Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 7

The Self-Destruct Button

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 2005 on ABC

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  • Izzie and George find out about Derick & Meredith. How will they take it?

    So how do they take it... not very well. Derick sneeks out of the house afer a night of very loud sex with Meredith, but George and Izzie see him leaving. Izzie thinks Meredith is trying to win over Derick because he has an influence on how the interns get ranked. George want's to give Meredith a little bit of doubt, but not much.

    Dr Bailey has a go at Dr Shepard for favouring Meredith, letting her scrub in with him for plenty of surgery's. Derick takes a backflip and goes off at Meredith in front of Bailey for no reason and takes her off the surgery. George picks up the crumbs and he gets the surgery.

    Alex gets a gunshot victim in the hospital and it turns out he is a pain junky who got his buddy to shoot him so he could get some cool scars. They have something in common as they were both wrestlers from Ohio.

    Izzie gets a very annoying couple to deal with. The guy has swallowed his girlfriends car keys so she can't leave him. Meanwhile Cristina is having a tough time feeling ill.

    During Geroge's surgery he swears he smells alcohol on Dr. Taylor's breath but doesn't say anything. George and Shepard work on a small girl who needs brain surgery and get half of her brain removed. Dr. Taylor is apart of the surgery again and when he brings up the fact that he thinks Taylor has been drinking, he gets kicked out and Cristina is brought in.

    Meanwhile Izzie kicks up a stink with Meredith about her and Dr Shepard. Dr Bailey tells Meredith she needs to end the relationship.

    During the surgery on the young girl Dr. Taylor falls asleep at a crucial moment. Dr Shepard kicks his out of the Operating Room.

    Later Shepard apologizes to George for kicking him out of tehe surgory and congratulates him for being right.

    Alex loses his gun shot patient and Izzie removes the keys from the crazy boyfriend. The episode ends with Cristina in the bathroom with a pregnancy test that shows she is pregnant.

    A great episode all together. Loved that George standed up for what he believed in. The conflict with Izzie and Meredith was great and what a shock from Cristina. Is it Burke, it has to be. Can't wait to find out.