Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 24

Testing 1-2-3

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2007 on ABC

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  • I LOVED IT!!! This is probably one of my FAVORITE episodes, and coming from me, that means it's REALLY REALLY REALLY good. So much happens that will lead to the BEST season finale! I am so excited about this Thursday! Watch Thursday, 5/17 on FOX at 9/8c.

    Trauma is my favorite. All my favorite episodes are the ones with all the trauma. The train wreck, the ferry crash, the unexploded ammunition, the fish market accident. Thats when all ther good stuff's there. I think besides the set of episodes with the bomb in a body cavity, this is my favorite episode. I'm also a huge fan of the ones that keep you hanging, not that a lot of them don't, but I love suspense. I mean this episode deals with like everything! Day-before-wedding clammor, exams that will change your careers, trauma, marraige confusion, mixed feelings, lies, jealousy, and tons more stuff. To anyone who hasn't seen it, this is a MUST SEE episode of Grey's Anatomy!!!
  • Meridith struggles to cope with recent events.

    Very good, can't wait for finale! Think adele will survive but she'll lose the baby. Thatcher was a complete ass to meridith, i feel so sorry for her. George is stupid to leave because of Izzie and him. Callie is now annoying! Addison seemed to change back to her boring greys character. Dereck better not cheat, hope meridith gets her feet back on the ground. Christina and borkes wedding spells trouble i think. Finale should be brill!!
  • The end is truly near

    Meredith is having such a hard time. As if having your mum and your surrogate mum die in such short time wasn't enough. Now her stupid father is blaming her for the death of his beloved wife. I could have hit him when he said that she was the only thing he had in life. Hallo!??! There are just your daughters you forgot to mention. Daaah... Idiot...
    Why did Meredith get so hard on the Chief on the other hand? He has really done nothing but support her. It's not his fault that Mummy and Daddy seperated. Well, maybe a little bit, but I still think Mer has been a bit harsh.

    At least she could repeat that test. I was actually worried she'd just fail and then!? Well, of course she couldn't have. It's GREY'S Anatomy and not Cristina's after all :D

    So, how about Burke and Cristina getting hitched? I still have my doubts about whether they'll go through with it or not. But I really hope they are, but I'm guessing there'll probably be a huge emotional cliffhanger.
    It would be actually nice if the cliffhanger didn't involve Meredith and Derek. Watching the promos with him and McBarWhore I was really worried that he might cheat on her just to find a way out of this inner struggle of his. But hopefully, Meredith and her McDreamy will still be on by the end of the season. It would pretty much suck if they were gonna keep us hanging again in the finale...

    Watching Izzie and George is so heartbreaking, I'm really wondering where this might lead. Now that he might not be leaving the programme after all, I'm really wondering when we're gonna see the next elevator kiss. I thought it was so gracious of Izzie to tell George it didn't mean anything. She's been through so much and can't have what she wants - a g a i n !!
  • i don't have people...

    So I really hate how this show gets to me. One minute I am laughing and then I am crying. It’s all a bit silly. This episode really got me thinking. When I went through dental school we have national boards that you have to take after your second and forth year that are a bit like the intern exam. You have to get a certain score to move on. Well that scene at the end where Meredith is retaking the test and McDreamy sees the other four interns sitting outside waiting for her. I started crying – I didn’t (and still don’t) have that with anyone. Kinda sad to realize that your life could fall apart and not have anyone that would sit there and be there for you…
  • Just when you thought everyone was "Bright and Shiny" ... All good things must come to an end... Or do they?

    Wonderful Episode!! It is such a switch from last year around this time. The Izzie/George relationship is sweet but heartbreaking. Callie knows deep down and doesn't want to admit it and George is fighting his feelings... Oh the drama! (But has a similar ring to MerAddDer love triangle )

    Meredith fighting through so many issues... (she is becoming more dark and twisty...!) Hopefully her and Derek will pull through... They have come way too far!

    And the parts with them talking to meredith was sweet and almost like the infamous "bathroom" where after a tragic moment they go for comfort.

    I can't wait for next week!
  • Since the brilliant Ferry accident episodes the show seems to be getting pale.

    I thought that after the Ferry accident where Merideth literally had to confront whether she wanted to live or not we could finally get rid of this whiny, self pitful and very annoying character, Merideth Grey. It seemed to be going well and we actually saw a couple out of Merideth and Derek. But then BAM, her step mother dies and then for some reason her dad blames her. Why? What possible reason does he have for blaming Meredith even if he was insane. He might be broken but hes not stupid. All to make Meredith go back to her old ways.

