Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 9

Thanks for the Memories

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2005 on ABC

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  • It\'s Thanksgiving. Izzy cooks a huge dinner, but oh, she forgot something..she can\'t cook. Thankfully Burke comes to the rescue. He operates on the turkey, while Izzy assists him. Meredith is depressed as usual, George is kinapped by his family, Cristin

    Great episode. I love the Cristina-Burke storyline. Burke is adorable! Alex and Izzy are still not perfect together. The thing i don\'t like is that in this episode Meredith finally says \'good bye, Derek\'. They are such a cute couple! And Addison gets it her way and receives her first (?) true kiss from Derek after the Mark-affair. So in this episode the Meredith-Derek story is closed, and the Derek-Addison relationship takes off.

    I love theme-episodes like Valentine, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It usually helps you see the characters in a whole new way.
  • Disappointing romance

    So, after weeks of the Meredith-Derek-Addison story line it has all seem to have come to a very anti-climatic ending. This episode started off promisingly, by placing Meredith and Derek in the hopsital, leaving Addison out in the cold, literally. I had been hoping this was the episode were Derek would finally catch himself on and make the right decision. But instead we had the boring ending, were they come to a mutual agreement that it is all over. This is all well and good, but i have the distinct feeling that this is still unresolved and will be resurrected just in time for the end of the series.

    From reading that you would think i hated the episode, however i thought it was rather funny when you look at the other characters. Izzy and Dr. Burke cooking the turkey was an extremly well written scene and very clever. George's family also let George show off his comedy skills. My only other problem with the show in general at the moment, is the actions of Alex. So, he hasn't passed his final exams yet, what is the big deal just tell Izzy and get the sympathy. Stop trying to hide from her and just be honest with her, like my God have you seen her. Other than this complaint i think the show has been having an extremely strong second season.
  • This was a wonderful episode. Extremely funny.

    This was such a funny episode! George is definately my favorite character. The time spent with his family was definately revealing to the person he is. Izzy was longing for a real Thanksgiving to spend with her friends, but they let her down. Alex is worried about not staying at SGH and nearly didn't show up for the Thanksgiving dinner that Izzy prepared. Christina and Burke (he wants to be called Preston outside of the hospital) show up to help Izzy cook dinner and Burke helps out a lot (and kind of takes over), which drives Christina to the hospital. Meredith is also at the hospital because she doesn't feel as if she should be around 'happy people.' Derek is trying to avoid having sex with his wife by escaping to the hospital. Webber is at the hospital to avoid his wife's sister. The Nazi is trying to take up shifts before she has to take time off for her baby. I though it was funny how most of the doctors wound up at the hospital on Thanksgiving. It's almost as if they are addicted to work and surgery.
  • Thanksgiving brings new connections and reconnections to the denizens of Seattle Grace.

    It's thanksgiving and almost everyone's hiding from someone or something. George can't escape family tradition. He's from a long line of working class macho men whose idea of Thanksgiving is shooting their own. Meredith can't escape being haunted by feelings of loss - she's missing her mother, her boyfriend, her life. So she hides in her work, volunteering for a holiday shift st Seattle Grace. She's got plenty of company though. Apparently the hospital is where you go to escape during the holidays. Alec's there, hiding from Izzy and his feelings of inadequacy from failing the medical boards. And McDreamy is there hiding from his wife. Despite all their best efforts and worst intentions to avoid family and friends, though, eventually they muddle through and find comfort in the connections they have. And for that, by the end, they all learn to be thankful.
  • Thanksgiving stresses everyone out.

    I have only been watching this show since the beginning of this season. As such I did not see Dereks and Meredith's romance from the start. What I have seen has been heartbreaking. However I am much more behind the re-connect between Derek and Addy. Addy's character was so heartwrenching at the end of this episode, I'm pulling for them.
    Cristina is still my favorite, however, and her romance with Dr. Burke is a delight.
  • This tv show is getting better and better for me.

