Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2012 on ABC

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  • The best of the entire season, and one of the strongest and well-written episodes of the entire series.

    Totally worth the wait! Enjoyed absolutely everything of the episode. All storylines went to rare, original and interesting ways. It gives a lot of thread to cut for the rest of the season (save the awful 8x24 "flight", which almost ruined it all)

    A) Music. Totally nailed it with the musical choice. I highly recomend anyone to hear "the same", "skin", and "New York", three incredible emotional songs.

    B) Plot coherence regarding "sudden events". Absolute everything was unexpected, from those funny moments (Cristina imitating April), the adoption twist, the alergic reaction, to the news that it was Lily's birthday. Everything, out of the blue. And the narration was up to the plot (finally!).

    C) Crash. The most dramatic case I've seen in a while. Loved how Lily was played, and how she managed all the pressure and how she took those unthinkable decisions. While she was not having it at all, she pulled strenght out of nowhere! And this show rarely shows us the worst case scenario or everything going wrong (like in 5x22 bus crash). And I have to say that this was one of Ellen Pompeo's strongest performances in a while. Also Alex was well played. Also, the glass-in-the-eye thing (although gross for some) was a good way to show that Julia is a serious girl for Mark, and that Lexie has a lot to consider if she wants Mark to come back at some point.

    D) Teddy drama. Also one of her best performances, laughing and crying in the same episode. Excellently was how the story was being written, and how Cristina handled the situation. What a twist was to hear that Teddy needed her and they had to lie to her in order to go on in the heart surgery! And an interesting plot for Teddy.

    E) Again, even if the plot was terrific, they're treating Avery like an idiot and an inexperienced person, which was the only flaw of the episode (esp. 8x09). But Callie reacted well to this, and took all the responsability.

    F) Even if the very ending was unreal for some, Grey's Anatomy plays has played with this posibilites (7x20, 5x22). Yes, adoption agents do not tend to bring requested babies home like pizza, but actually in this case, it made it totally unexpected (again, the "suddenly" plot) and it was incredibly touching.

    Excellent episode, an awesome way of continuing lots of ongoing storylines. One of my favourite episodes, and clearly the best of the season -enjoyed it more than 8x09)
  • great episode

  • It just hits you out of nowhere...the emotional rollercoaster

    Grey's is back in great original fashion and promising to live up to its name in the second half of 8th season already. The episode was an emotional rollercoaster at times (with its comedy being thrown at the least expected moment) and for sure did not disappoint. It wasn't perfect, but still close to it, maybe it's because I had too big expectations about it (and in result enjoyed Dark Was the Night much more), but don't mind me. Personally I think it was the best mid-season premiere of GA in years, it even beat last year's emotional installment called Disarm and that says something.

    First of all I've got to applaud the cast & writers. This episode is something what I call brilliant TV. ALL of the actors delivered in a big way, especially my beloved Kim Raver (as expected, she did not disappoint) and Sandra Oh (as always, gotta love the chemistry between those two)! Speaking of -- I kinda imagined that the scene in which Teddy will learn the truth about Henry's death would be different, they went into the complete opposite direction, from what I've expected. But boy, was it good. Cristina was her robot-self, trying not to tear up while delivering news to Teddy like she'd be any patient's wife. And then she asked her to say THE words. Brilliant work, kudos to the writers.

    Next on my list is of course our main character/actress Ellen Pompeo. I'm not gonna talk a lot about her in this review, 'cause in comparison to the already aforementioned actresses, she herself did not have a big impact on me. Though she for sure proved us that Meredith WILL be a good mother, in her scenes with the girl named Lily, comforting her. Speak of the devil, the actress that played the eldest daughter that was in the car crash with the ambulance that Alex & Meredith were in, was very convincing and really broke my heart. Once again kudos to the writers, the story was heartbreaking and I didn't see the resolution coming, I thought that at least one of the parents would survive or something -- but it's GA after all.

    And last but not least on the list is Sara Ramirez. Even though she did not get much screentime this week, she made a big impression on me in her short scene with Jesse Williams (Jackson), the way she spoke showed how honorable and mature of a character Callie has become, she's a good mentor.

