Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 4

The Heart of the Matter

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • This episode had several story lines involving all the major characters. Callie reacts to George's 'mistake'. Derrick wants more than sex from Meredith.

    Superb acting and great story lines made this my favorite episode of Grey's ever.
    Callie's performance was first rate! She displayed a broad range of emotions (hurt, rage, detachment, disappointment) with her facial expressions and body language as well as delivering her lines in a very believable fashion. The camera close-ups of Richard's face were also excellent. His concern and love for his niece were very apparent with his expressive eyes, voice, and tilt of his head. The interchanges between Christina and Lexie added a great new dimension to the show. Christina is a terrific Nazi - it fits her personality so well. I liked it when Lexie stood up to her saying; "My name is Lexie." after Christina kept calling her '3'. Just when we thought Christina might soften, she calls her '3' again at the end. Nazis never change. I also liked Derrick standing up for Lexie and 'making' Christina be a good teacher instead of just an arrogant condemner. Dr. Bailey is consistently a wonderful actress and it is always a pleasure to watch her work. As usual her performance was dramatic, energetic, and realistic. Of course, the final scene where Derrick lets out his dreams for Meredith and then her typical response was one of the highlights of the show. Their continuing love saga will always be the main part of this show. I've also enjoyed watching the evolution of Alex's character. He finely acts the well-written script for his character. He is finally maturing and not being so selfish.
    Izzie had a good show also - she portrayed a screwed up person really well.
    Adele, George, and the old guy intern are my 3 least favorite characters - they are just plain goofy.