Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2010 on ABC

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  • It is a shame that good plotted episodes get mixed up with other events of another series that we do not watch (and we're treated as if we were)

    This episode was very solid, but PP in the way ruined it for me. It felt like an invasion in some good ongoing storylines. Let's see:

    I) Storylines and events I liked.

    A) Like a virgin. It was a funny way how everyone revealed how they lost their virginities. But it was unexpected to find out that April hadn't cashed her V-card yet! What an epic moment! And how Cristina reacted and made fun of it was a brilliant move. And now it makes her character more interesting! With who will cash her V-card? Mistery, mistery! She's an appealing character, and the bar scene made me think that she's very smart and maybe she'll get the respect she deserves (watch 7x04, 7x07, 7x20, 7x22)

    B) Alex's PTSD. It was an interesting develpoment for Alex's PTSD storyline. And I liked how the Chief tried to solve it, and how helpful he was.

    C) Cristina's PTSD and Derek. Clearly, Cristina wasn't ready to get back to the OR. But I liked Derek's support and trust. But it was hard to watch how Amelia joked about it. Cristina's PTSD is more serious than we think, and it is a storyline worth watching.

    D) Teddy's frustrated love. It was funny to watch, how she reacted to the ending of the relationship. It was expected, but still was worth watching.

    II) Dislikes of the episode.

    A) The way that the wart disease was treated. Even the comparisons were a little bit morbid. The case was being treated well. That spider surprise scared the hell outta me! And it was funny because it happened just before Bailey's phrase "you have to deal with everything that comes out of the human body). But the emotional storyline was not enjoyable at all. What's that of "what if love is not enough?". She should have been supportive! It's not fine to leave him alone with no-one to be beside him!

    B) Amelia/PP. This intrusion spoiled the entire episode. Even if Derek and Amelia had a chance to talk to each other to put their affairs in order, it ruined the entire episode. I did not enjoy her mocking Cristina and those "shooting" metaphors she kept repeating. If I wanted to watch Amelia I would have tuned in PP! This is GA, not PP, and it feels rare to see another show being taken for granted in another show... not all of us watch PP! Don't treat us as if we do! (hated 03x22,03x23, some parts of 05x15, 8x15) And the worst of all, she spoiled (delayed) Lexie's chance with Mark. What for?! This doesn't add more to the show, and it temporarily destroys this love/no-love storyline between Lexie and Mark! It was unnecesary.

    C) Arizona's request. It was cruel that Arizona wanted Cristina to move out so abruptly after all that happened. Callie was right to state that "we're monsters for doing this". It was annoying that this desire was shown the entire episode. And the way to make move her out? I've seen it in 02x22 with that hot Burke-Cristina scene. Not original at all!

    To sum up. It was a solid episode... but PP invading GA destroyed the episode (would have rated it with "6" otherwise).
  • Review. Spoilers.

    This time our doctors have to deal with a really tough case - a patient with rare disease that makes him look like a tree. I've seen people living with this kind of incurable disease on Discovery Channel but it's shocking every time. I understand Lexie's reaction very well. By the way - the scene during surgery when Bailey was giving Lexie a talk on proper behavior and suddenly saw a spider was great!
    Derek tries to help Cristina with her post-traumatic stress because he thinks he owes it her her for saving his life. It seems that thanks to his stubbornness she is making progress. Maybe we'll see old ambitious Cristina soon:)
    Derek's younger sister visits him. We can find out a little about his past and their father but for me Amelia seemed a rather pallid character. She was mostly arguing with Derek about some trifles. April finally shows a trace of personality! I can only quote Meredith - "Oh, April! I'm liking you more and more." :)
    Arizona and Callie found a creative way to get rid of Owen and Cristina. This was hilarious. Plus Alex afraid of elevators, Cristina in bed with Meredith and Derek and we have another good episode!
  • 703

    Another lackluster episode of Grey's Anatomy. I do not want to say that there is a nail in the coffin, or any of those other dead metaphors, but this show is just not what it used to be, not at all. The man filled with warts, it was an interesting premise, but per usual with this show it was executed in a very boring fashion.

    The new characters just do not fit in no matter how hard they try. And it is not really like the old characters are doing anything that is overly exciting these days anyway. Just mediocre.
  • When Derek receives an unexpected visit from his sister issues between the siblings come to the surface; the Chief tries to help Alex when he notices that he's refusing to use the elevators.

    This episode was like in old days.
    - we have a strange case. Bayley is back with all her humanity towards the patient and her desire that her doctors behave the best as possible. She is bossy as usual! the spider scene was funny!
    - we have the Meredith and Christina usual strange connection but in a way it makes sense. and now we have to add Derek and Owen in the lot!
    - the Amelia story was nice because we find out more about Derek's past and she was really nice in Private Practice and at this point it was time for her to go to Seattle and her introduction in this episode was well done and it permits to really link both of the shows. And the scene between her and Mark was nice!
    - April take a bigger part of the show and is showing that she has a personality!
  • Good development with some characters, while some storylines seem redundant.

    First of all, as a fan of nip/tuck, i'd already seen the gross wart-man storyline done there, and frankly, with more emotional depth. Christina's storyline is the most interesting to me, because they've really turned her inside out, and i can't wait to see where she goes from here. I'm glad to see April getting some airtime too. the only downside to last season's long-reaching finale is that we are pretty much guaranteed a pretty evenly paced season with little to upset the apple cart for our characters, besides romance. Hopefully there will be some good surprises along the way though.