Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 23

The Other Side of This Life (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2007 on ABC

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  • The Other Side of This Life parts one and two...

    Addison goes on a road trip to California and meets up with her old med school friends. What does this mean for a GREY'S ANATOMY episode? A total waste!!!

    As far as I'm concerned, this was such a waste of an episode! Basically all it did, was establish that Addison now has a job offer away from Seattle Grace. This of coarse is because she will be in her own tv show! So, we met the rest of the cast on her show! Too many people to introduce into a "flash forward" episode! And that bit about her could be love life? PUH-LEASE!! Would you date that guy if you could have Mark Sloan? I think not!!

    And then back at Seattle Grace, the bits that we did get to see, sucked! Nothing happened! Except of coarse that Meredith's step mother died. And I still can't figure out WHY she had to die... Does anyone ELSE know?

    This episode sucked.
  • A total 'non episode' of Grey's. I half expected (hoped)that Addison would 'wake up' in the shower at the end.

    A classic of how to loose your audience. What a waste of time introducing all these characters that we will never meet again (I hope!). 'Grey's' only got a few minutes of this two hours - It should never have been allowed out of the studio and onto the the air - production incompetence. This double episode takes two hours to tell us that Addison is barren - it could have been covered in an elevator ride. Maybe we will see the launch of a new show featuring the doctors showcased here but why oh why ruin Grey's in the proccess.

    footnote:- Now that 'Private Practice' has started to air, it can be seen that this double episode was nothing more than 'junk mail'. The producers hijacked two episodes of Grey's in an attempt to 'advertise' the new show. What a cheap and nasty trick to play on your audience. Maybe we should be pleased that Dr Addison Shepherd was not transfering to the Starship Enterprise or applying for a job with 'House' on his new show - now that would have been interesting. (Bailey treating a Borg, Meridith falling for Greg ??)
  • A little better than 03x22

    I have to say that this episode was not wat I expected. I thought it would suck as 03x22"the other side of this life(1) did" (and how!). PP showed a little drama. Still, not enough!
    Even though I didn't like they killed Susan and Thatcher was acting like a newborn, I think it's a good move from the writters to add more trouble to this plot. GA parts were a little better. The kiss, the tension at the end is all I can remember, honestly.
    PP parts were better, but I wouldn't ever tune in that show!
    I hope they don't do another spin-off about, I don't know, Mark's love life? Izzie's modeling? Afterlife time with Ellis Grey? The last episodes made a lot of damage (because they were not good enough!)
  • Susan's condition gets a little more complicated. Cristina picks out a dress. George and Izzie have a moment. Alex's Jane Doe has a surgery. Addison is still experiencing life in L.A.

    I thought the beginning of this episode was hilarious when the girls in L.A. were all obsessing over the young guy; i think is name was Dell? Dell later asks Naomi out but she tells him it's never going to happen. Sam reveals to Addison that he doesn't know why he left his wife. Addison gets acupuncture from Pete, who later in the episode kisses her. Sam tells Addison that Pete's wife died 8 years ago and that he can't committ to a woman that much. I thought the scene where Addison got acupuncture and had an emotional release was hilarious. Addison later starts talking to the "elevator god" and apologizes for yelling at it. I thought that was hilarious. Pete later tells her that the voice she's hearing is a security guard that watches the elevator through a camera. Burke and George are both having doubts about their marriages so they decided to turn to Bailey for advice. Bailey goes Nazi on them and stick them with each other to sort it out. Alex's Jane Doe's brain starts bleeding so they perform surgery on her which could possibly bring her memory back, where they discover that she can speak three different languages. The surgery didn't bring back her memory. Alex takes her outside and she askes him basically why he can't connect with someone he has feelings for but can be so good with her. Cristina picks out a wedding dress finally. Izzie tells George she doesn't want him to leave, and George kisses her. Izzie pushes him away and he says they can't do it. Izzie agrees and the elevator door opens, and Callie is standing out there just moments after Izzie and George kissed. Susan's condition has a little complication so the team decides to give her antibiotics. She later becomes septic and Grey and the team have to rush her to the O.R. where she ultimately winds up dying. When Grey tells her father he slaps her and basically blames her for Susan's death. That's got to be hard for him, losing Ellis and then Susan. I thought this might bring Meredith and her father closer together since they are really all each other have got accept for his daughters, but after seeing him slap her i don't know if that will happen. The episode ends with Meredith, Izzie and Alex getting drunk. Derek shows up but doesn't go inside. What the hell is he doing and what is going on with him? He's still sleeping in the trailor. I'm guessing those two are going to split up. Addison decides to come home, but the team in L.A. let's her know their job offer for her still stands. This was another great episode though it was emotional and a little hard to watch. It wasn't as hard as some others though.
  • i cried again :D:D:D

