Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 20

The Girl With No Name

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2012 on ABC



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    • Alex: Hey, any word back on my interviews?
      Arizona: Uh, yeah, I'm workin' on it.
      Alex: You've been working on it for a couple of weeks now.
      Arizona: Well, you're an acquired taste, like bleu cheese. Some people love it and some people can't stand to be in the same room as it. They think it's stinky.
      Alex: So now I'm stinky cheese?

    • April (about Cristina's gift basket): Oh, this is getting ridiculous.
      Jackson (takes card): The N.I.H? Since when does the N.I.H bribe residents to come work for them?
      Cristina: Oh, they don't. Except when you're me-- A god. (Alex's eats a cookie from her basket) Hey!
      Alex: Cookie's stale.
      Cristina: Aw, Karev, is this hard for you, having to beg for interviews while some of us just sit back and get wooed?
      Alex: No one is begging.
      April: Oh, yeah, maybe you should. Maybe that way, you'd actually get an interview.
      Cristina: Ha! I love mean Kepner.
      Alex: I got an interview.
      April: Oh, really? Where?
      Alex: At... places.
      April: Uh huh.
      Alex: Whatever! Look, this sucks, okay. I mean, we got boards in a couple of weeks and now they want us to go on freakin' job interviews? There's only so much crap a guy can have thrown at him before he snaps.

    • Meredith: How was Dallas?
      Cristina: Ugh, bad. I can operate circles around the head of the program. I'm sick of all this schlepping. From now on, they're gonna have to come to me. (Mer laughs) How was yours? Boston, right?
      Meredith: Uh, San Francisco. I'm supposed to leave for Boston tonight, but I think I'm gonna cancel.
      Cristina: What? Only an idiot cancels The Brigham. And didn't Bailey set that up for you? No. Uh uh. She's gonna kill you.
      Derek: Hi.
      Meredith: Hey, do you need a ride or is Owen, um...
      Cristina: Picking me up? No.
      Derek: So how'd it go?
      Meredith: It was great! (to Zola) Hi, baby girl.
      Cristina: Uh, your idiot wife wants to cancel her interview with at The Brigham.
      Derek: No, you don't cancel an interview with the best general surgery program in the country.
      Cristina: Uh-huh. That's what I said.
      Meredith: Why would we move? You've almost finished the house, and you have a job here.
      Derek: There are other homes and jobs in Boston. You're going, end of discussion.
      Cristina: Good husband. Okay, let's go. (takes Zola) I will ride in the back with my girl.

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover) Its one of those things people say: you can't move on until you've let go of the past. Letting go is the easy part. It's the moving on that's painful. So sometimes we fight it; try and keep things the same. Things can't stay the same though. At some point you just have to let go, move on. Because no matter how painful it is, its the only way we grow.

    • Meredith: (opening voiceover) When you're a kid you always want things to stay the same -- the same teacher, the same house, the same friends. Being a surgeon is no different. You get used to the same attendings, the same scrub nurses, the same hospital. Of course, that all changes the minute fifth year comes around. And you have to find a new job.

    • Cristina: You know, this wouldn't be a totally bad bar hang out in if we miss our flights. Plenty of traveling salesmen to hit on.
      Meredith: Well, our husband's would never know.
      Cristina: Cheers. Well.. free flight to New York. I'd say wish me luck but I don't need it.
      Meredith: Cristina... You really wanna do this-- leave?
      Cristina: We've been preparing for this for the past five years. Of course I wanna leave. You should, too.

    • April (reading letter): 'Be less you?' How do you be less yourself?
      Cristina (takes April's binders and throws them out): There. Less you. (Alex walks up) You put on your suit?
      Alex: I gotta be at Yale first thing in the morning. What if my flight gets delayed?
      Jackson: Or even worse, what if you go in there looking like a hobo in a wrinkled ass jacket? (folds Alex's jacket)
      Alex: Where'd you learn that?
      Jackson: I'm an Avery. We know these things.
      Meredith (walks up): Hey. So I rescheduled my interview at Brigham, and I leave in an hour.
      Cristina: Well, cheers to that.
      April: Jackson, we gotta go.
      Jackson: And we're out. Happy interviewing, losers.
      Alex: I should go, too.
      Meredith: Don't leave.
      Alex: It's Yale. No way in hell am I missing that flight to hang out with you two drunks. Later.

    • Richard (to Richard): You have a good life here. Have friends, and you know, sometimes... Well, I- I can get in the way of-- of all that. Of course, now, if you need anything, just pick up the phone and I'll stop everything, and I'll come right over. I love you, Adele. I always will.

    • Teddy: You have to make her stay.
      Owen: What?
      Teddy: Cristina. She just told me that she is flying to New York tonight and they are gonna roll out the red carpet for her just like every other hospital in this country. And pretty soon we are gonna be one of ten places that she can pick, and we are gonna lose her. We can't let that happen. She is gifted and brilliant, and I... This hospital can't lose her.
      Owen: If she wants to go, it's her decision. I can't make her stay.
      Teddy: Owen, you are her husband and whatever is going on between the two of you, I don't care, just fix it. And make her stay.
      Owen: You make her stay. You're the head of cardio. She's your resident. You want her to stay, you make it happen. And don't you ever talk to me about my wife again. I'm your chief, not your friend. You've made that very clear.