    I also thought this episode was incredibly hard to get through. The George Izzie and Callie love triangle is pretty lame. However the finale setup has potential. With adele possibly dieing I see a twist in the Chief race, possibly a veto in Richards retiring decision. Also I think the mountain accident has a great storyline in it.
  • Pretty cool episode

    This week's greys was great like any week, I liked how it's building things up for the series finale, that's pretty awsome too. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Meridith doesnt take the intern test! Oh that was a shocker, but then cheif forces her to, I thought she was going to pull an izzy and stay at home for a few episodes before coming back to work in the hospital. I liked eva's part, or rebecca now, she finally got her memory back, but why doensnt she want her family to find her? That's stange. I liked how Addison is getting more attention too, I guess they're preparing to send her off on her spin-off soon, so it's bound to do that to her. And this episode leaves a cliff-hanger, will Adell get help? And what was with those mountain climbers? The one with the ax in his head. haha. Creepy. Only the season finale will tell.............
  • The interns take their exam, Addison is confronted with her needs constantly and it's almost the big day.

    "Testing 1-2-3" is referring to the test the 20 interns at SGH are taking, which will later on reveal their fate whether to go on to their residency year or repeat their intern year.

    Meredith deals with Thatcher and the surgery, but she's not the only one with problems. Christina needs to make a vow, Izzie doesn't want George to leave, George makes up his mind and Alex pushes information out of Jane Doe.

    Previously, Susan died in a surgery Meredith was scrubbing in on and Thatcher took all his anger out on Meredith. It's the day of Susan's funeral and Meredith plans to go, but after being discouraged by an angry Thatcher, Meredith forgets about going. The Chief also takes care of Meredith, but Meredith pushes him away. She also has problems with her test because of all the problems she's been through, so the chief lets her take it later than all the others. I think it was a little too dramatic when Meredith didn't answer anything on her test paper. Her drama in this episode was tolerable because it wasn't that bad, but it was a little too much.

    George has just been accepted to Mercy West and wants to move in hopes of having a fresh new start after his cheating with Izzie. Callie approves of George's decision, but Izzie, Bailey and the Chief discourage him from moving. Izzie also spikes up a speech in front of the girls during Christina's party. I'm sick and tired of Izzie's ranting; it has been going on since Denny died.

    Karev finds out that Jane Doe has gotten her memory back and tough loves her into getting the information out, but not after a whole episode of arguing. She finally reveals to Alex her real name and they are in hopes to find her family. I'm really into this sub-plot so I'm interested to see where it goes from there.

    Burke and Christina's wedding is on the next day, but Christina is busy studying for the test. She ends up making her vows during her party. Burke and the guys also have a party at Joe's. This episode didn't really focus too much on Christina and Burke, but the next episode will definitely focus on them.

    Addison gets two patients in need of baby care in this episode, which is a lot to deal with if you want a baby, but can't get one. She has the mother who is carrying Joe and Walter's baby and Adele. She also confronts Sloan and they decide to be just friends after everything they've been through. I can't believe Addison is being shipped off to "Private Practice." That show is no good and is going to bring Addison down with them.

    The chief deals with Meredith (see Meredith paragraph), but at the end also deals with Adele. He finds her on the bathroom floor fainted and that's our cliffhanger. I'm a little interested with what the next episode has for the chief and Adele.

    Cliffhangers besides Adele were, the girl Derek met at the bar, the man with an axe on his head and the girl who fainted in the bar. Very interesting cliffhangers if you ask me.
  • This is a review of the exam episode, the pre-finale if you will. The episode was amazing and truly painful. The cast did great, and I can not wait for next Thursday. I hope you enjoy my "painful" review of this episode.

    Last nights episode of Grey’s Anatomy was painful on different levels and in every story being played out. Painful scenarios and plots have become a staple to the show, and I feel it appeals to its viewers. To start off, the amnesia patient revealing she had regained her memory but was hiding it was like a glass of cold water being dumped on a person in a dead sleep. The actions and emotions displayed by the intern, handling her case was a good example of the glass of cold water analogy. Alex Karev could not have been more surprised, disgusted, excited or sick all at the same time. It will definitely be a part of the story for viewers, like myself, to see play out. To carry over from last week’s episode, the situation facing Meredith, with the death of her father’s wife, came to a head. The somewhat emotionless expression Meredith exuded throughout the show was amazing and left me wondering what she could be feeling at the moment her own father tore into her. It was also painful to watch her sit in the exam and not answer any questions, how could someone that has gone through the ringer over and over again get to the end, and give up; now that was painful to watch. Yang seemed to have everything together and her situations did not seem to be agonizing to watch, but I think that is because of the pending marriage in the next episode. However, the most painful for me would have to be George and Izzie’s extremely complicated “friendship.” I could not believe Izzie told George she did not have the feelings for George that he thinks she has. You could see it in her body language that it killed her to say it, and was verified by the closing scene with her in the dark room. What a tremendous show, even though it was full of pain and agonizing moments throughout it, but it just wouldn’t be Grey’s without it.
  • Meredith and her father have serious break, the itnerns take their First Year Intern Exam, Callie becomes more suspicious of Izzy and George, the attendings deal with some mountain climbers that had a rough time on a mountain.