    yeah!!!!!!!!! i couldnt believe mer's step mom died!!!!!! hurt man! i thought they were really starting to bond and everything and when mer came out of the operating room with that "she has died" face i was like....oh please let it not be true...and then she told her father that she had died and he hit her!!!!
    that was so unfair...i hated it i hated him slapping everyone had this :O face in their faces...cause really...his father really is awful....he cant control himself...yeah i know...your ex-wife died and now your actual wife dies...that must suck....but hey come on!! slap mer???
    and i looooooooooooove they're sooo cute man!!!!! and addison being with this new guy..i want her to be with mcsteamy and i want addison to be with alex....and i dunno which is better :D
  • I was really unimpressed with this spin-a-sode, I wanted to like it, but then I watched it.

    I was really unimpressed with this spin-a-sode. I mean there was not enough Grey's and to much of the spin-off. I really wanted to like it because I love Kate and Addison, she is one of my top characters and I was not ready to say goodbye to her, but it really didn't look good. I think Addison needs to work in a Hospital with an O.R not in private practice... and I really liked that I know half the actors that have signed up for it but I just didn't like the characters (except maybe Cooper) or the plot. The introduction of a love interest was too fast, and it just felt a bit forced on me. I actually started glancing at my watch. I know a lot of people have said this, but Im just really disappointed, I wanted to like it so much.

    On another note the Grey's part was shocking. I can't believe she just died like that. And Thatcher, slapping Meredith like that.. I just really felt she needed to let McDreamy in to comfort her...

    That's all I have to say really. To much of a spin-a-sode for me.
  • Again i rated this on greys, still don't know bout the spin off!

    The greys part was very good again. She died, jesus christ didn't expect that espcially because it started with hiccups! And even though he was angry and devastated why the hell did he slap her, i mean it was the best moment in the episode but come on thatcher! Izzie and geore are good together, hope callie leaves! Wish alex would reveal his feelings to eva! Lack of christina annoyed me. Now the spin off kind of bored me in most parts, addison just seems fake in it, may consider trying to watch it, thats if it even makes the cut! Can't wait for testing 1-2-3 looks brill!!
  • Susan Grey died of hiccups? Seriously?

    Okay, if on "Part I" I got the feeling the characters were being rushed into the audience, now I'm convinced. This episode had less scene shifts leading us back to Seattle Grace than "Part I", which was a natural step to take since it's the second part of a spin-off pilot. Nevertheless, many scenes were taking us too deep on the lives of the Oceanside doctors, making them maybe too much flesh and blood and not leaving much to find out later. Take Alex for example. Like Ava says, why is he so messed up? We don't know and he's been around for three entire seasons! Okay, we know his father hit his mother and a lot of things related to that, but that ends right there. He's still a puzzle to me. But I can't say the same about Oceanside doctors, although I'm not sure I remember all their names.

    The scene in which Addison allows Pete to treat her with acupuncture was badly conducted. If the comic was the goal, they missed it totally. Another thing badly conducted, by the way, is half the new characters trying to convince Addison to work with them. Come on, she's a surgeon, not a practice doctor! Those are two different things, and Addison would be insane to throw everything away. When I first heard of the spin-off idea, I thought they would come up with a hospital in a different city, not a private clinic.

