Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 22

The Other Side of This Life (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2007 on ABC

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  • Awful...just awful...

    This episode and the one following it were- i have to say- terrible, it was quite obvious just a ploy to publicise the new spin-off series and it couldn't have been much worse. We were introduced to characters and situations that you knew you'd only really come to care about if you made the effort to go and see the other series. The one saving grace of the episode are when we get the few, extremely brief, glimpses into what is happening back in seattle. They shouldn't have included such pivotal moments in those scenes either, those of us tempted to turn off due to the non-seattle goings-on would have missed some pretty important plot twists had we succumbed to the temptation. If you're going to take a risk with an episode like this, you shouldn't let it effect the show as a whole, Addison is nice, but not good enough a character to be forced to carry a whole show on her own. Bad BAD mistake.
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  • Addison Montgomery goes to LA to visit a 'clinic' which specializes in fertility, psychiatry, et al.

    This seems like a rather lame attempt to set up a spin-off; but features nothing but cardboard characters, lame plot development and rather limp character investment back in Seattle. I think it's rather telling that no series managed to bloom from this multi-episode money sink.

    The contrived 'personal relationships' of the Oceanside Wellness Clinic are gimmick-ridden pseudo-medical tripe and Southern California's poor excuse for 'culture'. Frankly, I consider the whole first episode a waste of time.

    I am glad that the end result would seem to be the producers coming to their senses and seeing that this new project - whatever they would have called it - would be a ratings tank.
  • Probably the worst episode ever. It's so not like Grey's Anatomy to create such a bad episode. However, I really liked 03x23 (part 2). I felt bored, and I may have tuned another chanel or something (or not?).

    It was everything but Grey's Anatomy. The first 5 minutes were just okay. But all Private Practice? Everybody's gonna hate GA without Addison; I think Private Practice is a dreadful idea.
    I didn't like anything about the episode. The parts of GA were really lame, boring and uninteresting. Not even enough to create any tension environment. And Private Practice? I thought I was watching another show. I do not care about Addison's friends. I don't care about Taye Diggs and company. I don't care about the diseases or problems of LA's people. I do not care about...pretty much anything.
    I only have to admit that Addison's decision was shocking and unexpected! It was good planed and I think that the last scenes were great. Poor Addison!
    Still, she has a lot of boring friends. And the way they made the pilot, it made me think"it seems like is the 6th episode of PP, but oh no!, it's the pilot". It seemed they took for granted that we liked them, or that we knew them or had known forever(even if we didn't at all). OMG! Who are they? Creepy!
    I don't know those guys! And certainly, I don't like them!
    The worst episode ever. I hope they don't do this ever again. I really hope that PP suck badly. It's just not a good idea to take Addison away from GA!
    But I have to say, part 2 was good.

    NOTE: I saw both episodes in separated weeks; 03x22 in one week and 03x23 in another week., unlike USA (03x22 and 03x23 all togheter)
  • It was kind of boring, I know they have to establish the new characters and tie the two shows together but it wasn't that great.

    With the new show I'm not sure how long that will last because the characters seem alright but it just seems like the same show with new people except Dr. Montgomery, instead of being about her and a new life or whatever she is hoping to do after leaving Seattle Grace. The current characters didn't have much going on either except with Yangs wedding, it seemed like they were just put in there so people would have some familiar people to watch in between the whole development of the new show and development of the new characters. It was still kind of funny but it wasn't as good as it usually is.
  • Great!

    I agree that there are too many characters and stories for just one show.
    And I love what they did with Kate Walsh's character. Giving new depth to what has just began to get .. well, a little boring. Addison & Alex, Addison & Sloan, Addison whatsoever.. She doesn't work in that show any more. Although I think she is doing great on her own, and I will look forward to what comes up in LA.
  • Addison takes a leave of absence to go to L.A. where she reunites with her best friend in hopes of having a baby. She learns that wherever she goes every place has their own drama. Yang learns Burke wants a big wedding. Susan Grey ends up in the hospital.