    Finally, the show feels like it's coming back to where it used to be. It seems like it's been forever since I could watch an episode and have more praise than criticism. While I'm getting sick of the Alex/Eva situation, I'm really excited for many of the other plotlines. I'm thrilled about Cristina and Burke's impending nuptials, especially since Burke is beginning to seem settled about it. The George/Izzy/Callie triangle is looking grim; I'm eager to see what happens there. And obviously the Chief/Adele situation has me on the edge of my seat. The reason this episode was good was because it had things being normal again, ish. While of course Meredith was being dark and twisty, I was glad to see her open up to the Chief, who though he is not her father, clearly cares a great deal about her. I also liked that there was some actual medical stuff in the show again--the mountain climbers, the twins, and Adele's pregnancy. I can't wait for next week!
  • Intern test time. Meredith freaked but The Chief came to her rescue. Now who will come to his rescue as his ex lies in critical condition? Something strange happened at the mountaintop? George's melodrama continues. Christina's ready. We've remembered!

    Finally, once again this episode had high-level excitement that we've come to expect & enjoy in Grey's Anatomy. Old subplots were explained, new ones teasingly introduced.
    There were several times when I caught myself holding my breath because the action was so intense! It's going to be a long week waiting for the next episode. Big questions will hopefully be answered and characters either get together or for sure call it quits. George's melodrama is getting to be too much and it makes the show drag on & on. He is a strong character. To have him act like a trapped kitten between two howling, growling women is disrespectful to him. Addison is our sweetheart - - how can you have her leave so soon? McDreamy is turning into McBoring; thank heavens he at least has the bachelor party job to keep him busy.
  • Seriously?

    Why is Meredith upset about loosing a father she has never known? I can understand Susan but not Thatcher. And for the love of..... make a decision about George/Callie/Izzy. Why is Callie hanging out with Izzie when she already thinks Izzie is a threat? Poor Addison. Felt bad that every where she turned pregnant women were invading her life.
  • We have Derek becoming not the best man to be with right now. Burke and Christina trying hard to do this. George trying to do the right thing and Izzie wont let him. Alex finds the truth about Jane Doe and Mark and Addison becoming friends....

    Derek is becoming a Jerk....but I'm happy that he didn't go with that girl, the promo made me realize how much he is becoming a jerk and yet I understand in a way, Meredith is pushing him away more then she thinks and knows. Her life is so messed up right now that she is not realizing what's in front of her, and if she doesn't the light may fade. Burke and Chritina so nervous about the big day but go on with their lives, still loving eachother. Alex finds out the truth of Jane Doe, and is not happy with the results. running away from a life just because she is not happy and doesn't care that much. George falling for Izzie and realizing his mistake for marrying Callie because he was confused when his dad died. But knows it's his fault and is trying to do what is right. Izzie doesn't like Callie never will like Callie, is falling for George and is mostly thinking about herself...ugh...doesn't want him to leave. They need space, they just need space right now. he'll come back, or she can leave and come back. They just need space before they do something stupid again or even worse doing something stupid and being caught and hurting Callie who wants to have a baby with her McDreamy George. Mark and Addison become close friends again, same wih Derek and Mark slowly becoming friends again. and last but very shocking, Chief possibly a father, Adele callaps in the bathroom and him to rush by her side calling for help....
  • Meredith tries to cope with losing two mommies, Test day stresses everyone out and it's not even BIG test day for Cristina, Izzie lies to George, Addison returns to Seattle, and Derek becomes McJerky.

    Meredith- Poor poor scary, damaged, dark and twisty Meredith... Cristina was pretty dead on when she said that Fake Mommy was a better Mommy than real Mommy. Then Thatcher goes and slaps her (UNACCEPTABLE... would he have done that if it were any other doctor but Meredith? Would he have slapped Bailey?), then tells her she's not welcome anywhere near him... I think poor Meredith is just too broken and she can't figure out how to fix it. That's not her fault.

    Derek- Is being a huge jerk off... Instead of silently fuming and sulking, he needs to just go to her, like all of her FRIENDS did. She didn't reach out to them, they went to her. If he really loves Meredith, and expects her to be open and honest with him, he needs to do the same, and not just tell her he's sick of making an effort. Frankly he is starting to piss me off... Especially after seeing the preview when he tells Meredith that he met someone. I'm starting to wonder if he's capable of being faithful to ANYONE.

