Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2012 on ABC



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    • Meredith (after Derek sighs): What's wrong?
      Derek: Well, there's no food and I'm hungry.
      Meredith: Mm. I just ordered pizza.
      Derek: For breakfast?
      Meredith: We've been up for thirty nine straight hours. It's dinner. It's a very, very late dinner. (Derek sighs) Oh, that cheese is old.
      Derek: I'm hungry. I might die.
      Meredith (laughs): Don't eat the old cheese. Come and sit down by me. Put your head down.
      Derek (sits down): I'd like to put a little salt on your nose and eat a bite.
      Meredith (laughs): The pizza will be here any minute.
      Derek: Mmhmm. ... We'll be okay... if it's just the two of us... if that's what you want.
      Meredith (smiles): I love you. (door bell rings) Pizza. (gets up to answer the door)
      Derek: Don't start eating that pizza without me. (notices Mer standing staring at the door) Meredith?
      Meredith: Derek?
      Derek (walking over to her): Yes?
      Meredith: Is that our baby?
      Derek (looks at Janet holding Zola and smiles): Yes, yes it is. (opens the door)
      Janet (handing Zola to Derek): She's yours.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Victims of a sudden impact are some of the hardest to treat. It's not just the collision that injures them, it's everything after. The centrifugal force keeps them moving, tossing them from vehicles, throwing them through windsheilds, slamming their internal organs into the skeleton. Their bodies are injured over and over again. So, there's no way to know how much damage has actually been done... Until they stop.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): You can't prepare for a sudden impact. You can't brace yourself. It just hits you out of nowhere. And suddenly... the life you knew before is over... forever.

    • Derek: Canner did a good job.
      Mark: Yeah, she did.
      Derek: Don't screw this one up. I like her. She's a keeper.

    • Bailey: I was rude to you before when you mentioned Henry.
      Ben: I'm used to it. It's kind of your thing. (chuckles) Look, when bad things happen to you, you lash out. You want space. That's why I'm sitting way over here at my own table. I'm... I'm giving you space.
      Bailey: I didn't just lose a patient today. I lost a friend.
      Ben: I'm sorry.
      Bailey: I wouldn't mind if... you didn't give me quite so much space. (Ben moves to Bailey's table and sits down, he then holds her hand)

    • Jackson: I really should be taking the fall for this.
      Callie: I agree.
      Jackson: Alright. Well, then, I'm just gonna walk in there and I'm gonna tell him.
      Callie: Look, let me-- let me spell it out for you, Avery. This is on me. Yes, it was your mistake, and, yes, you should feel like crap, but I'm your attending, you're a fifth year, which means that I'm responsible for what happens in my O.R., and you get a free ride.
      Jackson: Well, I don't want a free ride.
      Callie: Well, I don't want to give it to you, but I will, because you're still young and inexperienced and hopefully, you'll learn something here. You'll start double-checking your work, and the work of your residents when the time comes, because otherwise, you'll be me, walking into apologize to a family that hates me almost as much as I hate myself right now.

    • Owen: Where's Teddy?
      Cristina (sighs): I don't know.
      Owen: Wait. You told her?
      Cristina: Of course I did.
      Owen (sighs): You should've let me. I should've been the one--
      Cristina: Oh, my God. This is not about you. Who cares who told her? Okay, I told her, because you made me stand there and talk and joke and-- and lie to her for hours, for hours.
      Owen: I am sorry. I had to--
      Cristina: No, I know, I know. I don't wanna-- I don't wanna hear it. And neither will she.

    • Teddy: What's up? You okay?
      Cristina: When we brought your husband into the O.R., we orginally thought that we could go in with a broncoscope and a laser, however, there was a lot of bleeding, so we had to open him up.
      Teddy: Wait. You-- You wait. No. Owen said that--
      Cristina: When we opened him up, we saw that his tumor had eroded his pulminary artery. Dr. Webber and I both used extrodinary measures...
      Teddy: No. No.
      Cristina: We used extrodinary measures, but his heart could no tolerate the excessive bleeding.
      Teddy: No, no.
      Cristina: He did not survive the surgery, I'm sorry.
      Teddy: You're saying... (voice breaks) You're saying he's dead.
      Cristina: Yes.
      Teddy: Say it.
      Cristina: Teddy...
      Teddy: When you inform the family you have to say it so that they know that it's really happening. It's the first thing that you're taught. I never really thought about it... but now I get it, and um... Cristina... I need you... I need you to say it.
      Cristina: Henry is dead.
      Teddy: Thank you.

