Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2006 on ABC

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  • I hate Alex, Izzie let go, George grow up, Yeah for the Fat love interest!

    I hate Alex so much right now. I was feeling the Alex/Izzie thing till he had to go all psycho jealous. He only told Denny he was going to die because he was jealous and though George needed to be told, Alex was just upset about being dumped and took it out on George 'cause he knew he wouldn't go anything about it. Though I was hoping George would have punched him good. He's just mean and such a jerk. Props to Izzie for dumping sorry butt.

    Loved the trailer park speech, but Izzie needs to let go. I see why she likes Denny (imagine how charming he'd be if he were well), but he is her patient and what she's doing is just wrong. She needs to give the case to someone else and walk away.

    I love that Bailey is back, but what women goes back to such a stressful job less than a month after giving birth and her husband must be still recovering from brain surgery. She should be at home.

    I'm liking Addison and McDreamy more and more every week. I really hope things work out for them.

    Christina and Burke were cute as always. I love them.

    The chief was interesting, they need to go into his past a bit more. We need more Chief!

    I really like George's knew love interest, many people don't 'cause she's fat. But I like the idea of George hooking up with a large woman of color, maybe she'll make him grow up a bit.

    None of the medical cases really stuck out tonight, there was nothing that interesting.

    Anyway, overall, it was an ok episode.
  • Better than the last; still not great

    I definitely did not expect Richard to be an alcoholic.

    The awkwardness between Meredith, Derek, and Addison was just irritating. As much as I love Addison, I just want Derek to end it already and stop putting them and us through all this pain.

    As much as I don’t like Denny and do like Alex, I think the way Alex is trying to push Denny away from Izzie is disgusting. I get that he’s jealous, and he has every right to be, but to be so insensitive to a dying man is just unforgivable.

    I love Sara Ramirez (Callie)! I hope she is on the show for a while. I think she might be the perfect solution to George’s problems!
  • much to talk about!!!

    The show opens with a very sad note as there are 4 deaths in the OR. What scares the surgeons the most is that all of them were the 1st operations of the morning and the story around the hospital is that deaths come in 3s and 7s. So all the surgeons are panicking as they do not want anyone else dying in there OR. All the doctors reach for there good luck charms. Also there patients admitted that are very superstitious. One refuses to have surgery because her horoscope told her to stay home, and the other has serious OCD. George finally calls Dr. Torres, and Dr. Burke puts him on a mission to find his lucky cap. Alex (that S.O.B.) is jealous of Danny and starts to tell him that it would be best if he does not lead Izzie on and this lead to a huge fight between Izzie and Alex. Finally the most interesting thing we learn in this episode is that Dr. Richard Webber is an ex alcoholic when an old friend of his is admitted into the hospital when she her liver is failing. I have to mention I love Addison, in my opinion Dr. Shepard is a total idiot to even consider Meredith as a friend, and I have to say I still have not forgiven Meredith for what she did to George. On the whole this episode was a good one and will certainly be the building block for many episodes of the future.
  • Refer to the actual summary of the episode, why should I write it again?

    This show is obviously running out of steam. Week to week the quality decreases in proportion to the extremely outlandish story lines. It just seems to get more ridiculous with each "revelation" of a character, such as the Chief of Surgery\'s now apparent alcoholism and Meredith’s annoying dilemma of relationships, not to mention the crass behavior of Alex (who acts like that?) The dialogue needs a serious adjustment; I just cringe each time they refer to coffee as "ju-ju."
  • Music from Superstition...

    In response to ferfey's post, ABC has the music, artists, and labels listed on their episode guide. For "Superstition", here's the link:

    I was looking for a song from the episode too, and came across your post. I'm not sure what the title was and who it was by, but I'll try all of the ones listed... Good luck to you...
  • I don't remember an GA's episode that's disappointing.