    Chief Webber- Poor chief... Might lose Adelle?? The scene in the bathroom was pretty heartbreaking, even if Adelle ends up being fine. I love how he refues to let Meredith push him away and then she finally breaks down and hugs him.

    Burke- He and Derek are both being jerks right now. Didn't Cristina say from the get go that she didn't want a huge religious wedding? Then he just goes and plans one anyway! Not to mention an, I'm assuming, Christian wedding when she's Jewish! He keeps forcing all this stuff on her, then is acting shocked when she's not totally thrilled.

    Cristina- I kind of liked seeing a bit of old Cristina come out when Burke tried to corner her on Test Day. Frankly, she told him not to disturb her on test day, and he tried to anyway. If the wedding is such a big deal (that he seemed to be in charge of), he shouldn't have planned it the day after Test Day. It was very Cristina to say "I don't know how to talk to Meredtih about failure. It's not what we do." Even when she didn't know what to say, she just kind of followed Meredith around the hospital, making sure she'll be o.k. How could she not? Meredith is her person.

    Addison- Needs to move down to L.A.! I'm sorri but I loved the "pilot" for the spin-off. Even though it's her profession, I still have to feel a little sorri for her, being "chased by pregnant women"!

    Callie- You could see, by the look on her face, that when Izzie was ranting to them, she knew that Izzie was talking about George. It was a nice change of pace to see all of the Attendings vying to have her help them with all their surgeries. However, even though I love her, I don't want her to get Chief Resident... I want that to go to BAILEY!!!

    George- I was surprised and glad to see George step up and become the forceful support and push Meredith towards what could potentially save her. I really, seriously doubt that George will actually leave and go to Mercy West. Even though I dispise the idea of George and Izzie, you could see the pain in his eyes when Izzie told him that sleeping together was a mistake and she doesn't have feelings for him. Who else has a feeling that, even though he doesn't believe in it, divorce is imminent?

    Bailey- I really like how she pulled George aside and basically scolded him for trying to leave Seattle Grace simply for "personal reasons". I really am pulling for her to win Chief Resident. I really think she pulls her weight and then some. Even if she DID put her foot in her mouth when talking to Callie haha.

    Izzie- Still annoys me.

    Alex- Still baffles me sometimes. I really would like to see, in next season perhaps, more about Alex's past. Sometimes, when he gets so passionate about htings, like how he did with Eva a.k.a. Rebecca, I wonder where it all comes from. All I know about Alex so far, is that his dad was an alcoholic with a mean temper who used to beat on his mom.

    Mark- Poor slutty McSteamy. He actually abstained from sex for how long, and still isn't with the one he loves. He's a jerk but jerks have feelings too. I think.

    All in all, this episode was full of emotion and drama, just like the Grey's I've come to expect. I can't wait to see what happens in the finale.

    Oh and by the way... I am so NOT HAPPY that Chyler Leigh is offered a 13 EPISODE STINT! That means that McDreamy is now McSlutty who starts dating this bar fly. Ugh. When I didn't like Addison when she came on in Season 2, at least she was married to him when she tried to take him back. But this is just... ARGH
  • We are back with Grey's Action, just loved it!

    The show began with Meredith changing for Susans funeral.. Which she ends up not going because Hatcher goes to the hospital to tell her she can't go.. He yelled at her horribly, like it's her fault Susan died! Everything is going bad for Meredith, I guess it's not enough her mom just died, now this?

    I don't know what's up with her Relationship with Derek, it seems like they can't be happy together, they are always fighting, or mad at each other. All the interns are studying for their exam, when it comes time to take it, Meredith just dozes off and doesn't even write anything down. Christina has to write her vowels but has nothing, Burke's bestman backed out so he chooses Shepperd, who accepts.

    The Chief gives Meredith a second chance with the test, she tells him that he is not her dad, they end up hugging and she cries.

    Addele shows up at the hospital pregnant??? From who??? By the looks of it at the end, she looses it. Derek meets a girl at the bar, more trouble for the couple.
  • I'm gettind disaponted! To much drama!! (about the past 4 episodes)

    WTF?? Where's the great Grey's Anatomy I was addicted into?? They're ruining everything!
    Izzie and Denny...their love was so intense and cute and everything and now she has already forgotten about him? Now she is in love with George?? With George?? What about Alex?? In the beginning I was liking George and Izzie but after the speech Izzie did in this episode about George (Meredith asked if she was talking abou Denny, but clearly it wasn't), it seemed to me that they erased season 2 and started all over!
    Derek declered himself to Meredith and know he is hitting on some girl at the bar? His giving up on her when she most needs?? I would never say that a few days ago (because I think i watched the 3 seasons in a little more than a week) but my favorite character/storyline is Addison! Not the LA trip, that was lame, I felt like watching a whole different serie, but her relationship with Alex and Mark (that now is cold too)
    I'm disapointed. I hope the show gets better.
  • An attempt to make tension as they did in 02x25, but here it didn't go as well.

