Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 14

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on ABC
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Meredith and Cristina lie to each other and themselves about their relationships with McDreamy and Burke, respectively. George is given a hard task to expel a discharged and defiant woman from the hospital. Alex learns his fate after re-taking his medical exams. At the same time Izzie is trying to stop Alex from making stupid decisions when a patient that doesn't speak English is lied to by her coach. George, Cristina, and Alex compete in a hot dog eating competition.moreless

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  • This episode was all about lies

    In this epsisode, everything came back tro lies

    Cristina lying to Burke about moving in and Meredith lying about her feelings for Derek (who she is calling McDreamy again.

    I really liked the beginning of the episode where George tried to force Meredith to give up the dog. It was really obvilious that he didn't want to go which made him cute.

    I also like the part where Bailey had to go home because of the baby and the way she told everyone that she would be back and she was watching them! It was so typical for Bailey!

    I can imagine that Alex was afraid to open the envelope. I'm really happy that he past the test. It's nice to see that Izzie and Alex are talking to eachother again.

    I felt really sorry for Meredith that she had to give the dog up. He helped her to get over Derek and now she back at the beginning. And the dog is with the woman that has Derek. It doesn't seem fair to Meredith.

    It was really nice that Cristina told Burke that she was happy that she moved in with him. You can see that see Cristina is not ready to do this kind of things but she is trying and that's great!moreless
  • Meredith tell the truth about lies, and lie to herself and everyone else about McDreamy... and Christina also lie, but to Dr. Burke, about tha she kept her apartment

    This episode is really good, Meredith realizes that she likes McDreamy again, and he obviously still has feelings for Meredith, but they can't be together. Christina lie to Burke because she still keeps her apartment, but at the end talking with Meredith, she realizes trhat is better to move in with him. Meredith chose the dog over George so George wants to leave the house, because a man can't accept that. But an older lady that refuses to move out of the hospital theaches George a lesson, to stand up for what he believes in, that he don't have to be a baby and leave, that a real man stands for what he believes in.

    At the end they gave the dog to McDreamy and everyone learns a lesson, Meredith, Christina and George, and really keeps you wanting to watch it, wanting each episode to last forever...this is fun, exciting and deepmoreless
  • Hey. this episode rocks... it was all about lies...i'm so excited about George and Meredith. it was very funny with the lady.Hey. this episode rocks... it was all about lies...i'm so excited about George and Meredith. it was very funny withmoreless

    Hey. this episode rocks... it was all about lies...i'm so excited about George and Meredith.

    it was very funny with the lady.Hey. this episode rocks... it was all about lies...i'm so excited about George and Meredith.

    it was very funny with the lady. yeah it rocks! more more more more more
  • I think the best thing Cristina could have done was to lie to Burke at the end...

    The back and forth in the teaser between Meredith and Cristina wasn't as great as it could be. Are they never going to show the opening credit sequence again?

    Cristina went from horrible bedside manner to Mrs. Bend-the-Rules in under 10 minutes. I could see Cristina trying to get ahead but it seems a little out of chracter (a little) for her to take a patient smoking even if it could piss off her best friend's ex-boyfriend.

    I loved Sophie and all her scenes with George.

    Although I loved the eating compotition between George, Alex, and Cristina, most especially because Cristina won and because of what happened right after, I would have loved to see the initiation of the competition and not just the competition itself. Subplot or not it was like it came from out of no where.

    Bailey avoiding maternity leave till the last possible second was so in character and fun to watch. Addison with Bailey was good. Addison with Izzie was played just right. Watching Bailey leave the O.R. in the middle of surgery was bittersweet. And that extra-happy woman was really creeping me out.

    This episode revealed that Burke is just as on top of his work as Cristina is and just as relationship-ly inept as Cristina is. I am now convinced that this couple formed during grief was definetely made to exist together. So much in common even if expressed in slightly different ways.

    I knew Meredith would hesitate and although it didn't bother me as a viewer I in the end felt ad for George.

    The music was so on cue.

    I loved the mismatch between the two "couples": Cristina and Derek, Meredith and Burke. It brought good contrast to the episode. Every one learned a lesson. My favorite part is when Cristina went Willow on Derek. There's nothing like best friends taking care of each other's love-lives.

    The chief was starting to piss me off with his path of chosen ignorance the nurse's situation. He got what was coming to him. Pickens should get some sort of a statue.