    Important facts that happened on the episode: Susan Greys died of hiccups, something I don't understand the purpose whatsoever (maybe Meredith can't have something good in her life at all, which will end up with the audience being tired of seing her suffer and stop watching the show, not the other way around); Derek is getting more and more distant from Meredith and doing so in a conscious level if you ask me; George and Izzie kiss each other in an elevator, but ended up with the same speeches of the last time they tried to talk about it.

    All in all, an average episode that leaves doubts over Grey's Anatomy spin-off.

    Stay tuned! Next week's episode will come back to the show's good and old ambience and all characters will have time to themselves. Or so do I hope!
  • Nothing more than a pilot show for "Oceanside Wellness" or whatever...

    I actually timed all the Addison "pilot" scenes vs all the storyline scenes in Seattle Grace - and the results are;

    83% Addison, 17% Grey's Anatomy. So to call these two episodes Grey's Anatomy is misleading. That's fine if you want to see a pilot for Addison's new show, but you'll feel let down thinking this should be anything else. Yes, there are some good Grey's scenes, but they are very few and far between Addison and her trip down to LA at Oceanside Wellness. I found the whole storyline there tediously boring, waiting patiently for a return to Seattle and the actual Grey's Anatomy saga to continue.
  • The idea of having a spino ff of a great show at the same time, turned out to be a bad idea.

    I love watching Grey's Anatomy period, not watching a spin off of the show at the same time! Plus I never got into the episode, because the focus was entirely on the spin off and it would've been ok if it was at least good, but it was painful to watch a great show side by side by a really bad one. I hope they just concentrate on Gray's so it doesn't lose it's essence.
  • Addison meets her McDreamy!!!

    I was really excited about this episode. There was a lot of critism about the spin-off, but I loved it!! Normally I'm not a big fan of spin-offs. Joey wasn't a big hit, although I loved it. The show was more about Addison than Meredith and it didn't bother me at all! The last few episodes I thought Meredith and Derek were soooo annoying!! Believe me, when the show started I was a HUGE fan of MerDer. But lately they've been getting on my nerves!! I did feel sorry for Meredith when her dad hit her, she didn't deserve that!!

    Izzie and George? I'm still not used to them. I don't like Callie, but Izzie and George............ I'm still not sure about it. And than Addison. I loved her in this episode. The elevator scenes with Pete where just hilarious!! Horny aphrodisiac elevators!!!!..LOL..
    And the scene in the beginning of the episode, where Dell goes surfing on his lunch break. The look in their eyes!!! (btw, wow what a body!!).
    But most of all I loved everything about Addison and Pete. The last episode with Mark and Alex were heartbreaking for her and then the news on her infertility..... I really like Pete and there's a lot of chemistry between him and Addison. She deserves some happiness! I want to know what happens on that!! So come on with the spin-off!!
  • I really hope this spin-off doesn't happen.

    More boring stuff happens in California, which is, unfortunately, the focus of this episode. Meanwhile, Susan dies, George and Izzie kiss, Thatcher slaps Meredith, Burke and Christina do more wedding stuff with their moms, blah blah blah. I can't stand the way the last quarter of this season has progressed. Hopefully, the next episode will be better, since we won't have to deal with the Santa Monica Boring Private Practice. I really don't want Addison to leave...
  • A significant improvement from part 1, but it was still bad.

    This is part two of "The Other Side of This Life," and Addison gets dibs on a surgery. She also gets some romance in L.A., but in the end decides to head back to Seattle Grace. I refuse to review "Private Practice," so this review will be very brief.

    Burke tells his mother the truth and Christina is greatly pleased. Bailey and the Chief take Susan into surgery, Thatcher breaks down and Meredith is hurt. Izzie and George can't help but to cheat, and the lies continue.