    So Yang has to deal with her mother AND Burke's mother showing up to help plan the wedding. Cristina learns that Burke did in fact plan on a big wedding regarless of what she told him previously about wanting a small one. Burke's mother books a wedding chaple that seats 200 guests. Derek and Meredith don't seem to be doing so good. I'm not sure they will last much longer. Grey's father and Susan show up to Bailey's clinic because Susan is having uncontrollable hiccups due to her acid reflux. She has an out-patient procedure to fix it but Grey's father wonders if Susan has been faking this to try to get those two to spend some time together. Mark confides in Derek about what he told Addison. Addison takes a trip to L.A. and winds up at a place called Wellness Group where she runs into her old best friend Naomi. She tells Naomi she wants a change in her life and wants to have a baby. Addison learns that she can't have a child. While in L.A. she gets a job offer to stay. Addison is starting to hear voices in the elevator that's led me to believe she could possibly be losing it. I did like the beginning of the episode. I remember thinking "hot chick in a hot car." I can already tell that Addison is going to get wrapped up in L.A. While she is there we meet Naomi, her ex husband Sam, a shrink named Violet who is apparently heartbroken over a guy named Alan who she later sees at the store with a girl he apparently married eight weeks earlier. We also Meet Cooper and another guy. While in L.A. Addison helps deal with a very confusing paternaty issue and the surrogate mother with a placental problem. I'm pretty sure this could possibly be the first episode that we see potential for the spin off Private Practice. George still plans on leaving Seattle Grace.
  • A total 'non episode' of Grey's. I half expected (hoped)that Addison would 'wake up' in the shower at the end.

    A classic of how to loose your audience. What a waste of time introducing all these characters that we will never meet again (I hope!). 'Grey's' only got a few minutes of this two hours - It should never have been allowed out of the studio and onto the the air - production incompetence. This double episode takes two hours to tell us that Addison is barren - it could have been covered in an elevator ride. Maybe we will see the launch of a new show featuring the doctors showcased here but why oh why ruin Grey's in the proccess.

    footnote:- Now that 'Private Practice' has started to air, it can be seen that this double episode was nothing more than 'junk mail'. The producers hijacked two episodes of Grey's in an attempt to 'advertise' the new show. What a cheap and nasty trick to play on your audience. Maybe we should be pleased that Dr Addison Shepherd was not transfering to the Starship Enterprise or applying for a job with 'House' on his new show - now that would have been interesting. (Bailey treating a Borg, Meridith falling for Greg ??)
  • This series Suck

    I think this series wil be a total failure, i did't like it at all, i fall asleep watching it and did't try to watch it again, i think greys anatony fans hate it too. Me parece que esta serie no sirve para nada, no se molesten en verla, los dos capitulos me aburrieron hasta la muerte, inclusive me quede dormido, no tiene nada que ver con greys anatomy y nos obligaron a ver dos capitulos seguidos solo para presentarnos la serie, me parece algo de muy mal gusto por los creadores. Y ahora la 4ta temporada sin Addison y Burke me parece que la serie no va a ser tan buena de ahora en adelante que lastima.
  • Great Addison Ep! cant sa much happened in seattle tho

    Yay! Addison's getting her very own spin off!!! i cant wait! addison is one of my favourite characters and now she gets her own show. hopefuly it goes well.
    but any way...
    seattle was a bit of a miss this prefer to watch addison in L.A.
    i mean there was a little bit of meridith and derek crap. christina and her 'mothers' was good. didnt find much more interesting. the whole alex slash Ava [jane doe] thing is getting boring. but meh.... so all in all the ep was a miss unless you like addison who was really entertaining and even better in the coming eps

  • I can understand why they did this two hour episode the way that they did it, but then again I also cannot agree with it.

    Let's say you have a hit show on your hands such as Grey's Anatomy. Let's say you want to venture off into spin-off's of the series to further gain from its popularity. And you don't even want to wait until the series is over, you want to have them both going on at the same time!

    Spreading the water thin aside, this episode basically was split into two parts only they were spliced together. On one side, we had the normal going-ons of Grey's Anatomy. On the other side, we had Addison's character going off to discover her new job, which is ultimately going to be the spin off show. It got very frustrating at times to watch this. I understand that it probably made more sense to transition the shows this way rather than to spit it into one full hour of Grey's and one full hour of the Addison show called "Pilot", but it just frustrates me none the less. I wanted to know what was going on with George, Meredith and my other favorite characters. But every time it started going some where, it'd jump to the Pilot of the other show. The best way I can describe it would be to say it was like flipping back and forth between channels from one show to another. While that is some times okay- depending on what you are watching- that is not how I like to watch my Grey's Anatomy. Give us one full hour of Grey's, then make a Pilot episode for Addison's new show that could have been the second hour. No more of this mix and match nonsense please.
  • addison takes a trip and introduces us to her new life in Cali. I loved it (this means twice the whit and charm of my fave show)

    i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it
  • Nothing in life is as you expect.