    Although Alex and Izzie being civil makes way for other things it's still a little sudden. Other than that Alex's storyline didn't get me. I think there were too many subplots. They all had a purpose but they didn't feel like they fit into one episode. Everytime George matures he gets a little hotter. Addison is really out of the loop if she really thinks, "It's just a dog." I think the best thing Cristina could have done was to lie to Burke at the end. It was the most worthy lie of the episode.

    "I'm watching each and every one of you...."moreless
  • Meredith tells lies about her relationship, and Christina does the same. They find out about eachother's secrets like they usually do, and help eachother resolve their problems. Christina realizes she has to move in and get rid of her apartment. Alex retamoreless

    This episode really hit home, and I believe it did with everybody who watched it. It relates to everyone who has been in a relationship, is in a relationship, or is ending a relationship. The memories come running back. Derek obviously still has feelings for Meredith, and Meredith's feelings are mutual, but they can't be together. this is heart-breaking and sucks one in to keep watching how this relationship grows in the future. The sweet old lady really teaches George a lesson in standing up for what he believes in, which everybody realizes at some point in time. There is so much love in this episode, and it really keeps you wanting to watch, wanting each episode to last forever.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Christopher Boyer

Christopher Boyer

Tom Cline

Guest Star

Carole Cook

Carole Cook

Sophie Larson

Guest Star

Donovan Leitch

Donovan Leitch

Rick Friart

Guest Star

John O'Brien

John O'Brien


Recurring Role

Robin Pearson Rose

Robin Pearson Rose


Recurring Role

Cathy Lind Hayes

Cathy Lind Hayes

Nurse Debbie

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof:When Bailey is stopping the elevator doors with her foot she tells everyone that she's 47 months pregnant when really she's 47 weeks pregnant.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Cristina: Fine, if you want me to tell Burke I didn't move in I'll tell him.
      Meredith: No, don't.
      Cristina: What?
      Meredith: Don't tell him. At least not right now or tonight. (Cristina sighs in relief) I just mean wait. It can wait. I lied about Derek. We're not just friends. I mean I'm not. He's still McDreamy.
      Cristina: I know.

    • Izzie: You want me to open it?
      Alex: Yeah, yeah you know it's just, I can't.
      Izzie: I shouldn't-- I mean--
      Alex: Look you already think I'm an idiot. It won't be anything shocking.
      Izzie (opens his test results): Congratulations. You are not an idiot. Except when you're being an idiot.

    • Burke: Next time you forge my signature, let me know. Save me a trip.
      Meredith: That's it? You're not going to yell and say 'Dammit Grey' and storm out?
      Burke (smiles): I will if you want me to.
      Meredith: No.
      (A little later)
      Meredith: Thank you for not chewing me out for forging your signature.
      Burke: Thank you. (Meredith looks confused) I know it was probably you who convinced Cristina. She's very strong but she listens to you. If you told her to move in ... (he smiles briefly) Anyway, thank you. (he walks away leaving Meredith looking uncomfortable)
      Meredith: No problem.

    • Izzie: Hey, hey. What are you going to do? Punch him out?
      Alex: Yeah.
      Izzie: So you're going to kick his ass, get yourself kicked out of the program, before you have to open your board scores which is incase you failed. (her beeper goes off) God, you're such an idiot. (walks away)

    • Cristina: He's making me stand at the back of the O.R while he re-attaches Rick's fingers. I can't even touch a retractor. I hate him.
      Meredith: Truth. Did you move in with Burke or not?
      Cristina (sighs): I told him I moved in with him. I'm keeping my old apartment. (Meredith gives her a look) What? I sleep with Burke every night. My clothes are there. So I still have my apartment, big deal.
      Meredith: You have to tell him.
      Cristina: Actually, I don't.
      Meredith: So I'm supposed to go to dinner at your fake apartment with the guy you fake live with?
      Cristina: Oh, I would never have you over to dinner with Burke. That's weird.
      Meredith: This is my point. Stop with the lying.
      Cristina: And you're being honest? That last time you called him Mc Dreamy you were all a-twitter with love.
      Meredith: We're just friends.
      Cristina: Uh huh.
      Meredith: We are.