    When Burke's mom continues to disapprove about Christina, Burke finally tells her the truth. Christina and Burke of course are happy at the end, but the wedding is near and they really got to get things done. I'm excited for the wedding, but I can't help but think that something will go wrong, very wrong.

    When Susan is rushed into immediate surgery, Meredith is forced to tell Thatcher the most common words to come out of a surgeon's mouth, "We did everything we possibly could." Thatcher goes into a great amount of anger and hits Meredith. I liked the drama right there, that was a good one! I'm interested to see more of Thatcher and what his relationship with Meredith will become.

    As much as Izzie and George avoid each other, they really can't help but absorb the sexual energy around them. I feel bad for Callie because she is really clueless. I'm just wondering if George loves Izzie or he's just getting too much pressure from being married. This storyline is starting to bug me, and I hope one of them leave the show soon.
  • Addison's Sad journey.... meredith gets slaped by her father...Ava speaks German.. Jeez... and ppl are saying nothing happened... did you Watch the show?!!!

    Well... i've seen ppl haven't liked the last 2 episodes. I really understand why, but there's something they are all missing... This 2 hour episode was created so they could measure the acceptance of the departure of Kate Walsh from the series... and to give it the propper atention they chose not to make anything "cool" happen in Seattle...And that might have upset some fans since mostly every episode has some kind of plot twist or event on it. "The Other Side of This Life" got lost between a Pilot Episode and a Filler Episode ( kinda ). My heart really aches to say this cuzz i love Kate, but some of the characters in the new show just aren't comittable and i'd rather see her back in seattle....who knows, now that meredith is all dark and twisty again, what could happen between Addison, Derek and Mc Steamy...I smell Adulterous **** coming back.

    Oh... Ps... It might be nothing but did you see what Ava said??? Omg.. what was that??... Is she waiting for alex to make the next move? or they know each other and Alex don't wanna tell her that she is the one who made him so bitter and not capable of comittment... Oh my theories about my shows!!
  • Still boring

    Explain to me why they are going to ruin a great show like Grey's with this horrible excuse for a spin-off? The only real thing that happened was Meredith getting slapped after her stepmother died and George kissing Izzy. Boring, boring, boring, boring. If they keep the spin off please recast.
  • This episode might have been really good if they would have left out or cut out most of Addison's travels. It distracted from the other important events of the episode. I hope that future episodes will not deal with a spin off.

    Addison's travels were not a strong addition to this episode. It took too much time to establish the lives of these new characters. Time which should have been used in the Pilot of a new series if that is what ABC is planning to do, not during another show. The cast that supported this branch off is strong and would likely make a good series, but they could not cover for the choppy and poorly put together episode. This episode should have been left to a normal 1 hour or just slightly extended to include a bit of Addison's trip. The good aspects of this episode were the insights into Burke and Christina's relationship, Thatcher and Susan, and Ava's memory. It will be interesting to see what happens with Derrek and Merideth since she did not open up to him. If we could take away the Addison part of the episode, it would have been another hit for Grey's but sadly it barely scrapes above midline one my scale.
  • With Focus Away from Greys Anatomy in this 2 hour special event, the show falters.

    When the news broke of a Greys Anatomy spin off for Allison Montgomery I was initially speptical as most were. But the way they produced this "pilot" as such was just really poor. Why didnt they keep the two ideas seperate. Really did we need to meet all these characters in depth in an entirely different show? Why not meet 1 or 2 friends from there, keep it short within the hour and give us a glimpse of what could be. 2 Hours of painful television. It took me 4 days to finish the episode. Double episodes do not work in a show like Greys Anatomy, keep them to Lost and 24 etc.

