tumours and near death moments allow for us to sustain our disbelief, but this was just not good enough.

    Poorly executed, like a bad music video, when there was so much room for brilliance.

    So very disappointing.
  • rsrsrs....still laughing!

    OMG! This was just embarrassing!
    I can believe they agreed to do this!
    I was laughing from start to end, I almost felt that the actors were embarrassed by their colleagues whenever someone went possessed and star singing out of the blue!
    Just ridiculous! "Running on Sunshine" was probably one of the top worst sequences in TV history!
    Maybe if it was only Chasing cars and How to save a life sang just by Callie, it would be more acceptable, but the whole musical thing and the fact that they all had to sing, was just a Grey`s killer! Not to mention that the story was really predictable!
  • Song after Song after Song. I don't watch Glee. I don't like Musicals. I got so bored with each song. It cheapened the show and its integrity.

    Very disappointing to say the least. I kept thinking to myself throughout the whole show, is it over yet? I found myself multi-tasking and wanting to press mute during every singing part, which is basically the entire episode. People don't watch Grey's Anatomy to hear the cast sing, they need to stick with what they are good at, DRAMA, not singing. It was cheesy, and cheapen the integrity of the show. I hope they never do this again because if they do, it will be the last episode I watch of Grey's Anatomy because I didn't start watching the show for this!
  • LOVE Sara Ramirez version of "The story"

    Was really disappointed throughout with all the singing until the very end when "Callie" Sang. She is BRILLIANT. Really loved her version of "The Story". Downloaded it from iTUNES and have been listening to it over and over again! Should have a number 1 hit with it. Wouldn't continue to watch the next season of Greys if singing was to become and every episode occassion. Bailey singing....nah it just didn't work for me. It would have been yet another fantastic episode if it wasn't for, yes you guessed it....the singing. Sara Ramirez saved this episode. Without her I think there would have been a lot of annoyed viewer.
  • This episode was very good, it did its job when the point and feelings of each character that is effected through this event. from start to finish it was clean and acceptable content as far as how the viewers should look at it from the victim's stand.

    This episode was very good, it did its job when the point and feelings of each character that is effected through this event is most important. from the start of the episode to finish it was clean and acceptable content as far as how the viewers should look at it from the victim's stand. People need to realize that not everyone experiences the same "near death" feelings or how should it be shown. this episode actually was the best so far due to how relate able the situation is to the population from every point of view, the two moms the dad, the dad's ex-girlfriend( who was in love with him). how a student teacher relationship is changed. the boss/ wife thing. egos. the issues that everyone never thinks of until something horrible happens, i.e save the baby or the mother. people say crap about people singing? really? is that your only issue?, because i say tough up and let it go and look at this episode at a different angle. please dont hate this episode because of the "singing". hate it for other legit issues effecting the story line.

    P.S love the song choices.
  • Ridiculous script. Only Sara Ramirez' voice save. Makes Glee an Oscar Winning.

    Ridiculous script. Only Sara Ramirez' voice save.

    I became completly dissapointed with this episode, so weak, just the cliche plot of a dying caracter.

    The musics tottaly out of the contexts, beautiful songs, but just not connected with the moments.

    Was forced, was boring...

    Owen is just a TERRIBLE singer and great part of the cast too. Just Sara Ramirez and Lexie saves in my opinion.

    All the hospital dedicated just for one patient. Everybody sick on Seattle died on that day.

    "Our friend is dying, let's make out."

    I'm talking about the music "Walking on sunshine". What it was doing there????


    Completly NON sense.

    One of the worst episodes of ALL THE TIME.

    Shonda, please wake up and bring to us nice histories as in the old times.
  • I really wanted to like this...I really did...

    I am all for shows pushing boundaries and trying new things, but this just didn't work for me. Yes they are lovely songs, and the majority of the cast have lovely singing voices, but it just felt so forced and out of context. The only song that I found myself liking was "How to Save a Life" and thats mainly because they all had their masks on, so I could pretend they were all singing along in their heads!!!
    There were a few beautiful and touching moments to the episode....
    Mark and Arizona finally making some kind of peace between them (with both of them realising that the other is actually important in all of this)
    The elevator bit with Meredith and Derek (Always with the elevator!!!) was just lovely. Sometimes Mer can be a bit too pulled together and its nice to be reminded that she still has her issues, her dark and twisty issues!

    On the whole I just don't think the singing really added and aided the storyline and it just became a distraction, pulling focus away from what should have been a gripping and gut-wrenching storyline...
  • Wonderfully innovative, imaginative and brilliant concept.

    No, this was not a medical version of Glee. In other words, contrary to some who have labeled it such, this episode was not a "musical." Let's get that clear right from the start. This was Calliope's out of body experience. Her name means "music" if you were paying attention to the dialogue at all. Of course it's going to be musical! It's about Callie's perspective. And with her voice she certainly pulled her part off without a hitch. Every cast member was given Callie's permission to be musical in her out of body experience... and I thought it worked very well. Why? Because these actors and actresses are extremely talented. Not just anyone could have pulled off a concept such as this. It is a credit to the entire cast and crew that this episode was given wings to fly. I say kudos and bravo. Was it perfect? Of course not. But it was done with excellence and strong vocal performances throughout. Some of the voices were more suited to background vocals versus solos and they were appropriately used sparingly in that way. And some cast members who probably could not sing did not sing at all. Which shows that they really did know what they were doing after all.
  • Song Beneath The Song

    RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Worst episode eveeeeeer!! This is not supposed to be a musical!
    every time that Hunt (Kevin McKidd) started to sing it made me laugh soooooo much. The only thing that saved is that Sara Ramirez' voice is amazing! and it was a great story. I wach Grey's Anatomy for a long long time and i've never seen a episode as bad as this one, hope it never happends again...

    Now, lets wait for the next episode and hope it gets better! This episode had everything to be awesome, but this songs were terrible!

    Ps.: sorry for my bad english, its because i'm not american, or any place that speaks english.. '-'
  • While Arizona proposes to Callie during a drive to a B&B, they ram into a truck. Pregnant Callie gets flung through the windscreen. A moribund Callie goes through the experience 'through song'.

    OMG! I have watched every episode of these Dr's on constant heat, keeping my lady company as she enjoys this mindless dessert after a long day's work. Ordinarily, I admittedly enjoy the escapism the story lines had to offer. However, this was the most pathetic idea ever to have the cast do a musical. I wanted to slash my wrists - had I really wanted to lose all my will to live, I would have put myself through Australia again, this time knowing what to expect! I half expected Hugh Jackman to pop out from a hospital bed to do a medley with Dr Torres..
    Making the show a musical just stole any remaining credibility the show had to being a medical drama, and broke any realism of the show. Besides the soapy-styled relationship stories between the characters, the medical stories always had some credibility up to this point.
    Just not to miss out on the story, we had our thumbs on the fast forward button to speed through the singing (Sara Ramirez: great voice but rather go to Broadway to be appreciated there).After this episode, Greys Anatomy is now a complete joke. Idea for the next episode: how about the hobbits joining in another musical doing a phantom of the opera bit? Why not? Seems everything goes right now with Greys..
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