Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 4

The Heart of the Matter

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • This episode had several story lines involving all the major characters. Callie reacts to George's 'mistake'. Derrick wants more than sex from Meredith.

    Superb acting and great story lines made this my favorite episode of Grey's ever.
    Callie's performance was first rate! She displayed a broad range of emotions (hurt, rage, detachment, disappointment) with her facial expressions and body language as well as delivering her lines in a very believable fashion. The camera close-ups of Richard's face were also excellent. His concern and love for his niece were very apparent with his expressive eyes, voice, and tilt of his head. The interchanges between Christina and Lexie added a great new dimension to the show. Christina is a terrific Nazi - it fits her personality so well. I liked it when Lexie stood up to her saying; "My name is Lexie." after Christina kept calling her '3'. Just when we thought Christina might soften, she calls her '3' again at the end. Nazis never change. I also liked Derrick standing up for Lexie and 'making' Christina be a good teacher instead of just an arrogant condemner. Dr. Bailey is consistently a wonderful actress and it is always a pleasure to watch her work. As usual her performance was dramatic, energetic, and realistic. Of course, the final scene where Derrick lets out his dreams for Meredith and then her typical response was one of the highlights of the show. Their continuing love saga will always be the main part of this show. I've also enjoyed watching the evolution of Alex's character. He finely acts the well-written script for his character. He is finally maturing and not being so selfish.
    Izzie had a good show also - she portrayed a screwed up person really well.
    Adele, George, and the old guy intern are my 3 least favorite characters - they are just plain goofy.
  • A really lousy episode, with excellent but brief parts.

    The beginning of the episode was just dumb. The nothingness followed on, and then Camille's storyline touches you; then Callie unleashes her wrath in an unexpected way...
    About the nothingness, I think the first 30 minutes were an absolute waste of time. Even though the sports guy storyline didn't catch my eye, I think this storyline unearths a very controversial issue: parents pushing their kids too much, over the edge. This happens more than we think, even in CHESS.
    Cristina being rude for no reason, and not being able to respond to her duties, was just as bad as treating Lex as a number. If she's studying under you, then you should be teaching! She's not less because she's an intern.
    Also, hating Lexie has no use or reason. Lexie starts to be under the spotlight, and she is proving that she is a goog person, a good student and a good friend. About this, Mer states that "We hate the idea of her, but we don't hate the actual person"... (And I start to wonder, why do they hate her if she didn't harm her in any way?) That's the second stupidest statement ever said in Grey's Anatomy... Being the other said in 03x22 (A guy says "You can't date Addison, she's a person. or sth like that).
    Cafeteria drama was just lame, and it seems like a tennager's quarrel. I don't know why Izzie thought about fighting since Callie said clearly at the very beginning "We have to talk" This makes all this drama inconsistent.
    I liked what Derek said to Meredith, but I couldn't understand at the time why she would just...ignore him? And Callie is unrescogniscible... She's not the strong, fierce and independent woman whe could see in the first episodes she appeared, now came down to ashes and without a possibility to run away with dignity (what happened to Mer)

    Camille's story was the best part of the episode. Twas' emotional and touching. I think she made a great performance. This and the scenes in which the song "Hawaii" is played are the best moments of the episode. Also, I liked how Alex reacted, truthful and always in his style.
    Then, after the break, it goes down again...
    Mer's narration was just fine.

    All in all, the episode was bad, but near the ending it was very well written, and aimed straight to the heart.
  • Adele brings the chief's niece, Camille to the hospital because her cancer is back. Izzie prepares herself for the showdown with Callie when she finds out George told her about sleeping with Izzie. Derek propositions Meredith.

