Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 20

Sweet Surrender

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on ABC

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  • Such a beautiful episode.

    I loved everything in this. Meredith was so cute in that wedding dress. Izzie was funny, but I felt so sorry for her at the end when she was so exhausted. Lexie's eating was amazing. And I was happy to see Mark & Derek together in the OR, then they finally became friends again. Also Chandra Wilson as Miranda was amazing here and gave a wonderful performance (as always). I feel kind of sorry for Callie because her father loves her so much but he doesn't respect her enaugh. All in all - it was very good episode, I'm looking forward to the season finale.
  • Another great episode...sad but still funny. The most we've seen of George in ages.

    With only episodes to go until the season finale...Grey's gave us another great one. It had its funny side with Izzie faking things to get attention and Lexie constantly eating due to the stress of the Derek/Sloan feud. That was a really cool side bit to this one...deflecting from the sadness that is Izzie dying.

    It was very well done, her acting strong but then finally suffering the effects of the chemo/cancer. It was pretty heart-breaking as was the child that died under Bailey's care. She was terminal...but Bailey persuade the father to let go. Very emotional. George was featured an awful lot which is no bad thing...he seems to have lost a spark though, he acts quite depressed.

    His small feud with Alex was really engrossing especially when the latter just roared at him. The ending was good thought, Alex admitting George kicked his ass...and the former passing along the beer. Hunt has therapy...about time as well. Cristina wasn't featured that much...but she has good presence when she does appear.

    Other things: I liked Meredith's comment to Deck about grudges because he was being so unfair lecturing her about the chief with the whole Mark thing. Not sure about Arizona but Callie was funny enough here. I also like how Lexie and Meredith are acting like the latter invited her half sister to the wedding and then Sloan/Derek made up. Good stuff.

    These next episodes will probably be intense...I'm certainly ready.
  • Izzie's condition gets worst, Callie's father doesn't accept her lesbianism and Mark and Derek agree bros over hoes.

    Grey's Anatomy divided its time between the cast well tonight with all the main players taking an integral part in one or more storylines. Unfortunately, that is not always a good thing as that meant more O'Malley who is about as entertaining as watching paint dry.

    I have made it clear that Callie's lesbianism is a horrid storyline, not because I am against that type of behavior but because it just is not the best usage of her character. Some consider Sara Ramirez to be a talented actress, and while I would not go that far, she should be experimenting in surgeries, not experimenting women's bodies.

    Izzie was amusing tonight, but rarely is Katherine Heigl not enjoyable. We can all just hope that she survives as this show would clearly not be the same without her.

    I think the problem with Grey's Anatomy is that they try too hard to be a hybrid of drama and a little bit of comedy thrown in, when it is not always appropriate. Desperate Housewives excels at this, but frankly they have better writers and actors. We need that shocking, blowaway, serious episode of Grey's that doesn't feature a goofy Sloan or Lexie eating hamburgers. Until that happens this show will continue to slide down the totem pole of importance.
  • Izzie deals with falls of chemo, Sloane and Shephard reconcile. Starring: Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr, Sara Ramirez, Eric Dane, Chyler Leigh, Kevin McKidd, and Patrick Dempsey

    One of the best episodes Grey's Anatomy has had in awhile, except the one where Izzie (Katherine Heigl) tells Cristina (Sandra Oh) of course. I loved the joke of making Lexie (Chyler Leigh) eat while Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Mark (Eric Dane) were fighting, as a play on the actress being pregnant in real life. The little girl, Jessica Smithson (Mary-Charles Jones) was a good storyline for Bailey (Chandra Wilson) who i consistently like more and more every week. Finally George (T.R. Knight) has a storyline and i liked the competition idea with Alex (Justin Chambers) and i thought it was done well dramatically and comedically. I liked the return of Dr. Wyatt (guest star Amy Madigan). I enjoyed her in her first episodes, i cant remember which season, but she was great in her return and i loved how Owen (Kevin McKidd) is going to get help, cuz i love him and Cristina together. The storyline with Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (guest star Jessica Capshaw) and Callie's father Mr. Torres (guest star Hector Elizondo)was great and i love the ending with Callie, cuz Callie's my favorite. It was awesome. I love Callie. Finally i get to the Izzie and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) storyline. I love how Izzie pretended to die to get Cristina to come and to get Meredith with her dress to come out. It was funny, but it sucked that Izzie feels horrible and isnt telling anyone, but its so Izzie. But my favorite scene was the final scene with Meredith and Lexie where she tells her that she is in the wedding and she can stop eating.
  • Awsome

