Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 7

The Self-Destruct Button

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 2005 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • George: Yang. I'm scrubbing in on a hemospherectomy with Shepherd.
      Cristina: Get out! I would kill for that.
      George: We're cutting out half the girl's brain, and it's going to work. It's outrangous. Almost makes it kinda hard to hate him.
      Cristina: Why do you hate him?
      George: Oh, no reason.
      Cristina: Oh, you know about him and Meredith?
      George: You know?
      Cristina: When are you gonna figure out that I know everything?
      George (to Izzie who is walking up the stairs): She knows.
      Izzie: Oh, about doctor-cest?
      Cristina: It's been going on for, like, ever.
      Izzie: Seriously?
      George: And you didn't tell us?
      Cristina: Ooh, you're a gossip, huh?
      George: I am not!
      Izzie: I am!
      George: He's about to go into major brain surgery on no sleep? That's not very responsible.
      Cristina: Jealous, much? Sex all night isn't about being reponsible.
      Izzie: No, it's about sex all night. I can't believe you're not pissed off about this, you of all people.
      Cristina: Well, she works hard all day. She's good at her job, why should you care how she unwinds? I mean you like to bake all night. Some people like to drink. Others like an occasional screaming orgasm.
      Alex (walking up): Yeah, we do. Forget I said that. Pretend like I'm not here. Continue. (to Cristina) You look like you need to be spoon-fed.
      Cristina: You look like Alex.