Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 7

That's Me Trying

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2010 on ABC
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The residents are pushed to their limits when Owen puts them through a rigorous trauma certification drill. Cristina is also put to the test when she is left alone to monitor a critically ill lung transplant patient, leading to a fight with Meredith and a shocking decision about her future. Meanwhile, Bailey struggles to find answers about the mysterious death of a patient, and there are some problems with Callie and Arizona's plans for Africa.moreless

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  • OMG!!! This episode is impossible !!!!!! The writers nailed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just can't believe it Christina quits being a surgeon !!!!! It's something I can't think about it , It leaves us no possiblity to think of what would happen and that's not enough she also blames eredith for her PTSD that was unexpected after the 6 first episodes !!! And Apris she really got me in this episode as much annoyng she is it was amazing to watch her !!!!She was freaking funny !!!!!!!!!! Even Alex was laughing with her and at her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe after all they could make a cute couple with Alex becoming more sensitive !!!!! And then a tragedy strike Callie and Arizona!!! I thought they were the perfect couple after meredith and Derek but seriously I didn't know Arizona was that selfish For god's sake Callie was ready to leave everything behind for her !!!!!!!!!!!! Well according to the prome the next episode will be awsome !!!Can't wait to see it!!!!!!!moreless
  • 7.07

    That was an awesome episode I think Grey's anatomy is back on track after two seasons that were not so good...

    The ending was crazy Christina quiting being a surgeon it is unbelievable. And she says that Meredith was guilty for her post traumatic stress which is a way to avoid things. but at least she quits knowing that she is still a great doctor.

    Bayley's story line was quite emoting. her difficulties to deal with Mary death makes more human and shows us that Mary being alive was the thing thta helped her to kind if deal with all the aftermath of the shooting.

    I was really upset by the Callie and Arizona break-up but the writers have no choice because of Jessica Capshaw pregnancy. So we know that they'll be back!!!

    April's parts were so funny and it makes a great balance with all the drama that is around.

    and what's up with Lexie and Mark, do you think they'll be together?moreless
  • Could've been a 10 had it not been for Cristina

    Seriously?!?! I mean, she should've quit 6 episodes back. I was getting quite tired of this Cristina has PTSD storyline but then to blame Meredith for it went over the top. I mean, it's no one's fault but hers because she had time to go see a shrink to help her. But whatever, congratulations to her for FINALLY doing the right thing since this season started. I just hate that they dragged something out that could've been resolved the first 10 minutes of the premiere. As for Bailey, I hated the fact that they gave her a whole story about Mary. She died. Our initial shock of her croaking is gone so to drag that story out is also annoying because we went through our "OMG's" when we found out she was dead and that should've been the end of it. I mean, if they were going to bring her back to life in some Shonda Rhimes twisted plot kind of way, then yea, maybe she deserved the airtime but otherwise, it kind of messed up the show for me a little bit.

    April is hilarious!! April and Alex?!? EWWW!! So i hope they stop hinting at a relationship between those two because that would be gross.

    Lexie and Mark's bantering was entertaining as usual

    Callie and Arizona...I kind of saw it coming. It seemed to me that they only stayed together because they survived a shooting together. It was only a matter of timemoreless
  • Overall a nice episode, but i'm so sick of Christina and her pathetic drama

    It's the best episode so far this season. But I just can't stand Christina and her drama. Either she does something, or please make her disappear!It's so good they got rid of Izzy and now it's time for Christina.

    The trauma thing with Owen is interesting, but April's way too fake! Her enthousiasme is so annoying. Avery's way cooler and way more convincing. I hope the writers could lay some good story lines for him.

    Sad though to see Arizona go, she's interesting and makes a good couple with Callie. Will Callie ends up with Mark? That will be nice though ... ...moreless
  • 707

    Sarah Drew has a breakout performance here tonight as her character, who Shonda Rhimes has been trying to shove down our throats for awhile now, finally had some memorable scenes and got us to think of her as more than simply one of the Mercy West transfers. An April and Alex relationship seems evident now (remind me to find out what deal Justin Chambers made with the devil to get all these women) but hopefully that does not last.

