Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 18

Stand By Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on ABC

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  • I loved this episode.

    Cristina was such a sweetie how she planned the whole surgery and treatment for Izzie, but Izzie did not want treatment at first. And there were some pretty good scenes with Callie/Hunt/Derek in the woods. Also those medical cases were interesting in this episode. I don´t know, but it felt great and almost like season 2. They are those characters we fell in love with in 2005. And the end of this brilliant episode was just touching. I was in tears. It was so lovely how Izzie´s friends took care of her. Also Sheperd seemed determined to work on her case. I am happy that George has finally something to do! :)
  • It's one of those episodes that make you fall in-love with this show all over again.

    Yes, so many people have complained that season 5 was not as good as the previous ones, especially for the whole Denny story-line, but then you watch this kind of episode and you realize why you are invested in this show, and why you just simply canNOT stop watching it.

    From the moment it begins, with that beautiful scene (Meredith/Izzie/Cristina at the kitchen table), you realize it's going to be freakin' awesome. And then w had some powerful moments. One of the most memorable scenes in the history of Grey's Anatomy goes to that part where Cristina and Izzie are talking in the residents' lounge:

    Cristina cries out, "You are not dumping this on me. You are not DYING on my arms."

    And then how Izzie just screams out, "I don't even know if I WANT treatment!" That was the breaking point for me. How amazing is Katherine Heigl here, seriously? And then she continues with the amazingness by saying, "I know too much. I know that we fail all the time. Surgery fails all the time. Derek Shepard is in the FREAKIN' woods because we F-A-I-L all the time!"

    Wow. Heartbreaking.

    And then Cristina telling her later on that sometimes, they DO succeed. Wow. Awesomeness. And that she told Alex and Bailey and they're telling George and Meredith.

    And then seeing George running down the halls--seriously, what a beautiful episode.

    No one knows how to write and plot such an amazing episode like Grey's.
  • Grey's Anatomy shows again why it's one of the best shows on tv.

    How terrific is Patrick Dempsey? This is a question I ask myself a lot and not just because he is HOT (although he is) but because he is a superb actor. Always underrated. His scenes at the caravan are breathtaking and sad. I also loved the exchanges with the other Doctors.

    One of the things I adore about this show is how it rips away the veneer of Doctors and shows their humanity. I know that Doctors are trained to be arrogant and required to be ruthless in their decision making but when you're a patient you just wish for a little gentleness.

    This is a lesson Cristina needs to learn.

    And it's great to see Meredith in hard-a** mode.

    Can't wait for next week both with the inane interns and Derek.
  • In this episode, we see how surgeins really feel and how they react when one of them is in real danger and the lengths they would go to.

    We had three stories that were focused on this week.
    1. We had the heart-wrenching story of the man with the face transplant and how he is so afraid to reveal his current state even to those he regards as friends. Through this story we also see how Mc Steamy and little Grey react to the gossip behind their backs and that is doesnt break them, it made them stronger.
    2. We get to see Shepherd's breakdown and how deeply he feels for his patients and that even thought, as a surgeon, he shouldnt feel for nor get attached to his patients. If people think that a 2 episode breakdown wasnt enough, then I say it usually wouldnt be, but in this case Derek is trying to help someone he knows and likes and at the same time redeem and apologize to Meredith from what he did with the ring.
    3. I loved how Christina, the so called "robot", came through for her friend, Izzie. She is not like Meredith to her, but she is a friend and she couldnt stand watching her wasting her life away and her chanced of survival. No matter what Christina's shortcoming, she is a good friend and surgeon.
    So far I loved everything about this episode except Alex's reaction when he knew about Izzie's condition. Al first, when Christina told him and he didnt react, I thought it was the shock. But I, now, dont think so. I thought he would run and go to her, gather her in his arms and assure her everything is going to be fine and that he will be there for her. I mean, after all, she is the woman he confessed loved to.
    And that is my take on the episode.
  • Out of the park!

    OMG! What an amazing episode, although sad I must say it was one of the most intense episodes on the show.

    Derek's ability to bring everyone down with him is amazing, and now when he's needed the most he must show why he is the best neurosurgeon in the country. By the way I loved the way he talked to the chief, I mean seriously; he had no purpose on telling Meredith about the ring, I still resent him for that.

    Poor Izzie! I know they will save her (or I hope they'll save her) but she must be going trough hell, and those interns from down under don't help very much. Cristina proved once again that beneath that robot shelter she has a great heart and care about all her friends. I know we wont have a lot of romance in the days to come, but I miss all the couple Izziex, Merder, Owina and my newest fav couple Calliezona or whatever we'll call them. And Im dying for the next episode
  • As its title says, this episode was all about standing by the people around you.

    Patient of the week is a 38-year-old male who lost most of his face in an accident. Bailey, Callie, Owen and the Chief try to convince Derek to come back to work, and Cristina deals with the secret Izzy confessed to her. This episode was, in one word, superb. It reminded of exactly why I still watch Grey's Anatomy after all this time. It was undoubtedly the best episode of the season, and I dare say it was one of the best in the show's entire history. I can't wait to see what the remainder of the season has in store for us.
  • Loved this episode

    I love how they showed the vulnerability of Derek. It let us see another side of him. I like how when Owen and Callie came to the woods they were able to vent just like Derek did.They were able to face things from their past.I think this was a good episode for Izzie and Cristina too because it kind of showed a relationship between them that we've never seen before. Izzie told Cristina because Cristina is the robot of the group but when Izzie told her Cristina cared and did everything she could to help Izzie through this even though Izzie didn't want the help.ALL in ALL the best episode this season!
  • Great episode with all sorts of people standing by all sorts of other people.

