Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 14

The Becoming

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 2008 on ABC

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  • He's with Rose. He's with Rose. He's with Rose.

    I learned a lot from this episode. I, like Meredith, tend to have an extremely hard time moving on from relationships that are either intense, passionate, or serious, or all of them. I think having a constant reminder to myself in these situations would help. "He's with Rose. He's with Rose. He's with Rose." I never thought about it. "He doesn't love you anymore. He doesn't love you anymore. He doesn't love you anymore." Let's see how I do with my self-reminders.

    This episode also makes me wonder what my therapist would say to me if I were to get therapy. I don't think I am a coward. I am not frightened to take chances, open up, and love. I am not sure why I somehow just seem unworthy and undeserving of love. Therapy might help. I think Meredith's shrink is pretty good.
  • Wow, something good at last. It encoureges us to end with represion and break all those nonsensical rules that would make us get closer to each other and to understand each other.

    This episode was an absolute surprise. It had a lot of interesting issues.

    -Finally, someone says what we all think, and what we all know about Mer. She was in denial world that prevented to see her what was right in her face. Sometimes we tend to do that and we need someone to tell us when we're not being totally rational about someting.

    -We really get to know how Cristina feels. It's kinda sad that her issues make her so depressive and weak, instead of getting over them in other ways.

    -Mark learns that all actions have consequences, in a very painful way. -I liked that walled-up girl case. That's the biggest metaphor of being repressed and she talked out loud how she was feeling. BUt what's important here is that Alex broke the rules to save her, and shows us that sometimes you have to take risks to help people. After all, some rigid rules prevent us from knowing and loving each other.

    -With that exact argument I want to talk about that gay love story. Basically those two guys were repressing each other from one of their parent (drawing parallels with society...) and they're caught. We get to see a clear contrast between conservative thinking and new concepts, and how they act. Being specific, our two lovers fail to be free, since they are controlled by the judging eye. But it's too late when one of them realises that he shouldn't hide from anyone and that "he's there". That story was great but I hated that one of them had to die and that the other kept on the repressive mechanism. We should remember that we have to fight for what we want, without caring in society's judging eye, which function is to avoid change and have power all over us.

    -That sex police plot line was the other side of this episode and marks one of the contradictions of this episode. The gay story stands for "do what you want if you want it and without stupid boundaries", but this one reenforces the exact opposite idea, by having control over sexual encounters. Everybody accepts this obsessive control without even thinking about it, and nobody opposes to this idea. Miranda doesn't make any opposition to this control, but instead she denouces how sexist it was.

    -Mer's narration was absolute empty, and what she said only was her denial discurse.

    I have to say for myself that we should not repress ourselves, we should to step up and solve all that stressful situations that take our freedom away. We should ignore all that rules that had no sense, to be closer to each other. They tried to say this with episode. Save for all those little contradictions, it was a really good episode.
  • Finally someone to call Meredith on all her c*ap!

    I love Doctor Wyatt and the scenes she's had with Meredith are outstanding.

    I have been saying since she started going drunken one night stand crazy in S2 that Meredith needs therapy, and after the bomb thing, then the drowning thing, she should have had to have manditory sessions with a shrink. Assuming that she had those sessions but they weren't shown (though that doesn't seem to have been the case) Meredith probably did what most professionals (cops, firefighters, doctors, et cetera) do when forced to do manditary shrink sessions, which is sit there, answer with non-descript responses that satisfy the requirements of the therapy and offering up nothing more; it's dangerously common.

    Finally Meredith's getting help. I love that she's doing that, and Doctor Wyatt is yet another amazingly strong female presence on this show.

    The fairytale romance was a bit of a red herring -- it was real for the patient but she was a transient character; she was never going to come back, so why not make her love story be perfect until her death? But Derek started applying it to Meredith and Rose because, like Denny said in "Some Kind of Miracle", Derek is a romantic who believes in soulmates, so of course he'd believe in the fairytale romance, and because everything got screwed up this season with Derek and Meredith he's all screwed up about Meredith and Rose and everything else. He thinks he'll get his 'happily ever after' with Rose, because he believes he's idealizing what he and Meredith had in some subconscious attempt at justifying the final demise of his marriage and all the other changes that have happened in his life since he met Meredith at Joes that first night.

    All in all it was a good episode. Seeing Hahn freaking out was good because it showed another side of her, one that wasn't so stoney and **** and cold. The Chief's messages to his wife were just disturbing, but at least he's trying to get Adele back.
  • Interesting storylines.

