Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 2

The First Cut Is the Deepest

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2005 on ABC

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  • Rape doesn't pay.

    I really enjoyed the main story line for this episode. A woman is raped, but while fighting back she bites the tip of the guy's dick off. Meredith has to keep it in her custody until the police come for it. Suddenly a man collapses in front of the hospital. When he is turned over, you can see that his pants are soaked with blood; the rapist has arrived. The rape victim finally wakes up. Derek informs the rapist that they saved his life, but he'll never have sex again. I hope that teaches him not to mess with women.
  • A rape victim arrives at Seattle Grace, causing an interesting connection between her and Meredith. Meredith and Derek share a kiss in an elevator and Meredith spends the day carting around a severed penis

    This was a great episode. It was funny and heartfelt. I loved how Meredith makes a connection to the rape victim through her shoes. I also loved how Derek spent every minute next to the rape victim because she had no one. The elevator kiss was amazing. I loved how she was determined not to get involved with him again and then makes out with him in the elevator. It was great when Burke pulls out the severed penis and asks what it is only to have Meredith gasp "That's a penis His reaction was hilarious!
    Alex and Cristina's rounds of having patients hug them and them trying to get out of it was great to. This episode was very funny and sentimantal. One of the best.
  • There are some lines that can not be crossed !

    Meredith had a rape victim Allison a young woman who just moved to Seattle. She bit of the penis of her rapist. Meredith is all in shock because Allison was wearing the same shoes that Meredith is wearing. She normally never wear them because they are uncomfortable.
    Rapist stumbles right back into the hospital. The whole surgical staff tries to be optimistic but Allison is getting worse.
    Meanwhile she puts her career on a line because she wants to save a newborn in the nursery who had turned blue ! She asks for help and she will receive it. Meanwhile Izzie is having a hard time with Chinese woman.
    Another great episode and fantastic character development.
  • A young woman clings to life after being brutally attacked, Meredith risks her career to help a newborn baby in the nursery and the interns continue to learn that it isn't just medical knowledge that makes a person a good doctor.

    This episode was an excellent episode. There were some funny parts, some serious parts and some emotional parts. That is what makes a great show. When the woman is brought into the hospital after being brutally attacked you can see how bad a sexual attack can be. While in surgery Dr. Burke extracts something from the woman's body. Not knowing what it is he asks and when Meredith informs him that it is the attacker's penis the look on the male doctor's face is just too funny. The story line involving the newborn was touching and sweet even though the baby actually had a major problem. As a viewer you are so relieved when at the end of the episode the attacked girl finally wakes up and looks at Dr. Shepherd and he says hi. It was just a really great moment in an episode with many good and touching moments.
  • Perfect.

    Can this show get any better?
    the acting is first class.
    It should sweep every single award show there is.
    T. R. Knight is excellent. There is no-one who can play a better George O'Malley.
    He seems nervous and also he has a feminine side to him as well.
    I love the bit in episode 1 where he performs appendectomy and kind of fails.
    Where would Grey's anatomy be without Patrick Dempsey?
    He is very good at trying to flirt with Meredith.
    he tries to seduce Meredith and I think that is very funny.
    I can see that they will get together but the things is how it happens is the funnier part...
  • Rapists, babies, kissed, and roomates. Thats what this episode is all about. Exciting!

    This episode was really good! Greys Anatomy is easily becoming one of my fave shows on tv now. I was happy that they caught the rapist. That allison was really brave to be able to bite off his penis Meredith saved a babys life! yay! that nurse that was taking care of the baby was not nice! she should have at least believed meredith when she told her something might be wrong. I'm glad that meredith was right about the baby, otherwise..she would have lost her job! the elevator kiss was sweet! im all for mcdreamy and meredith! izzie was such a sweetheart when she took care of the chinese mom and daughter.
  • Meredith follows her gut instinct and turns out to be right with regards to a baby. Burke discovers that he will have to fight for the position of Chief as it has also been promised to Derek because he never does 'more than is absolutely necessary'.

    I found that the thing that I focused on the most in this episode was Burke. In hindsight, I think it's absolutely awesome that the Chief is making him fight for the position. And I also think that the Chief is right in what he says about Burke. Burke knows it, too. Everything he lists to detail how awesome he is shows us that he doesn't go above and beyond, he's careful, comfortable and cocky as told by the Chief and Bailley. Telling him this so early on in the show means that we expect to see him stepping up and going that extra step further more often then not and he doesn't disappoint.
  • A solid follow up episode to the pilot.

    I was wondering if the 2nd episode would be able to meet the standards of the 1st but it's right on pair. This episode has some really good stories, mostly im talking about a severed penis that Meredith has to carry around everywhere.

    Also we see some great character development in this episode as the interns are all still finding there way in the hospital. Meredith takes a huge gamble when she puts her ass on the line and challenges a nurse to save a newborn baby in the hospital nursery.

