Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 18

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2012 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Bailey: Maybe she should've gotten a dog. I mean a dog fetches balls. Maybe, you know, a rascally dog, he chews shoes. But he doesn't eviserate your spleen. Yeah, and don't say it's because you love lions so much. If you love lions, you wouldn't want it to live in your home. You would want that lion to roam freely, in the jungle with other lions where they can eviscerate the spleens of... gazelles. That's what lions eat, gazelles? I think I saw that on a show where they were chasing a herd of gazelles. (Mer & Owen are silent) Have I offended someone? 'Cause it's awfully quiet in here. Well, don't tell me you own an exotic pet that I don't know about. Grey, you livin' with a monkey? Please don't tell me you're livin' with a monkey.
      Meredith: No. No monkeys.
      Bailey: Uh, Hunt?
      Owen: Uh, no. Cristina doesn't believe in pets.
      Meredith: Cristina doesn't believe in a lot of things.
      Bailey: O-Kay then.

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