    So the episode starts out with Callie telling George that she forgives him for sleeping with Izzie. Personally, i already saw that one coming. The next thing that popped into my head though, was will George stay with Callie now and try to work things out, or will he still decide to go back and be with Izzie? George runs all over like a chicken with his head cut off trying to find Izzie. He really starts to panic when he finds out that Callie is looking for her also. Everyone starts making bets and whispering behind doors when Callie confronts Izzie and says she wants to talk to her at lunch. When Callie walks into the cafeteria Izzie prepares to fight Callie street style, but Callie responds by saying she only wanted to talk, so she leaves. Later, Izzie tries to talk to Callie but Callie tells her not to come looking for forgiveness from her. Derek propositions Grey by telling her he wants to take her away for 2 days on a bit of a vacation. Tension rises with Meredith when she realizes that Derek seems to be getting to know Lexie and might even start to be friends with her. Yang tries to step in but Derek keeps coming to Lexie's defense and overriding Yang's decisions. I personally think Derek is stepping out of line and interfering where he shouldn't be. Does he honestly think if he get's close to Lexie that Meredith will want to get back with him or something? The chief's niece Camille gets brought in by Adele and we find out there's a mass in her throat so big that Camille couldn't breathe. We find out the cancer is back and Adele begs Richard to talk their niece into doing everything she can to survive. Richard had to make the hard decision of being her doctor rather than her uncle by respecting her wishes when she told him she didn't want to fight anymore and just wanted to go home. Adele was not very happy with this, and that might be it for him trying to save his marraige. A young football player comes into the hospital with his father/coach and we find out he's paralyzed. His father is so harsh and pushes the boy so hard that the kid breaks down and tells them to make his father leave. The boy needs to have his spine pulled back in place or he might not ever walk again. Lexie made a mistake here by touching his hand while trying to calm him, which could've moved him and screwed everything up. Yang threw her out but Derek stepped in again. A young woman comes into the hospital and reports that she fell off her stairmaster while reading, but her foot is almost completely blue. After finding out that the woman's boyfriend agreed to move in with her only if she got back down to the size he wanted, we realize that she has basically been starving herself. After the woman starts vomiting up a lot of blood we find out she has a very bad bleeding ulcer, which ultimately resulted in her death. Callie freaks out on the boyfriend and Bailey confronts her, telling her she almost lost her career. We also find out that Callie obviously doesn't forgive George. I think part of it is because he really doesn't want to be forgiven yet either. Alex finds out that Izzie slept with George and tells her that he is embarassed for her. I actually think he might be a little bit jealous since he told Izzie that she told him she wasn't ready after Denny's death, and the first guy she sleeps with is George. However, when Izzie is crying at the end of the episode Alex hands her a box of tissues and askes her to keep it down. Could this be a tiny glimpse of compassion? Izzie also brought up Jane Doe in this episode to throw back in Alex's face when she was telling him not to judge her. Derek tells Meredith that this might not be the best weekend to get away, and she gets a little annoyed that he and Lexie have been talking about her. When Grey asks what they talk about Derek told her all the things she was afraid to hear, such as that he wants to marry her, have kids with her, build a house and die old together. He says he'll wait for her, but basically lets her know that it might not be forever. This actually sparked me to wonder even more if we are going to see something happen between Derek and Lexie? Another great episode.
  • My favorite episode besides the last two, of season 4. I felt for Callie in this episode. Mostly because I've been in her situation before.

    I love this episode! It's amazing! I always re-watch it every chance I get. One of my favorites of the entire series. It really gave me a new perception of Callie. The scene that really sticks with me is when Callie and Izzie are talking in the hallway of the hospital, while (Hawaii by Meiko) plays. I love that song! I also liked the stuff with the Chief's niece...sad. I've been in Callie's shows's very awkward, especially when you really love the person who cheated on you with someone you know, a friend, and you act like you've forgiven them, but you can barely look at the person. And you want to pretty much kill the person they cheated on you with. It's so messy! So I definitely felt for Callie in this episode. Very good!
  • Loved it. My favourite of the season so far!

    I loved every minute of this episode, it was funny, emotional and the medical cases were good to. There was not one character I didn't enjoy this episode. The whole fight at noon thing was so funny, Izzie putting up her fists, taking of her shoes and earrings was all just hilarious. But then Callie came and thought Izzie just stop before ... but then it was too late. I think it was fair what Callie said to Izzie, though I am routing for Gizzie. Alex I guess had a right to be angry she did turn him down, the tissue thing at the end was nice. The start with George running was again just so funny. Cristina and Lexi, what a pair. I liked the way Cristina had the power but it kept being taken away by Dereck. I'm glad she said sorry in her own way. Derecks speech was great and about time he said it as well. I liked Merediths reaction as well, it hinted that they could back together but on the other that they might not. Like her relationship with Norman in this episode. So as you can tell I loved this episode and hope the rest of the season will be as good (I have a feeling it will be). Next weeks sounds brilliant!
  • The plot's alright but i miss Burke