    • Richard: Adele, what is it, honey?
      Adele: He hasn't come to visit or call. I don't know what I did wrong.
      Richard: You did nothing wrong, honey. It's just... I'm your husband, for 30 years now. I'm right here. I... (picks up picture) This is us... on our wedding day. Your mother took it right after the ceremony.
      Adele: You and... We're married?
      Richard: Yes, honey. I proposed on New Years and-- and we were married on the Valentine's after. (starts singing My Funny Valentine to her)
      Adele: Allan? Where's Allan? Could you help me find him, sir, please? This isn't like him. He loves me. He wouldn't just disappear. He loves me.

    • Nurse: They called and asked if you've received it.
      Cristina: What self-respecting program sends a fruit basket anyway? Champagne, sure, but fruit? Fruit just says your program sucks.
      Owen: Who's that?
      Cristina: Uh, Hopkins.
      Owen: Hopkins in Maryland?
      Cristina: Yeah.
      Owen: Hopkins is a great program. And they're recruiting you, so that's... that's something to be proud of.
      Cristina: Do you want an apple?
      Owen: Yeah.

    • Alex: You know who's an awesome mentor?
      Arizona: Ooh, you're gonna say me and we're gonna high-five, right?
      Alex: Sloan. He gets Avery interviews at hospitals that have more to offer than the sundaes in their cafeteria.
      Arizona: Oh, relax. I just heard back from a colleague in Florida, and he's dying to meet you.
      Alex: Miami?
      Arizona: Mm. Tampa. Well, just a little outside.
      Alex: Why are you doing this? I thought you liked me.
      Arizona: Of course I do. That's why I've spent tons of time turning you into a great doctor. And now for my trouble what, you're gonna ditch me for some other program?
      Alex: You don't want me to go. You've been tankin' my recommendations.
      Arizona: I know, it's awful. I feel really guilty about it. But you don't know how hard it is to find a good PEDS fellow, and I'm not gonna let them take my best candidate.
      Alex: I'm your best?
      Arizona: Go away.
      Alex: Look, get on the phone and tell the people you actually respect that I'm the best-- Yale, Baylor, Brown. No more 'one hour outsie of Toledos.'
      Arizona: Didn't you just hear me? I'm not gonna help you leave.
      Alex: You want me to stay here because I want to, not because I have no other choice. Call.

    • Mark: Get up.
      Jackson: What are you doing?
      Mark: Claire Hiatt just called to tell me you walked out on your interview. Call her back, apologize.
      Jackson: Look, I respectfully withdrew my application.
      Mark: You want me to drag you out by your ear?

    • Alex: You're a name brand. You're like the freakin' Ritz-Carlton of surgery. Who cares if that's why they want you?
      Cristina: Because he knows deep down he's more of a roadside motel.
      April (watching Holly): Oh, oh, oh. She's going for the soup.
      Cristina: Ooh, bold move. She's gonna have to talk to the soup guy.
      Jackson: She's lookin' good. Lookin' confident.
      Alex: And she bails. No soup for Holly.
      Lexie: She looks terrified. (to Mer) Why are you so mean? Would you just go buy her some soup?
      Meredith: No, it's not mean. She's going home soon and Dr. Fincher says, she has to learn to do things for herself.
      Cristina: Mm. And you're finally gonna have to go to Boston for your interview.
      Meredith: I am not avoiding the interview.
      Cristina: Really?
      April: Well, whenever you go, just beware, that they may judge you more on your personality than what really matters. Like your resume.
      Alex: Meredith's not like you. Her personality doesn't suck.
      Jackson (watching Holly): Ooh, pizza station!
      April: Oh, whatever! You know what? Those programs can suck it. I'm tired of trying so hard not to be me. You know what? I like me.
      Alex: That makes one of us. (April glares) You make it so easy.
      Jackson: Look, you don't have to not be you. Just be a little less you. That's all.

    • Mark (baby voice, to Sofia): And how was your day my little scootchie coo? Did you just have so much fun playing with Zola?
      Derek: You know, she doesn't understand you any better the more idiotic you sound.

    • Cristina: People have cameras on their phones. They can't expect you to ban phones from the hospital.
      Owen: No, no, but I can make sure the hallways are clear before they move her or security keeps a lookout. I'm... I'm not thinking. I'm making mistakes... in over my head. I wasn't supposed to be the chief. I wasn't supposed to be this... guy. I'm... I mean, how am I the guy that ends up making this man's daughter more hurt than she already is? I'm just-- I'm failing.
      Cristina: You're doing the best you can.

