Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 4

Tainted Obligation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on ABC

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  • This is turning in to a soap opera.

    I used to like grey's, i used to love it. But is it just me or are they added more and more drama over the last couple of months?

    This episode for instance. They bring in Meredith and Lexie's dad. Make it a big drama that he is dying. The man has been a alcoholist for the better part of his live, it's no surprise. On top of that Lexie decidedes in a heartbeat that she is willing to give up a part of her liver for her father. A surgery that would keep her out of preforming surgery for weeks, real smart move with the up coming merge with Mercy West. And them Meredith agrees? Because of Lexie, you've to be kidding me! She used to be this hardass but now she is falling for tears. Very dissapointing. Before i forget, What is up with Alex? He screamed like a little girl. Twice!

    The show is going downhill, again. I hope that they do better the next couple of episodes.
  • Decent episode.

    Should we give up on Grey's Anatomy ever having a shot at winning the Emmy for best drama? With all the strong competition in recent years and with the show really not having too many blowaway episodes (outside of last season's finale) in a long time I do not think Shonda Rhimes and Ellen Pompeo will ever be closing out an Emmy broadcast in the near future.

    But the show can still be fun at times, although the storylines are all a bit too similar. The idea of the old man getting a penial implant was very similar to the ER finale with a man breaking his penis while having sex. I guess after 35+ years of medical dramas on television they are bound to cross paths eventually.
  • One of those episodes that you wanna say...'hmmm..whatever'..

    Well, for all those 14-million viewers who tuned in to watch Grey's, this must have been a let down. For a show of Grey's quality, this episode is just another average offering. I am still waiting for the writers to put an end to this layoff's story line. I mean, how long will they show doctors working their asses off and jumping in on every surgery they can get, just to be on the rolls. Bringing in Thatcher was a amazingly stupid idea. The guy is such a loser with no depth in character whatsoever. However, I did find a fair amount of comedy in this episode. Sandra Oh did a fine job of running the comedy track. A lackluster episode by any standards, and I hope to see less of these.
  • good, but could have been better

    It was not perfect, but for me something is different. I feel that this isn't grey's anymore. I really hope it will get better, cause until episode 4 and this ep., it was kinda dissapointing. And also is kinda awful with this merger going on because they are all desperate like not knowing what to do. And the story with Thatcher was sad kinda like a soap opera and that makes me nervous cause grey's should be better and not like this. Plus there was not Owen/Cristina connection in the whole episode and Merder as well, so it was boring.
  • Hmm...good but not great - again!

    It seems Like Grey's has lost it's way. Maybe the writers are trying to create a feeling of unease/disruption with the Mercy West merger and George's death, but the relationship interplay with the characters and the compelling drama seem to be gone. The episodes appear to have more storylines. Sometimes, more is just more, not necessarily better. The storylines also seem to lack any real depth. I hope that Grey's will get better. At this point I do not feel as drawn to the show as in the past. As always, I think that the actors do a fine job. However, unless they have better material, it could be a long season and probably my last watching Grey's.
  • This episode showed amazing emotional growth for its central characters. A joy to watch,

    Meredith and Derek have finally grown up. She had to decide if she should give her dad, who had always ignored her, a section of her liver. It took her almost the whole show to come up with an answer she could live with but she did.

    Kudos to the writers for keeping Derek out of her decision-making process. He loved her enough to say that 'no matter what she did he would back her'. We had a number of camera shots of Derek simply watching Meredith struggle for an answer. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

    Mark's care of Lexie during her father's surgery was wonderful. Again we have a character that was allowed emotional growth. I'm a huge Mark and Lexie fan and loved every scene they were in together. I think this episode is under rated by others. To see Derek and Meredith acting like adults and treating each other with love and respect, despite background drama was wonderful.