    I enjoyed multiple aspects of this episode, but the one thing I surely didn't enjoy was Derek and Meredith getting closer again. I just can't stress enough how much I want them to either stay together or just break it off, it gets very annoying seeing them break up and get back together over and over again. It gives Meredith more reason to be so dramatic with her life and constantly whine about how hard her life is. The Sloan strike was hilarious, I mean, it was somewhat filler, but it was funny. Bailey is back and tough as ever in my opinion. The Chief is being annoying again and Alex is starting to get on my nerves.
  • Greys is finaly back :)

    I loved this episode. Im in this show mostly for Alex and Izzie but this episode was wonderful from the beginning to the end. and everyone was at their top game. I especially enjoyed Sandra Oh and Eric Dane. and big applaus to the guys playing the Marines. the story was both sweet and sad, to feel that you have to choose between your father and the love of your life. and not being able to say a proper good bye, it just tore my heart apart. Alex was wonderful too. but it was hard to watch him trying to do the right thing, be responsible, being excited for the wrong reason and knowing he will get hurt eventually. Im so glad Greys is back to what made the show so wonderful.
  • Interesting concepts...driving the plot along

    I try not to identify myself as a 'big fan' of "Grey's". I want people to think I'm what I like to call a "casual watcher." But I'm lying when I say that. This show's fun and flirty and smart and has some pretty good actors. I was happy when Burke left because I thought it would open up some new directions for Cristina, and this episode really proved me right. Dealing with how Burke used her was both painful and exhilerating to watch. A wonderfully acted scene.

    This episode as a whole sought to move things between the characters along towards the finale. For instance, Alex and Izzie's tension about him moving in with faux-pregnant Ava and MerDer's relationship development. As such, it was pretty good.

    I loved the clinical trial storyline this time around. Very Hollywood-liberal, I'll admit it, but any time a show features two hot gay men...I'm there. I felt it was handled very maturely; it added a layer of drama and helped build towards Meredith's confrontation with her psychiatrist later. All in all, a pretty good episode.
  • A Gay Man in love dies! this is my summary and its so typical!

    I am sick of seeing this show either turn gays str8 or let them behind the scenes be called vulgar slurs! or every gay charecter who comes on the show dies, i would so love to see a gay guy have a maricle it gets tiring to see nothing but homophobia or killing off of gay charecters...
    it would be so positive for this show to either get a gay charecter or start showing more gays and positivly not negitive stuff or sad stuff, this show needs to be an example especialy after hiring that biggot who slured the only gay guy in the show WHO isnt even gay in the show!!
  • A very powerful episode. Back to why I love Grey's Anatomy.

    I found this episode to be "powerful." There just seemed a lot of powerful moments in it. I loved Christina's speech, and really felt she needed to say that out loud. Even though we only saw the soldiers a little bit, what they were going through was powerful.

    But the most power filled moment of the whole episode for me was when Derek said, "I slept with her. I slept with Rose and the whole time I was thinking of Meredith. Who's the whore?" I was so not seeing something like that being said. The fact that it was so short, to the point, harsh, even cruel, with a tone of self-loathing made it just a really powerful moment and (to me) showed how deep his love for Meredith really is. There is a reason they say love and hate are so easily tied together.
  • Another exciting week at Seattle Grace!

    I loved this episode!
    It proves once again that Grey's is back on track to the great, light-hearted show it was in the first two seasons and the characters are becoming far more likeable.
    I felt really bad for Christina in this episode, and I agree that Burke would be nowhere if she hadn't been there for him and I feel like things have been really hard for Christina since Burke left and Dr. Hahn took his place and I was glad to see her show some emotion over that. Izzie used to be my favorite character and I have had my fair share of problems with her over the last couple of seasons but I was extremely proud of her in this episode. It may have been the right thing to do on a friendship status but if Izzie were to tell Alex that Ava/Rebecca is not really pregnant that would not be good for her career and she has already had enough problems with crossing the line between personal and patient relationships and I was really proud of her for being able to use her self control and not tell Alex even after he blew up at her.
    I am also really proud of Alex, even though I really dislike Ava/Rebecca, and I don't want him to be with her I think its really great that he is agreeing to do the right thing and be supportive for her and the baby (even if it's not true).
    I've never been a huge Mer/Der fan, I'm never big on the 'main' couple of shows but man were they on fire tonight. There was so much sexual tension between then and when they looked at each other it was literally like there was no one else in the room and you knew that Rose does not stand a chance. I'm hoping for a reunion in the finale!
    I thought the whole "sexual history" form thing was hilarious and a great balance to this episode. I loved Bailey's speech to the nurses about McSteamy and Bailey talking to the Chief about her (fake) sexual history. I also loved George being 'Chief's Intern' because he really needs some guidance now that Burke is gone.
    I thought the patients were really heartbreaking, especially the gay military couple.