    Is it just me or this season is getting better every episode? The stories are evolving and the events are too with them; the little girl? To burst into tears.
    The Child of Darkness is getting married… and the wedding seems to be right around the corner. I hope it happens this season.
    Izzie really looks sick, and judging by her doctor's words, the poor thing is gonna get even sicker.

    Finally doctors S&S are back at being friends, lets face it, Sloan is Shepherd's only friend (yes, even after Addie) and he should be the best man at the wedding… seriously… the chief? He'll probably give Mer away… He has been more like a father to her than Thatcher.

    Yeah! More Callizona! And Caliee "hablando Español"? Really great!

    I don't think George is more Bad Ass tan Karev for Trauma… but I guess that means he is staying in the show right? And what is Alex specialty by the way? When he finally got a compliment for being a good doctor he frizzes at trauma… I hope he gets a really good case soon.
  • Good episode in a turbulent time for TV We see more of George, Derek and Mark are speaking again and all-in-all fun to watch.

    alright so it sucks that Izzie is sick, but the storylines where she was completely insane weren't a total waste to me now (phewww!)
    on the plus side of this episode we get to see alot of George. i am a big George fan and its sad we haven't seen enough of him recently, though i like how hes shown to be king of the trauma ward in this episode (Bones reference). George and Alex bonding over their issues was nice to see because i also like Alex as he's an interesting character.
    The scenes with Bailey and Arizona were also particularly good and touching with the dying kid and Owen is one of the character's to watch over the next few episodes i think.
  • Izzy faces the realities of Chemo. Bailey has her day off with a dying kid. Derek and Mark reconcile.

    There were too many disconnected plots here. Though it didn't have that wholesome effect of a typical grey's episode where they meet on a common theme, it was nevertheless a fine display of acting.

    Chandra Wilson has given an Emmy worthy performance when she spends her day with a dying child. Despite all the story lines, I don't understand why this one flashes in my mind when I try to recall this episode. Callie's story was a huge drag. I am not a huge fan of the gay angle (not judging in anyway). It is just that it doesn't work with Callie, be it Erica Hahn or Arizona Robbins. They have used this part of Callie for a long time, and she deserves a break. Give her some patients, a scalpel and a good medical mystery to handle. The other interesting part was the rivalry between Alex and George. It was good to see them make up in the end. Kevin McKidd doesn't get much screen time this time around. I don't even understand why they had a story around him. We also had one more story which was tailored to make Derek and Mark buddies again. This story was a bit forced upon, and didn't look natural.

    Fine episode. A few performances saved the day.
  • great

    it was a really funny episode.
    i liked the scene when derek want to tell izzie that he and meredith dont want a big wedding and than izzie was all crying lol

    and when alex's patient jumped out of the window and landed on the car

    christina really surprised me with her devotion to izzie how she was really scared when izzie was faking
    i think its a good thing that greys made izzie's condition a little funny and a little sad because greys always fucos on sad and drama so its good that they put a little humor into the episodes.

    i am also happy that mark and derek got throuh there fight..i hope mark will be derek's best man (:

    so im eager to watch next week's episode. have a nice weekend everybody =]
  • Season 5, Episode 20.

    Izzie, who is still undergoing chemo, decides to help with Meredith's wedding dress. Derek chooses his Best Man. George's patient kills himself. I liked this episode. I liked the Izzie storyline with the cancer a lot. I liked when Meredith said she had cancery arms and cancery eyes. LMAO! That was terrible! Meredith looked good in the wedding dresses though. She should wear one for her birthday. I loved when Izzie kept playing the tricks on them. And I loved when George's patient killed himself and landed on the car. It was so awesome! That was amazing. It was a very good, entertaining episode.