    Cristina quitting, I wonder how long that will last. Remember when Derek quit? I'll give it two weeks or so.

    Lexie continues to be the star of the show with her hilarious and comical rants, like the one tonight. Just put her back with Sloan and all viewers will be happy.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Dr. Derek Shepherd

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

James Pickens Jr.

James Pickens Jr.

Dr. Richard Webber

Amber Benson

Amber Benson

Corrine Henley

Guest Star

Ron Perkins

Ron Perkins

Roy Henley

Guest Star

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore

Mary Portman

Guest Star

Mark Saul

Mark Saul

Resident Steve

Recurring Role

Alixandree Antoine

Alixandree Antoine

CCU Nurse

Recurring Role

Arlene Santana

Arlene Santana

CCU Nurse

Recurring Role

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    • Owen: Hey, did you hear? The lab could not have gone better. You should've seen Kepner, you wouldn't think by looking at her, but there is a trauma surgeon in that girl. I wish you could've been there. How was your day?
      Cristina: I quit.
      Owen: What?
      Cristina: You're right. I can do it, I can still be a surgeon. I just... don't want to anymore.

    • Derek: I had the worst day today. I've been working on the grant proposal and I just couldn't do it. Then I realized... It was you. It's a clinical trial for Alzheimer's that's serious work and I couldn't think of anything but you. I know you wanna be a part of the trial but I can't have you anywhere near it.
      Meredith: Cristina blames me. ... She hates me.

    • Lexie: Were you just checking out my ass?
      Mark: Not the first time. Won't be the last.
      Lexie: No. (Mark smiles, Lexie walks away and smiles)

    • Callie: Yeah, you know, sure there's not a lot to there but, that just means there's less to distract from the medicine then. It will just be us, focusing on the medicine which is great. (Arizona stops walking) What? Oh, my God, did you forget your passport?
      Arizona: I won the Carter Madison grant. I won the Carter Madison grant. Do you know how rare that is? (Callie nods) Do you know how special that is? This is the biggest opportunity of my professional career. I- I get to go to Malawi with almost unlimited funds and help children, help tiny humans who otherwise never see a pediatric surgeon. I get to change lives. That's the dream. I am living the dream. And I am over the moon about it, or... or I would be but you are ruining it for me. First with your whining and now with your fake smiley passive aggressive enthusiasm. You are ruining Africa for me.
      Callie: I-I'm not.
      Arizona: You are!
      Callie: Okay. Fine, I don't want to go to Africa. But I do wanna be with you, okay? So, I'm really trying here. We're gonna miss our plane, let's go. (turns to start walking again, Arizona doesn't move) Oh my, God! Okay, you wanna fight? The flight's eighteen hours, we can fight on the plane.
      Arizona (teary-eyed): You're ruining this for me, and I don't wanna do this.
      Callie: Wh-What... So, what does that mean? What, you suddenly don't wanna go? Or...
      Arizona (crying, shakes her head): I...I don't wanna go to Africa with you.
      Callie: Arizona... No, okay? No.
      Arizona: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
      Callie: You're sorry? You're sorry?! It's three years.
      Arizona (sadly): I'm gonna miss my plane. You take care of yourself. (walks by Callie)
      Callie: No... No! (Arizona turns to look at her) Please... (starts crying) Please, I can... We can do this, we can figure this out.
      Arizona: You stay here, and be happy. And I'll go there and be happy.
      Callie: If you get on that plane, if you go without me we are done, do you hear me? We are over.
      Arizona: We're standing in the middle of an airport, screaming at each other... We are already over.

