Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 18

Suicide is Painless

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2010 on ABC

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  • about the episode

    It has great makeup.
  • Stunning

    A brilliant nod to the reason why Owen was choking Christina back in Season 4, and shows the reason why he is so conflicted inside, yet he still loves Christina so much that he does not want to burden her with his pain. Good interaction also between Meredith and Jackson and the Chief and Derek, two nice friendships blossoming.
  • So that was the war-themed Owen-episode we all have been waiting for?

    So that was the war-themed Owen-episode we all have been waiting for?

    Not me. I hope there is more to Owen's trauma then just the accident we saw on that episode, because if there's not than it would be very weak. I know that being in a war isn't easy at all and I have no intention to downplay the events, but I just expected something much more traumatic – especially shocking. Besides you should know that I don't like Owen. His interactions with the cancer patient (played by the great Sara Gilbert) were IMHO very unprofessional.

    However Richard is becoming a much more likeable character this season after he was replaced by McJerk aka McDreamy and stopped drinking. It was very funny – and a bit sad – to see how hard he was trying to fit in with the "players". Marc's comment on the behaviour of the team was well done after that.

    The case about the adventurers was uneventful and should just show Callie that she should open up to Arizona about her desire to get a child. It's good that she told her the truth but I don't want them to break up because they are a great couple.

    Last but not least: The return of Shadow-Shepherd! :D
  • Suicide is painless

    An Owen episode... interesting. While it was not the greatest Grey's Anatomy episode ever, and I certainly could have done without the flashbacks, it was good to see a different character take center stage tonight. I think we're all tired of seeing Yang and Meredith yapping constantly, and it was good to see them in such minimal roles tonight.

    The main storyline with the patient dying was highly entertaining. Usually this show would have had someone talk her out of it so I was surprised to see her actually die. That was very un-Grey's Anatomy-esque.

    Good episode tonight, I enjoyed it.
  • Small differences have a big possibility on destroying Arizona and Callie's relationship; A patient wishing to die triggers Owen's PTSD, segueing into flashbacks of his days with Teddy in Iraq, whereas Meredith and April fight for a surgery.

    This was a really really REALLY good episode. Next week looks really good with Alex's brother and stuff - and FINALLY some family background. I'm afraid that were gonna lose Callie and Arizona... I like them! LOTS! Please Shonda, don't break them up! Lol. The flashbacks were a bit gory, and the episode itself was strange because half of it was about characters and a past we never knew about. But it was still good. Overall, it was better than most of season 6 as a whole and each episode only gets better ever since episode ... 12? 13? But to be quite honest, the second half of Season 6 is way better than the abysmal first.