    Honorable mention goes to the guest star Holly Fain who plays dr Julia Kenner, she really was amazing in her scene with Chyler Leigh.

    And I've got to admit that I did not see Mer/Der getting Zola back least not yet. So the episode wasn't as predictable as the other ones were lately, gotta give it to the writers.

    Once again (as always, I guess), I gotta give it to Alexandra Patsavas, the music-supervisor of GA, who made a brilliant choice of songs for the soundtrack of this episode. "Skin" by Zola Jones completed the already emotional and heartbreaking scene in which Teddy bids adieu to her (already) late husband, Henry in the morgue. Oh boy, this scene was so intenese, I literally felt as if someone was ripping my heart out, and even with GA it doesn't happen that often. I couldn't stop the tears from coming, Kim Raver really did shine in this episode. I hope that she will get a nomination for some kind of award, as it seems, she'll continue to get good material in the coming weeks.

    Also, I'd like to point out that the episode was a nice parallel / contrast of sorts to last year's midseason-premiere and last season's which Teddy got married to Henry (7.11) and finally got her happily (as it turns out N)ever after (7.22) & Meredith and Derek did in fact separate (7.22) and in consequence got Zola taken away from them. So this episode was the complete opposite of the events of last year, that I just brought up. I frankly don't know what to think about it, I'm not sure if it's a progress and is it going somewhere (in Teddy's case), because all I really wanted for the character was to GET the happy ending that she deserves, but we all know Shonda can't let anyone be happy for a long time. But as an actress, Kim Raver may have a few challenging scenes to play in the coming episodes and I couldn't be more excited about the neat material that she'll get, looking forward to her rocking more and more scenes (while hopefully playing Teddy mourning the loss of her husband, maybe even having a depression of sorts, I would be glad to see that). Welcome back Grey's Anatomy, we've missed you!
  • Did they get the Pizza?

    Okay, so this episode was great, everything I could have waited for it made me cry (on the inside). Character development was through the roof, after all everyone on the show felt some kind of loss, then we get to see Meredith and Derek finally looking like they have started to resolve issues, after the loss of their adoption hearing, and then the show throws something on us without any logical explanation, they get the kid.

    Not only does this turn one of the episodes with the largest room for growth of the characters into something unrealistic, it also takes away the dramatic feel, with the exception of that little plot twist, this episode was wonderful; well worth the wait.
  • Back so Back!

    I have been waiting for this episode since the break, actually I have been waiting for such an episode for quite a long time now ( seasons). If season 8 started slowly following the downward path from the last seasons (accept a few episodes); I felt something growing back in last 3 episodes or so, a feeling of can t wait next thurdsay to see the new episode.

    Everything was their in this allmost perfect episode. Drama, music, good acting, flirting, humor well placed. I said allmost perfect because of the ending, i am happy (if can be for tv characters) they get there baby but it is so off the mood of the episode. Maybe because I am french, i feel like always getting an happy end on such a fantastic episode will kill the feelings i had so far. An episode just for the return of the bab, a bit more lighter on the drama would have been better. .
  • What a great episode...

    They really hit the ground running and immersed us right back in with all the cliffhangers from the last episode. Very good opening episode, I just hope they can keep it going with next weeks performance.
  • GA is sooooo back!

    omg!!!!!! this episode really made me cry, i still can't believe henry is dead and cristina being so emotional, woooow, just wooow.shoda rhimes, you are so the bomb! i don't like mark's new gf tho. i'm a mark and lexie fan to the bone, i knw those two will find their way back to each other. great episode.
  • great episode

    After what happened in the last episode (few weeks ago) I couldn't wait to watch it and I wasn't disappointed at all. All the drama was there. The accident storyline was really well done. I think there are still some unresolved issues/ consequences of what happened in the last two episodes that will be back in the further ones. and it will be great episode. for the last scene I wasn't expecting that at all!!! It came a bit out of the blue but it showed that everything isn't dark in the world and that there always some kind of hope.