    • Meredith: Sorry I'm late.
      Bailey: No, it's been a while since you've been in my O.R. I'm honored you showed up.
      Teddy: Has Grey been ditching you for interviews, too? Cristina has been so distracted. Meredith, do you know who she's talking to today?
      Meredith: Stanford, I think.
      Teddy: Stanford? Since when has she been interested in Stanford?
      Bailey: Do you blame her? You'd be a fool not to pursue cardio at Stanford. Kinda like... general at The Brigham.
      Meredith: I told you, the program director was very understanding when I called.
      Bailey: And you believed her after cancelling three times? You know how many strings I had to pull to get you in there?
      Meredith: Well, the chief assigned this case to me. What am I supposed to do?
      Teddy: Stanford? I mean, that is just-- That's far.

    • Doctor: You know, I don't have to tell you that Columbia has a cutting-edge cardio program. So I hope the fact that I've flown cross country to come knockin' on your door shows you just how serious we are about--
      Cristina: Could you pass me the butter? Thank you.
      Doctor: You should come to New York to visit. Do you like theatre? I can get you tickets to any musical you like.
      Cristina: Oh, I hate musicals. I do like wine, though.
      Doctor: Waiter. More wine.

    • Cristina (receiving a gift basket): Who's on my jock now?
      Teddy (reading card): Cleveland Clinic. Pretty impressive. I'm not gonna grovel. You know we're as good a program as Cleveland clinic. And we've got a major stem cell project, one that I welcome your input on. And as far as teachers, I'm a catch. And I'm groveling.
      Cristina: It's sweet.

    • Meredith: Hey. How was Canada?
      Alex: Canada would have been better than that dump.
      Cristina: You want me to call the chief at Duke? He wants me so bad, he'll do anything I tell him, even accept you.
      Alex: What's Hunt gonna do anyway if you leave? Oh, that's right. You say 'Duke' and he's on the next plane. Guy's so whipped.
      Meredith: She's not going to Duke and neither are you. This is a great program, and we'd be crazy to leave.
      Cristina: That's because you want to play shrink to your patient for the rest of your life.
      Meredith: She imprinted on me. What am I supposed to do?
      Alex: How's she doing anyway?
      Meredith: Great. I mean, better. I found two granola bars under her bed thing morning. But at least she didn't lie about where they came from. Fincher says she's talking more in therapy, although she's not talking to Frank and Kathleen. She was being kept five miles away from their house, and they didn't find her. You don't just get over something like that.
      Cristina: Maybe she can move in with you when we all leave.

    • Bailey: Can we talk about something else? I mean, you know, who knows what they hear subconsciously? So it... maybe it wouldn't hurt to come up with a conversation about something other than every parent's worst nightmare.
      Mark: Avery scored an interview at U.C.L.A.
      Jackson: That is not what she meant.
      Bailey: No, that's good. Let's hear about that.
      Mark: Well, it's a top ten program which is impressive. Of course, it's just as much of a reflection on me as a teacher as it is his surgical skill.

    • April: Oh, hey, chief, um, I haven't heard back yet from Northwestern, and I know you're close with Dr. Mitchell. Have you, uh, have you spoken to him?
      Owen: Uh, yes, he said your resume was impressive.
      April: Oh, thank goodness.
      Owen: Keep your options open, though.
      April: What do you mean? He said he thought I was impressive.
      Owen: He also said he wasn't sure if it was a match personality-wise.
      April: Personality? I'm-- I'm asking for a job, not a date to the prom.

    • Cristina: What is she like? Does she speak English? Or is it like that Jodie Foster in-the-woods movie?
      Meredith: English. Although she's not really speaking. She was just flipping through the channels. I'm guessing the TV reception in the basement wasn't that great.
      Cristina: Are you trying to get out of your interview?
      Meredith: The parents are on their way. I'm going, I want to.
      Cristina: Really? 'Cause it seems like you want to stay and raise... happy cutie babies with your happy cutie husband.
      Meredith: Why are you so fine with leaving?
      Cristina: Because I'm a surgeon, and I want to work at the best hospital with the best people, as should you. Since when did you turn into such a sap?
      Alex (walks up): What do you guys know about Carson Methodist?
      Cristina: Nothing. I'd like to keep it that way.
      Alex: It's in Toledo. Or an hour outside, I guess. I interview next week.
      Cristina: Where's Toledo?
      Meredith: Canada.
      Alex: Ohio. A quarter of a million people live there.
      Cristina: But this is an hour outside.
      Alex: Robbins set it up for me. I- I can't not go.
      Cristina: I've enjoyed our time together these last few years.
      Alex: What are you doing?
      Cristina: We are officially on different career paths. It's only polite to say good-bye.

    • Richard: Tough case. You're doing a good job.
      Owen: Except that I'm not. Parents are on their way, and the press are filling up the parking lot. I think I might be out of my depth here.
      Richard: I'll deal with the parents. You call Phil in security and have him double the guard presence, and then call Heather in P.R and tell her to wrangle the press. You go home, make sure all your suits are clean. You'll need 'em for the press conferences. You'll be okay, Hunt.

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      Canada: April 19, 2012 on CTV
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