Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

Outside of the hit ambulance, Meredith finds a severely injured family on the road. Meredith has Lily, the teenaged girl in the family take care of the baby while she and Alex take care of the rest of the family. Things are looking down when Lily's grandmother is dead and both her sister and brother are injured but as another car turns around the bend they see that help had finally arrived. Meredith, Bailey and Ben work on Lily's brother. While operating on his liver, he begins to go into organ failure until they realize the real problem.

Lily's mother passes away while Meredith tries to revive her. While her siblings survived surgery, Lily's father continues to code. Mark calls his girlfriend Julia for help on one of the surgeries. Lily's sister had a shard of glass in her eye and Julia is called in to remove it. Lexie is not so happy about working with her but after having a heart to heart with Julia after the surgery, she realizes that she's actually a nice person and she likes her.

The rest of the doctors agree not to tell Teddy that Henry is dead and she requests Cristina's help for the rest of the heart surgery she's working on. Cristina toughs out the surgery but finally confronts Teddy and tells her that Henry is dead.

Lily, who has already watched her grandmother and mother die, asks Meredith to take him off of life support since she turned 18 just hours ago.

Alex doesn't seem to be quite right after his jolt in the ambulance. Arizona thinks he's still suffering from shock after the accident. Jackson wants to take the fall for what happened to Callie's patient. Ultimately, Callie has to take the fall because she is the attending and she is the resident. Meredith and Derek go home. While they've had a rough day, things begin to turn around when the adoption counselor arrives at the door with baby Zola.