    • Owen: You don't get to just walk away when I'm teaching.
      Jackson: Two of my friends died during the shooting, so thanks. I don't need lessons on how unfair tramua is.
      Owen (shoves him into a room): I lost dozens of friends in the field. Dozens. And I have never, never used them as an excuse to quit. You're a doctor, Avery. And that doesn't stop because you're up against a wall. You need to figure out how to be a doctor no matter what you're dealing with and no matter what tools you don't have. That is the lesson you need to learn. You don't get to quit! So, if I need you to drag you outside by the throat, you are going to finish!

    • Mark: Now who am I gonna talk to about women?
      Callie: You have Derek.
      Mark: He's married, and self-satisfied, it's irritating.
      Callie (laughs): We could always e-mail. (Mark looks down) What?
      Mark: It's not my place. I don't...
      Callie: Say it.
      Mark (sighs): I give a lot of boob jobs.
      Callie (laughs): Okay, not where I thought you were going.
      Mark: But I also reverse a lot of boob jobs. Women come to me a year, two years after they've had work done, and they're totally unhappy with the decision they've made. Today, though, you watched me give a lady a really big ass. And I'm not the slightest bit worried about it because I know for a fact there's no boyfriend pressuring her. It wasn't about anyone else, it was for her. As your friend, I gotta tell you, you sound a lot like someone who's getting DD's just because her girlfriend likes a big rack. ... By big rack I mean Africa.
      Callie: I love her, Mark.
      Mark: I know you do, but you need to figure out how to love Africa, too. (they hug)

    • Meredith: Cristina.
      Cristina: How are you fine? How are you just completely fine? I'm ruined, okay? I am dead. I am wrecked. And you're just walking around, what? Babysitting me, as if you didn't go through the same thing, too. Why are you okay?
      Meredith: I don't know.
      Cristina: You know what? You know, you were there, too. You were there, too. With your sad eyes screaming at me to save his life.
      Meredith: I wasn't...
      Cristina: Telling the guy to shoot you and not giving a crap about yourself or your pregnancy.
      Meredith: Cristina!
      Cristina: I didn't have a choice! And you did that! If it was anyone else on the table, if it was anyone else standing there, I would have walked away!
      Meredith: You would not have--
      Cristina: I would have walked away!
      Meredith: You--
      Cristina: And then I wouldn't be here!

    • Derek: Look, Miranda, I know that this has been a very personal loss for you, but you need to let it go.
      Bailey: I have to go and tell Mary's husband that I don't know why his wife died. That I can't answer the one question he has to ask. And I can't answer that question because medicine... because science is failing me. That I take personally. That I can't accept. And don't you dare stand there and talk to me about lettin' things go. I'm not the one who can't stop thinking about the possiblity of his wife getting Alzheimer's long enough to write a damn essay.

    • Owen: Whoa, whoa. What're you doing? This ambulance is not in play.
      April: You're making stuff up, whic I can do, too. And I say that it is in play. You can't fit nine patients in an ambulance but two will fit just fine. Seven of my patients may have died today, but these two won't. 'Cause I'm gonna get them on this ambulance and I'm gonna take them to that hospital. Right there! (gets in the ambulance)
      Alex: Alright!
      Owen: Kepner, this ambulance was involved in the accident and no longer runs.
      April: Well, key's in the ignition, so let's see. (starts it up and laughs) Looks like I got triple-a! Well, apparently they could get here when the helicopter couldn't. Now, move! Or I will run you down.

    • Alex: Look, will you tell her she won or she's never gonna stop.
      Owen: It's not a contest.
      April: Karev, call the OR and make sure there's a room availible.
      Alex: Will do.
      Owen: Alright, alright. Fine. Blue team wins.
      April: Blue team wins?
      Owen: Yeah, yeah. You win. He's gonna live for 40 more years and have 15 grandkids, you happy?
      April: We won! Yay! (jumps into Alex's arms) Yay!

