Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 19

Sympathy for the Parents

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on ABC

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  • Oh my god.

    Whoa at the ending! The baby's coming! That was... wow. I should've seen it coming though, because the episode was all about babies, but wow...and I'm so happy with Teddy and Mark.
    What are they doing to Owen's character?! He's turned into such an extremely unlikable one! I feel bad for Cristina, though, because she truly does deserve better. Looks like Owen isn't right for her. Cristina had the best line of the night ('Have you met me?') and the cases were so good.
    April is so annoying. I was really hoping she'd get fired because I can't take her anymore. I'm glad Meredith finally got screentime! And her and Alex are really cool, I like them just as much as Cristina and Meredith when they're together. The fight between Alex and Aaron was really intense, and I never knew SGH-MW had a daycare...?
  • one of the best of the season

    easily one of the best episodes of the season. this eagerly-awaited alex-centric episode delivered 100%. amazing all the way. justin chambers has to be one of the most underrated actors on television. he gives his all each time and he comes out awesome. the episode had everything.. good stories, drama, great comedy, music, heart-warming moments, etc. the end scene with alex and meredith reminded me of the classic days from season 1 and how despite everything, grey's is still that great drama about surgeons and friends at it's core and that the characters are really growing. awesome episode all the way.
  • Sympathy for the parents

    For all the people who say Grey's Anatomy is losing a step, watch this episode and you will see that the show is as good as ever. Sure, maybe having every single character on the show worrying about babies is a little ridiculous, but the rest of the program was really good.

    We had a very powerful storyline involving a man being forced to watch his wife die before his eyes, and we saw how much Lexie still has to learn about being a doctor. I read a preview that says this episode would be all about Alex and his background, thankfully that was only part of it.

    I think at this point you either love Grey's Anatomy or you hate it and right now call me McDonald's because I'm loving it.
  • Good storylines.

    Not sure about that ending - I hate Sloan's daughter and her stupid pregnancy storyline. I was really hoping she'd never come back, hopefully it's only a brief return. I think this was the only annoying part of the episode. It was really interesting to see Alex's brother turn up and reveal stuff about his past and life.

    I like the Meredith/Alex friendship they are developing, it's different. I thought the patient that Derek, Lexie and April were dealing with was quite powerful and emotional. Especially when Lexie had to pull the plug with the husband asking her not to...her tears were painful to watch. Will Derek and Meredith have a baby? That'd be interesting but odd decision since Ellen Pompeo was pregnant recently...couldn't they have added it into the show then? I'm interested to see what happens with Callie and Arizona...I really like their relationship so hopefully they work out their issues.

    Is anyone annoyed with Owen at this point? Moan, whine...shout...blah...blah. I like Cristina but just dump him already. Looking forward to last episodes of the season.