Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 20

Sweet Surrender

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on ABC

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  • Awsome

    Is it just me or this season is getting better every episode? The stories are evolving and the events are too with them; the little girl? To burst into tears.
    The Child of Darkness is getting married… and the wedding seems to be right around the corner. I hope it happens this season.
    Izzie really looks sick, and judging by her doctor's words, the poor thing is gonna get even sicker.

    Finally doctors S&S are back at being friends, lets face it, Sloan is Shepherd's only friend (yes, even after Addie) and he should be the best man at the wedding… seriously… the chief? He'll probably give Mer away… He has been more like a father to her than Thatcher.

    Yeah! More Callizona! And Caliee "hablando Español"? Really great!

    I don't think George is more Bad Ass tan Karev for Trauma… but I guess that means he is staying in the show right? And what is Alex specialty by the way? When he finally got a compliment for being a good doctor he frizzes at trauma… I hope he gets a really good case soon.