Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 12

Start Me Up

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2011 on ABC

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    A character is pregnant on Grey's Anatomy and it is.....Callie Torres? What?

    The show did need that spark, it really did, but this is not the thing to give the show the much needed boost. Grey's has been stagnant, and having a character get pregnant is always going to be a cop out. We had a lot of "comedy" segments with the interns, but I didn't really laugh. The serious scenes did not do it for me either tonight.

    And can they actually give Derek a real storyline and not just have him say something perverted to Meredith in bed?

    Mediocre at best episode tonight.
  • Good episode, but really stupid twist in the Arizona-Callie thing

    Pregnant? From Mark Sloan? Seriously? I mean, they are all supposed to be M.D. and not some backyard great plains thing. It is nice for dramatic reasons, but birth control should be practised amongst medical staff to the extend, where unplanned parenthood does not "Happen" every 13 episodes (since Meredith Grey was unplanned pregnant towards the end of last season). The gay couple was fun to watch, and so is Bailey with the nurse...
    Karev being the best teacher and being hated for by kepner and Avery is fun, to. Especially given their past ;-)
    Webber telling Yang, how compassionate etc Bailey was during her time as chief resident....well, that is the kind of irony, we were all missing during the teardrop-pounding/squeezing the episodes before... Hope, this turnaround stays that way.
  • Back to the origins. I hope it stays this way so we all can forget the tear-jerking and sometimes boring first half of this 7th season.

    Finally an episode with a balanced amount of comedy and drama. The 1st year Med students in this episode remind us of the 1st Season Cast. Inexperienced but eager to learn. Dr. Bailey is back to her old self and this new romance is the best thing that could happen to this character. Once again I was able to laugh and enjoy Bailey's witty remarks.
    As always this show is able to give us an insight of all the changes that are happening in American Society today. The Gay Rights theme seems to be recurrent on several TV Shows this Season but it isn't new to the Grey's Anatomy plot and they do it so naturally that it can sure help educate some viewers on how we can live in an open Society
  • Happy, bubbly Bailey plus new interns equals very good episode:)

    Happy Bailey is always funny so I hope that she will stay in relationship with nurse Eli for a long time.

    Karev was lucky again! He got the fist solo surgery because Cristina was in trouble and now he seems to be leading in the race for Chief Resident because he is sleeping with his intern. April isn't happy:)

    I like Henry. He is funny, honest and charming. I think he is perfect for Teddy. I still think that this sudden marriage was stupid idea but maybe they have a chance to be happy together. If they will start talking and explain what they expect from each other- like at the end of the episode.

    Why the Chief had interns evaluate residents? That's something new. If there was evaluation of Bailey during first season... Well she would have been in trouble. Overall, for me this whole evaluation thing is a unnecessary and pointless.

    As for Callie/Arizona drama I hope that Callie was lying. Hey, they are doctors! They must have heard about birth control, right? Arizona does her best but she still has a lot to understand.

    I'm not an expert but shouldn't Meredith wait till next morning to do the pregnancy test again? It was strange that she tried so many times.

    All in all good episode.
  • Arizona tries really hard to get Callie to forgive her, while Callie hides something big from her. Meredith is trying hard to get pregnant with Derek, Teddy has to make a life or death decision for her husband, and the residents get new interns.*Spoilers*

    Another good episode, yet it had a little less action than last week's. I was missing Lexie this again- we've seen very little of her for the last few episodes. It wasn't an incredibly funny or lighthearted episode, but it was still good.
    The residents get new interns- Cristina's faints in the OR, and thinks she lacks compassion. Meredith gets a young woman who texts through the surgery and asks her more personal than professional questions. April and Jackson also get interns, Jackson annoyed because he didn't get Alex's, who is... more attractive than the rest of them. He is more than happy to teach her everything. The residents learn that Chief Webber had all the interns review their residents, and that everyone except for Alex failed. This is only after they learn that the race for Chief Resident is on. Some of the doctors learn that a patient's wife is Teddy (but Owen still doesn't know...?) I didn't really like her in this episode- that moment when she froze up in the OR was understandable but irritating. Meanwhile, Bailey is enjoying her non-serious relationship boy-nursefriend.
    The most important part of this episode is how Arizona tries to figure out her flaws and get Callie to forgive her. Callie seemed just as grouchy and cruel to her as she has since Arizona returned. Arizona hears from Mark that the problem was her bailing on Callie so the two meet up in the elevator at the end. She tells Callie that she's sorry again, and that she want's another chance. Callie admits that she's pregnant, with Sloan's baby, and asks if she still wants another chance. The episode ends without a reply.
    Throughout the episode, I felt bad for Arizona. The people who I was really annoyed with were Teddy, Alex, and Callie. (Plus the new interns, especially the one Alex sleeps with.)