    • Lily: Um, that's like the fourth time that you've had to revive him tonight. Is that normal?
      Meredith: His body has been through a lot.
      Lily: What are those tubes for?
      Meredith: Ah, his body is filling with fluid, and those tubes are draining it.
      Lily: And that... thing. That's making noise?
      Meredith: It's a ventilator. It's breathing for him.
      Lily: Is he gonna wake up? You can tell me, I can take it.
      Meredith: I have no way to know that.
      Lily: What do you know?
      Meredith: I know that... We haven't been able to take him off of the life support. And I know that it's very hard on his body every time that we try and revive him and it's taking longer and longer each time that we try. And his kidney tests are elevated.
      Lily: Which means what?
      Meredith: Which means that... his-- his organs are starting to fail, one by one.
      Lily: You asked me about extrodinary measures before, that if my parents ever talked to me about them. What you're doing to my dad, are those extrodinary mea--
      Meredith: They are.
      Lily: I think that you should stop.
      Meredith: It's not that simple. And it's not your call. You're his child--
      Lily: I'm not a child, not anymore. I turned eighteen four hours ago. Today's my birthday. And I've watched you torture my dad for the past six. So I'm the head of the family now, and it's my job. If you take him off the machines and he lives, then he lives. But if you don't... then at least we let him go in peace. You gotta stop. (crying) Please.

    • Julia: Follow me out Dr. Grey? I need to talk to you for a second.
      Lexie: Me? Why? I-I mean, yeah, o-of course, if-- if-- if you--
      Julia: Don't worry, I'm not gonna throw a ball at you. It's about her post-op instructions. (they walk out of the O.R) Her eye needs to be covered 24/7, she can watch T.V all she wants but she can't read a book for the first three days. (exhales) Oh, thank god that is over. Did-- Did I seem nervous in there? Just be-- Be honest with me.
      Lexie: Oh, you-- you seemed more than okay.
      Julia: That is Derek Shepherd in there, one of the best neurosurgeons in the country, and Mark's best friend. And the whole time that I was in there, all that I could think about is my high school cross-country team. Coach would always say, 'Don't look back. Never look back, because if that kid behind you sees that, he knows that you're weak and he will run you down.' The whole surgery-- That's all that I was thinking about. Don't look back.
      Lexie: Well, you didn't.
      Julia: Thanks. (smiles) Thank you, Dr. Grey. (walks off)
      Lexie: Damn it. Now I like her.

    • Julia: Alright. And I can trust you two to finish this? You're not gonna ruin all the good work I just did?
      Derek: Well, I wouldn't bet on it.

    • (Alex is doing her stitches)
      Meredith: Ow! I thought peds surgeons were supposed to be gentle.
      Alex: Yeah. You look like hell. You should go home.
      Meredith: Me? You smell bad. You go home.

    • Owen: They still going? (looks down in the O.R from the gallery and sees Teddy and Cristina dancing) What the hell are they doing?
      April: I... I think they're having fun.

    • Bailey: Usually by the time you realize it's malignant hypothermia it's too late. That's a nice catch. You probably saved this kid's life.
      Ben: I figured that you didn't need another patient dying on you today.
      Bailey: Oh, so you did it for me?
      Ben: Oh, yeah. Any other doctor, I probably wouldn't have said anything.
      Bailey: It's freezing in here.
      Ben: Well, why don't you jump up and down? That'll warm you up.
      Bailey: I think that I'll repair the liver, that'll warm me up.

    • Meredith: How's she doin'?
      Lexie (about Julia): Well, she's a little full of herself if you ask me, but she's gettin' the job done, I guess.
      Meredith: No, the kid, Abby.
      Lexie: Oh.

    • Jackson: How are they doing?
      April: Uh, still trying to repair the valve. Well, and making fun of me.
      Jackson: What?
      April: Cristina doesn't want to talk about Henry's surgery so instead she's making fun of me.
      Jackson: I'll turn off the intercom.
      April: No, it's--- I have to know everything that's going on. It's... It's okay. I can handle it.

    • Teddy: What is she doing up there?
      Cristina: Sorry?
      Teddy: Kepner. She's been sitting up there like a gargoyle. I thought there was a big trauma.
      Cristina: Oh, yeah. Um, I don't know.
      Teddy: Did you get a chance to check on Henry post-op before I pulled you in here?
      Cristina: I bet no one wanted her.
      Teddy: What?
      Cristina: Kepner. Probably because her voice can peel paint off walls. (imitates April) Charge to 200! Clear! (Teddy laughs) I mean, trauma is stressful enough. Who needs that?
      Teddy (laughing): You're-- You're horrible.
      Cristina (imitates April): Push 100 of lidocaine! (Teddy laughs) Am I wrong? (Teddy keeps laughing) I'm right. I can tell by your eyes.