    It was a thrilling episode, maybe the best for a while (8.60?!), but it had some things I didn't like.
    But it's best if I started with the good things. The tension was okay: with the test thing, with Adele's hide and seek in the bathroom. I liked how Mer and Richard acted at the end of the episode and that bachelor party. I loved that Joe and Walter had their gates opened for adoption, and that they were not harmed or discriminated in any manner.
    But they made awful mistakes as well. The mountaneers? It sucked, really, it didn't make tension at all, just boring. The Derek's flirtation scene? A huge blunder, no tension at all. Izzie lying so bad?! I have never seen Izzie lying throughout this show, and it was poor material for the show. Thatcher not letting Mer to come to the funeral (IT is good material but i didn't like how he acted)?!
    How sad. It's a good episode, better than the previous ones, but as a red carpet of the finale, they could have made it better. It was good, but disappointing.
  • Adele shows up to the hospital after a fender bender with a secret she wants Addison to keep. Meredith's father shows up to the hospital to give Grey some news. The interns prepare to take the biggest test of their careers.

    Wow, there were so many things in this episode that were painful to watch. With that being said, i'm going to starte with Adele. Adele shows up after a fender bender to get checked out by Addison. She proceeds to tell Addison that she's pregnent, and she doesn't want Richard to know, or even know she's in the hospital. Addison tries to keep the chief from finding out that Adele is in the hospital, but he sees her going into the ladies room. He proceeds to talk through the door to get Adele's attention, who appears to be ignoring him. He walks into the bathroom and finds her laying on the floor passed out. The scene ends with quite a quanity of blood coming out of her, which i think is the baby, and the chief yelling for help. That was pretty painful to see. Callie finds out that George got accepted to Mercy West, and he tells Izzie that he still intends to go. Bailey tells him it's a mistake. After her numerous, desperate attempts to talk George out of leaving, Izzie tries to lie to George by telling him the sex meant nothing and that she has no feelings for him, hoping to change his mind about going. Yang is having difficulties with writing her wedding vows, and when Izzie speaks her mind about vows, Callie puts two and two together, and i think she knows about George and Izzie now. Burke is continuing to be his normal selfish self by trying to bombard Cristina with wedding crap on the day she is supposed to take the most important test of an intern's career. After Burke's best man tells Burke he can't make it, Burke asks Derek to be his best man. Derek sets up a bachelor party as drinks after work at Joe's. Addison seems to be getting bombarded with pregnent patients which she is still struggling with a little because she can't have a child. Joe the bartender and his boyfriend bring a girl into the hospital who is considering them to be the parents of her child, and we find out that she's actually going to have twins. Alex has a heated arguement with his Jane Doe when he finds out that she remembers who she is. After he gives her a piece of his mind, they later have a stand off. They finally make up when Jane Doe walks in and tells Alex that she is actually Rebecca Pope. This could possibly be the longest guest star on the show! Bailey goes all nazi on the interns when she sees them all hanging around interested in patients when they should be studing for their test, and i thought that scene was quite hilarious. Grey's father shows up to the hospital obviously still infuriated and proceeds to tell Meredith that she's not wanted, that he doesn't want to hear from her, and that she's not welcome at Susan's funeral. When he said "she was everything to me, she was all i had." I remember thinking "you had Meredith, you just never bothered to have anything to do with her." Grey gives the chief a piece of her mind when she tells him that just because he slept with her mother, that doesn't mean he can play a father figure to her. After Grey sits at the exam and doesn't bother to answer any of the questions, the chief sets up another time for her to take it, and those two share a close moment. I am completely in the dark about Derek and Meredith, and i'm continuing to ask myself what is going on with them. Finally, four patients show up in the hospital after climbing a mountain, all suffering from injuries. one had really bad frostbite on his hands, where we later find out he had to have them both amputated. Another one had a spinal condition that needed to be stabelized. I don't remember much about the third. We find out that there was a fourth guy who the men thought were dead, so they left him behind so they could survive. One man was mad at the other for making the decision to leave him behind, and later the other man was also mad. The fourth man shows up on a stretcher at the end of the episode with what appears to be a pick axe for ice stuck in his skull. This was a great episode, and as usual i'm on the edge of my seat and can't wait to see the next one.
  • A fantastic lead up to the finale!

