Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 12

Sympathy For The Devil

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2009 on ABC

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  • Derek's mother comes for a visit and Mer is terrified to say the least. Izzie helps as much as she can to make Mer look normal and happy ! Mark is also anxious about Derek's mother which is very entertaining.

    One of the best episode's of Grey's Anatomy I have EVER seen, it is up there with the episode when Denny dies !! Mer is hilarious specially with the ponytail and the comment Derek makes about it being alarmingly high is comical to say the least! I love Derek's mother and hope she appears again as she showed a side to Derek that was really sweet! It was a real tear jerker. Dereks mother is a fabulous actor and would be an asset to the show and what she said to Lexie was extremely comical : ) The scenes with Mer and the serial killer are in such contrast to the comical ssenes but brilliantly done. It was difficult to watch the end when he is beating his head of the bed both a tear jerker and exactly what you want to happen at the same time! LOved every minute of this episode , it is a fine example of both writing skills of the writers andthe acting skills of the actors! Also loved DR Major having a bit of a melt down in Christina's shower and refects whats really happening in the world today with all that.
  • Loving the dark action!

    I was really excited when I saw the promo with the serial killer (I think it was the promo for the episode before this one, but whatever). It's my kind of stuff; morbid action, very dramatic.
    I was not disappointed. This was a great episode, and not only the hardcore stuff (with Bailey's kid and Meredith's sympathy for the devil), but also the hilarious Derek's mom sequence - Meredith panicking and Izzie trying to help by putting her hair up in a ridiculously high ponytail.
    I love Callie and Mark's relationship - it's becoming more of a "best buds" thing. Sara and Eric are both awesome actors, and they just have that great charisma that makes their characters click so well.
    Excellent writing, this show is keeping its high standard. I'm kind of addicted! (Then again, I am a TV nerd.)
  • Hopefully the last ghost-Denny episode continued the stories of the liver-transplant child and the death-row prisoner.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Tyne Daly as Carolyn Shepherd, Derek's mother. She gave a great performance and showed us a very credible, sympathetic and at the same time humourous character. There were great scenes with both Mark and Lexie where she was so clearly in charge! The scene where Owen Hunt was fully dressed in Cristina's shower was also touching as well as funny. I really like this couple and am looking forward to seeing what happens next with them. The ending with Meredith and the prisoner really took me by surprise it was so powerful. More of this please!
  • The prisoner continues to be treated.

    All I can say is wow. This is probably the first time all year I have ever been shocked with the ending of a Grey's Anatomy. This is what I have been asking for. The kind of moment that gets you to think about your own values and just leaves you stunned with what happened.

    If you haven't picked up on it yet I'm talking about Meredith telling the death row prisoner (played well by Eric Stoltz) how to kill himself in order to do some good for a dying child. A great ending to a fairly strong episode of Grey's.

    I also like the chemistry between Sloan and Lexie as those are two of the more enjoyable characters on the program and it is great to see them paired together. What I did not care for was the Callie schoolgirl crush on Sadie, and the continuation of Izzie and Denny. Please end this storyline for everyone's sake.
  • Izzy says she wants to break-up with Denny, and there was much rejoicing.

    Praise the Lord is all I can say! During this episode, Izzy tells Denny's ghost that she wants to break-up. It's about time! Denny was an awesome character on the show. The relationship he had with Izzy in a previous season was one of the best on TV. His return during this season of the show just seemed like a desperate ploy to reach out to viewers. For me, it tarnished the beauty of their relationship when Denny was alive. I'm hopeful this storyline is near an end. I'm so relieved Alex didn't suddenly hear him when Denny said "We need to talk." That would have been weird.

    I mentioned earlier "It's about time" and that is actually a great episode theme. I'm excited that Shepherd now has a ring that he can give to Grey. I hope he'll ask her sooner rather than later. They've been going back and forth for so long. It was alarming to see how angry he was at Grey when she wouldn't sign the paperwork authorizing surgery on the death row patient. One step forward, ten steps backwards with these two.

    Shepherd's mother was played very well by Tyne Davis. It'd be nice to see her return for more episodes. I'm glad that for once something good came of Grey's dark and dreary outlook on life. Hopefully what Mrs. Shepherd said to Derek about Grey's unique and unpopular views of the convict will open his mind and ward off future troubles. Sloane's fear of Mrs. Shepherd provided all the comedy that this episode needed.
  • Continuation of Bailey's little friend and death row immate. Best episode so far!!! And the reason why I watch the serie! Christina and Dr. Hunt try to have their 1st date and Izzie brokes up with Denny's ghost...

    Really, really, really big episode. I think it has being the best so far this season, that as we know hasn't been that good. Derek's battling with his internal anger toward his dad killers and the immate.. And Meredith is trying to help him die in order to get his organs for Bailey's patient. It seems Derek will be proposing soon to Mer. Izzie brokes up with Denny's ghost while her relationship with Karev grows stronger. Callie, Sloan and Meredith's sister are not worth to mention.. always the same situation.. and Christina and Owen are heating up..They try to go on a first date but Dr. Hunt gets drunk, Yang gets upset, and while he's taking a shower reveals an important fact to her... Love this couple!
  • One of the better ones of the season.

    Okay, I will admit that Grey's Anatomy was a show I loved in seasons 1-4, but season 5 isn't that great. This episode, Sympathy For The Devil, is one of the better episodes of the season. In this episode Derek's mother met Meredith for the first time, and she seemed to like her (considering she gave Derek her ring for him to give to Meredith in the future). Izzie tells Denny's ghost that she wishes he was alive so they could be a normal couple. Christina and Dr. [not sure of his name] pursue a relationship. Mark confesses to Dereks mom that he is sleeping with Lexie. Mark brags to Callie about how great the sex with Lexie is. He also tells Callie she needs to put herself out there for love. Alex has a hard time with the fact that he had to take a kid's organs (for Baily's patient). Against the serial killer's wishes Derek saves him with no intentions of letting him die in the hospital, but in comes Meresith. Meredith feels bad for the serial killer and gives him a tip of how to basically kill himself in the hospital (she also wants his organs for Baily's patient because the organs Alex got him failed).