    • Burke: Do you want to come over for dinner?
      Meredith (shocked): What?
      Burke: Dinner. Our place. Mine and Cristina's.
      Meredith (still shocked): Why?
      Burke: You're Cristina's best friend. I want her to feel welcome to have friends in our home.
      Meredith: Oh, so she's moved in with you?
      Burke: Yes. (suddenly confused) Didn't she tell you?
      Meredith (forces a smile): Of course she told me. Why wouldn't she tell me? She's in, right? Which you know I think is great.
      Burke: Great. (he walks away, leaving Meredith shocked and confused)

    • Patrica (reading a note): 'The surgical floor has become a dumping ground for patients who aren't even surgical. We are overworked and exhausted. This makes for un...'
      Richard: The nurses again? Can't you do something about this? You used to be one of them. Don't you speak nurse?
      Patrica (stops reading the note): That's why you don't get any respect from the nurses; surgical arrogance.
      Richard: I'm not arrogant.
      Patrica: You're killing them with that workload. Look at the board!
      Richard: What? That's a beautiful board.
      Patrica: That's a crowded board. (she hands him the note she's reading) We need more nurses!

    • Bailey: Except I know the mild concerned tone. I've used it myself from time to time.
      Addison: Sometimes false labor is the body's way of telling you to slow down.
      Bailey: I'm a surgeon.
      Addison: I understand the realities of your job but you need to understand the realities of your pregnancy and take it easy. Is there anything I can do to help?
      Bailey: Uh, yeah for starters you can help me get up off this table.
      Izzie (knocks on the door, then enters): Dr. Bailey. The GI lab has a couple of questions about Miss. Miyazaki's esophogram.
      Bailey: Well, then let's go. (Bailey walks out of the room)
      Addison: Dr. Stevens. (Izzie stops walking) Keep an eye on her today. Watch out for any painful contractions. More than 5 in an hour. Anything that could indicate pre-term labor. (Izzie shakes her head) The favor is not for me Stevens, you know that. (Izzie nods and walks off)

    • Bailey: When did your hiccups start?
      Mr. Kamaji: A few days ago. She doesn't speak english.
      Bailey: Are you her boyfriend?
      Mr. Kamaji: Her coach.
      Alex: Oh, she's an athlete.
      Mr. Kamaji: Ah, Yumi is a competitive eater.
      Izzie: Eating is a sport?
      Alex (nods): Miyazaki ... yeah, yeah. She's like a rock star in Japan.
      Izzie: Again, eating is a sport?
      Alex: Tell her I saw her on TV. Tell her that I'm an athlete too. I'm a wrestler.
      Mr. Kamaji (in Japanese to Yumi): The young doctor wants you to know he's a wrestler. I think he's flirting with you.
      Yumi (in Japanese to Kamaji): Tell him I eat little boys like him for breakfast.
      Mr. Kamaji: She wonders how a wrestler got smart enough to be a doctor. Most wrestlers she knows are dumb.
      Alex: Just tell her that she hasn't been hanging around the right gyms.
      Bailey: How bout you tell her that persistent hiccup could be an indication of something much more serious. (to Alex and Izzie) Schedule an esophogram.
      Mr. Kamaji: Oh she's competing this afternoon at the 'Taste of Seattle'. Can't you just give her a stronger dose of that drug? It seemed to work.
      Bailey: Did the hiccups come back?
      Mr. Kamaji: Yes.
      Bailey: Then it didn't work.

    • (Alex is sitting in the cafeteria with a huge plate of hotdogs. Izzie and Cristina enter, Cristina also has a huge plate of hotdogs)
      Alex: Are we gonna do this or what?
      Cristina: Yeah, let's go.
      George (runs up with his own huge plate of hotdogs): Wait, don't start without me.
      Izzie: What should I put on the flier?
      Cristina: Destructive, aggressive, uh... hell dog available.
      George: That's not helping.
      Cristina: Fine, uh playful, protective puppy needs a home.
      Izzie: Good.
      Meredith (sits down, Doc is beside her on his leash): Hey, George.
      George (looking at his food): Don't talk to me! You'll only make me mad. You're gonna mess up my game and I'm in the zone.
      Meredith: Okay. (to Izzie) What are you doing?
      Izzie: Oh it's a flier that I'm-
      Cristina: Izzie, come on!
      George: Izzie!
      Izzie: Okay, keep your panties on. (Izzie picks up a stop watch) Alright. (George picks up a hotdog)
      Cristina: No touching! (George sets it back down)
      Izzie (trying not to laugh): Go! (George, Alex and Cristina start wolfing down their hotdogs. Though Cristina opts for eating the actual hotdog meat first quickly, rather than bun and dog like Alex and George)
      Meredith (looks at the flier): You're advertising for a home for Doc? I said I would do it.
      Izzie: And you haven't and you won't. And I don't want George to leave.
      Meredith: Well, at least put down that he's not house-broken. (Izzie gives her a look) What? It's the truth.
      Izzie: Okay, so you want me to put the truth. Fine. (Cristina has now finished her hot dog meat and only left with the buns with she is now wetting down with water, mushing up and then stuffing into her mouth) Vicious, hyper-double mutt is available. And will pee on the bed.
      Meredith: He's your dog too. We got him together.
      Izzie: We got him together, please. He's not your dog either. He doesn't even know us. We are not home enough for him to know us. (Cristina stuffs the last of it down her mouth and shouts victorious. Though it's very muffled and hard to understand since she still has a mouth full of bread. Alex and George also protest muffled as she hasn't chewed it all down. Cristina stands up and starts gloating and making hand gestures)
      Cristina: You want to be! You want to be me but you can't be me! You want to be me- (she stops suddenly, and looks sick)
      George: Uh, oh.
      Izzie: Crap. She's gonna blow. (they all leave the table quickly, leaving Cristina there)