    I really enjoyed this episode, there was always something happening, obviously as it is Grey's Anatomy. I totally didn't understand meredith's 'father' but he was greiving. i did feel sorry for meredith tho - hearing all that before having to do a test. and what the hell is she doing to mcdreamy?? poor guy! The last five minutes were excellent i can't wait to find out more about the mountain climbers, 'jane doe' or whatever her real name is now, george and izzy, the chief and adele - the whole pregnancy thing, if addison ever gets what she wants and of course if christina actually manages to walk down the aisle in the next episode.
    I can't wait!! :)
  • Going to the season finale.

    Last episode so many things happened. Susan, Meredith's stepmother died, the interns were studying for the exam, Addison went to Los Angeles and Ava gave signs that her memory is returning.

    In this episode, we see Meredith's father reaction to Susan's death. And how he affects her. She is so upset with her father that she doesn't answer any exam's questions. Her friends support her and she got to have the exam again, lately.

    Addison is back to SGH. She's sad because she can't have a baby and ironically, she works as a obstetrician. In this episode she gets two surprises. Adele (Chief's ex-wife) is pregnant and Joe (from the bar) wants to adopt a baby.

    Alex notices Ava's memory is coming back. But she only reveals her real identity in the end. Her name is Rebecca Pope.

    Derek meets a woman in the bar.
  • excellent epi

    omg...did i cry in this episode? i think sooooo!! when mer started crying with richard...and she didnt want to cause she wanted to be "tough"...and then she started crying and i was like.......omgggggggg tearing up....its so easy to cry with greys :D
    and her father...what a (how can i say it without cursing...?) is there a way???? i was cant to that to mer!!!!!!!!!! he sounded like he had been drinking (cause really...even lexie or whoever that was told him not to do a scene)...
    and what happened to adele??????????????????????? she was on the it was obvious cause she wasnt responding...but what happened????????? i wanna see next monday is the season finaleeeeeee :D:D:D:D
  • This heart-wrenching episode is where we see the drama aspect of the show within the characters. Internal conflict Meredith faces when she deals with her father shunning her for the second time in her life crowns it all.

    I just think that this is an episode that screams Ally McBeal the early years. George is suddenly become a stud, Meredith is...Meredith. I believe that George and Callie will break up. I believe that Alex and Ava will get together. I think Derek and Meredith will get engaged. And that will be the permanent status of Cristina and Preston's relationship.
    Meredith is going through a lot in this episode. She is dealing with the fact that, the exam that will make or break her future in medicine, will be a waste of time as she mourns the death of the only person who was more a mother to her than her own - her father's wife. To ice that cake, Her father's constant need to be a vicious vile parent who rejects her for the second time in her life, and for the second time in her life, leaves her standing alone with the look on her face that says "what did I do wrong?", just makes you hear violins playing a sad tune.
  • So Meredith was yield at by her father. Derek found a girl in the bar. Burke chooses his best man and had a groom party and so did Christina. She was also pressured to write her vows. We found that Ava found her memory and her name is Rebecca.

    This episode is so a reason of why I watch grey its was soooo moving. I loved watching every second of it. I felt soooo bad for Meredith poor her and the thing she said about trains and how she talked to the chief cuz rlly she wanted him to be her dad and not have this arrogant bastard as dad who accuses her for Susan's death and then slaps her I mean seriously. And Derek wtf are you doing you're letting her go instead of coming to her when you saw she wasn't doing well and McBarWhore!!!I liked seeing a little more Addison in this episode and I want to have some more Addex scenes I love them. I was happy that Ava/Rebecca finally remembered who she was. Christina was very funny like always and I totally hate Gizzie I mean he's married!! I was happy that George didn't go to Mercy west and that bailey told him that it was best in Seattle grace. Adele was very funny and I hope she has nothing serious. I love grey and Ellen Pompeo should get an award!! So this episode was great if you didn't like it rewatch it and maybe you'll see all the magic of grey.
  • The interns take their exams.

    So Meredith f-d up and didn't answer a single question on her exam, but of course, this wouldn't be Grey's Anatomy if someone didn't ride to her rescue, and this time it was her surrogate father (oh, sorry, he's NOT her father!), Chief Webber, who allowed Mere to take the test again. If only real life were so convenient.

    Amnesia-Girl isn't so amnesiac after all. Seems she's just been masquerading as a dumb patient with no memory of her identity, but as it turns out, she's really just a dumb patient. Now, can we be done with her, please? I did like Alex's way of telling her off though, glad to see he hasn't been castrated as I'd suspected the last few episodes.