    The only problem I had with this episode was that the pacing was a bit weird, there were moments in the episode that were in the middle and I thought should've been more towards the end and vice versa, but overall it was a great episode and I can't for next week.
  • I was expecting Addison on this episode too!!!! No fair....

    The tumor guy, sad, sad. The minute the other guy walked in and started looking at the tumor guy I was like oh they're gay It was really sad though how he didn't get to even say I love you or anything. The dad was a major pain.

    If I were Izzie I would have told Alex. I know there's that whole confidentiality thing, but I would have told him. I can't believe Rebecca is making a fool out of him.

    Did anyone else feel the vibe between George and Lexi? Or am I totally wrong here? cause I'm beginning to think those two might hook up, which sucks, cause I want George and Izzie. It's not fair that they take Denny Duquette from her and they won't even let her and George be in love.

    I still think Erica is gay and has a crush on Torres..... I'm glad Torres is sleeping with McSteamy though..... he's a hottie!!!!!!!

    I am getting really sick of the Meredith character.... It's like she's not even real..... I'm with Addison, I just wanna punch her!!!! I hope Derek gets Rose preggers so she will have him and Meredith can be miserable cause she's stupid.
  • Christina shows her true emotions, Alex steps-up and shows his father qualities, George stands up for himself, Bailey is singled out, Izzi keeps her ethical code and Meredith & McDreamy have another test subject, who is in a tearful situation. EXCELLENT

    This episode once again shows how the writers have the ability to intertwine the lifes and the situations of the docters with the lifes and situations of the patient. And how to mix the increadible sadness of the situation with just enough humour to keep you from falling into a depressing empathetic mood, but rather makes it seem more real live were we can find humour even amongst the tragedy. Personally the story revolving the new test subject is truly the heart of this episode aswell as Christina's reaction to Burke's success. There as not been a scene or a portrayal of gay men in mainstream media as was done in this episode, and I compliment and thank the writers, the incredible actors, the director and all crew and cast associated. It is truly wonderful to see that they are trying to show a more ordinary love, than the stereotypical promiscuous gay couple. Secondly, everytime Christina shows true emotion in an episode, that episode is explosively powerful! It was like that when she lost her baby, when Burke left her and now again. This shows what an A-class actress Sandra Oh is. Hats of to her! The unfolding of her emotion and the way she delt with is sad and somewhat comical.

    There were other great moments as well, but these two were my favourite and most touching. All that is left to say is: FANTASTIC EPISODE! It's a shame there are only a few left for this season...
  • Another good episode filled with both laughter and tears.

    This episode starts off with Bailey walking around the hospital with her baby, who is now walking. Derek and Meredith have a new patient for the clinical trail, he is from the army. Bailey catches McSteamy and Callie in the on call room together. Christina sees the article about Burke and looks upset but doesn't act it. Alex tells Izzie that he and Ava are going to give it a go as she is pregnant. Only Izzie knows she isn't pregnant. The nurses are boycotting McSteamy surgeries. The Chief and McSteamy go to see the nurses' union rep and they find out that it is Adele. The union tell the Chief and McSteamy that if an employee is having a relationship with another employee then they have to fill in a form. Can you imagine how many trees that would cost; most people in that hospital have a different hook-up every week. Christina goes to the morgue instead of doing surgery with Hahn. Lexi goes to check on her. Christina starts to sing (Madonna's Like a Virgin). Richard asks Adele if she needs more money and she says no, as she gets half of his pay. The chief asks George to be his intern (to impress Adele). George hands out forms about their relationships to everyone in the hospital. George tells Bailey that the Chief said that she didn't have to fill in a form. Rose tells George that she doesn't need one. We soon find out that the man with a tumour is gay and is having relationship with another man who is also in the army. His father then walks in and sees them. He then throws out Todd (the non-tumour man). George is still handing out forms and in front of Meredith Rose asks for a form. Lexi then realises that Alex has forgotten he had sex with her. Meredith goes to see Christina after she learns that she is singing. Meredith admits to Christina that she in therapy. Bailey goes to see the Chef about the fact that she was not told that she didn't have t fill in a form. Bailey even hits the chief and wells up with tears. Hahn and Callie talk about McSteamy. Derek offers to stay the night at the hospital with Meredith to monitor the patient, and so he tells Rose that he isn't leaving. He wants to stay with Meredith, but she tells him to go with Rose. George works out that the chief used him to get back with Adele. McSteamy tells Callie that she isn't in the mood for sex. The man with the tumour died during the night. Derek tells Meredith that there was no way that they could have predicted the patient dying. He also tells her that he has a bottle of Champagne for them for when they save their first patient (through the trial). . Christina is the only person in the hospital, who hasn't filled in a form she is called in to do so. Christina gives a very moving speech. Bailey and McSteamy talk to the nurses about the boycott. She tells them all to stop complaining as they knew what they were getting them selves in for when they slept with him. Adele and Richard leave the hospital, together. Bailey tells Izzie that her husband is out on a date. Callie tells Hahn what Addison said (that she thought that they were a couple) and Hahn starts to laugh. We then see Adele and Richard in bed together.