    This episode is really adventurous. Not because of some plot twists or animportant fact happening, it's just the fact that it isn't a pilot episode since it embodies all the facts still happening on Seattle Grace whilst at the same time focus a lot on Addison "running for the hills".

    First idea that comes into my head is that this maybe shouldn't have happened. Some things happening on Seattle Grace are little exploited, for example. But we all know why the producers opted for this format: fear of low ratings.

    Next is that Shonda Rhimes still knows how to create strong and beliveable characters out of the dark corners of her mind. Once I read someone saying that some of the show's writers were doing a better job at writing their lifes than Rhimes herself. Well, I'm not going to enter that discussion, but I must praise her talents when creating them at least.

    All in all, I think some things were rushed, like too many characters appearing at the same time whithout the audicence having any previous knowledge of them. I'm still dizzy trying to remember their names, for example. But as I said before, the show has a lot of good characters and often they are put only as background for Meredith and Derek's relationship problems, which lately are not even living to the beat. I mean, come on! The guy is obviously wanting to get out, but doesn't know how to do it.

    Other important things that occured on the episode: Cristina freaking out with her mom and Burke's trying to take over her wedding; Meredith and her father trying to connect; Izzie trying to stop George from transfering; Mark and Derek reconnecting; and Addison trying to get pregnant.

    Stay tuned! Part II is coming.
  • Probably the worst episode in the show!!! nothing happens and honestly i really dont care about addison. Who cares about california, we all know she's not gonna stay there. We want SGH!!!!!!!!! izzy and george, grey and mcdreamy

    this episode really sucks and im disapointed to know that there's a part 2. I love this show but this episode is really boring. Even the little parts we see in seattle are useless. The relationship between grey and her father could've been cut out just like alex and eva and burke and christina. In this episode, they tried to make everything look uninterresting when these relationships are what we love about the show!!! I just lost 40minutes of my life and i really hope the next episode is going to be much better. gotta make a 100 words, and there it is bye.
  • I thought the show is about Grey.....????'s Addison?

    Please stop the spin-off....
    there are still many things can happen in Seattle...
    the director can bring more guest stars...
    but not a new place with a new bunch of doctors... what about Merideth and was almost nothing happened in this episode.....
    and Izzi with George...that was a bad line...i'm really curious about how the writer is going to change this situation.
    ps. nothing bad about Addison being the main character on the show...just feel it doesn't match the topic "Grey"
    anyway...just not use to the spin off....hope they won't do it for long ....
  • 2-hour episode (catorogized here as parts 1 and 2). Introduces much-anticipated spin-off series for Kate Walsh's character. Seattle component interesting and witty as always. Spin-off a snoozer.

    The producers could have, and probably should have, presented each story line (Seattle and California) as a separate episode. It would have certainly made each easier to follow. I understand why they didn't do it this way: No one would have watched the California story line.

    I enjoyed, as always, the events taking place at Seattle Grace. Character development moved along at a good pace and it was an interesting set of intertwined stories.

    My review will concentrate on the Kate Walsh spin-off, as that was obviously the reason why ABC broadcast this double episode. My first impressions of this new series are neutral to negative. At one point, my wife said to me, "This is boring."

    The fatal flaw with this new series is that it tried to do too much, too soon. The viewer is presented with too many new characters, each of whom has his or her own mini plotline. Given time, we might grow to care about these characters and get involved with their storylines, much as we do with Grey's; however, in this case we are presented with too little of too much (or is it too much of too little).

    Grey's Anatomy did well in its first few episodes because, the story was presented through the eyes of Merideth. Yes, there was, and continue to be, a host of other characters, but each was revealled though Merideth's interaction with them. We got used to one character and expanded outwards from there as time went on.

    After watching this episode, I can't remember the names of any of the new characters, and I don't even care.

    In September, if this new show does get the green light, I may watch the first episode, because I do admire Kate Walsh's work, but if it's anything like what I saw in the 'pilot', I'll turn it off before I get half-way through it.

    I give this double episode a 5/10. 5/5 for Grey's 0/5 for the spin-off.

  • I really hope this spin-off does not come to pass.

    It turns out that Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, etc. do not make interesting doctors in California. Addison should definitely stick around Seattle Grace. Unfortunately, given the audience this episode recieved, that might not happen. A whole load of boring stuff I can't bother to remember happened in Calfornia. It's even affecting my memory of what happened with the dysfunctional doctors we know and love. I vaugely remember something bad happening with Susan, George and Izzie continuing to be angsty, stuff happening with Burke and Christina's respective mothers and the wedding. Overall, this was mostly set-up for part two, which isn't much better.
  • Addison jumps ship and this episode acts as the 'pilot' for her spin off show.