    Derek asks Meredith to go with him for a weekend to the country where they can have a 48 hour long hot wild sex lol. She agrees so she has to find someone to cover for her. She asks Alex who says that in exchange she has to take Norma for the day. Norman is the old intern guy who gets too emotional and says to woman that she's gonna die while really he swapped the charts by mistake and before he could correct it the woman had already quit her job and her boyfriend and bought a ticket to Iceland with no coming back. meredith gets in biiig trouble.
    A teen football player gets his spine ripped with the helmet on and his dad, who is his coach doesn't stop talking about how he she had dodged that block and makes his neurves into ruins.
    Chief Webber's niece had cancer on her chest and it's so big she can't breath. She decides that she doesn't want any treatment and that she wants to spend the rest of the life she's got at home and with her friends.
    Callie says she forgives George for sleeping with Izzy but she asks Izzy to meet her at the cafeteria at noon. Izzy thought that she would put up a fight and gets ready for it but when Callie says that she only wanted to talk she felt that the earth was leaving under her legs.
    Izzy also tells Alex that she slept with George and he's angry because he told him that she want't ready after her break up with Dannie. At the end of this episode Callie tells George that she didn't really forgive him.
  • Several really funny storylines with a few serious things going on at the same time

    The storyline between George, Izzie, and Callie was really entertaining. I loved how George went running through the halls and then Izzie got all prepared to fight Callie. Watching her get ready for the fight and convince herself she could take Callie was really funny. I also loved Alex's envolvement in the episode. I like how they finally hinted at Alex and Izzie as a couple. I really liked how they decided to make him react to the news and it was sweet how he gave her tissues. The storyline with Meredith, Derek, Lexie, and Christina was also cute. It was fun to see Derek and Lexie bonding while Meredith got all upset over it.I also enjoyed watching Derek make Christina's life miserable because of the way she treated the interns. It was really romantic when Derek explained how he felt about Meredith. Meredith and Norman telling someone with no chance of dieing that they were going to die, was also pretty funny. The Camielle storyline was really good. It was good to see what is going on with her, although it is really sad. It was interesting how Richard and Adele reacted to it. I liked how the cheif did the right thing instead of just trying to please Adele.
  • No matter how hard you try you are going to hurt people, and you will get hurt.

    Another great installment.
    Callie forgave George for sleeping with Izzie and George can't find Izzie in the hospital the next day to tell her that. Unfortunately Callie finds Izzie before him and tells her to meet her in the caffeteria alone. The gossip spreads and everyone in the hospital thinks that Izzie and Callie are going to fight for George and Izzie takes that seriously but Callie just wanted to talk. Meredith is being a resident to Norman and she tells him to focus on the medicine and to leave everything else behind. Lexie gets cosy with Derek and Cristina is hating it while Alex is pissed off that Izzie chose George over him. Can't wait for the next episode...
  • Started off rough, but ended magnificently.

    One of the most horrible beginnings in Grey's Anatomy history! I cannot come to believe how bad it actually was; I completely lost all interest in the show, but once Callie had her breakdown, up, up and away the episode went!

    The Chief is dealing with his 18 year old niece who is suffering from ovarian cancer, and he must now decide whether to be her doctor or her uncle. OK, despite Adele's presence in this case, it was still absolutely great! The emotions spurring from all directions were just magnificent.

    Christina learns how to be a good resident, courtesy of Derek. Christina has been pushing Lexi around like she was nothing ever since Meredith requested her to. Derek notices that Christina treats her interns like dirt, and he shows her a taste of her own medicine.

    Previously on Grey's Anatomy, George tells Callie the truth. The aftermath? Well, it actually gets a little exciting, excluding the part where George continues to run around like an annoying idiot. You can feel Callie's pain and Izzie's annoyance, as usual.

    Good episode towards the middle and the end.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Meredith Grey): Forgive and forget. That's what they say. It's good advice, but it's not very practical. When someone hurts us, we want to hurt them back. When someone wrongs us, we want to be right. Without forgiveness, old scores are never settled, old wounds never heal. The most we can hope for is that one day we'll be lucky enough to forget.
  • What Derek said to Meredith at the end made me hope that one day a great guy like Derek will say the same thing to me, but of course, I will definitely be ready by then.