    Some pretty fun stuff happened in this episode. I love the Christina/Burke/George thing with trying to get Burke's lucky hat. George and the new doctor...Allie I think...seems very interesting as a couple. Have I mentioned how I love Addison? I've forgiven her for everything she did to her husband a long time ago. It's time her husband get over himself and go back to her. The Alex/Izzie/PatientCorspe thing is ever interesting. I don't see how Alex and Izzie can get back together, but I really want them too. And the AA thing about the main boss doctor's past....what's his name...just gives this show so many great storylines to work with.
  • Superstition- Little things happened...but still worth watching.

    Number one, I am glad Alex flew off the handle and that Izzie dumped him. Finally! While George was sulking just a bit... Alex didn't have to be like that. I was waiting for George to punch him like he did when he found out he got Syph from Alex via Olivia (that was great). I couldn't believe he made a bet that Denny was going to die right in front of Izzie knowing that she cared for him. What a jerk!
    I'm glad that Denny lived to see another day. In the previews for this episode it made it seem like he was going to go....Maybe the writers will win me over on this pairing...we'll see.
    Okay, the patient that was in the tree with the bleeding spleen...I thought she was crazier than the guy with the OCD. I mean come on! Meredith called her 'boyfriend' only to find out that they hadn't been dating in a while. AND she kept lying to them about what happened. She was pathetic...I felt a little sympathy but wanted her to go away.
    How about the chief being a recovering alcoholic? Didn't see that one coming.
    How cute was George at the end of the ep, on the phone with Callie?
    Another great examply of how they tie the name and theme of the show all together. I love Grey's Anatomy.
  • I love Alex! Not for the Dennie situation, but for laying it to George!!!

    George is the biggest GIRL boy on TV. I am SO tired of watching him mope around and ignore Meredith and completely avoid her. He was stalking her for goodness sake. She did everything but tell him she wasn't interested (up until that last moment before the act). He has to take a little responsibility for what happened. I can't believe that Christina hasn't already slammed him with the way he is acting. A nice showing of compassion on her part at the end. Interesting twist on the chief's role. Go Meredith for dumping Addison's cocoa - she doesn't need her ju-ju.

    Love this show!
  • Painful to watch, not because it was bad but because some of the subject matter was just, well, painful.

    I was most interested by the Izzy/Alex/Denny storyline. That Denny has a way of charming Izzy (and female viewers) with just his face and his teasing. What a character! Alex was a mite shocking. He'd been almost likable for a while, hadn't he? I didn't see his venom coming. What a rascal! Izzy wasn't much better. I think I'm mad at both of them.

    George was very cute in the end. I hope he doesn't flub the new romance.

    I'm still rooting for Mer/Der. I know he's with Addison and believes he's supposed to be there, but he doesn't want to be there. I keep hollering around that any wife who knows her husband is totally uninterested would leave, but no one's listening to me. I'm 'bout ready to take a poll of all the wives/girlfriends I know. I dunno. I wouldn't stay. Maybe I'm just weird.
  • Nothing exciting really happened.

    I found this episode to just be another filler episode. Even though there were a few key revealing moments (Richard's alcoholism for one), I found that nothing really exciting happened in this episode. Maybe I'm just too hung up on how crazy previous episodes were.

    Don't get me wrong, boring in Grey's world isn't the boring of other tv shoes. This was still a good episode, just I don't feel anything happened to further the character's development, except for the revelation about Richard.
  • Awesome as usual!

    What a package great writing, great directing and superb acting.

    This episode brought me to the realization that Alex is truly unredeemable. George's potential new love interest - a very hot, sassy doctor looks like it will be another hit storyline. I am beginning to think Doctor McDreamy should stay with his wife... I never thought I'd say it but the writers have been able to bring me around to this conclusion! Meridith is getting a little bit less airtime which I a happy about and I just love Christina and Preston together.
  • Not as great as the other episodes so far...but still had some decent scenes.