    Had they produced the episode better there IS potential for this new show. I do think they should go ahead with it and give it a shot.
  • ok...setting up possible spinoff? *SPOILER ALEART*

    Ok so i'm review two hours here...and total i gave it an ok score because it was still entertaining. The main focus is two of meridiths dads wife and her and the other was aidson and her new desires to maybe start a new life. Now i loved the Aidson part. I know most people think its gay and whatever but i liked the characters. Paul Kellarman guy was funny and i loved him from prison break. I'm not a fan of tye diggs but i thought he did a good job. All the other characters i really liked as well. I think it should be an ok spinoff, not as good as grey's but i think it would be ok. The whole thing as seattle grace was sad...meridiths step mom comes in with hicups and it ends up she dies...meridiths dad gets crazy and slaps main question was why didn't mcdream go over and kick his arsh! i mean you hit my girl i don't care if your her father...especially one that left her when she was kid...anyways i mean the episode was alright and not as bad as some are saying.
  • This episode is the perfect example of jumping the shark. A phrase that means that a show is doing something everybody has done and it is usually bad. This is what they did.

    This episode was so stupid. It mostly revolves around Addison Montgomery. She goes off on a road trip to LA. There she meets some old friends. They are only doing this so they can do a spin off. This is usually bad. Remember Joey? Didn't think so. Now there has been one or two that have made it. I don't think this is one of them. Grey's Anantomy is a great show why wreck it? They kept just enough of the regular storyline to make us watch it but it was very boring. Then at the end it looked like Meredith's dad punched her. I didn't get that. All of the guys are just standing there. I didn't get that. Worst episode ever. Hopefully next week will be better.
  • How could they do this?!?

    How could they kill off Susan? I think they could have really run with that character. think about it- Mereidth a woman who grew up without her father present and a mother that was more interested in a career then raisng a child. We even heard from Alice's mouth "I wish I never had a daughter" Then in the mohter's last years the daughter had to take care of her mother dispite the mental state she was in Mereidth still went and saw her. Then BAM he is Dad and his wife, who wants to make a mends and be a family. They could have played that up and maybe let Mereidth have a small piece of family. Maybe then later on they could have killed her off and them Mereidth could have had the complex of morning over her more then her own mother. But no they kill her off to! Izzie and George kissing in the elevator? That was stupid .

    I did enjoy LA and Addison however, I don't feel that was the place to introduce them. There wasn't enough balance between Seattle Grace and the Wellness Center. Also there wasn't a big enough connection between the 2 to be going back and forth. I don't feel that Addison is a big enough character to have justified that jumping back and forth.
  • now I am going to kiss you, with tongue...

    Meredith did not deserve to be slapped. It was not her fault that Susan died. She did everything that she could to help her and be there for her dad (which is more than I can say for her dad in return). I like that Christina liked that Callie had the right attitude about the wedding, no pastels etc. I know that deep down Christina is happy about getting married, just not happy about the ceremony. I liked that Addison is finally taking time for herself. It was sad that she can’t have a child, but it looks like she has found a better life.
  • Kate Walsh! I love her.

    I just loved this two-hour event. I don't think I've ever had so much fun during an episode since last year's finale. The show is finally back on track and now we might be coming up with a new one. I can't believe Kate Walsh finally has her own show. It was nice and the characters were just amazing. Yeah, we're all gonna miss her on Grey's, but what can I say?

    As for Grey's, why did Susan have to die? I didn't want her to die. I thought that was kind of excessive. But i hope their relationship isn't over forever.

    For my complete review, head to:

  • I know they are still building up the new show, but two-episodes worth?

    I'm not a fan of the new show, I don't think it will do well at all, usually there is something new for the new show, but the characters seem the same as the one on Grey's. I also didn't like how they barely showed the main characters, it looked like they just created scenes for them, to let people know that it was still Grey's Anatomy that was on. I could stand the girly stuff on the show because of the hot chicks and the comedy but it is also kind of getting to be a bit much to watch. I hope they go back to what made it great next season.
  • Addison heads to California to see if she can have a baby meeting new people at a clinic where her best friend works. Back at SGH, Meredith loses her step-mom.