    Do you guys think Derek and Lexie will hook up? I mean, this kind of plot is so Grey's and definitely predictable. I am really hoping that the writers will not throw something so cliche at us. I am expecting something more out of the ordinary and beyond my prediction. I think Derek might have hots for Lexie. He isn't exactly the most faithful guy here on the crew. Burke was quite faithful, I find, and so is Richard. Mark, Alex, and George.... Meh! I don't like Lexie and would not want to see her hook up with Derek. Does anyone else feel the same way?
  • A good episode, giving us more laughs and some great drama. Just not as good as the previous 3 episodes.

    After a great ending to Episode 3, we are dealt with the after effect of Callie learning the truth about Geogre and Izzy. I enjoyed the acting from all three characters in terms of dealign with it. Particularly George running around trying to find Izzy, that proved to be brilliant comedy. Izzy dealt with the situation rather silly. I thought her preparing for a fight in the cafeteria was entertaining but it seemed silly of her to think that Callie (being Chief Resident) would actually start a punch-up jeprodising her place as Chief Resident. The build-up to their meeting though was quite exciting.

    My favourite story in the episode had to be Norman messing up the charts telling a woman having her moles reviewed that she will be dead soon, that made me chuckle. My girlfriend said she is not very fond of Norman, but I think having the worlds oldest intern in Seattle Grace adds to the brilliance of the writing of the show.
    Lexi has improved massively now that she is getting on with attendes more and even talking back to Christina (which is what she needed) it was nice to see her character grow and even show some of her medical smarts, because it seems as if we have seen none of that and she has focused too much of her personal issues.

    Two things that annoyed me in this episode was once again the Meredith and Derek fiasco. "48 hours of blah blah blah..." However I am glad he told her how he actually wants to spend the rest of his life with her and given her this ultimatum. I was not happy with the Chief's wife Adele trying to convince him to tell his niece to have the surgery. I was glad that he didn't in the end but also annoyed how Adele grilled him for it showing how completely selfish she is!

    The patients stories were weak once again, Callie treating the (dead) patients boyfriend like dirt and yelling at him was the best case and good drama to watch even if it was personal issues that got to her. I thought it was a good episode overall, but it needed a little more! However, I cannot wait for next week, the return of Ava/Rebecca/Jane-Doe. This is a story I have been waiting for ever since she left Season 3.

    Lets hope that episode delivers!
  • One of the best episodes

    I was a really great episode.Very funny and also a little bit sad.I felt horrible for Alex, Izzy was so cruel - why did she told him first when they had such a passionate past.She didn't have to tell him but he acted as a very good friend though.
    I'm glad Derec finnaly told Meredith she was still an intern because he's righ it's obvious she is no grown enough to have a seriuos relationship with him. The "figh" was very funny with all the rumours etc. Also a good scene was with the old inturn and Meredith they were si stupid - telling the woman she was dying lol =))))
  • Loved it!!! Izzie is ready to fight for George. Derek is soo in love with Meredith.

    One of the best episodes. I hate Gizze soo much I wish Shonda would just end it and put me out of my misery. Derek is sooo sweet. Norman is hilarous. Telling a woman she is dying only to find out she isn't. Ha ha ha. I love Dr. Baliey. She is so caring. George is running around. I wish Alex and Izzie would be together. I think they both are still in love with each other. Hopefully!!! Loved it when he gave her the tissues. Christiana finally is nice to '3'. Lexie has a lot of learning to do.
  • Fight !!!!!

    The chief's niece comes back and this time doesnt want to fight the cancer, so he ends up accepting her request and loosing his wife again.

    There is a fight... wait there was supposed to be a fight, but Callie only wanted to talk to Izzie, and everyone was dissapointed by that :) she ended up making Izzie feel worse than she already felt.

    McDreamy and Lexie get to talk and know each other, and in the end he says that he wants to marry Meredith but knows that she is not ready, so he says he will wait, but that is a possibility of someone showing up and stealing his heart, ouch !!!

    Alex was jealous of Izzie and George, that was soooo cute !!!
  • What the hell is wrong with McDreamy?

    I really liked this eppy.I Felt really sorry for Callie. George was being his usual scared self. He just can't seem to tell her the real truth. The fight scene was great. But Derek????!!!!.... Why was he so horried about Lexie and talking to her like that? Bonding???? What about the way the talked to Cristina? Lexie is her intern he can't undermine her authority like that. And then that speach to Meredith, the part about "I want to marry you" was ok, but he is always saying he understands but then he just can't wait!! He just wasn't my McDreamy today. He did everything wrong!!
  • LOVED the Derek monologue in the end...

