Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 14

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on ABC

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  • This episode was all about lies

    In this epsisode, everything came back tro lies

    Cristina lying to Burke about moving in and Meredith lying about her feelings for Derek (who she is calling McDreamy again.

    I really liked the beginning of the episode where George tried to force Meredith to give up the dog. It was really obvilious that he didn't want to go which made him cute.

    I also like the part where Bailey had to go home because of the baby and the way she told everyone that she would be back and she was watching them! It was so typical for Bailey!

    I can imagine that Alex was afraid to open the envelope. I'm really happy that he past the test. It's nice to see that Izzie and Alex are talking to eachother again.

    I felt really sorry for Meredith that she had to give the dog up. He helped her to get over Derek and now she back at the beginning. And the dog is with the woman that has Derek. It doesn't seem fair to Meredith.

    It was really nice that Cristina told Burke that she was happy that she moved in with him. You can see that see Cristina is not ready to do this kind of things but she is trying and that's great!
  • Meredith tell the truth about lies, and lie to herself and everyone else about McDreamy... and Christina also lie, but to Dr. Burke, about tha she kept her apartment

    This episode is really good, Meredith realizes that she likes McDreamy again, and he obviously still has feelings for Meredith, but they can't be together. Christina lie to Burke because she still keeps her apartment, but at the end talking with Meredith, she realizes trhat is better to move in with him. Meredith chose the dog over George so George wants to leave the house, because a man can't accept that. But an older lady that refuses to move out of the hospital theaches George a lesson, to stand up for what he believes in, that he don't have to be a baby and leave, that a real man stands for what he believes in.
    At the end they gave the dog to McDreamy and everyone learns a lesson, Meredith, Christina and George, and really keeps you wanting to watch it, wanting each episode to last forever...this is fun, exciting and deep
  • Hey. this episode rocks... it was all about lies...i'm so excited about George and Meredith. it was very funny with the lady.Hey. this episode rocks... it was all about lies...i'm so excited about George and Meredith. it was very funny with

    Hey. this episode rocks... it was all about lies...i'm so excited about George and Meredith.
    it was very funny with the lady.Hey. this episode rocks... it was all about lies...i'm so excited about George and Meredith.
    it was very funny with the lady. yeah it rocks! more more more more more
  • I think the best thing Cristina could have done was to lie to Burke at the end...

    The back and forth in the teaser between Meredith and Cristina wasn't as great as it could be. Are they never going to show the opening credit sequence again?

    Cristina went from horrible bedside manner to Mrs. Bend-the-Rules in under 10 minutes. I could see Cristina trying to get ahead but it seems a little out of chracter (a little) for her to take a patient smoking even if it could piss off her best friend's ex-boyfriend.

    I loved Sophie and all her scenes with George.

    Although I loved the eating compotition between George, Alex, and Cristina, most especially because Cristina won and because of what happened right after, I would have loved to see the initiation of the competition and not just the competition itself. Subplot or not it was like it came from out of no where.

    Bailey avoiding maternity leave till the last possible second was so in character and fun to watch. Addison with Bailey was good. Addison with Izzie was played just right. Watching Bailey leave the O.R. in the middle of surgery was bittersweet. And that extra-happy woman was really creeping me out.

    This episode revealed that Burke is just as on top of his work as Cristina is and just as relationship-ly inept as Cristina is. I am now convinced that this couple formed during grief was definetely made to exist together. So much in common even if expressed in slightly different ways.

    I knew Meredith would hesitate and although it didn't bother me as a viewer I in the end felt ad for George.

    The music was so on cue.

    I loved the mismatch between the two "couples": Cristina and Derek, Meredith and Burke. It brought good contrast to the episode. Every one learned a lesson. My favorite part is when Cristina went Willow on Derek. There's nothing like best friends taking care of each other's love-lives.

    The chief was starting to piss me off with his path of chosen ignorance the nurse's situation. He got what was coming to him. Pickens should get some sort of a statue.

    Although Alex and Izzie being civil makes way for other things it's still a little sudden. Other than that Alex's storyline didn't get me. I think there were too many subplots. They all had a purpose but they didn't feel like they fit into one episode. Everytime George matures he gets a little hotter. Addison is really out of the loop if she really thinks, "It's just a dog." I think the best thing Cristina could have done was to lie to Burke at the end. It was the most worthy lie of the episode.

    "I'm watching each and every one of you...."
  • Meredith tells lies about her relationship, and Christina does the same. They find out about eachother's secrets like they usually do, and help eachother resolve their problems. Christina realizes she has to move in and get rid of her apartment. Alex reta

    This episode really hit home, and I believe it did with everybody who watched it. It relates to everyone who has been in a relationship, is in a relationship, or is ending a relationship. The memories come running back. Derek obviously still has feelings for Meredith, and Meredith's feelings are mutual, but they can't be together. this is heart-breaking and sucks one in to keep watching how this relationship grows in the future. The sweet old lady really teaches George a lesson in standing up for what he believes in, which everybody realizes at some point in time. There is so much love in this episode, and it really keeps you wanting to watch, wanting each episode to last forever.
  • Great as usual. George really shines in this episode.