    • Callie: How's the patient?
      Owen: She'll be fine. Now that I put Cristina in there.
      Callie: You... You what? You put Yang in the same O.R as Teddy with my patient on the table? What the hell made you think that was a good idea?
      Owen: I believe that it was your mistake that put everyone in this position in the first place, so you're really not one to point fingers right now.

    • Cristina: What have we got?
      Teddy: Oh, good. I got a flail mitral valve when I took her off of bypass. Just put her back on and cooled her down again. I need your hands.
      Cristina: Okay.
      Teddy: Oh, and um... thank you, for Henry. I am so sorry that we had to lie to you but you were the only one that I trusted to do it. You get it, right?
      Cristina: Right.
      Teddy: You're not mad at me?
      Cristina: No. No.
      Teddy: Good. Okay. Go get scrubbed.

    • Ben: I heard you lost one of your clinical trial patients today, Dr. Bailey. I'm sorry to hear--
      Bailey: It wasn't my trial that killed him. The man suffered from Von-Hippel lindou, that's what killed him.
      Ben: Well, I wasn't implying that your trial--
      Bailey: Let's focus on the living patients, and not the dead ones. Okay?

    • Meredith: Lily, I am so sorry about your mom.
      Lily: Yeah.
      Meredith: Your dad and your sister are in surgery. And I'm about to take your brother up to repair a tear in his liver.
      Lily: Okay.
      Meredith: Do you know if anyone in your family is on any medications?
      Lily: I don't know.
      Meredith: What about allergies? Has-- Has anyone had surgery?
      Lily: I- I don't think so.
      Meredith: Do you remember your parents talking about what they would do if someone got really sick? Would they want extrodinary measures taken? I'm sorry, I know it's a difficult question, but anything you could tell us would help.
      Lily: No. We don't talk about stuff like that. We just talk about normal things, so I don't... I don't know anything.
      Meredith: Well, is there anyone that we can call? Who takes care of you when your parents go out of town?
      Lily: My grandma. But she's dead now, so... (starts crying)

    • Derek: Ah, Dr. Canner, thank you very much for showing up on such short notice.
      Julia: No problem. Fastball here just updated me about your patient.
      Lexie (sighs): Again, I am-- I'm really sorry for hitting you in the--
      Julia: I'm fine. My breast made a quick recovery.
      Mark: It did.

    • Derek: How much trauma has your girlfriend done?
      Mark: A lot. She's told me about a bunch of her cases.
      Derek: Oh, so we're just going off your pillow talk? If I get a hint that your girlfriend is in over her head, I'm gonna boot her out of my O.R.
      Mark: You know what your problem is? You don't think anyone who sleeps with me can be talented or have half a brain.
      Derek: That is not true.
      Mark: It's mostly true.
      Derek: Yeah, yeah. It's mostly true.
      Mark: Your ex-wife is brillant and she slept with me. I'm not tryin' to start a fight, I'm just sayin'.

    • Owen: Cristina just stop for one minute and listen to what I have--
      Cristina: No, I said no.
      Owen: I know that you're exhausted. There's a mitral valve--
      Cristina: I am not operating now!
      Owen: She requested you. So, now if you don't go in there--
      Cristina: Teddy requested me? (Owen is silent) Oh my, God, you haven't told her. You haven't told her yet? What are you-- No, no. No, I am not-- No, I'm not going in--
      Owen: Cristina if that patient dies on the table this will all have been for nothing. This has... This has to be worth something. Saving a life is worth something.
      Cristina (voice breaking): I can't. I can't. I can't do it.
      Owen: You have no choice. She's waiting. So go.

    • Arizona: Karev, you're not on this case.
      Alex: Look, I've been with this baby since yesterday. Okay? She almost died. I almost died. I didn't go through hell with this kid to just back off.

    • Owen: You paged?
      Teddy: Yeah, the patient's got a flail mitral valve. The sutures from the patch caught on the valve when we went off of bypass.
      Owen: Uh, what can I do?
      Teddy: You can tell me where Cristina is. I've been paging her but she won't answer. Damn it. Why won't this hold?
      Owen: Okay, you need a resident? I'll get you a resident.
      Teddy: No, not a resident. Yang. This is... (sighs) I need another me, and she is the closest thing. Don't tell her I said that.
      Owen: She just got out of surgery. She's exhausted.
      Teddy: Alright, well splash some water on her fast and get her in here. She can handle it.

    • Bailey: Oh, no this is cruel. Her husband is dead, and she has no idea.
      Richard: She's sewing a woman's heart back together.
      Bailey: Come on. There's gotta be a better way to handle this.
      Richard: There's no good way to handle it, Bailey. This is an impossible decision. So you land on the side of what's best for the patient, the one who's still alive. Teddy will understand.
      Owen: You think so? (everyone is silent)

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      Canada: January 5, 2012 on CTV
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