    This episode was more special than the others until now because the action took part not only in the hospital, but outside it as well.
    It's Thanksgiving and Izzie is cooking a big meal for friends, but none of them really wants to celebrate.
    Meredith runs at the hospital and spends much of her whole day with Derek, helping a man who had suffered a sever traumatic accident.
    George goes hunting with his father and his 2 brothers, but he has no fun and the day ends bad, with his dad in the hospital.
    At the end of the day, Derek goes home to his wife, who had waited for him the whole day. Meredith ends again in Joe's bar.
  • Surgical thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving is here and how to they all celebrate it. Richard is "going home right after the surgery". Bailey loves thanksgiving becasue people get stupid and do all sorts of things and that is good because of the surgeries.
    A doctor from Mercy West comest to Grace and he tells Bailey that he only wants to work with someone named Nazi and she plays dumb and tells him and she doesn't know who The Nazi is.
    Meanwhile Holden woke up after 16 years of coma and he died on surgical table. Meredith was so attached to him and she was heartbroken.
    Izzie is making thanksgiving lunch for everyone but only Burke is there. Crisitna went to "buy liqoure" but she went to the hospital.
    George is with his family hunting turkey...and it ends with little accident.
    Amazing and classic episode !
  • 'The stupidity of the human race.'

    'The stupidity of the human race.'

    This episode was hilarious. Dr. Bailey as the Nazi, Christina\'s quest for liquor, Izzie and Burke in the kitchen, George shooting a turkey, Alex not showing up, Meredith feeling so freakin\' miserable, Derek and Addison with their own problems and dr. Webber who doesn\'t want to go home.

    But as much as I loved this episode I can understand Merediths feeling and I can\'t stand Derek right now. After sleeping with Meredith he convinses her that they can have a relationship, he makes her fall in love with him, but somewhere in the process he just \'forgot\' to tell her he is married. And she finds out when his wife shows up, she forgives him but then he dumps her. And I really think that Addison and Derek should be together but sometimes it\'s like he just doesn\'t want to forgive her. So what\'s the point?

    But when I put that aside it was a wonderfull episode. The look on that doctor\'s face when he finds out dr. Bailey is the Nazi was amazing. And when George\'s brother shoots his father in his ass, great! This episode is definitely worth staying home for. But when you think of all the people there...

    'Like I said, the stupidity of the human race.'
  • “Did you bring scalpels?”

    Meredith was just being rude by going to the hospital rather than helping Izzie. She’s so whiny! She claims she doesn’t have anything to be thankful for, yet she has great friends and the job she always wanted. Okay, so things aren’t so wonderful with her mom and love life, but Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what you DO have. And then at the end, when she asked the guy if he wanted to buy her a drink, it was a little cocky, if you ask me.

    I love how much fun Bailey had with the doctor who was “looking for the Nazi.” That look on his face when he saw the chief call her that was priceless!

    Cristina was hilarious the whole episode, especially in her quest for liquor. I also liked how Izzie and Burke in the kitchen was so much like a surgery, down to everyone betting on what the outcome would be.

    It was so sad when the guy who was sleeping for all those years died. He never even got to leave the hospital or see his wife again.
  • Are there no bad episodes?

    From the first time I saw this series it was obvious to me. This was a winner.
    Having watched this episode last night (I'm in the netherlands so we are a bit behind)I keep wondering when the first bad episode is gonna come.
    all good series have one or two,but uptill now I haven't seen one yet.
    George is definately my favorite character on the show (even though dr. McDreamy is the cutest).
    He never fails to make me laugh, by just looking a certain way.
    The turkey hunt was a big hoot!!!
    I liked Izzy in the kitchen with Burke and the way Alex stroke Merediths hair after they exchanged secrets.
    This show is great!!!
  • It's thanksgiving!

    A very special episode because it's thanksgiving
    Very interesting to see Dr. Burke and Izzie gettinga long over a turkey, yet Cristina is not happy with the fact that her boyfriend can get along so easily with her friends, so she flees to the hospital... but later on returns.. I find this relationship very interesting

    George goes hunting with his family, a very wacky family might I add... but really some nice scenes :D

    Alex is also at the hospital, not returning Izzie's phonecalls who is preparing Thanksgiving diner but is having trouble with diner.