    Dr Burke is faced with a few startling truths that he may infact be cocky and only do what's nesacary. Atleast this is what the Cheif of medicine tells him when he ask why he brough Dr Shepard in. It seems thy will both be fighting for the future role of Cheif.

    Dr Shepard tries to help save a badly beaten rape victim who suprisingly has something inside her. She has bitten off part of the rapists penis Meredith is in charge of the penis and has to carry it around all day

    Burke decides to back up Meredith and they get the tests done. It turns out Meredith was right and the baby gets surgeory just in time.

    Izzie finds being an intern difficult when sh has to stitch up a chinese woman who speaks no english. George seems to think he is death as he spends a day with the code team where everyone keeps dying. And Cristina and Alex find out that giving people good news isn't always so easy.

    Shepard & Meredith have an encounter in the elevator where they make out. At the end of the episode they meet again identically but Meredith decides to taks the stairs.

    Meredith also decides that Izzie and George can move into her house after not being to keen on the idea.

    This was a very good episode, I must say I'm quiet enjoying watching this show. Never thought id say that. Can't wait to see what happens to these fantastic characters next.

  • More foundation

    We learn more about each of the characters. Alex joins Bailey's squad of interns and shows more of his sexist attitudes. Meredith carries around a rapists penis for most of the episode and commits medical faux pas by getting Burke to butt in on the neonatal ward. The Chief admits that he used to diaper Meredith, although the extent of his relationship with the Grey family is not discussed at length. The highlight for me is, of course, the elevator scene between Meredith and Derek. Meredith learns to let people, namely George and Izzie, into her life and continues to build her relationships with Cristina and Derek. A good second episode.
  • An amazing episode managed to catch the eye of the viewers and to be as good as the pilot.One of the best episode of the entire series.

    The second episode of the first season and the series is as great as the first.The episode is outstanding because two interns place their careers into jeopardy when they each do something they know they shouldn't.
    Meredith deals with a baby's health and does her best to help him/her gets better.
    Izzie has to help a Chinese woman but she can't understand what the woman says because she doesn't speak English.When the woman takes Izzie outside the hospital she is surprised to see another Chinese kid bleeding.Izzie helps her even though she knows that it is unlegal because of the family's green card problems.
    George is depressed as most of his patients die.
    I find it a little bit funny the story about the bitten penis but it actually shows us that the show is not only drama but has a comedic aspects.
    I love this episode because there scenes that can make you smile and can bring you to tears.The baby and the Chinese woman storylines are the best of the episode totally showing the outstanding characters of Meredith and Izzie.
    One of the most amazing heartwarming episode of the entire Grey's Anatomy run.
  • Episode 2, and the surgical interns at Seattle Grace hopsital all have their own share of problems...

    No one said becoming a doctor would be easy. The transition from med school to hospital job is already proving difficult for the interns, some wondering if they'll ever make it through, others wondering if it's worth it, some, thinking they're talents are being wasted.

    Cristina is one of those people. Despite her qualifications and experience she's sent out on a mission with newly transferred Alex to tell patients the results of their tests. All of them resulting in a hug from relatives and kisses on the cheek, avoiding them while still managing to beat your partner opposition soon becomes a game.

    Things aren't so entertaining for George however. In the one episode he loses five patients and once again asks aloud wether being an intern is worth anything. That and it's revealed his mum still does his ironing for him, so it's a relief when Meredith offers him and Izzie a vacancy at her house. It comes also as a relief to Izzie, who spends most of the episode trying to understand a middle-aged Chinese woman who can't speak English.

    Meredith has it the worst though. A love/hate relationship with elder Dr Shepard, a mother secretly hidden away with Alzheimers, and told to carry a penis around for the day in an ice box until a detective officer claims it.

    When you look at things and the way the characters are treated you'd be forgiven for feeling sorry for them. Once again though the show continues to remain charming and humourous, without being overly slapstick. Bad things happen to good people, but the interns shine through and impress as show characters, ever the entertaining watch. Throw in a social commentary introduction by Grey and you feel as is you've known these characters for years. They're your life long friends even though you've just met them, their problems yours, and vice versa, your best friends in the whole world.

    So lets follow this through, and see where exactly it takes us and our new friends. To happy times or frustration, we'll just have to wait and see...

  • Meredith has custody over a penis as she deals with a rapist victim and a sick baby as everybody else learns a new thing when it comes to the world of medicin...

    very funny episode

    all the hugging with Izzie was funny, especially how she in the end pulled Alex in front of her so he was the one hugged :)

    Then Meredith/Derek... I love these two together :D I finally understand why there ship is called Ferryboats but I loved the elevator scene and how she took the stairs in the end :D Funny!

    And most of all the funny part was the penis part as well... how do you think of such a thing?!