    I don\'t know why, but this episode didn\'t really keep me as interested as other episodes. I\'ve been absolutely riveted to every episode so far and this one just didn\'t have the same high quality really did seem like a mere filler episode.
    I guess the whole superstition storyline came across as rather weak, focusing a whole episode on that comes across as not having any real focus at all because superstition isn\'t a physical thing.
    So...enough bad stuff lol. I have seen much worse filler episodes for ther programmes, so when compared to them this is a pretty good episode. I guess the interesting points were Izzie kissing Denny - but he\'s not half as hot as Alex! Other than that it was kinda amusing seeing Addison try and be friends with Meredith - gonna be interesting to see how that develops over the next few episodes. Addison can\'t seriously think she and Meredith can be friends when Meredith still loves Derek and it\'s Addison\'s fault they\'re not together anymore lol.
    Cristina always makes me laugh, her humour is so dry and Sandra always delivers her lines really well. Her relationship with Burke is so funny to watch :d
    I think the weird thing about the episode for me was the focus on Richard, I can\'t remember him having that much focus in previous episodes. I guess it was good to learn more about the character but I miss having the storylines more centered around Meredith, Derek, Izzie, George, Cristina and Alex lol. It\'s always more fun to watch because the interns are all still learning the ropes effectively and Richard is this big authoratative figure so I don\'t find him as fun to watch really...I must have some kind of issue with authority lol.
    George\'s problems with Meredith are starting to annoy me now, okay so her crying when they were sleeping together wasn\'t such a good idea, but the woman has apologized millions of times and he\'s still refusing to talk to her, so I kinda feel sorry for Meredith lol.
    Other high points,...the word juju - love it! lol.
    Another bizarre thing is that i\'m starting to like Addison, the character is alright and I guess Kate is one of those actresses you warm to over time...even if you\'re totally p*ssed that she is the reason Meredith is so messed up at the moment in this programme lol.
    Oh\'s hoping next week\'s episode will have a better storyline, I still love this show regardless lol. :D
  • Superstition is a funny thing.

    So the stimulus was superstition it's amazing how many things appear to depend on it.

    4 deaths in surgery result in a rumour of 7 before Midnight.The spiderweb of intertwining stories was well written with an Ocd patient driving Christina crazy with his constant numbered activities.On some level it would be possible to think his death was down to him not completing his count.Whilst the same could be said about the girl who had had signs all day or simply she waited two long.

    Izzie was awesome in this episode her interaction with Denny always makes me smile and the emotion at believing he was going to die was really hard to watch.I thought he had for a moment when it showed her crying but i was so glad he didn't i'd like to see further storylines with the two now Alex is out of the picture.He was a complete jerk and deserved what izzie said to him.

    So Addison , Derek and Meredith are "friends" extremely akward scenes between the three but better to see them on friendly terms.Meredith cursing the ritual by not drinking the cocoa; up to your opinion.

    A very good episode where things could be looked on in different ways really made you think.
  • We all have our little superstitious things that we do.

    Superstition hist Seattle Grace. Day barley stated and four people already died. It is expected that there will be three more because fatalities comes in threes and seves.
    Denny is getting worse and Izzie cares more and more for him and she know that she can't fall for the patient but her feelings are stronger then that.
    Nikki comes to the hospital and she says that she was struck by the lightening but she wasn't so she chancges her story several times until she tells the real one. She was on the tree that was hit by the lightening and she fell and tree fell on her. She died because she didn't allow them to operate because of the superstitious thing.
    Jesse comes to the hospital and he has some sever problems and he is an obsessive cleaner. Everything needs to be clean,clean clean.
    More secrets are revealed about the Chief and we find out that he was an alcoholic and he operated on one of his sponsors.
    Amazing episode. Really loved it.
  • Some qutes to-.-

    Callie: Dr. O'Malley... you do realize that this is a girls bathroom right?
    George: yes ma'am
    Callie walks out and Cristina gives George a look and says: Dude you just called her ma'am. Theres no way she's sleeping with you now!!

    Thats was rellay fun .! And when Izzie kissed Danny a tear falled.. They are so cuite..
  • Music from the Show... who can name the artists?

    Music from the Show: who can name the artists and songs?
    Especially that last song...

    In fact, given that so many show today tend to feature music that is \"off-mainstream\" but very good, why doesn\'t add \"music from the show\" as a subcategory ?

    Let the community fill in the blanks.