    Now Callie's challenging Bailey for Chief Resident? Oh, that's not gonna turn out good. I love both of them, so I hope this isn't the beginning of a possible rivalry between the two. Frankly, Callie needs all the friends she can get at Seattle Grace.

    Adele (Chief Webber's soon to be ex-wife) is pregnant? You're kidding me, right? OK, I guess you're not. Honestly, though, who didn't see the end of the episode coming miles away? As soon as Addison told her she was pregnant, I immediately knew that was coming. When did Grey's become so predictable? I don't like it at all.

    I guess this review was mostly my random b***hings about last night's episode, but I really did enjoy it for the most part. I just couldn't think of anything truly great to say about it.
  • Surgeons education never ends.

    Meredith wants to go to the funeral but Thatcher tells her that she is not wanted and that it is her fault. Izzie tells George that he has nothing to worry about because she is not in love with him and he can go to back to Callie. Cristina is more obssessed about the test then about the wedding and the test is on and Meredith didn't write a single thing. She does it again because Chief allows her to.
    Climbers form the mountain are foung but fourth is still missing...end he is still alive with an axe in his hand.
    Ava remembers everything...
    Adele comes to the hospital and she is pregnant ...and collapses in the bathroom.
    Fantastic set up for the season finale.
  • Hey, why aren't that Limahl-guy singing "Never ending story" in the scenes with Izzie & George? Again and again and again and again and again and again...

    Another painful installment in the Izzie & George-saga. Oh, the emotional turbulence and drama between these's so easy to believe. Not. It's so filled with real emotions and logic. Not. Just like real life. Not. I had my hopes up when it was said that George would move to another hospital. Finally some logic! But Nooooo: in the world of Grey's anatomy the philosophy is: once you've started abusing the audience who loved this show in season one and two - and most part of the third - then just continue to abuse them. This show is now a free fall in stupidity. The passion between Izzie and George (oh my God!) came from nowhere, is nowhere and is heading nowhere. The scriptwriting has sunk to a monumental all-time low(est) and there's no hope in sight. The scene where Izzie tells George that she has no feelings for him, it was just sex and then runs away and sobs in some storage room: that must be on the Top 3 of all-time-bad-scriptwriting. Credibility - que? And, as will all fillerstories in Grey's anatomy (now more known as Filler's Anatomy), this will continue to drag on and on and on and on. When will Izzie and George finally get each other? Maybe after some quarrel, where she runs out into the rain and he runs after? Embracing each other and telling how much they love each other? I'm sure the screaming of NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! from an audience will show up on the Richterscale. This isn't a story, it's an abuse. My sympathies to Callie, even if there is no logic in her supporting/wanting George. George, the actor with one expression (= constipation). Grey's has obviously run out of ideas, since they had to invent the Izzie-George-story and keeps feeding it to the audience. Meredith's fortune-cookie-wisdom is more rigor mortis than ever. No, get rid of George and Izzy a.s.a.p, to save at least some dignity in the show, focus on Christina, Burke, Mark, Allison, Karev and Derek Shepherd - characters who feel real, made of flesh and blood - not stupidity. Build on them and try to build a mature and credible story, instead of giving in to this pathetic, never-ending story with Izzie and George. If you could prosecute any scriptwriter for bad ideas and bad writing, the court of TV-shows would pass the verdict Guilty-without-a-doubt on that story, as well as on the pathetic story (and hey, where did that come from - out of the blue, without any real context): Shepherd has to make a choice between his career and Meredith. Man, this feels more and more like "Lost", season 3, with loose ends and fillerstories lying around everywhere. Obviously there is a lack of real fuel for the show, since it's been running on empty for several episodes now - devoting time to bad stories and scriptwriting, being so full of itself that it almost chokes. Can this show be saved? Watching this episode and realizing that Izzie and George will continue longing for each other, saying they don't looooove each other and then run away and cry, yearning - victims of a passion too big for this world, where the price you Have to pay is to be unfaithful and unbelieavble - I have serious doubts. There is no justification for this story, apart from stupidity (hey, two and a half seasons of Best friends and then, suddenly, Sex-Love-Angst-Love-Yearning-Passion - are you kidding me?????). What's next? Since there's no longer any need for reality or stories being believable, you can expect anything. Either get rid of these pathethic fillers, hire some good scriptwriters or close the show. Now. I say this with a bleeding heart, but the true Grey's Anatomy is gone and has been replaced by this pretend-to-feel-filler, like something out of Body Snatchers. It looks like Grey's Anatomy, has the same actors but it doesn't feel quite right, does it? You're right, it isn't.
  • This will lead to season finale!

