Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 15

The Time Warp

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2010 on ABC

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  • Horrible.

    Absolutely terrible episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight. The flashbacks had me bored out of mind (were medical dramas in the 80's like this? If so I feel bad for people who grew up at that time) and there was nothing remotely worth watching about this hour of TV.

    Due to being busy I put off watching this for a few days and now I just wish that I had skipped it altogether and put that hour to better use. No funny scenes, no good scenes, I really am ashamed with Shonda Rimes for putting us threw this tormenting, horrible endeavor.`
  • You finally got why Richard was the only one Ellis remembered through Alzheimers and why he hadn't let go either, more than twenty years later. SPOILERS

    I had never once thought that there might be more to Richard and Ellis' relationship than two great surgeons recognizing the other's excellence. In one swift stroke (episode) I was proven sooo wrong.

    It was wonderfully and subtly done. It was almost like the Chief switched his speeches and told in the auditorium what he should have said in AA and vice versa. And his peers recognized him for it.

    The Bailey and Callie story were interesting enough though I preferred the scenes with Bayley passing out candy, just being herself and capturing everyone's attention. But the power in this episode lay in Richard and Ellis' relationship and how easily we could relate to it.

    Craving surgeries, meeting in the on-call room, evil attendings... not much difference from our normal cast's everyday life. Except Richard and Ellis also found each other cause they're both underdogs, suffering alienation and scorn. Their case was so poignant and fit their own situation dead on.

    But the icing on the cake was the Chief's guilt over Meredith and I even understood Ellis' point of view, she may just have been a bit ahead of her time. And Richard taking that first drink at the end is so fitting. Walking away from Ellis was too hard and so was leaving Adele. Into his drink he went...

    I really hope they do more of these.
  • Grey's Anatomy is back on track.

    This has been the best episode Grey's has had ever since season 3. The writing, acting, editing and pace of the entire episode was absolutely top notch.

    Shonda wrote an emotionally appealing episode which kept me enticed and interested until the very end. It was wonderful to see Seattle Grace portrayed in the early 80's, and the prejudices of that period were wonderfully brought to life as well.

    Seeing a young bailey was absolutely hilarious, Mandy hating Dr. Baylo was absolutely wonderful as well. Young Ellis Grey was also acted superbly, though I still think it might have been dramatic to imply Ellis was responsible for Richard taking up drinking, suggesting even further that she was "bad" all along inside, and corrupted Richard along with her.

    All-in-all a 10/10 episode.

    Here's hoping for more like this one!
  • A lecture illustrates the past of many who work at Seattle Grace: Bailey's no-nonsense attitude's origin is discovered, Callie's humble beginnings as an orthopedic surgeon is unraveled, and The Chief's relationship with Ellis is thoroughly explained.

    This was like, the best episode ever. I loved how good it was. Like, even though there were minor details that didn't add up (eye color), it was really good. I got annoyed though with how they decided to spread each flashback out within the episode, because it was confusing as they kept switching back and forth. The ending was very amazing and it was such an original way to illustrate flashbacks. I am extremely impressed and I hope the next episode (March 4) is just as good as this one. Grey's Anatomy, you did a SUPERB job tonight. I really wish there were more episodes like these.