    • Addison: Bed rest at home until the baby comes. You do know what bed rest is, don't you, Miranda?
      Bailey: Yeah, hell.
      Izzie (hands her a package): Here, books and movies. It's form all of us. (Bailey gives her a look)
      Bailey (stopping the elevator door with her foot): I may be 47 weeks pregnant, I may be on bed rest, I may not be able to see my own feet. But I am Doctor Bailey. I hear everything. I know everything. I'm watching each and every one of you.

    • Cristina: McDreamy's being McDouchey.

    • Derek: Just came from Mr. Friart's room. He's convinced that he won't be able to quit smoking. Says that you agree.
      Cristina: No, he asked my opinion. Want me to apologize?
      Derek: No I want you to go in there and tell him that you're wrong. That you're having a bad day. You're favorite uncle died of lung cancer and that every time you see a cigarette you freak out. Say whatever you need to say. Get him to believe that this about you not him. Because if he thinks he won't be able to quit, he won't. Then we shouldn't even do this surgery.
      Cristina: Fine.
      Derek: What is your problem? I'm your boss. What's the matter-
      Cristina: No you're not my boss right now. We're in an elevator. That's your specialty, right? McDreamy moments in elevators?
      Derek (warningly): Dr. Yang...
      Cristina: You know what, for a moment, I'm not Dr. Yang, and you're not Dr. Shepherd. You're the guy who screwed up my friend. The guy who drove her to get a dog she can't keep, a dog she only got because her boyfriend lied to her about his wife.
      Derek: I never lied to her.
      Cristina: You know what? I know a liar when I see one, 'cause I'm a liar. Fine you want me to lie to the patient. I'll lie.

    • Izzie: You're not moving out, George.
      George: Oh yes I am. I gave an ultimatum. Threw down the gauntlet. I drew my line in the sand.
      Izzie: Well, un-give, un-throw, un-draw.
      George: A man does not give an ultimatum and then back down. Meredith had a choice and she chose the dog.

    • Derek: Yang. You were a little harsh in there.
      Cristina: He was lying. Plus, your 'harsh' is another man's 'refreshing'.
      Derek: Well he's in shock. The man's lost his fingers and his only remaining habit in one day. We need to be compassionate.
      Cristina: Compassionate?
      Derek: Yes, it's an emotion. Have you ever heard of it?
      Cristina: Have you? She's barely back on her feet and you've got her calling you McDreamy again. You know, I was just telling the patient the truth. You might wanna try it sometime.

    • George: Mrs. Larson, I'm Dr. O'Malley.
      Mrs. Larson: Oh! An Irishman! I love the Irish. They have a…a sparkle. You can see it in the eye. And the swagger. Come on, Dr. O'Malley. Show me the swagger. (George swaggers over to her bed) The eyes are right, but ah…you'll have to work on the swagger.

    • Derek: You smoke?
      Rick: Why?
      Derek: Cigarette smoke constricts the blood vessels. I've seen really good grafts fail over a few cigarettes.
      Rick: So what are you saying? I smoke a cigarette after my operation and boom! My fingers fall off?
      Cristina: No, first they turn black and necrotic and then they fall off.
      Rick: I don't smoke, so...
      Cristina: Reallly? Because judging by the nicotine stains, your fingers do.

    • Rick (about his severed fingers): You can sew 'em back on, right? 'Cause they sewed that guy's penis back on after his wife chopped it off, right?
      Bailey: Penises and fingers are like apples and oranges.
      George: How did it happen?
      Rick: I was loading my gear onto the truck for a gig and they got caught in the lift gate.
      Alex: You're a musician?
      Rick: I play the friggin' guitar. You can sew them back on, right? This is not that big of a deal, right? (looking at his bandaged hand) Oh dude, I better not be out of the band.