    Overall the ep was funny but with a few serious parts as well.. I liked that!! Great ep! :)
  • WOW - what an episcode! A rape victim hanging on by a thread; but she went down fighting and took the guys ___ off in the process! Then her attacker shows up at the hospital (bleeding to death) and his victim wakes up! Awesome - why I watch this show!!!

    Oh my God - what an episcode! The rape victim hanging on by a thread; but she went down fighting and took the guys ___ off in the process -- WOW! Then her attacker shows up at the hospital (bleeding to death) and his victim wakes up! Awesome turn of events - one after another! I really love this show...and so does my daughter and my friend (who is an intern @ on of our local hospitals. I just love how each of the interns are so different and they each have their own stories.
  • Very good but horrifying as well

    Meredith has a man's genitals in her hand as this show
    Was out of character but also was very good I might admit
    Even though it was very horrifying for me to watch
    But this show has a lot of potential as well as could last for many years if this show keeps up the good work and writing as well as the good acting
    Patrick Dempsey melts my heart away.
  • Meredith carries a penis around in a box

    A really good episode with a great plot line. It showed that even if you were only trying to help you still couldn't. I am glad she helped that baby though, I don't think I would have spoken to the parents though.

    The rape victim having the same shoes didn't really lead to anything but it just showed how it could have been anyone. I'm glad the rapist was caught
  • Strahoten epizod

    WOW - what an episcode! A rape victim hanging on by a thread; but she went down fighting and took the guys ___ off in the process! Then her attacker shows up at the hospital (bleeding to death) and his victim wakes up! Awesome - why I watch this show!!! Oh my God - what an episcode! The rape victim hanging on by a thread; but she went down fighting and took the guys ___ off in the process -- WOW! Then her attacker shows up at the hospital (bleeding to death) and his victim wakes up! Awesome turn of events - one after another! I really love this show...and so does my daughter and my friend (who is an intern @ on of our local hospitals. I just love how each of the interns are so different and they each have their own stories.

  • This is one of my favorte episodes.

    This is such a great episode because, as it is only the second episode of the series, you get to learn a lot about the characters. We learn that Meredith likes uncomfortable shoes, George likes to go look at the babies when he's having a bad day (which is my favorite part of the episode) and that Derek like ferry boats, among other things.

    The medical case in this episode, with the girl who bites off her would-be-rapists penis, is one of the best in the series. It's poignant, in that she fought him off and is so similar to Meredith with the leopard shoes, and it's funny... because Meredith gets to carry around a penis in a cooler for most of the episode. Then there is, of course, the part towards the end where Derek tells the penis-less man the good news and the bad news, which always makes me laugh.

    Over all, this is a pretty great episode. Two thumbs up.

    (Plus you can’t forget the elevator make-out scene and Derek's whispered comments that he needs breath mints and condoms, too cute!)
  • The famous elevator scene

    I don't mean to reduce the whole episode to just this scene, but it's memorable. It's the famous first MerDer-elevator-scene and I just love their lines before they start making out!

    Derek: Seattle has ferryboats.
    Meredith: Yes.
    Derek: I didn’t know that. I've been living here six weeks; I didn’t know there were ferryboats.
    Meredith: Seattle is surrounded by water on three sides.
    Derek: Hence the ferryboats. Now I have to like it here. I wasn’t planning on liking it here. I'm from New York; I'm genetically engineered to dislike everywhere except Manhattan. I have a thing for ferryboats.
    Meredith: I'm not going out with you.
    Derek: Did I ask you to go out with me? Do you wanna go out with me?
    Meredith: I'm not dating you and I'm definitely not sleeping with you again. You're my boss.
    Derek: I'm your boss' boss.
    Meredith: You're my teacher and my teacher's teacher. And you’re my teacher.
    Derek: I'm your sister. I'm your daughter.
    Meredith: You're sexually harassing me.
    Derek: I'm riding in an elevator.
    Meredith: Look, I'm drawing a line. The line is drawn. There’s a big line.
    Derek: So this line... is it imaginary or do I need to get you a marker?

    Wow, great couple, great scene, great show!!!
  • Emotional storylines..

    So.. I most say in some ways I liked this one even better than the first episode, but in the end - first episode was something more special than this.

    This episode really strike me with storylines. I loved the baby who had heart problem storyline and Meredith got it but noone wanted to believe her.. it can be hard be intern and sometimes get it right.. and I like her conversation with that other intern later - they are not the enemies but they should be help each other..

    And the whole talk about lines and crossing and not crossing them.. it was great too.
  • a women bites off a rapist penis

    a women bites off a rapist penis

    this episode was great. merideth and derek hit it off in an elevator and a rapist gets his penis bittin off by a women that merideth relates too. meanwhile george leans a valuble lesson is doctoring. all in all a great episode with a great story and great charactor development