    Best. Episode. Ever. I loved this episode. Addison is by far my favorite characters (Baily is a close second) and this episode really showed off the greatness of her character. I loved all of the new people brought in and the whole surrogate mother story was very interesting. Whenever the episode went back to SGH, I would say "Ugh" because I was in love with the LA end of it. The SGH side of the episode was weak but the LA parts were great. I felt like I knew the characters, even though we were just seeing them for the first time. Bravo! Best two hours of my life. (TV wise anyway).
  • The new love of Grey's!

    In the past few episodes I have just fell in love All over again with Grey's anatomy. I hope Addison's spin off does well! I really like the new scene! She deserves some change. Her character has come a really long way. She came in as the Wicked Witch of the West, but if we learned anything from Wicked, the play, that wasn't the case! She is sweet and made her way into our hearts. I felt this show was very much focused on Addison, and very little on Seatle Grace. Either way, they have left me every time waning more Grey's! I was shocked by the end though, I mean that was like the slap heard round the world! I can't believe Mer's dad smacked her! So sad. I can't wait for more Grey's!
  • Suck Fest 2007...part 2!

    -except for some parts-

    so basically the second hour of the greatest show on television's [GREYS ANATOMY!!!!] spin-off intro thingy sucked just as much as the first-- with some minor improvements-- there was 10 minutes of Greys instead of 6!!!

    Meredith's step mommy died which sucks for meredith and suckness coming Mer's way seems to be in abundance this season:[
    Addison did something in LA with like some guy that involved acupuncture, i wasnt entirely paying attention, i had lost interest over an hour ago...
    George and izzie kissed
    which was soooo cute
    im actually starting to like them together

    this episode was pretty much a disappointment
    but there were parts that were majorly awesome and...SURPRIZE, they all involved Seattle Grace
  • Addison looking beyond Grey's!

    This seemed to be a Addison like episode as she is considering leaving the hospitial as she sees that maybe there is another call for her to move on to expand her potential and horizons. But back at the hospital, Derek has to perform major surgery. As Cristina and Burke may or may not want to get married. As Burke sees someone from his past. Great show and a potential great spinoff in the works if it goes according to plan.
  • Fantastic show

    You know what - despite the critism about the Private Practice part - I loved it!!!! I will definetly be lining up to watch the new show when it comes on. Addison is great and how good is it to see Paul Kellerman (prison break's bad guy) as a screwed up doctor who is just looking really fine. I love Greys but I am so tired of Meredith and Derek's problems. I wish they would just get married or break it off. It's tiring watching their problems. But who else bawled when Meredith's dad hit her? Hands up here!!!
  • I'm going to love that spin-off!

    I really can't wait to see more of that new crew that's going to do the spin-off. It was just such great team work already and the characters are really interesting. It's a bit like Grey's, because it has Addison in it. I'm sure Kate is gonna bring some of the GA geekiness to LA when she moves! But the show's new and fresh and I am really looking forward to it!

    It's sad that even Meredith's "new" mum died. That shouldn't have happened, but I guess it's supposed to bring her closer together with her father soon, right?
    I'm not so sure what to think of Derek. He's acting so weird and the promo shows him with another woman and Meredith looks kinda heartbroken. I really hope he's not going to cheat. Can't they just be happy? It sucks, but I'm afraid the season finale is gonna be all about their break-up again... :(

    Btw I especially loved Chris Lowell in his role as the hot surfer dude in LA. That role is sooo much better than the character Piz that he's playing on Veronica Mars. Seriously, I can't wait to add that show to my favourites :-)

    Oh, I almost forgot: Izzie and George! Hooray! I'm a fan of them, I really hope they're gonna be a couple in season 4!!
  • Continuing to dream.

    Addison is still in LA and finds out more informations about people she one day might work with. Izzie and George are so in love with each other but George still loves Callie and he is torn between two women. Burke and Cristina are planning a big wedding but Burke now has a problem with his mother because it looks like Mama doesn't trust Cristina.
    Derek and Meredith need to work things out while Susan dies in the hospital and Thatcher slaps Meredith and that may be the end of their relationship once and for all.
    Amazing episode. Really can't see why people didn't like it.
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