Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 15

The Time Warp

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Richard returns to Seattle Grace after 45 days of sobriety. He does not return to his position as Chief, it requires the board's approval, so in the meantime he is an attending surgeon. He is unhappy about this offer, but accepts it. He gives a lecture about back in the day when he and Ellis were residents and their patient that had died. They make a toast and Ellis gives Richard a sip of vodka. Richard reveals that he is not leaving Adele.

Next up to give a lecture is Doctor Bailey. She talks about a time when her and her resident butted heads. They had a patient who had an unexplainable abdominal pain. Bailey, in her first solo surgery, takes out the patient's appendix. It turns out that it was completely healthy and not causing her the patient's abdominal pain. Bailey looks at the patient's entire history and discovers the actual problem. Bailey tells her resident about it. Richard calls Bailey into her office and tells her what a great surgeon she will one day become.

Next, Callie gave a lecture. She is incredibly nervous and tells her story with the help of Alex and Arizona. The story is about a patient who had damage to his legs who Callie promised will one day walk again. Richard thinks it was wrong for Callie to tell him that. Callie was determined to prove him wrong and brings Alex into the case. She mistakenly thinks that he was the intern who performed heart surgery in an elevator. During surgery, the patient's heart gives out and Callie asks Alex to do what he did in the elevator. Alex admits that it wasn't him. Callie convinces him that he can save the patient. They end up saving him, and help him walk again. Callie and Alex celebrate, and hook up. Arizona did not know about this.