    And Meredith is the only intern at the hospital, or that's what she thinks.. Alex is there too but later on George and Cristina are there too :)

    Also that patient of hers was very interesting and how it reacted to her... I found it mean when Derek didn't believe Meredith but I'm glad he decided to believe her when she said that the patient looked at her

    They're really good together on screen and I love these two people together on the show.. They can really make the tension real on screen and I love how they do that :D

    Also their last scene was amazing! how Meredith understood that he wanted to give Addison a try because he wouldn't be Derek if he didn't... Really shows how much Meredith actually knows Derek... And it also showed that Meredith still means a lot to Derek, his facial expressions said all... And how he doesn't know he loves Addison?! Such love can never last... HOPEFULLY! :D
  • Beautifully written, and so perfect for the show.

    This one had me cooing in happiness and sadness; I mean, that final scene with Meredith and Derek? So perfect, but so sad..

    All in all though, I loved this one. It was so perfect, and so typical of the show.

    And you had to feel sorry for Georgie! But it was nice to have a bit more family interaction, than just Meredith and her mother.

    Then the cooking scenes, makes you love Burke even more!

    Honestly, what more would you want from such a show? Because it\'s got angst, relationships and everything else we love, perfect.

    So, yes, I loved this episode.
  • Its a first thanksgiving. dr. burke and izzy operate on a turkey, george goes turkey hunting with his family, meredith feels like she doesnt deserve to be around happy people. she also moves on and says bye to dr.mcdreamy. He ends up kisses his wife fina

    Love this episode particularly because it was full of sentiment. No matter how much i want mcdreamy and meredith to get together, the conflict with the addison keeps the audience on their toes. im so glad that it ended with meredith meeting someone new at the bar - she couldnt get stuck up on shepherd forever even if i know that their love issues will still be at the forefront of succeeding episodes. I also appreciated the scene with alex and meredith when they finally opened up to each other...showed alex as a more humanistic character. also - felt with what meredith said "her being miserable is like a disease and she doesnt want to spread it among happy people." izzy and burke introduced a funny way of making the turkey. cristina was hilarious looking for alcohol and ending up in the hospital back to work (she couldnt stay away too long) was amazing in confronting his family but the conversation with his father in turn became a reflection of how different he was from the rest of them. overall this episode touched hearts! definitely good TV!
  • I absolutely loved this episode.

    This was a Thanksgiving themed episode, and each of the characters had great storylines. Meredith decides to go into work, she wakes up a Vegetable, and he has to face the family that he has not seen in years. Derek is also in work with Meredith, he meets up with his wife. Him and Meredith finally start to move on. George goes out Turkey hunting with his family, who he is not that close to, but he is able to strengthen bonds with his father. Izzie is cooking dinner, and thanks to Dr. Burke, the meal turns out great. I love this show, and this episode was amazing.
  • Again, a fairly revealing storyline - gives you some insight into the characters

    This episode was really a great example of why I watch. It was funny, it was dramatic, it was heart-wrenching.
    Alex is becoming more and more of a human being with each episode, Bailey is such a great woman who really does care about her interns even is she is called "The Nazi" and George showed that he isn't just one of the girls...he took a stand with his own family. "Seriously", how can you not like Addison? I want to hate her so much but I can't. I still think Derek and Meredith belong together and I know he loves her but more power to the Shepherds for trying to work on their marriage. With tonights last scene replaying in my mind, you just know the plot is now thickening....a new man in Meredith's life?
    Jealousy, anger, job's going to keep getting better every week.
  • Very funny and nice episode.

    I gave 9 to this episode, but I don't mean anything bad, the episode was great! It was really funny. In this episode, the funniest character was the Nazi...khm, khm, I'm sorry, dr. Bailey. :) And the medical cases that they had weren't bad at all, they were really interesting, and I'm so sorry because the man died in the episode. And seeing Burke acting like he and Izzie are doing operation on the turkey was sooo funny! Definately! And the funniest scene... well I had several, but the one where Cristina tells Izzie that she's going to buy some drink, and she actually goes to hospital with a smile - more surgeries for her, more job for her which is actually ( of course ) good for her.
  • A very funny episode. It shows how hard the life as a doctor/intern can be. I liked it very, very much!