    I love that George gets more attention in this episode. He is a great character. I really wonder how Meredith cannot see that George has a crush on her, especially when everyone else knows. Oh well, Meredith is clueless with other things as well.
    The dog in the hospital I found a bit weird. Not realistic at all. I know it's a TV show, but that was too blatently not realistic.
    That was actually the only bad point of the episode. The M/D/A triangle continues, with more small twists...the subtlety is great.
    The Burke/Christina thing is still a little weird to me. Where's the love? And they're 'moving in together' very fast. Oh well. The lying makes for some good laughs.
    Bailey going home was really funny.
    Oh and I'm really curious as to how the Chief is going to solve the nurses strike.
  • We're back on track now. A great episode.

    This was truly a great episode. It seemed to be a real "maturing" episode for almost all the characters. George takes a stand, Christina and Meredith come to terms with their relationships and admit the things they didn't want to face, Alex seems almost human in this episode, Izzy, as much as she despises Alex, still stands by him when he needed to open his letter re: his pass/fail. Addison and Meredith have a pleasant conversation and McDreamy has a tough side - getting angry with Christina. I still had to give this only a 9.5 though because I still don't really think the whole "dog allowed in the hospital" thing was realistic and I can't see that an intern forging a doctor's signature (even if she was right), would be let off without so much as a slap on the wrist. Burke did nothing...c'mon...
    Anyway, loved the always. A real turn-around from last weeks flop.
  • Everyone lie to us all the time.

    Rick a guitar player came to the hospital with three severed fingers. He will need to stop smoking in order to recover but Cristina doesn't think that he will be able to quit it.
    Yumi is brought with teared esophagus but she went from hospital and returned with sever damages.
    Sophie was discharged a month ago but she is still in the hospital. She is so memorable character so sweet and fantastic and dialogue between her and George is amazing.
    Naomi needs a valve replacement but she has some drugs and she is felling abnormal sense of happyness all the time and her husband freaks out.
  • Everybody wenr around and lied to eachother. Specially Meretdith and Crhistina in the beginning. Many funny patients too.

    Alex get to know that his future on the hospital is safe. Izze congratulates him with his passing(They're friends again!). Dr. Bailey has to leave the hospital because of pregnancy pains or something like that. She doesn't seem too happy about it. George sets his foot down and says thet he or the dog has to leave their apartment. They give the dog to Derek and Addison. Meredith and Derek have a little talk, but not about anything important. Christina isn't sure she has moved in with Burke, but in the end they both say they're glad she did. The truth always win.
  • it was amazing! really george should put a sock in it so mer hesitated its a human reaction LOL. really the mcdreamy thing awesome. it must really be painfull to love someone and not be with them

    christiana and meredith i love their friendship, and burke has really calmed down. i think they should meredith more roles where her career is excelling. that look between them at the end was priceless i felt their pain but he gets to keep the dog. and i love when goearge was understanding towards the rnd.
  • A solid episode.

    The interns’ eating contest was really funny. So was the old lady George had to deal with. I love that the chief helps him find the loopholes, rather than preventing him from using them. But the fact that the woman’s daughter was not actually getting her room ready for her was predictable.

    It was nice to see Alex genuinely care about his patient. Izzie needs to see that he is not pure demon spawn and that he really does have a heart.

    I really like Addison, and I feel horrible for her, because all she does is try to salvage her relationship with Derek, and all he does is think about Meredith.
  • There is a good balance of character development and drama to keep this show refreshing. There is also an element of resolve in each episode that makes me like it even more.

    For the type of series this is, the show has done a good job at keeping things in focus and entertaining the viewer.

    The real show saver here is George and he does a fine job at it. I think there is a good balance of character development and drama to keep the show refreshing.

    I like how each episode has an element of drama that is solved during that episode. I was getting tired of shows that never resolve anything just to keep the viewers.

    My lineup was in desperate need of a good show like this.
  • This Is Great!!!

    I feel like I repeat myself everytime I write an intry on this show. All of these shows are so great. The fact that unlike ER, and Chicago Hope, even when they talk about medical stuff, they explain it in dumb terms after that, so you learn something.

    This episode is so great because it talks about how good lieing can be. Being that I work in Mental Health, I know that lieing, and knowing when to lie is what makes the difference in someones present state.

    However of course lieing is not always the greatest example of expression it is one that has a bad rap, as was shown at times in this episode.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • George seems have come alive

    This episode was great. We have Meredith and Christina coming to terms with the truth of their relationships. Telling the truth sometimes is good and other times can be pretty distructive. The "elderly" patient "Sophie" sees into George enough to know that he is truly a wonderful guy. George is one of my favorite characters and too often glossed over. I just wonder if a dog could truly spend the day inside a hospital.
    This episode also brought the nursing crisis to mind. This is a good line for "Grey's Anatomy" to follow. Nursing is a crisis in the real economy. Brings a bit of reality to this show.
    The scene with Dr. Bailey in a wheelchair telling the interns that she is still watching each of them and all of the interns so focused was a wonderful picture to behold.
    Great show! It gets better each week.
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