Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 20

Sweet Surrender

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on ABC

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  • Izzy faces the realities of Chemo. Bailey has her day off with a dying kid. Derek and Mark reconcile.

    There were too many disconnected plots here. Though it didn't have that wholesome effect of a typical grey's episode where they meet on a common theme, it was nevertheless a fine display of acting.

    Chandra Wilson has given an Emmy worthy performance when she spends her day with a dying child. Despite all the story lines, I don't understand why this one flashes in my mind when I try to recall this episode. Callie's story was a huge drag. I am not a huge fan of the gay angle (not judging in anyway). It is just that it doesn't work with Callie, be it Erica Hahn or Arizona Robbins. They have used this part of Callie for a long time, and she deserves a break. Give her some patients, a scalpel and a good medical mystery to handle. The other interesting part was the rivalry between Alex and George. It was good to see them make up in the end. Kevin McKidd doesn't get much screen time this time around. I don't even understand why they had a story around him. We also had one more story which was tailored to make Derek and Mark buddies again. This story was a bit forced upon, and didn't look natural.

    Fine episode. A few performances saved the day.