    It's Thanksgiving. Izzie have a big plan about a Thanksgiving party with the other interns. But things start to go wrong allready with the invitations. George have to go turkey hunting with his father and his two brothers. The only thing they can talk about, is cars. They also think George have a bad job. George think that his father is'nt proude of him. His two brothers get drunk, so they (with an accident) shot their father in the but. Meanwhile, Izzie's Thanksgiving-dinner is starting to be a disaster. Christina and Burk comes by, and Burke starts to help Izzie at the kitchen. He suprises everybody with his skills. George's father tells George he is very proud of him. At the end, everybody makes Izzie's Thanksgiving party.
  • am beginning to warm up to alex! he was so vulnerable this episode and kind of cute! i felt so sorry for addision she really looked pathetic!

    it was a lovely episode. i especially like the part where derek and meredith made peace and said goodbye.atleast now she can get on with her live hopefully. i liked watching izzie and burke in the kitchen preparing thanks giving dinner.all in all it was exciting cant waiting for the next episode
  • A classic dysfunctional Thanksgiving!

    This episode embodies the classic dysfunctional Thanksgiving that all of us know we have had once we had moved out of our family's homes. Between Christina running away to go be at the hospital, George's father getting birdshot in his backside from his brother, Izzy not knowing how to cook but still trying and Meredith at the hospital all day with Dr. Shepard. It is just seemingly a mess from start to end but all works out in the end. This episode made me laugh and cry all at the same time. Thanks to a friend of mine for introducing me to this series!
  • It's Thanksgiving at Seattle Grace Hospital but the holiday's festivites are less than in order. Meredith and Derek try to counsel a family after their relative has had a seriously traumatic accident.Izzie is planning a big get-together but the RSVP isn't

    Another great episode..first of all
    I really liked that Burke turned into a really nice person with Izzy, as they were preparing the food, and talking about Cristina and such.
    It was very funny to see Cristina sneak back to the hospital and Webber, the Nazi, Derek and meredith aswell.
    It was really scary when that guy woke up from his coma, and looked Meredith right in the eye!! It was kind of sad he died..
    I laughed my ass off when that guy fromt he other hospital kept talking about the Nazi when the actual 'nazi' was standing right infront of him, really funny!!
    At the end seeing Addison and Derek kissing was kind of weird but a relieve aswell, because he chose Addison, for now, eventually I think Derek and Meredith will end up together.
    Next is; The Turkey Hunt!!! Really funny, cute george!
    Alex at the end, when he was waiting by the door was sooooo cute aswell!!
    Well I'm really looking forward to next week!
  • I'm hooked on this show.

    This episode ended just like i hoped it would. I do not like all of the "by chance" meetings that mer has to deal with in seeing der. but i'm glad he is seriously trying to keep his marriage together. but if after exhausting all avenues to make it doesn't..then..he needs to move on.
  • One of the best episodes.

    This is one of the very best episodes i have ever seen. And i don't mean from this show, however it was a very good episode from this show, but this is one of the best episodes i have seen at all. And i have watched alot of tv.

    This was a Thanksgiving episode, which useually means alot of touchy feely gibberish, but this show did that while doing some more alsome things.

    The story with george and his family, was a very good one.

    But the one with lizzy cooking the dinner was one of the best i have seen.

    The ending was a good one also.

    I am so glad i watched this episode

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Good storeylines for this episode. Each person (except for Alex) has a good character development plot.

    The episode starts like no other episode has gone before... without any "Previously on GA". It all begins with Izzie trying to cook thanksgiving, Derek and Addison having a discussion about having sex, Richard and Burke teasing each other about being a medical junkie.

    Notable Patient: There is only one. It's thanksgiving, what do you think? It is the case of a man who has been in a persistant vegetative state for the last 16 years. He finally wakes up with a problematic brain, after some soapy drama, he decides to go ahead with the surgery and he dies. As usual, this is another "work-immitating-life" case. But the similarities are much more clear cut than last episode.

    I like this episode alot because of the immense character development in this show. There are lots of things to process and yet all happens to be meshing in perfectly.

    There is no real need for me to get into details about the characters.

    Here are some of my gripes:
    -0.2 No memorable music score. Minor gripe.
    -0.5 Joe is gay at the wrong time. Not homophobic but I think it would have been a good side story itself instead of having his partner sit at the table and staring into blank space.
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