    Okay, herein lies the problem.
    When I watched the first episode of Greys, we didn't know any of the characters, we just got thrown straight in to all these new people, but I WANTED to know them. They all interested me, and that only grew as I found out more about them. Alex was a jerk, but I wanted to know why, Christina was hard as nails, why? Who was this woman with the famous mother? What's that about?
    Then we get to these new characters, who will be the cast of the Addison spin off. Boring! Casters? Writers? What happened?
    Is coffee guy meant to be attractive to me? Are they all fresh out of acting class? I saw no bonds between the cast, no acting chemistry, it was all so forced. And most important of all, I didn't care enough to want to know any of them. At all. Move along, forget about it, bring Addi back to SGH please.
  • The other side of life was disappointing and clearly did not show the other side of Grey's that we wanted to see.

    This double episode was a complete waste of our Grey's Anatomy time. What could have been a great double episode was thrown out the window and instead they decided to switch scenes between LA and Seattle and tried to tell 2 different non-connecting story lines. The Seattle story line this week was abysmal and did not make any sense. Susan's death was sudden and rushed and did not have any development or arc to it. Even the LA story, the one they're trying to promote, did not satisfy my hunger for Grey's as some bits (like the 12-year-old receptionist) was over-done and the humour was lame for Grey's Anatomy standards. The spin-off doesn't have a great outlook and as for Grey's Anatomy, i hope they do come up with better story lines. If it wasn't for Burke and Christina's relationship that kept this episode alive and Grey's Anatomy reputation, i would give this episode a much lower score.
  • Well Shondra decided to use a double episode of Grey's to promote a spin off that I am sure is going to come and go.

    What a crock! I wanted two hours of Grey's, not 24mins of it, with a pilot episode of another show. It was really hard to watch cuz we dont care about those characters, just Addison. Yeah, we knew it was coming, but it didnt think it would have taken precedent over the original show. Why didnt I watch ER first, it was great, unlike this episode of Grey's. They had better get serious about the show in the last episodes of the season. We need it, and we are overdue. Although a few things happened that surprised us. Merideth's step-mother died from a procedure...that was unexpected, and unnecessary. Merideth was just starting to open up to her, but maybe this will get her Dad to open up or visa versa. George and Izzy kiss again...anyone can tell me what's next? McDreamy shows he is backing off a bit, and still has not made his decision about Merideth or being chief. Burke and George are having pre and post marriage jitters. All this leads up to wanting to forget this episode and wait for the next to cleanse my pallet and get back to business.
  • sometimes the grass can be a lot greener on the other side, and in addi's case, that may be true for her. let's face it, why would she continue to stay at SGH since her potential suitors chose to reject her. the poor thing jst wants to be loved.

    i'm on the fence with the epi simply b/c there were moments that are a huge departure from the mothership and in some respects, actually good. here are some of those highlights::

    +backdrop of the cali coastline, while addi in her awesome vintage red car. +outdoorsy scenic routes of cali

    +wellness clinic, less stuffy and a lil' chic than the on-call rooms & cafeteria at the hospital


    i didn't care too much for the other characters, but it was refreshing to see paul adelstein aka "kellerman" as this unlucky in love invested in internet hookers role, gotta hand it to ya it was very comical. i really enjoyed the exchange b/w burke & george, as well as christina & callie. i can totally see these twosomes becoming friends both in grey's realm and out.

    i'm starting to think that der & mark will become friends again -- in the promo we see der bein' picked up by a lil' cutie, so is mark his new wingman? doubtful. i do have a feeling that der and mer will somehow seperate once again --may be the cutie in the spoiler might the very reason.

    and what's up with our beloved alex? is he feeling some attraction towards ava? it's pretty obvious. . .and i'm glad she call'd him out like that. i hope we get more details of alex's backstory, he's come along way from being the pompous a$$ we remember him back in season 1. does bethan whisper ring a bell?

    and let's not forget bailey -- she's underutilized yet again! i do wish she has more scenes in the next two epis. will she even attend the wedding? and she better bring the hubby and baby as well.

    can't wait till the burktina wedding!
  • Good for greys but i'm unsure about the spin off. Addisons character changed from what she was in greys!