    The whole episode, from begining to end, was perfect. I loved the fact that Derek was going to 'the other grey' for relationship help and in the end, told Merideth that he would wait for her but couldn't promise anything. When Callie finally told George how she felt, I finally knew that they were over with. Callie deserves someone who will commit to her 100%. But I do have a feeling that Gizzie will reunite and just as they do, Callie will announce that she is pregnant. I can almost garentee it. I found it extremely sad to see Camille back and to finally say no to fighting her cancer. I would fight it all the way if I were her but I'm proud of her, she finally decided something for herself. Can't wait for the next episode!
  • The Chiefs niece comes back to Seatle Grace and brings her aunt Adele with her. Callie deals with the fact that George slept with Izzie.

    Um I didn't really know what to think about this particular episode I missed a bit of it but I think I got the gist. Alex still has feelings for Izzie yay! They were a cool couple. It was so cool when Alex came in and heard her crying and handed her a tissue box. It was sweet in an Alex kinda way. And WTH with Meredith and Derek worst story line on the show now. On one hand his proposal was sweet. But I don't get them they really make me p'oed. The Callie Izzie thing was weird. We'll just have to wait and wait for more plot development Although there was lots in this episode.
  • A perfect emotional episode. This eipsode pushes the characters forward adn is the best of the season.

    This episode is a great example of fantastic acting and an emotional plot line. This episode was full of great acting. Izzy (Katherine Heigel) did a fantastic job of expressing the moment when she realizes that Callie didn't want to beat her up. Callie (Sara Ramirez) had a great episode moving from trying to push the issues with George and Callie out of her mind and realizing that she can't. Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) final scene when he finally tells Merideth what he wants. It was a beautifully delivered monologue that shows his hope and yet his fear that it won't come true. Also Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) in the final scene with Derek, conveyed Meredith's need to flee perfectly. It was merely a tipping of her body and panic in her eyes and that was she needed to do. The whole episode was a great Grey's. I would say the best of the season, just due to emotion and pushing the characters forward.
  • Okay, I expected things to be settled in this episode and they didn't.....

    I thought last night's episode really sucked. I was hoping for something to come out of the whole George/Izzie/Callie triangle and we just went back to the same place as it was last week. We don't know if he's leaving her, if he's going to fight for Izzie, if Izzie is going to fight for him. I am really getting sick of Meredith! She annoys me a lot! That crap at the end with derek's proposal. Seriously, I mean, just a little while ago she was telling him she wanted nothing to do with him but sex, just sex, no weekends together, no relationships, no spending the night after sex, and the minute he says all that stuff to her and the fact that he might be going for someone else if she doesn't make up her mind, she goes all crazy and like I'll be ready! Please wait for me!!! Oh, that was so annoying! I felt bad for Christina, but really, she should be teaching the girl and not let her friendship with Meredith get in the way of it. Bad Christina!
    And Alex still has feelings for Izzie! That seriously got me by surprise! I thought that was the best part of the episode! Who knew!?! I wonder if he's gonna fight for her! It was an okay episode, but really I expected something to be resolved out of the love triangle.
  • loved it

    OK a bunch of stuff happen. Last episode George told Callie about Izzie, she sat there all night and in the morning the told him she forgave him, they made vows and she forgave him.
    At the hospital, Derek invites Meredith to a weekend off, she says yes.Alex covers for her if she take Norman.
    We have 4 cases so to speak. Meredith and Norman tell a woman that she is dying but they got the wrong room. The woman leaves and by the time they find her she had already changed her life completely. Now Bailey's case, a woman comes to the clinic with a broken leg.She lost 40 pounds and her boyfriend stopped smoking so they could move together. She was starving and over exercising, she ended up dying in the OR because of it.
    A boy gets crushed on a football game and his spine needs to be realign. Derek has the case with Cristina and the intern is Lexie. Lexie and Derek talked...
    The other one is the chief's niece, her cancer is back and she knew about it. She wants to spend her last time at home and with her friends, she doesn't want to fight anymore.

    In the middle of this, Callie marks a meeting with Izzie at the cafeteria and everything that they are going to fight, no one knows the reason. Izzie is ready but Callie only wanted to talk. Derek says to Meredith all the things he wanted to say and she almost ran away. She should decide!

    Can't wait for the next one
  • This is a great example of what Grey's is all about.