    • Arizona: Oh, it's a going away party. Aw, you guys.
      Callie: Um, this is a party?
      Lexie: It's a busy day.
      Callie: No, uh, yeah, I've just been at this hospital since residency, but uh, people are too busy to see me off. They're too busy.
      Arizona: Callie...
      Richard: It's hard to blame them, Torres. We're down a couple attendings. Things are gonna be busier all around for a while.
      Callie: Well, I'm glad you could find the time, Chief. With all your Chief problems and... big plans. Which are what exactly?
      Richard: Now, why would I just give away my good ideas? (walks off)
      Arizona: He's just crabby. He's messin' with your head.
      Callie: Yeah, well, I'll never know, will I?
      Arizona (clears throat): Thank you both, so much. I- I actually have to finish up some packing so I'm gonna go.
      Lexie: Good luck.
      Mark: Give 'em hell. (Arizona leaves)
      Callie (sighs): I- I don't wanna go home, yet.
      Mark: You wanna see us give a lady a really big ass?
      Callie: Oh god, yes.

    • Meredith: He's stable?
      Cristina: He's critical. I have to keep checking his acid-base balance, but, yes, he's stable-ish for now.
      Meredith: Great. So, let me take over here and you can give his daughter an update.
      Cristina: No, you go. Tell her that his blood pressure is coming up.
      Meredith: She needs to hear from you.
      Cristina: Well, he needs to be monitored.
      Meredith: Well, I can do that.
      Cristina: Okay. She doesn't need to hear an update from me. All she wants is to make sure that I know that she's afraid and I can't hear that now because I am scared enough as it is. I was scared when he coded. I'm scared now that he's stable. I'm scared walking across the lobby. I'm scared all the time.
      Meredith: Well, let me help you.
      Cristina (teary-eyed): You can not help. You can't help me!

    • April: I hear it. I hear the helicopter.
      Jackson: You what?
      April: I hear it. I hear it.
      Alex: Oh, wake up. You don't hear the helicopter because A: It's imaginary. And B: The imaginary helicopter is never coming! Hunt's trying to break us, trying to teach us some B.S. lesson about how trauma isn't fair or whatever. We're not done until he says these dummies are dead, the end.
      April: That's not true. No, you're wrong.
      Jackson: Screw this. I'm done. (gets up)
      April: What? Jackson!
      Owen: Avery, where you going? Avery? Avery, get back here.
      Jackson: No.
      Owen: No?
      Jackson: No, sir.

    • Mark: Chirsty, Dr. Grey is concerned that you might be going through with this surgery for the wrong reasons. That you might be trying to please someone who prefers a more ... robust body type.
      Christy: Mm. Dr. Grey, I hope you don't take this wrong way. But even through your lab coat, I can tell you have an amazing ass. And with an ass like that I bet you know what it's like to find the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans that make you feel like you're the sexy person ever to put on a pair of pants. And I envy that 'cause I never have. Every pair hangs off me, unless I shop in the boy's department. And I've tried gaining weight, Dr. Grey. It turns out, I'm the person who's fat goes straight to my upper arms and my boobs. Which makes it really hard for me to wear a sun dress. Which is all I can wear, because jeans don't fit. So, Dr. Grey, I am getting a big, juicy, easy to grab onto ass, and you better believe that I'm doing it just do me. I'm telling you, I can't wait.
      Lexie: You are so nice.

    • Bailey: Great. You're in here. Now where can I sulk?
      Derek: Well, there's plenty of room. It's all I've been doing. Please, sit down. (Bailey sighs) What's the matter?
      Bailey: I've been down in the morgue all morning trying to determine the cause of death of Mary Portman, who survived the horrors of Gary Clark, only to die from a surgery that I perform every day. So, it's very important to me, and it's very to Mary's husband to find some answers today. But do you know, what's important to the pathologist? Who is leading the autopsy? Oh, her dinner reservations and her lunch break, basically food. That's what's important to this pathologist.
      Derek: Feeling better?
      Bailey: No, not really, no. What's all this?
      Derek: I'm trying to write this grant purposal.
      Bailey: Why only trying?
      Derek: Because the more you research Alzheimer's, the more depressing it gets. And when you include the early on-set the type that Ellis Grey suffered from, it just gets worse. There's a woman in England, she's 32. She can't recognize her three year-old daughter. It's just... terrifying.
      Bailey: This pathologist also chews gum while she works.
      Derek: Oh, that's disgusting.
      Bailey: Thank you.