    The greys part of this episode was good, funny with cristina and burke and the whole wedding thing! Izzie had some funny lines. Now the spin off very unsure about it. Addison completly changed which was weird don't know if shes good as a main role! as for the other new characters they were hard to get used to and i found myself counting down the seconds until the greys ones returned to the screen. Overall greys was good but haven't made my mind up on private pratice/spin off! lets see how part 2 goes!
  • Enjoyable but not Grey's Anatomy

    I enjoyed this show however it had nothing to do with Grey's Anatomy. True it had Addison in ti and they showed little clips of Grey's Anatomy in it but I didin't feel like it should have carried the name "Grey's Anatomy." The one thing that bothered me was Izzie. What happened to her daughter? The week before there was turning point in her life....will she get to see her daughter or not and then nothing. They don't discuss her doaught that don't say weather she saw her or not. They didn't say if she died or is living or if Izzie was able to save her life. I think they need to get over this Izzie/George thing. If she had these feeling why didn't she express them beofre when she could of had him. I think its a simple case of "I can't have him now so I want him."
  • Boring, boring, boring

    All I have to say is if they decide to do this spin-off they need to recast. This had to be the most boring episode of Grey's Anatomy ever. There were great actors on the episode but they do not fit together. It seems like every one of them has had at least 10 failed pilot shows.
  • Disappointing, okay setup of the Addison spinoff

    Well, this episode was not up to the usual standards of Grey's Anatomy. Most likely, they wanted to make the Addison storyline the most interesting aspect of this episode so we would all be intrigued to watch her spinoff series this Fall. I will admit that I was impressed by the lot of good actors/actresses I recognized from other series (almost all the Addison spinoff storyline characters have been on other shows -- Judging Amy, Wings, Alias, Prison Break...). However, I'm not sure where they plan to go in that series that would be original. Meanwhile, the storylines back in Seattle were a little flat and uninteresting. I was amused by the wedding pressure on Christina, but that bit dissipated quickly as the Ava and Meredith's stepmom storylines took over. Overall, this episode was disappointing, but at least it setup the characters for Addison's spinoff.
  • i am going to kiss you, with tongue...

    Meredith did not deserve to be slapped. It was not her fault that Susan died. She did everything that she could to help her and be there for her dad (which is more than I can say for her dad in return). I like that Christina liked that Callie had the right attitude about the wedding, no pastels etc. I know that deep down Christina is happy about getting married, just not happy about the ceremony. I liked that Addison is finally taking time for herself. It was sad that she can’t have a child, but it looks like she has found a better life.
  • I thought it was a great episode, and I even liked the whole Addison's story a lot more than the regular Seattle Grace Residents.

    As a potential spin-off I thought it was a great "pilot". The new stories and the new characters are great, and there can be a lot more dramedy with these new characters. From the psychologist, to the online-dater, to the unorthodox doctor, all the characters were great, and Addison is one of the best from Seattle Grace. I am looking forward for this new show to come on tv.

    Back to our residents, I thought the whole planning of the wedding was good, the picture of Christina wearing a wedding dress and the three girls with bridesmaids dresses was hilarious, and the mother-in-laws was very funny too.

    Great episode.
  • Addison spin-off a real sinker. Who thunk this junk up and decided to mess with the grey matter?

    Who wrote this garbage? Who cast these new below average actor's ???? The Addison spin- off is just plain painful and downright dumb. Don't get me wrong, I love Addison and this show is #1 for me, but this new story line is a flop!!! I hope the producer's get back on track before they sink this awesome show.
  • Horrible

    These 2 episodes are by far the 2 worst episodes of Grey's Anatomy ever. And I thought the episode where Meredith "died" was a stinker, but this one takes the cake. The spinoff got way too much time. They should have just made 25 normal episodes of only Grey's Anatomy and 1 extra about Private Practice. It was kinda hard to follow and I didn't really care about the spinoff anyway, it bored me. I wish Addison would just stay in Seattle and get together with Alex, they would have been the best couple ever. The way they're writing her out like this makes no sense. Now it's Alex' fault she's leaving? Come on, Alex is a good guy and he wouldn't have blown her off like this (not anymore at least) and I used to think she was a strong woman but to just make her run from her problems like this, The writers have screwed up here. The show is also losing all credibility now with the Gizzie story line (give me a break). It used to be my nr 1 show but it's going down fast. It's a shame. I'm giving it a 3 because Alex was in it and that always makes my day, the rest was terrible.
  • addison went to LA and well...

    Ive yet to see the second part of the 2 hour show…but sad to say it was not quite what i was expecting. it was kinda dragging. addison was great as usual! me like her funny, like her sad, like her in control, like her everything…she outdid herself during her scenes but the rest of the cast just wasn’t able to keep up…
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