    Derek admits to Mark that he slept with Rose but the whole time he was thinking of Meredith. We then see Meredith in therapy. The therapist tells Meredith that she isn't with Derek because she is scared. Meredith asks if she is calling her a coward and walks out.
  • Date and Tell. This episode was great. I missed this. The beginning of the season was okay, but after the writers strike it has be the greatest I've seen in a long time.

    The clinical patient was so hot. They gay story was so cute. He didn't even tell him that he loved him. I felt so bad for him and his boyfriend. I know the whole don't ask don't tell policy but i was so heartbreaking when the dad couldn't say anything when he walked in on the making out. I have to say I knew that they were together the moment he walked in the room. Alex forgetting that he slept with Lexie was so funny. "He forgot he had sex with me" I was dieing. And Mark, what can I say. The only argument she had was the I'm a whore. So funny. I mean it is the nurse's fault they know he is a sex addict. I mean really. How many times can you make the same mistake. And Der and Mer. I really admire Mer for not ruining for Rose and Derek. Even though I want them to get back together, the show really is more interesting when they aren't together. Like Romeo and Juliet. Destined to be together but can't seem to make it work. Izzie was getting on my nerves but this episode she didn't annoy me at all. Very surprising. She didn't tell Alex about Rebecca/Ava not being pregnant. I felt so bad for Christina. Like a virgin. Hey. Her and Mers and Ders speeches are always so moving. Hahn is not gay I kind of thought that she might be from last weeks episode. But now i don't. Can't wait until next thrusday.
  • A strong, dramatic episode.

    Meredith and Derek continue with their clinical trials. I thought that the story surrounding this trial was very sweet and also very heartbreaking. I thought it was an interesting angle that the characters were gay but appropriate, which made the story even more sweet and heartbreaking. I also loved Meredith's "He's with Rose," chant whenever she thinks about Derek's tongue in her mouth; it was funny.

    I thought the whole "sexual relationship" form was kind of ridiculous. Is it really anybody's business if colleagues are having sex? But I love the fact that this is brought on by Mark's sexual relationships with all the nurses. Bailey's speech at the end cracked me up because it so true. He really is a whore and will always be one, but these nurses are so upset that after he sleeps with them and then doesn't call them; it's just his character and they should know that by now.

    I thought Izzie's dilemma was very dramatic. She absolutely wants to tell Alex that Rebecca is not pregnant and now Alex is all mad at her because he thinks that Izzie doesn't like Rebecca. Overall it was a good episode.
  • A very strong episode.

    I felt bad for Christina - The way she handled the Burke thing was very impressive. I think that she and Hahn may be making some stride to a better relationship.

    Meredith's moments with the psychiatrist were pretty good. I thought for sure she was going to get something going again with Derek. She still has issues and that what makes her the great character that she is.

    Izzie was presented with a difficult decision. Professional ethics or providing information to a friend. Maybe she could have used Alex as an advisor and asked him his opinion on the results to reaffirm her assessment. Thereby not telling him that there's no baby.

    I love the nurse boycott of Sloan. I thought that was pretty funny. Then Bailey's speech - calling him a whore was even better.

    I do feel bad for Derek that none of the clinical trial have produce and favorable results.
  • This was a really strong episode. The one that reminds me of why I've started watching this show and why I've stayed with it for such a long time.

