Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 13

State of Love and Trust

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2010 on ABC

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  • Alex works in peds. Boring stuff happens. A kid almost died because of his dumb father. Cristina's butt dies.

    this ep does not even deserve a 1, it should get a 0. it was soooooo boring. I am the most hardcore grey's fan out there, and even i turned it off. That's just how boring it was. It wasn't that funny, unlike most other grey's eps, and it just did not have anything good happen in it. I hate owen so much and cristina and teddy are getting really annoying. I super super super super suggest you skip it unless you plan on falling asleep anytime soon. IT SUCKED. i think i've made my point. do not ever ever ever watch this ep. i dont even get why people think it's so amazing.
  • Derek takes over.

    A very routine episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight that had me asking, "What just happened?" and not because there was a jaw-dropping cliffhanger or shocking ending like this program occasionally has, but because this episode really accomplished nothing.

    I don't want to say Grey's has gotten predictable but did anybody think there wasn't going to be a problem with the kid and the father wasn't going to be wrong? Or that Richard would not go to rehab? And I'm sorry, but Yang having sex and lots of it is not an image my mind is equipped to process. I would have been fine with any other character doing so, but with her, it just seems really weird.
  • I can't wait to see what happens between Lexie and Mark. I hope they will finally be together. But for now I enjoy the drama between them.I would absolutely prefer Lexie to make Mark jealous about what he is losing. :)

    I can't wait to see what happens between Lexie and Mark. I hope they will finally be together. But for now I enjoy the drama between them.I would absolutely prefer Lexie to make Mark jealous about what he is losing.About Karev .... I am very upset he shouldn't sleep with Lexie.She was drunk .. he seduced her very easy and...we know what happened.They would have been a great couple but in the past.He is now with Izzie and she needs a lot of support that she could find at him ...but he only knows to ask for help ...not to give.I belive he forgot what he said to Izzie at the church?! By the way love MerDer !
  • Just great.

    I didn't enjoy the last two episodes (or at least the last one mainly) but as the writers usually do, they come back with mayor drama. And this one had an important amount of Seattle Grace drama!
    It's not necessary to explain in detail the reasons why it was a big episode, because you can tell once you see it. I believe I have to say this though: Sandra Oh once again stole the spotlight. Not only with the comedy ("Don't cry on my ass" was enough), but with the Burke/Owen/Teddy dilema...simply amazing! That woman deserves another award, pronto.
    The Chief & Derek, Mark & Lexie, Alex in PEDS, the pacient who woke up in surgery, it was all very entertainig. And we met Bailey's new love interest, finally!

    Also, I realized that Katherine Heigl is not THAT essential to the show anymore. I used to think that without her it wouldn't be the same, because Izzie was such a good character and one of my favorites, but now I feel she's really done with Grey's. We know she's on maternity leave and that she wants a movie career, so maybe it's time to let her go and not destroy what's left of Dr. Stevens. I could be wrong and Shonda may surprise us, but her plot this year has been a bit dull so far.

    Can't wait for next week!!!
  • Derek's first day as the interim chief goes off to a rough start when he faces a huge lawsuit; Alex defends a stressed-out teenager, to the surprise of Arizona; Lexie must contend with Mark's bitter attitude; Cristina gets an awkward injury.

    The BEST episode in a LONG time. I love this episode so much. Like, omg. Cristina's "Please don't cry on my Butt" was hilarious!!! Wow. I just wish those other Mercy Westers werent hired back. Im sick of all these new characters. Geez lol...well im really excited for next week and the week after - looks like February sweeps will be really good this year! I'm just in love with Grey's again and I am happier than ever because this episode was perhaps one of my all-time favorites!! The drama and comedy was well pitched and the acting by the traumatized patient was superb!!!