    • Lexie: I don't know. They're chocolately looking with sprinkles.
      Mark: Where'd you get 'em?
      Lexie: At that grocery store down the street.
      Mark: This isn't a baby shower for some nurse who couldn't keep her knees together, Grey. Torres and Robbins deserve better than off-brand crap.
      Lexie: I'm not an errand girl, okay? I'm a doctor, with a patient who's about to make a giant butt-shaped mistake.
      Mark: That's not for you to say.
      Lexie: Okay, well, someone has to. The only reason a woman does something like this to her body is to impress a guy. Well, sure, it starts with a giant butt, then the next thing you know, she's giving up her friends, she's moving in with before she's even ready, and if she's not careful she'll find herself as a 26 year-old step mother to the pregnant daughter she didn't even know he had. And then she's single, dying her hair a new color, and you know what? It's really hard to manage your roots when you've been committed to the psych ward.
      Mark: Psych ward?
      Lexie: It happens.

    • Owen: Everyone, green team's patient's are all dead. Only red team and blue remain. (the green team goes to leave) Whoa, whoa. You see a helicopter? Take a knee, learn something.
      Jackson (to April and Alex): Take a knee? ... He's going to scalp them. We're in Apocolyse Now and we're gonna get scalped.

    • Owen: Nice rain gear, Karev. Shouldn't you be more concerned with your patient staying dry?
      Alex: Yeah, well, he's a dummy and I'm a person, so.
      Owen: You know, a dry person is less likely to die. Hypothermia, or shock. That's somethin' to think about. (walks off)
      April: Alex, you can't break the rules like that. That's unsafe for the transport. You're gonna mess up our certification.
      Alex: Oh, you need to relax. This whole uptight thing, this is why you have no friends.
      Jackson: Hey!
      Alex: Okay, this is why you have one friend. (April rips the bag off of him) Gimme that back. Are you crazy?
      April (puts the bag over her patient): There you go, little guy. No hypothermia for you.

    • Callie (mocking Richard): Big plans. Big plans. (returns to normal voice) You know what? I don't care. I've got big plans myself. Great big African plans.
      Mark: Yeah, you do.
      Callie: Yeah, I don't need to grow cartilidge in a lab. I'll be building bones from dirt. I'll be... figuring out how to create... unbreakable joints out of... blood diamonds. I'll be... I'll be making artifical limbs out of elephant digrade.
      Mark: I'm pretty sure a couple of those would be frowned upon in the wild community.
      Callie: Oh, whatever. Science isn't about making friends.

    • Owen: Blue team, status report.
      April: We arrived on the scene to find nine casualities, we identified three as priority one, requiring immediate evacuation, four were priority two, allowing from delayed evac. One was priority three, and the last was sadly, dead on the scene.
      Owen: Nice work, Kepner. But it seems to me that you now have two dead patients.
      April: Excuse me?
      Owen: Well, while you were standing around waiting for the helicopter to arrive and not keeping a constant eye on your patient's injuries, this one (points) developed a femoral bleed, bled out and his now sadly, dead.
      April: No, uh... femoral bleed? That wasn't on the card.
      Owen: Really? Well, it's on this one. (Steve puts a new card on the patient)
      April: Oh, no, no, no. That's not fair.
      Owen: Patient's don't just suddenly die, it seems that way when you stop paying attention. Food for though.
      Steve: I'm so sorry you guys.

    • April: According to his card, this guy's got a blow right pupil, and othandoxipidal dislocation, a open book pelvis, uh, a large gaping abominal would, jeez... a sucking chest wound and seven broken ribs. This guy's all messed up.
      Meredith: Or he's dead.
      April: Ah, right, yes.