    This was a really strong episode. The one that reminds me of why I've started watching this show and why I've stayed with it for such a long time. Almost every character by the end of the episode has reached their certain edge, it seems that if the episode have been even one minute longer everyone in SGH would have blown up.
    The most impressive in this episode for me were the moments with Christina. Her singing in the morgue was mind-blowing and her speech about Burke in the end made me hold my breath. She is really troubled with being stuck with Hahn who treats her like crap especially now when she feels like she should be sharing the award with Burke.
    Then there's Meredith who's trying very hard to step over her feelings to Derek and become a better person – the one she really wants to be - a professional, a great surgeon. But whatever she does I don't think it'll work. From my point of view, it's just not normal to try this hard to let the love of your life go. And Meredith clearly is not making much progress in this. All she can achieve is some restraint for certain moments, but after these moments pass she gets back to being obsessed with Derek, even though sometimes she herself doesn't realize she is going backwards.
    I also feel bad for Izzie seeing her struggle with her wish to tell Alex about his non-existent baby. On the other hand, she started to behave more as a professional than as a girl with skills who can't cope well with her feelings. This progress should be good for her, I believe, 'cause being able to choose career over your friends can be really important especially when being Izzie.
    And last, poor George. He's struggling to survive through his all-same-again year of internship. This must definitely be hard seeing his friends moving forward along their professional paths and feeling yourself left behind. Still I don't understand George in this episode well enough. I didn't like his behavior after he was made the Chief's intern. He became too proud of himself, too cool, he even started carrying a dictaphone with him around the hospital (hmm, what a big boss!). For me this didn't look like George I am used to and I like. Think it's good he found out that he was being sort of used by the Chief.
    Thanks for letting me express my thoughts on this great episode here. By the way, I'm giving it a 9.9 mark, 'cause I feel there are even better episodes of Grey's coming, hope I won't be disappointed.
  • This was the best episode post-strike. I was so excited to see if mer would finally take derek back. and anxious to see if issy would tell alex. and OMG the gay story i thougth it couldnt be better, it was sweet and heartbreaker, it was like very classy.

    In this episode, Derek finally finds out that he still wants to be with meredith, but meredith is so into her "he's-with-rose" thing that really tries no to give into the temptetion. The nurse's moviment makes mark think about the way he is nd really upset him. In the othr and Cristina is trying very har to deal with bruke's award, and finally she show herself rally affected by the past, I loved that part because sh finally is taking out the pain... snging like a virgin.And finally Issy is strugling with the fact that rebecca is no pregnant and alex is all freak out about fatherhood.
  • I thought it was a sweet and powerful episode. Definitely one of the best episodes of this season. Grey's is totally back like before and I am loving it! The gay soldiers plot was really sweet and heart breaking...and Merder was really awesome!

    I thought it was a sweet and powerful episode. Definitely one of the best episodes of this season. Grey's is totally back like before and I am loving it! The strike totally helped the writers to think where they want to take the characters and it is absolutely benefiting the show! The gay soldiers plot was really sweet and heart breaking. I am loving that the writers are putting patients in the show that people can actually care about. Meredith and Derek's relationship is seriously changing and that is a good thing. I was blown away by Derek's comment in the elevator about Rose and everything else was just really good. Very well written and right on Mark!
  • To me this was a great episode.

    I've never wanted a patient to live so much. I really didn't want the guy with the tumor to die, even though I pretty much knew he was going to. I for one did not think the show overstepped any boundaries...if they can hit us over the head with heterosexual makeout scenes every other minute, one homosexual couple will not kill us. I think it's time everyone stops being so taboo about it.

    Anyway it kills me that Izzie can't tell Alex. And Alex is being a complete jerk to her for no reason. I do and don't want him to find out at the same time; but then again, he has to find out sometime, so it might as well be sooner than later.

    Adelle and the chief getting back together? Far-fetched, to say the least.

    Sandra Oh is again confirmed to be an incredible actress. It was hard for me to buy the whole Burke thing; not because it's unrealistic, but because we all know the reason the actor left the show. It's weird seeing anyone be so emotional about it, I'm getting the character and the actor mixed up. I don't know, maybe I'm the only one that feels that way.

    Derek needs to choose. Rose or Meredith. Can't have both.

    The last scene with the psychaitrist was weird for me. Wonder what'll happen there.

    Overall though, I loved this episode. Almost as much as the old ones!
  • I'm sorry. I'm just not ready for men kissing men fully on the lips. Plenty of forums on tv for that already.

    Sorry, this is not ground breaking territory. The homosexual scene has already been explored. There is plenty of exposure to the homosexual scene.

    A perfectly entertaining show is exploring well charted territory. There is no need to probe into this area. Otherwise, the show is completely entertaining. Sorry, it's just how I feel. I conceed the show has plenty of heterosexual scenes and the writers feel compelled to be politicly correct. Is this the type of audience you draw?

    The longer I write, the less emphatic I'm feeling about the issue. There is always an off button. It is very simple to switch channels. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to express my opinion.