    Okay, so "Heart of the Matter". 4th episode of the season and already, Merder have broken up, and it seems like there will be no more S & M. *SIGH* These two need to get things straightened out before it's too late and they can't have each other. Okay, so over that........"HOTM" was a great, classic Grey's episode. You had the drama (Callie/Izzie/George) and the fun (Norman, Callie/Izzie almost-fight) with a good balance of each. IMO, we saw a bit too much Gizzie and Callie again and not enough of other important characters, such as Sloan and Bailey. Cristina refused to let Lexie "3" get in on the surgery, but was remprimanded for it by Derek, who of all people should not be trying to be friends with Lexie, who by the way I can't stand. Norman, world's oldest intern, made a huge mistake (again) by misreading the room number on the chart and telling the lady she was gonna die. He did get back to her to tell her she was gonna live, but still, he needs to wear those reading glasses he carries around in his lab coat pocket. That's what there for, dude. Onto Alex. We didn't see too much of him tonight, except for him getting mad at Izzie for not wanting him when he was ready. Hmm. Next episode that view of Alex's will change with the return of Ava. Gonna be good! And finally, Gizzie and Callie. Whoa man. Again, nothing was solved with this group. Callie didn't really "end" things with George officially, but boy, did she tell Izzie off. Looks like the saga continues. Next week's Halloween episode looks like promising. So far, S4 is off to a good start. Let's hope it stays that way =]
  • Unique.

    This episode brought a lot of things that shook off the night. Excellent stories, a lot of fun, a lot of drama, a lot of everything to enjoy and taste slowly. I loved the episode; the storylines and the plot made a terrific impression, and revolved around the real situation "Callie Forgiviness". Very funny dialogue, deep thoughts and, quite remarkable lessons.

    The performances transformed the episode even more, with outstanding acting and hilarious lines, the cast developed a tremenduos installment. All of the elements were mixed cleverly, once again. The 'Callie and George' parts were incredible, the speech from Callie to Izzie was tearjerking, and the open truth from Derek to Meredith completed the list. Definitely, a big grand episode... quirky and sighful.
  • Al last, Derek said the right thing to Meredith. She's an "intern" emotionally speaking. She's not ready.

    Meredith knows Derek love her, she feels his love for her, but she cannot connect with him. Why? Because she is emotionally unstable. Come'on girl, you have a wonderful man that wants to love you, care for you and growing old with you. That's what you want from the beginning, isn't it? So, now that you have it, what's wrong with you, Meredith? Well, the answer is quite simple. Meredith needs a shrink, psycological help. She needs to learn to care for herself in order to allow other people, like Derek, enter in her heart.

    And about the Izzie/George/Callie plot, I feel terrible for Callie. She is suffering so much. She got humiliated much more than any other. She really loves George, but I don't think Izzie loves George. So Alex have a point. Izzie claim just months ago not to be ready for another relationship and now is fully in love with George!!?? I don't buy it. I think she is just infatuated. She have to realized that their relationship will be better as friends.

    And Christina have to understand that Derek is capable of being nice with other people, like Lexi, and it is not mean that he's involved romantically with them. I like it when he teach a lesson to Christina on how to teach her interns. It really was time to someone put Christina on line.

    And for the Chief, he is very professional. Adele has to understand that she cannot interfere with the desires of adults people. Her niece is enough old to make decisions in her life; she has to respect that. Is okey to try to persuade, but at the end, it is the patient decision. Good for Dr. Webber, very difficult decision but professional as well.
  • Amazing Episode! Shonda does it once again!