    • Arizona: Callie, check out all the great stuff my kids in peds made me. They want me to take pictures of their stuff in Africa.
      Callie: Oh, wow. That's awesome. You'd be surprised to find out how often you find yourself in need of macoroni glued to a paper plate. No, I mean it's way better than gauze, maleria pills, antibotics.
      Arizona: Well, you are a delight this morning. Is there something that you'd like to talk about?
      Callie: Uh, no. I'm just... No.
      Richard (walks up): Torres, Robbins.
      Callie: Hi.
      Richard: I thought you'd be half way to Malawi by now.
      Arizona: Yeah, we had some last minute paperwork and plus I promised the kids I'd come say good-bye.
      Richard: That's good. The work you two will be doing there will reflect very, very highly on this hospital. ... Sure, it was a surprise to learn that I'd have to replace two excellent attendings, as opposed to just the one. But then, that's the chief's problem. No one really wants to hear the chief's problem. It's a shame though, Torres. I had such big plans for you. Big plans.

    • Mark: Dr. Bailey, do you have a second?
      Bailey: Only if what you have to talk about is more important than my being on time for an autopsy.
      Mark: That's argueable. We're throwing Torres and Robbins a bon voyage party in the doctor's lounge this evening.
      Bailey: Oh, that sounds lovely. I have a full day but I'll try and stop by.
      Mark: Well, uh, the thing is Altman volunteered to pick up the cup cakes, but she had to pick up lungs instead and I just figured since you were close to both these ladies...
      Bailey: You're asking me to take time out of my very busy day to go to the bakery? Or would you prefer I ran on home and bake some myself?
      Mark: ...No. Course not. Just an invitation.
      Bailey: Uh huh.

    • Roy: Oh, come on, that was funny.
      Cristina: Any joke that starts with an animal walking into a bar is scientifically unfunny.

    • Meredith: Am I early? I tried really hard not to be.
      Jackson: That doesn't bode well.
      Alex: We did the same thing with Bailey when we were interns. Take turns, treating a dummy get an early lunch, then get back to work. It's lame.

    • Mark: I will take that waffle iron.
      Callie: What? I've never even seen you eat a waffle.
      Mark: I would if I had a waffle iron.
      Arizona: Callie, we're not gonna take a waffle iron to Malawi and it's not gonna do anybody any good sitting in storage for three years. (hands the waffle iron to Mark) Congratulations, you won yourself a waffle iron. Oh, and a French press. (hands it to Mark)
      Callie: Hey, stop giving my things away. (walks out)
      Mark: Maybe I should pass on the French press.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): We are all looking for answers. In medicine, in life, in everything. Sometimes the answers we're looking for have been hiding just below the surface. Other times, we find answers when we didn't even realize we were asking a question. Sometimes, the answers can catch us completely by surprise. And sometimes, even when we find the answer we've been looking for, we're still left with a whole hell of a lot of questions.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Question: When was the last time a complete stranger took off her clothes in front of you, pointed to a big purple splash on her back and asked, "What the hell is this thing?" If you're a normal person the answer is hopefully never; if you're a doctor the answer is probably about five years ago. People expect doctors to have all the answers. The truth is we love to think we have all the answers, too. Basically, doctors are know-it-alls until something comes along that reminds us that we're not.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Já se snaím (I Am Doing My Best)
      Finland: Vastauksia (Answers)

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1.Ching Ching Ching by Nikka Costa
      2.Daydreaming by Dark Dark Dark
      3.Never Gonna Leave Me by Sia
      4.Bang Bang by K'naan (Ft.Adam Levine)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: November 4, 2010 on CTV
      Sweden: November 17, 2010 on Kanal 5
      Finland: december 1, 2010 on Nelonen
      United Kingdom: February 16, 2011 on Sky Living
      Australia: March 17, 2011 on Channel 7
      Germany: May 4, 2011 on ProSieben
      Norway: August 30, 2011 on TV2
      Czech Republic: January 16, 2012 on Prima LOVE