    • (When giving her dog to Derek)
      Meredith: So… he chews everything, so don't leave anything out. He hates cats and small little yappy dogs. Oh… not housebroken.
      Derek: Oh.
      Meredith: Probably should have told you that…

    • Meredith: Why aren't you prepping for rounds and stealing all the good cases?
      Cristina: Well, why aren't you prepping for rounds and stealing all the good cases?
      Meredith: No reason.
      Cristina: No reason?
      Meredith: I'm waiting for McDreamy.
      Cristina: I'm avoiding Burke.
      Meredith: Why are you avoiding Burke?
      Cristina: He thinks I moved in with him. Why are you waiting --
      Meredith: McDreamy is doing me a favor. Burke thinks you moved in with him?
      Cristina: Wait, you're calling him McDreamy again?
      Meredith: Burke thinks you moved in with him? What does that mean?
      Cristina: It's nothing. You're calling Derek, McDreamy again?
      Meredith: It's nothing.
      Cristina: What are you doing?
      Meredith: What are you doing?
      Cristina: Stop repeating what I say.
      Meredith: Stop asking me questions.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): As doctors, we're trained to be skeptical, because our patients lie to us all the time. The rule is, every patient is a liar until proven honest. Lying is bad. Or so we are told constantly from birth-- honesty is the best policy, the truth shall set you free, I chopped down the cherry tree, whatever. The fact is, lying is a necessity. We lie to ourselves because the truth, the truth freaking hurts.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): No matter how hard we try to ignore or deny it, eventually the lies fall away, whether we like it or not. But here's the truth about the truth: It hurts. So we lie.

    • George: You don't get to choose. I know you've been going through a bad time, I know you miss Shepherd, and I know that your life has admittedly been pretty unpleasant these days. You get points for breathing in and out, you get to be a little selfish, but you don't get to choose a dog over me. I'm George, I sleep down the hall from you, I buy your tampons, I have held your hand every time you've asked. I've earned the right to be seen, to be respected, to not have you think of me as less than a dog that you got at the pound. So I'm not moving out, whether you like it or not, I'm staying.

    • (the dog is hiding underneath a cart and barks)
      Burke: Dr. Grey is that a dog?
      Meredith (smiles sweetly): No.

    • George: Cujo has got to go!
      Izzie: He peed on my bed. My bed, Meredith!
      Meredith: He's our dog!
      George: No, he's not my dog. You two bought him, without even asking me.
      Meredith: We rescued him from certain death. (she pouts) Come on you guys.
      George: I'm putting my foot down. Either the dog moves out or I do. Foot. Down. Now. It's me or the dog. Which is it? (Meredith looks down at the dog) You hesitated! (to Izzie) She hesitated!
      Izzie (to Meredith): You hesitated?!
      Meredith: I didn't hesitate! I was thinking.
      George: You have to think about it, fine! I'm moving out right now. (he heads to leave the locker room, but when he opens the door, he sees Bailey standing there, and heads back to his locker) Later. I'm moving out later because right now I have rounds.
      Bailey (walks in): Tell me that is not a dog.
      Alex and Cristina: It's not a dog.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Bulgaria: July 11, 2006 on bTV
      Australia: July 31, 2006 channel 7.
      Sweden: November 7, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Norway: November 14, 2006 TV2
      Germany: December 19, 2006 on PRO7
      Croatia: February 5th, 2007 on NOVA TV
      Italy: March 30, 2007 on Italia 1
      Ireland: June 5, 2007 on RTE Two
      Romania: June 12, 2007 on TVR1

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. A Good Thing by St. Etlenne plays when Meredith and Cristina talk about Derek and Burke,
      2. Monster Hospital by Metric plays when Rick Friart (musician) is rushed in,
      3. Wienermobile Girl by Mike Tarantino plays when Cristina, Alex, and George have the hot dog eating contest,
      4. I Got Some Moves by Sam Winch plays when Sophie tells George to 'fight for what's yours,'
      5. Am I Just One by Carey Ott plays when Alex and Izzie tell Yumi she's going to be fine,
      6. Fool's Gold by Adrienne Pierce plays when Burke tells Cristina he's glad she moved in.


    • Episode Title: Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

      The title is a reference to the song Little Lies sung by Fleetwood Mac and released 1987 on the album Tango in the Night.