Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 7

That's Me Trying

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2010 on ABC

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  • OMG!!! This episode is impossible !!!!!! The writers nailed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just can't believe it Christina quits being a surgeon !!!!! It's something I can't think about it , It leaves us no possiblity to think of what would happen and that's not enough she also blames eredith for her PTSD that was unexpected after the 6 first episodes !!! And Apris she really got me in this episode as much annoyng she is it was amazing to watch her !!!!She was freaking funny !!!!!!!!!! Even Alex was laughing with her and at her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe after all they could make a cute couple with Alex becoming more sensitive !!!!! And then a tragedy strike Callie and Arizona!!! I thought they were the perfect couple after meredith and Derek but seriously I didn't know Arizona was that selfish For god's sake Callie was ready to leave everything behind for her !!!!!!!!!!!! Well according to the prome the next episode will be awsome !!!Can't wait to see it!!!!!!!
  • 7.07

    That was an awesome episode I think Grey's anatomy is back on track after two seasons that were not so good...
    The ending was crazy Christina quiting being a surgeon it is unbelievable. And she says that Meredith was guilty for her post traumatic stress which is a way to avoid things. but at least she quits knowing that she is still a great doctor.
    Bayley's story line was quite emoting. her difficulties to deal with Mary death makes more human and shows us that Mary being alive was the thing thta helped her to kind if deal with all the aftermath of the shooting.
    I was really upset by the Callie and Arizona break-up but the writers have no choice because of Jessica Capshaw pregnancy. So we know that they'll be back!!!
    April's parts were so funny and it makes a great balance with all the drama that is around.
    and what's up with Lexie and Mark, do you think they'll be together?
  • Could've been a 10 had it not been for Cristina

    Seriously?!?! I mean, she should've quit 6 episodes back. I was getting quite tired of this Cristina has PTSD storyline but then to blame Meredith for it went over the top. I mean, it's no one's fault but hers because she had time to go see a shrink to help her. But whatever, congratulations to her for FINALLY doing the right thing since this season started. I just hate that they dragged something out that could've been resolved the first 10 minutes of the premiere. As for Bailey, I hated the fact that they gave her a whole story about Mary. She died. Our initial shock of her croaking is gone so to drag that story out is also annoying because we went through our "OMG's" when we found out she was dead and that should've been the end of it. I mean, if they were going to bring her back to life in some Shonda Rhimes twisted plot kind of way, then yea, maybe she deserved the airtime but otherwise, it kind of messed up the show for me a little bit.

    April is hilarious!! April and Alex?!? EWWW!! So i hope they stop hinting at a relationship between those two because that would be gross.

    Lexie and Mark's bantering was entertaining as usual

    Callie and Arizona...I kind of saw it coming. It seemed to me that they only stayed together because they survived a shooting together. It was only a matter of time
  • Overall a nice episode, but i'm so sick of Christina and her pathetic drama

    It's the best episode so far this season. But I just can't stand Christina and her drama. Either she does something, or please make her disappear!It's so good they got rid of Izzy and now it's time for Christina.

    The trauma thing with Owen is interesting, but April's way too fake! Her enthousiasme is so annoying. Avery's way cooler and way more convincing. I hope the writers could lay some good story lines for him.

    Sad though to see Arizona go, she's interesting and makes a good couple with Callie. Will Callie ends up with Mark? That will be nice though ... ...
  • 707

    Sarah Drew has a breakout performance here tonight as her character, who Shonda Rhimes has been trying to shove down our throats for awhile now, finally had some memorable scenes and got us to think of her as more than simply one of the Mercy West transfers. An April and Alex relationship seems evident now (remind me to find out what deal Justin Chambers made with the devil to get all these women) but hopefully that does not last.

    Cristina quitting, I wonder how long that will last. Remember when Derek quit? I'll give it two weeks or so.

    Lexie continues to be the star of the show with her hilarious and comical rants, like the one tonight. Just put her back with Sloan and all viewers will be happy.
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