    Grey's Anatomy has improved this season since the dark days of the Denny's ghost episodes. The story with the guy who had to have a face transplant was really well done, the make up effects were amazing. In contrast, there were some great movbing scenes when various people (Callie, Owen and the Chief) all went up to Derek's place to try to persuade him to come back. They all told very touching tales of patients they had lost that they had hto come to terms with being responsible for their deaths. There was a lot happening in this episode and many strong performances too.
  • Izzie reveals patient X.

    I like how they "awakened" Derek's character in this episode. From the previous episodes, the story was built to make you think that nothing could almost make him go back, bringing this twist in the series is plain CLEVER! It's smart, it's something that seems obvious but if you try to think about it on your own, you might find yourself saying "i was also thinking that but...!"

    Even the slight change in Cristina's character is really really interesting!

    This episode is really one episode that would make you realize why you love this show. You get hooked because you know they just have something good in store for the next episode, and the next episode, and the next... and the next. BRAVO!
  • i just watched it and i can't stop crying .

    Whoever wrote this script needs an oscar. The hospital finally knows who pcient X is , and it is truly emotional for everyone. Izzie now has to face the fact that she has stage 4 cancer. Derreck is refusing to return to the hospital so Callie amd others attempt to bring him back. This is byfar my favorite episode. I have never cried over a television show and never heard a script so real it makes you believe this is one of your family members. If you were considering to view this episod i have three words for you "Best Episode Ever".
  • Closure is offered to the personal dramas developed in the previous episodes, in a finely tuned, excellently made episode. Great from start to finish!

    This episode had it all, major, impressive surgery, doctor-patient identification, enough time for all the characters to develop their behaviour, and closure to the issue of Izzie about which we have been wondering for so long. Christina steps up and reveals Izzie's illness to everyone, not allowing her to just give up and refuse treatment. Lexie defends her relationship with Mark in front of her nosy, gossipy and most of the times downright rude fellow interns, while the Chief tells Derek off and in so doing helps him get out of his emotional mess, not allowing him to wallow in self-pity and just refuse to let anyone help him. And in the middle of everything an exciting, world class face transplant surgery, and a patient who teaches everyone the meaning of overcoming difficulty, and accepting help. The bottom line: fellowship, collaboration and above all love and friendship, and to not give up without a fight.
  • Intense!

    I loved this episode, Stand by Me! It was so perfect. As a fan you never really see Christina get emotional and she generally doesn't care about many people. My favorite is Izzie, and I thought that Christina never really liked her, but in this episode Christina shows compassion and friendship for/with Izzie, it was seriously moving. I also love Callie. I never really cared for her much in seasons 2 or 3. But, I started likeing her when her and George were splitting up, and I just really like her now, as well as Lexie. Overall one of my favorite moments from this episode was the ending, because we see the original 5 interns in that one room showing love and compassion, it was just great!
  • The best episode for this season

    For this season I can say there are just a few episode that moved me. But, this is one of the best so far.

    It made me cry when I least expect it.

    And some of us (or maybe most of us) would want to see George and Izzie gone before this season ends or by the season finale. But watching this episode you'll find it in your hearts that you don't want that to happen. That if one of them is gone it just wouldn't be the same. Maybe because they are the interns we grown to love and even if some of the stars have left the show, seeing them leave is just another thing. In this episode you will again see what made Grey's Anatomy - "Grey's Anatomy".

    I know that I might not have given this one a point by point review, and it is because I feel that one should watch it and experience the feeling that I have felt.
  • Probably the best epidose of the season so far

    This was not only one of the best episodes of the season, but also one of the best episodes of the show.
    The whole Izzie's storyline was amazing. Specially the scenes between her and Cristina. The last 3 minutes were devastating.
    Patrick Dempsey also delivered a great performance...the way he yelled at the Chief and the things he said to him...outstanding.
    The stuff in the middle like the plastic surgery and the drama with the interns were entertaining too.
    From what I've seen of the promo, next episode has to top this one without a doubt.
    I've been enjoying this season so much...and the rest of it will sure be even better.
  • Izzy finally faces her demons

    This has to go down as one of the best episodes of season 5. While this episode has managed to put a lot of pieces together, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the way the drama was pieced together. Izzy's storyline was dramatic, and poignant as a matter of fact. The final scene was a real tearjerker. Christina has played a fantastic role in this one. I really can't find a better person who can play the strong-woman character. While for most part I would rate this episode as exemplary, there were a a few misfits in the whole scheme of things. The whole idea of Torres and Hunt going to meet Derek to talk him out of his stupor was unoriginal. We've already seen it in Scrubs, where Carla sends an army of people to talk to Dr. Cox, after he accidentally kills his 3 transplant patients. Sloan's face transplant story was good, but they should have used it in some other episode.

    Overall, a fine GA episode.
  • The intern stuff needs to stop.

    Grey's Anatomy may be crawling at this point, as it's desperate for that big storyline to restore the glory days of the show, but it's not going to be what Izzie or Derek are currently going through. The Derek situation could have been really good had he actually quit, even just for a few weeks, but a two episode meltdown is not enough. As for Izzie, it just did not feel as dramatic as the moment when everybody found out should have been.

    I think I have made my hatred for the interns clearly, but it was kicked up to a whole new level here tonight. The injuries and the sobbing girl, just way too Nickelodeon for me.