    This was a great show once again that will lead
    To the season finale. As the first year medical students
    Are to take a test while one of them is ill-prepared
    Callie becomes suspicious about Izzy & George as we learn more about the patient named "Jane Doe!"
    While Cristina is working on her marriage vows.
    As three mountain climbers are treated.
    Really a great show with personal and professional relationships!
  • Addison: I'm being stalked by pregnant women. Callie: You're an obstetritian!

    Well, we certainly had it all in this one! Plot twists, revelations, sacrifices, nervous breakdowns, secrets, doubts, relationship developments, comic moments, decisions... I certainly couldn't expect less from the last episode before the season finale. And as a good "last before the last", everything will conclude only on the season finale next week, or ratehr on the beginning of the next season.

    I'm afraid I won't be able to list everything that happened, but I will try to list all the important things.

    To start, on her way to Susan's funeral, Meredith is warned by her father he doesn't want her around, which leaves Meredith a mess even greater than normal, making her give up medicine and not answering one single question in the intern exam. But don't worry, the gang is there to help her through this one and thanks to Webber she gets a second chance to do the exam. The big problem is that Derek kind of was put aside during the whole crisis and is starting to have doubts about the relationship again. I guess he will dump her on the next episode and knows she'll have her friends to support her through this situation, too.

    George is accepted in Mercy West and has to endure a lecture from Bailey and almost one from Webber. Callie loves the fact he is going to be very far from Izzie, but as Bailey says it's like a demotion in his career and reproves him of doing so willingly. Izzie to prevent this sacrifices herself and says to George he doesn't have to go because she doesn't feel anything for him, leaving both of them crappy and Callie even more suspect of something.

    Burke is still with cold feet and he tries to talk to George but both are in a kind of similar situation having doubts about their marriages.

    The lesser but not so important moments: Ava remembers everything and Alex finds out she's hiding the truth because of a failed marriage. Addison is back and not fully recovered from her trip to L.A. Adele is pregnant, but avoiding Webber probably because the baby is his and she passes out and starts to bleed when avoiding him in a women's restroom.

    Hard to elect a best scene, but Meredith's breakdown with Webber near the end and Izzie's speech to Cristina about her vows were very touching.

    All in all, the show shows signs of evolving. The plot centres around Meredith but most of the characters have more time of their own on the screen. The plots also continue to keep the characters very believeable as they make their decisions like normal people would do.

    Stay tuned, then! It's worth! Specially since it's the season finale and Cristina's wedding!
  • Alex finds out more about Jane Doe, George struggles with his mistake, Meredith tries to cope, Cristina prepares for her test when she should be thinking about her wedding, and Adele keeps a secret from Richard.

    Overall a great episode and example of what Grey's is about. I loved the stuff between Alex and Eva- it was really sweet and good to see a little more out of Alex. Izzie and George were heartbreaking. I couldn't believe she told him she didn't have any feeling s for him. I mean, I wasn't the biggest fan of Gizzie to begin with, but now i see where the writers were going and how perfect it could be. Not to mention I've never really felt like George and Callie fit together well. I couldn't believe when thatcher came in there and talked to Meredith like that- the first thing i thought was that he must be drunk. The stuff with Adele was interesting too, and i can't wait to see who gets chief resident and chief of surgery. This was a great jam-packed episode.
  • Meredith struggles to cope after Susan’s death.

    For once the Meredith storyline was one of my favorites. I can not believe how hard things have been on her. I was so shocked when her Dad blamed her for killing Susan. I felt like it was a really powerful scene because it was so unreasonable to blame Meredith but her dad was just so devastated that he wasn’t thinking clearly. With all she is going through, I don’t blame her for not focusing on the test. I thought it was a good storyline and I loved how the chief gave her another chance. It also loved how George really wanted to help her. I also don’t really blame Derek for how he is acting. Meredith is not letting him in at all and he has to do all the work for their relationship. Anyways, I love Burke and Christina’s wedding and I really hope she goes through with it. He has made it clear how much he wants it and I will feel so bad if she doesn’t go through with it. Although nothing that eventful happened with the George, Izzie, Callie love triangle I am still loving it. I feel so bad for Callie. She is doing everything she can to keep George, including trying to have a baby, but it is just not going to work. I also really want George and Izzie to be together, but it is good that they are trying to do the right thing, even though it is hard. I also feel so bad for Addison. Of course she is going to be around lots of babies, but who would have thought the gay people or the 50 year old could get pregnant. I can not wait to see what happens with Adele. I am also looking forward to finding out what is going on with Eva. I felt like this episode did a really good job portraying how the characters would act.
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