    In this episode we begin to see the fallout of the Izzie, George, Callie triangle. And I gotta say Callie isn't exactly my favorite character but she took the news news mor gracefully than I would have when it came to George the words were I forgive you (even though later in the show she completely loses her cool with the boyfriend of her patient) and Izzie was told to meet her in the cafeteria at noon. Izzie of course assumes Callie is out for blood, and prepares herself for a fight, Callie just wants to talk. By the end of the episode Izzie finds Callie and apoligizes, which I believe a few of Callie's exact words "your a Traitorous ****". Derek asks Meredith to go away with him in the beginning of the episode and by the end tells her he has changed his mind because he doesn't want 48 uninterrupted hours with her he wants a lifetime, and gives her a speech on how he will wait. Also in this episode the chief's niece is readmitted to the hospital her cancer is back, she however decides not to go foreward with anymore treatments, she is tired of fighting. Richard begs her as an uncle to reconsider but tells her as her Doctor he will respect her decision, this is going to cause problems between the cheif and he's wife. Meredith and the world's oldest intern Norman read the chart wrong and tell a woman that she is dying, she in turn leaves the hospital and in a matter of a few hours, quits her job, leaves her boyfriend, gives up her apartment and buys a one way ticket to Iceland. Seattle Grace ends up buying the woman a house to keep her from sueing. Derek, Cristina, and Lexie are working on a case, with a high school athelete whose spine was snapped out of place during a game, Derek decides he is going to teach Cristina a lesson, in turn helping her to become a better teacher. Callie, Bailey, and George, have a patient come in the clinic with a busted ankle who has been starving herself and overtraining to lose 40 pounds because her boyfriend told her if she lost the weight he would quit smoking and they would move in together. During surgery due to malnutrition her heart wasn't strong enought to take it and she died on the table, this is when Callie loses it on the boyfriend.
  • Meredith & old intern mistakenly tell a woman she is dying. George tells Izzy he told Callie about them, Callie tells Izzy to meet her in the cafteria. She thinks she wants to fight, everyone hears about. Chiefs niece comes back, her cancer is back.

    I was very disappointed. It seems Lexi and Derek are getting pretty cozy. It, of course is driving Meredith crazy. She shows some self image problems by being upset that they are "talking behind her back". Grow the F up!

    Callie tells Izzy to meet her in the cafeteria at noon. This turns into this huge story circulating with people making bets on who mops up the floor with whom. (I would've put my money on Callie, Izzy may be a scrapper, but Callie's got size and the most at stake). It ends up not being the case, however. Callie just wanted to talk. I imagine to just tell her to stay away from George. But Callie is humiliated. I don't blame her. She is having a tough season. She was trying to take the easy way out though. But just "forgiving" George and pretending it never happened. But even if he had allowed it, it would've came back to bite them both in the butt.

    Alex gets mad because Izzy slept with George. He still has feelings for her, and I don't think that will go away any time soon.

    Chief's niece comes back to the hospital. She has more cancer and she just doesn't have the energy to fight anymore. He asks her to try, but ultimately she wants to give up and go home to die in peace. Adelle gets mad at him, and walks out on him. This really pisses me off. He is doing what he is doing because he loves Camille, she doesn't want to suffer any more and it's not right to guilt her into it. Overall, a disappointing episode. No huge decisions were made, but a lot of beating about the bush.
  • Throwdown

    If there was ever an episode that exemplifies this "Greys Anatomy" = high school theory it's this one. Between the supposed Izzie/Callie throwdown and the Lexie/Derek gossip sessions I felt like I was back in 11th grade. I don't know about anyone else, but even though I find his character annoying, I really like Edward Herrman being on this show. I guess I've just loved him in movies and things that it makes his character easier to deal with.
    I for one totally think that Izzie could have held her own against Callie. She's scrappy.
    The more the season progresses the more Mer/Der annoy me. Just get on with it. The whole thing at the end of the episode and all those things about the rest of their lives together that he was saying, those are the things you WANT to hear and those are the things that she wanted the whole second season and now it's all screwy and I just know they are going to bring on another love intrest for him and it's going to make me CRAZY! Sometimes I hate this show in an annoying crazy hate the show way that make me love it even more. Wait..that sounds kinda familiar.
  • Wow, just wow.

    A lot has been happening. The Chief's neice is back because she stopped breathing and they help her but she tells them she wants to die. Callie is pissed, but is denying it, and tells Izzie she wants to talk. Izzie thinks Callie wants to fight her, and everyone in the hospital hears about it. Derek starts to talk to Lexie after he yells at Yang for being mean to Lexie. Meredith is with the old intern and they accidentally tell a woman she is dying, even though it's the wrong person. Alex doesn't really do much, except he gets mad when Izzie tells him she slept with George. Bailey sees that Callie is rattled, but Callie doesn't tell her anything, but when Callie flips on a patient's boyfriend, Bailey knows something is wrong. Derek tells Meredith he wants to marry her, but she isn't ready, but he will wait. Callie finally admits she is mad at George, and she tells Izzie she is disgusted with her basically, and that she should be humiliated. Yang finally starts to act like a teacher and helps Lexie during surgery after getting yelled at. Good episode. Funny part when Izzie was ready to fight Callie during lunch, but Callie just wanted to talk. 8.5/10.